Would bigger clubs than Atletico Madrid hire Diego Simeone? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  • Published on Oct 23, 2020
  • ESPN FC's Steve Nicol and Frank Leboeuf take fan questions during Extra Time including: (0:13) Did Nicol ever consider signing Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo when he was a manager?
    (1:27) Would Diego Simeone be in high demand from top clubs if he left Atletico Madrid?
    (3:20) Is Nicol worried about Liverpool's Champions League fixture vs. Atalanta?
    (4:43) What is the best goal the guys have seen live?
    (8:16) Did an opponent's pitch cause the FC pundits' team to lose a match?
    (11:59) Who are the dumbest teammates Nicol and Leboeuf ever had?
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Comments • 70

  • Alama Eyob-Austin
    Alama Eyob-Austin 12 days ago

    Simeone can only do defence the rest do everything by themselves

  • Alama Eyob-Austin
    Alama Eyob-Austin 12 days ago

    I was never a huge fan of simeone

  • Alama Eyob-Austin
    Alama Eyob-Austin 12 days ago

    I can honestly only see simeone coach in la liga or serie a or something

  • JohnDaWhale3
    JohnDaWhale3 23 days ago

    I am a die hard Atleti fan but in the future I would love to see him spur on an Inter or Marseille revival...

  • A Demosthenes
    A Demosthenes 28 days ago

    Honestly who cares?

  • Markus Midtboe
    Markus Midtboe 29 days ago

    I believe that in the Tromsø vs Chelsea game Frank mentioned, that Chelsea were already down 2-0 by the time the snow began to cover the field.

  • Vincent Video
    Vincent Video 29 days ago

    He's the best manager in the world

  • Swim With Coach Raven

    He wasted money on Alvaro morata, Joao Felix and Suarez. All can score goals but they need their back up to score. Bayern don’t need a backup. Their winger can takeout the whole team

  • cristian lopez
    cristian lopez Month ago

    Simone to ac Milan !!! Lol make it happen

  • Aloha
    Aloha Month ago

    Simeone is not going anywhere. Why would he?.. He is an Atleti man, he spent years there as a player. Also, he is the best paid manager in football!.. LOL

  • Grant Gibson
    Grant Gibson Month ago

    Ronaldhino goal against England was best goal I saw on tv. Then his goal against Chelsea in cl 2005

  • Tauqeer Ahmad
    Tauqeer Ahmad Month ago

    Inter Milan most probably

  • Johnathan Konandreas

    Any club, and I mean any club, that would not want Simeone is incompetently run.

  • Duval In The Wall
    Duval In The Wall Month ago +1

    Tell you what he’d be perfect for Fulham right about now 😂

  • Sanyam Chhangani
    Sanyam Chhangani Month ago

    Seb “hey there everybody” salazar

  • manish basnet
    manish basnet Month ago

    He may be a young mourihno 🙏!!

  • Mexican Mapper
    Mexican Mapper Month ago

    I think that Manchester United would really benefit from having someone like simeone who built atleti up basically from ashes

  • SOUL96
    SOUL96 Month ago

    Is the title correct ? Anyone ?

  • Storm In Di Dorm Entertainment

    I hate how Frank says deecade and cloob lol

  • ESSJ333
    ESSJ333 Month ago +2

    Interview guy in the middle is so annoying.

  • ESSJ333
    ESSJ333 Month ago +2

    Been saying for a while Simone has too Athletco as far as he can he need a new project with bigger transfer budget.

  • Tina Bailey
    Tina Bailey Month ago


  • Vito Recchia
    Vito Recchia Month ago

    Simeone to coach Milan...WHAT!?!?! I can not believe he just said that as a paid analyst!! Simeone is an Interista and will NEVER NEVER NEVER be our coach EVER!! Milan has and always will be attacking team! Defensive past huh??? He is 100% clueless.

  • MrScottjr2185
    MrScottjr2185 Month ago

    No. Isnt he on €42 million a season ?

  • Rakoon
    Rakoon Month ago

    You clearly know nothing about Serie A.. he will never coach Juve or AC Milan they hate him. As a player he had Neymar's acting skills and Pickford tackles, he can only replace the other fraud at Inter.

  • Imran Patel
    Imran Patel Month ago

    No chance big Teams wouldnt go for his type of footie.

  • Frankie Ag Nostos
    Frankie Ag Nostos Month ago +2

    I have to commend this extra time - the chairing, the questions (some brilliant ones taking us to football in a past era), the answers, and a background musical beat turned right down (better to turn completely off) so as not to interfere with the voices.

  • TheRight WayRound
    TheRight WayRound Month ago

    “The pitch was impossible to play and we lost 2-0” if it was impossible to play how did the other team score 2 goals?

    • Moun Salif
      Moun Salif Month ago

      Maybe because the host team is used to it

  • Moonis Usman
    Moonis Usman Month ago

    Not sure about clubs but if he leaves, why don't Argentina hire him.

  • Armstrong Muller Heti
    Armstrong Muller Heti Month ago +1

    Manchester ain't Red

  • The Football Connect

    Juve would hire Diego Simeone.

  • GuynamedGhaico
    GuynamedGhaico Month ago

    Diego should go to PSG they have no defensive anything

  • Whajurgbo
    Whajurgbo Month ago

    There is an Atletico before and after Simeone.

  • Chad Tyrone
    Chad Tyrone Month ago +4

    Chelsea wouldnt mind him(Simeone)

  • M.A .Haidar
    M.A .Haidar Month ago +25

    I think if simeone ever leaves Atletico Madrid he'll go to Inter Milan.

  • Marian Chicago
    Marian Chicago Month ago

    Simeone seems destined for Italy one day, Inter and Milan, Roma and Lazio, take your pick,

  • ibayern
    ibayern Month ago

    I just knew Frank will mention Carlos goal against France. That was an amazing goal.

  • NAGA Tv
    NAGA Tv Month ago

    played full defensive and got hammered

  • Rohan Kanungo
    Rohan Kanungo Month ago +2

    those who r saying simeone is playing defensive, go and watch his gameplay this season, Atleti has scored maximum goals and still unbeaten at la liga with 2 games in hand. Against bayern they tried to play offensive thats why they conceded 4 goals which they dont usually. Still many games left, dont judge him for 1 bad defeat. if cholo wanted he would parked the bus whole game and just conceded 1 goal or maynot be nothing, but he decided to play different for experiment.

    • I'm Nobody
      I'm Nobody Month ago

      He tried Sevilla's blueprint for Bayern,but it turned out to be a bad one. Bayern knew what opposition would do and played 4-3-3 opposed what they usually player (4-2-3-1). But its a shame that they still ended with only 1 shot on target.

  • Devin Halim
    Devin Halim Month ago

    Simeone wants to manage intermilan though,and Milan actually go towards attacking style now,with Rafael leao,Calhanoglu, Castillejo,rebic etc

  • Reds2308
    Reds2308 Month ago

    Figo in the MLS would have been interesting

  • 2 Sm00th025
    2 Sm00th025 Month ago +2

    Simeone would do amazing on Olympique Lyon.

  • Bhavya Mankad
    Bhavya Mankad Month ago +1

    Stevie went all scouse when reminiscing about his playing career. 😂

  • Blaz Kozjek
    Blaz Kozjek Month ago

    Dortmund for Simeone would be fun how he would ruin the carrer of all the youngs guys

  • Tangeni Iiputa
    Tangeni Iiputa Month ago

    Liverpool need van dijk and alisson

  • Lindani Vuzane
    Lindani Vuzane Month ago

    He is actually a very good coach. It just that Atletico always sell their top players. Had they kept the squad that won league I believe Atletico would still be competing dor the leagus.

  • El Sol
    El Sol Month ago +3

    He treated Fernando Torres appallingly!!!

  • Deepak Samson
    Deepak Samson Month ago +1

    Diego Simeone might suit Chelsea

  • Nain Ali
    Nain Ali Month ago

    United is big club. Hshshaha

  • Shaq from #ShaqTV
    Shaq from #ShaqTV Month ago

    I want Diego for us at PSG but he already turned us down and we offered to double his wages. I love Tuchel so we are good for now.

  • Buzztang Kras
    Buzztang Kras Month ago

    Poor questions today

  • Rohan Patel
    Rohan Patel Month ago +2

    It’s because Ronaldo always destroy him 🤣🤣🤣😂😅

  • marboy walling
    marboy walling Month ago +2

    hey there everybody!!!....Steve was not having that 🤣

  • Vishwas Chandy
    Vishwas Chandy Month ago

    Simeone is a world class manager but no most of the big clubs wouldn't hire him maybe Juventus after Ronaldo leaves but not many others

  • maximillion. 7
    maximillion. 7 Month ago

    Diego don simieone 👑 🎩 i wish he was barca coach.

  • Abin Joseph John
    Abin Joseph John Month ago

    I have a feeling that if atletico, buy one world class forward like mbappe and find suitable replacement for partey , it would be in that next level. That team there can surely win a ucl for ya.

  • Will
    Will Month ago

    I really like Seb

  • Sim James
    Sim James Month ago +2

    Simeone to Burnley perfect fit

  • Kareem C
    Kareem C Month ago

    He should move to serie A I just feel like he fits that league

  • The Bat
    The Bat Month ago +2

    Best goal I've ever seen is Pele's overhead kick in Escape To Victory..!!! 🙆🙆🙆

  • Tommy Tong
    Tommy Tong Month ago

    Yeah, MU will be lucky to get him...

  • Leonardo Cruz
    Leonardo Cruz Month ago +8

    His players would kill for him, he makes warriors out of his men!

    • sho2k
      sho2k Month ago

      @Adeel Chaudhry (him) as in Simeone.

    • Adeel Chaudhry
      Adeel Chaudhry Month ago

      @sho2k totally agree which is a shame. Even when these guys are playing much better, mount will always get in to his team as he see's himself in him and he's english. Leeds utd and everton to finish above chelsea and if man utd win by more than 3 goals, frank should be given his marching orders

    • sho2k
      sho2k Month ago

      @Adeel Chaudhry Players like Havertz or ziyech won't shine under him

    • Adeel Chaudhry
      Adeel Chaudhry Month ago +1

      Yep and thats the reason why i've always wanted simone to be chelsea manager. Lampard is a fraud and the sooner he gets the boot the better and hopefully we can get simone and he can sort us out by playing kante in his correct position and stop playing mount/jorginho who we should sell for 30/50 mil. defensive football is equally important as attacking football as the whol nonsense, the right way to play is flawed as you play based on players you have and to get results.

  • Matthew Goldie
    Matthew Goldie Month ago

    The Milan team's are bigger both would take him. The way he sets up his team would not work for most. He is a top shelf coach thou

  • joey blaq
    joey blaq Month ago +1

    The amount of talent he has access to and kind of football he sets his team to play is depressing😩

  • Hallelujah
    Hallelujah Month ago

    Why is Frank always frowning?

  • Keanu Boyd
    Keanu Boyd Month ago

    One tactic coach

  • steven g
    steven g Month ago +1

    Argentinian pulis. even Mourinho isn't that negative. he could manage burnley when dyche left though.

    • Jamie Cook
      Jamie Cook Month ago +1

      You can tell you only watch the English PL.

  • Karan Sandhu
    Karan Sandhu Month ago

    Seb is so boring with his questions, dan thomas is the best host of this show.

  • Pranav Prakash
    Pranav Prakash Month ago

    He needs to be sacked!!

  • Abyss
    Abyss Month ago

    Tailer made for Inter I would think, considering he even played for them I think.