Arsenal finally land Thomas Partey, but is he worth the price? | ESPN FC

  • Published on Oct 5, 2020
  • It went all the way to the end of the transfer window, but the Thomas Partey saga is over as Arsenal has confirmed his arrival from Atletico Madrid. Did the Gunners overpay for the 27-year-old by triggering his £45 million release clause? ESPN FC’s Julien Laurens and Gab Marcotti react to the move and discuss what other Premier League clubs impressed them in the transfer window.
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Comments • 70

  • Youi B
    Youi B 20 days ago

    😂 who gives gab airtime ? He must be red faced so far from parteys performances

  • MrKnowItAll -
    MrKnowItAll - 21 day ago

    Question. Did Marcotti see Partey Vs United? Asking for a mate..
    😂 Clueless clown

  • James Quinn
    James Quinn Month ago

    ESPN is trash

  • Monk Killedababy
    Monk Killedababy Month ago

    He's worth more than the price, everyone with a brain knows this. This isn't FIFA -- watch the difference he makes. (BTW he's also one of a kind in fifa due to his well rounded stats)

  • TheRoach182
    TheRoach182 Month ago

    Hahaha clueless Gabe strikes again. The guys a hack!

  • Vijay Tiwari
    Vijay Tiwari Month ago

    These clowns in ESPN. OMG, just change your professions already.

  • Vybz Quality
    Vybz Quality Month ago

    Gab sound bad mind

  • najib abdi
    najib abdi Month ago

    jules knows ball, i can't believe Gab just said what he did with his chest.

  • My Gee
    My Gee Month ago

    Wow bro arsenal has helped partey back then he use to get 100k views under like 5 months but now under 2 days 160k😂😂

  • Daniel Doherty
    Daniel Doherty Month ago +1

    whos this silly yank 🤣🤣🤣 Partey is exactly what we've needed for years in the middle. Comparing partey to auoar is like comparing ketchup and brown sauce. What a nob!

  • Jide Tun
    Jide Tun Month ago

    Wonderful job

  • Adan Abdullahi
    Adan Abdullahi Month ago

    Gab is that his name? I am not even sure if i wrote your name correctly, but mate you talking rubbish, first of all partey is 27 years old and that is prime time for the footballers, secondly he is not worthy 45m he is actually worthy 80m but arsenal were lucky they had to pay the release clause

  • Cyrus Oyeniyi
    Cyrus Oyeniyi Month ago

    If Partey signed for Liverpool or Manchester all you biased pundits will be praise singing those teams. Whether you pundits like it or not Arsenal will rule.

  • T K
    T K Month ago

    Gab is a bin man

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson Month ago

    ESPN, your punditry is horrible, especially the pudgy chap. Arsenal finally sign a really high-quality, dynamic player; one that has quality we were clearly missing at his position, and they see it as a dodgy signing? Come on. Seriously, Arsenal could get Messi on the free and then they’d be talking about he’s past his prime...

  • Buddman Joints
    Buddman Joints Month ago

    "I do not promote the violence but Gab need a good slap right now." - Patrice Evra

  • Morifat Farooq
    Morifat Farooq Month ago

    He's worth much more. Gab is an idiot

  • Swapnajeet Dash
    Swapnajeet Dash Month ago

    I'm a arsenal fan and I agree with gab. Partey is class but he is already 27. I feel arsenal panicked, would have rather waited till January. Anyways ,I hope he gives 6-7 years of world class service and helps us win in Europe.

    • Xtian SELASSIE Jr
      Xtian SELASSIE Jr Month ago

      panicked? they have been following him for almost a year.

  • Ekenwaiwu Ekenge35
    Ekenwaiwu Ekenge35 Month ago

    Are you guys kidding me right now? Partey not an exciting signing for Arsenal? This is really crazy!!

  • Elijah
    Elijah Month ago

    Guy on the left is such a clown

  • TInashe Dennis Immanuel

    Gabby has always been a downer on Arsenal since his talk sport days. Double-chinned mug.

  • Johnny_ Blue
    Johnny_ Blue Month ago

    How can he not be worth it? 45m for a world class CM or you can be like United and pay 60m for Fred and 90m for Maguire like clowns

  • adam phelan
    adam phelan Month ago

    Partey is 27

  • adam phelan
    adam phelan Month ago

    Who is the clown George haha clueless

  • JEUXolim
    JEUXolim Month ago +1

    Oh Gab. So naive. He turned 27 in June you pleb.

  • Nathan M
    Nathan M Month ago

    Welcome to the Enforcer👊🏽👊🏽

  • Alonzo Stainbank
    Alonzo Stainbank Month ago

    Seriously Gab ......

  • Max Ponder
    Max Ponder Month ago

    His age is a problem? 😂He's 27 and only cost £45 mil for a player in his prime 😂

  • Abc Transparency
    Abc Transparency Month ago

    I doubt if Gab has even watched Partey once playing a game of football, yet he's got the gut to come on here to spew something called "expert" opinion. Laughable indeed.

  • Rishi Jhaveri
    Rishi Jhaveri Month ago

    Why is this Gab guy always so angry and talking bollocks?

  • Richard G
    Richard G Month ago

    This must be scripted! Gab really said he doesn't know if Partey is much better than Elneny?!

  • 1STMAN
    1STMAN Month ago

    New Essien

  • priyank parekh
    priyank parekh Month ago

    Only julien speaks good for arsenal in espn

  • Lucky Luciano
    Lucky Luciano Month ago +2

    Julian doesn’t realise had we paid the RC and bought in partey at the start of July, Lyon wouldn’t shift on the initial 60m valuation for Aouar

  • uncccut23
    uncccut23 Month ago

    27 is very young for the type of player Partey is. Most defensive midfielders like him peak around 30-32 so he has many years left.


    The guy that wasn't sure about Partey is literally clueless.

  • MaximusDecimusMeridius

    Eyy u guy on the left.. Don't berate him for his age.. He might be 27..but look at his physicality.. He can play quality football for atleast 7 more yrs!!!

    ATISH NIKOSE Month ago

    Gab doesn't like arsenal he always criticize arsenal

  • Pandarino
    Pandarino Month ago

    Why does ESPN keep getting these clueless pundits on? Every statement they spew out is another prove they don’t know ball. Just regurgitating the same old cliche

  • Ashwin Langenhoven
    Ashwin Langenhoven Month ago

    GAB looks like a retired parking meter 👮‍♂️ Cop...the most biased Pundit ever..pathetic

  • Kd Roofing
    Kd Roofing Month ago

    Lets go Gunners

  • Shayan Kumar Paul
    Shayan Kumar Paul Month ago

    We should sell Özil bcoz Ceballos and Willian will do the technical stuff .
    Instead of loaning Guendouzi out it should be Xhaka .
    Torreira is good but Elneny is not that good .
    Play Ceballos as Attacking , Guendouzi as central and partey as defensive midfielder .

  • Michael Singh
    Michael Singh Month ago

    Washed up pundits !!

  • Potato Man72
    Potato Man72 Month ago

    I swear Arsenal could sign the best player in every position and ESPN will still find something to complain about.

  • Kashif Nadeem
    Kashif Nadeem Month ago +1

    Gab always thinks opposite😑

  • Aiden May
    Aiden May Month ago

    Yeah Gab you’re right you DONT know

  • mnm2343
    mnm2343 Month ago

    Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

  • eyaltb
    eyaltb Month ago

    Do we need to remind Gab that Thiago is 29?

  • eyaltb
    eyaltb Month ago

    Gab doesn't know anything about Arsenal does he? Does he know that Arsenal had the youngest average age last season in the prem?

  • Reuben Akoji Ugbomeh

    Can't these pundits do their job without applying sentiment? Whenever they discuss arsenal, u can virtually see from their faces and actions that they don't like arsenal at all. Please you guys should hide your feelings abit. Especially when you are on air. Come on!!

  • Skittles
    Skittles Month ago

    Firstly Torreira was not comfortable with his life in england and secondly I believe Partey is a big upgrade to the midfield. Torreira's height is a big disadvantage and he is not a defensive midfielder like Partey. Arsenal's defence is improving day by day and Partey will provide a shield in front of arsenal's defence. Also Arsenal did not sign redundant players like chelsea. Chelsea's forward line was excellent still they signed Werner, Havartz for such a huge amount. ManU signed a 33 year old striker. Arsenal don't need a forward right now. They needed midfielder and they got a good one. Probably one defender would be better but still their current defence is pretty good.

  • fred orido
    fred orido Month ago

    He is worth more than all the ESPN pundits combined

  • Ian Horgan
    Ian Horgan Month ago

    Gab is an idiot never played the game why is he a pundit? 😂

  • Kai Frei
    Kai Frei Month ago

    This london guy has no idea what he‘s saying😂😂😂 too much in their high 20
    Martinelli saka saliba gabriel willock nkethia bellerin amn

  • Robert Ankuma
    Robert Ankuma Month ago

    Gab is bitter...😂😂

  • Lewpo
    Lewpo Month ago


  • H A
    H A Month ago

    F Arsenal they could've paid the fee earlier and give us time to find a replacement not wait till the last minute F them hope they completely flop

  • test channel
    test channel Month ago

    i think espn just has him there to fill in the sit ..gab

  • Harikesh Pandit
    Harikesh Pandit Month ago

    Gab is very anti-arsenal, he need to be professional, if not he should get sacked.

  • Web Gooner
    Web Gooner Month ago

    His age ???!!! I think Gab had just lost a bet before that stupid response.

  • Aniruddh Borkar
    Aniruddh Borkar Month ago

    Gab is a borat 👎👎👎👎

  • Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams Month ago

    Who is this clown? Do you want some chips with all that salt

  • Joncie Elmore
    Joncie Elmore Month ago

    Arsenal saltiness quite evident

    CJAOSHENY JC Month ago

    Clicked here purely for the salt 😂😂

  • Pratyush Gupta
    Pratyush Gupta Month ago

    Espn has the worst football pundits by a million miles.

  • Pratyush Gupta
    Pratyush Gupta Month ago

    Man is 27, Gab makes it sound like Arsenal signed a 32 yo xR

  • Larry
    Larry Month ago

    Not watching another video with Gab on again, clueless and biased.

  • Capri Mx
    Capri Mx Month ago

    new age Viera! this is a great signing, its not att mids or forwards we need, we just need a structured cdm or cb combo bc our wings are fast both full backs and mids and we have forwards with super fire power, this was the piece of the puzzle missing

  • srivas ramachandran

    The entire panel must me sacked !

  • Sunny Hossain
    Sunny Hossain Month ago

    Jules stop blinking so much