Andrea Pirlo is trying too many different things at Juventus - Stewart Robson | ESPN FC

  • Published on Oct 29, 2020
  • Juventus have struggled to find their footing under new manager Andrea Pirlo early in the season, even with star man Cristiano Ronaldo sidelined. After a 1-1 draw vs. Hellas Verona followed by a 2-0 Champions League loss to Barcelona, ESPN FC's Mina Rzouki, Nicky Bandini and Stewart Robson analyze Pirlo's performance at Juventus and what needs to change for the club to move in the right direction.
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Comments • 70

  • Moist Peanut
    Moist Peanut 5 days ago

    Let him try, a club like Juve can essentially manage itself.

  • Lucas D'Orazio
    Lucas D'Orazio 22 days ago

    I’m a coach and thats what you do. A coach has to try A, then B, then C etc. Sarri said he couldn’t implement Sarri ball due the players,atleast Pirlo is trying to do different things.

  • paul catsiapis
    paul catsiapis 25 days ago

    Mina Rzouki should check a dictionary to learn the meaning of the word "alibi" . Then, she can use it properly!

  • Just Tim
    Just Tim 25 days ago

    pirlo needs financial investment like lampard and pep

  • Rocco Iacovino
    Rocco Iacovino 25 days ago

    Lets be absolutely clear here, Juve were terrible vs Barca, if Barca dont improve to which Juve will certainly improve as a team! Regardless o f the CR7 factor, Barca will lose return leg. Both these teams are finding their feet under new management & player personel but i believe JUVE have more improvement in them. Those who say barca has not been beaten @ home, Juve hadnt been beaten @ home either by barca, there is always a 1st time.

  • GamingLimit
    GamingLimit 25 days ago

    Pirlo you watching

  • Palm Trees and Rum
    Palm Trees and Rum 25 days ago

    Dybala doesn't fit in Pirlo's system regardless. Kulusevski is more flexible tactically so he starts ahead of Dybala. Ramsey has to play if healthy, and Juve need De Ligt back to partner with Demiral. Rabiot is so good but needs to go up a gear, he stays in. The best move for Juve is to win the league and sign Aouar in January for next season, and sort out the wing backs. Give Pirlo the season. We must get to ten in a row. Then focus on CL.

    JONATHAN AKANBUL 25 days ago

    You people talk too much give the pirlo a break. Human is always hypocrite when things goes will , you will hear them praising, stop these things its isn't healthy.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo 25 days ago +1

    Can anyone call my barber?🥺 I couldn't call him, so I shaved my head😞

  • Daniel David
    Daniel David 26 days ago

    Can not understand where the hate comes from, i am ronaldo fan but never going to hate Messi!! Let US enjoy both of them LEGENDS

  • Premier League Freak
    Premier League Freak 26 days ago

    Mina will defend Pirlo and Juventus as usual

  • Daily Play
    Daily Play 26 days ago

    Why does Pirlo look like Joe Allen?

  • Akunwanne Prosper
    Akunwanne Prosper 26 days ago

    He should manage Juventus in FM21 for a week

  • Akunwanne Prosper
    Akunwanne Prosper 26 days ago

    Never heard of very fluid tactics?

  • mChannel
    mChannel 26 days ago

    Teams struggling trying new things
    espn pundits : give us contract renewal

  • javier book shadows contributor du

    317th comment

  • Tactical Genius
    Tactical Genius 26 days ago +1

    Why juventus wont win ucl.
    1.cr7 still the best forward in the world.but nobody to assist him.imagine if juve signed James rodrigues.Just compare ronaldo in portugal vs ronaldo in juve.he can play anywhere.but atleast give a through ball or long ball,he will score.but juve players shoot rather than pass..
    2.mentality of players
    after watching Douglas Costa's weighted pass to lewandoski,every juve fan is thinking what was his problm at juve.he always crossed ball with too much power but see his play now..
    3.dybala ..
    One of the overrated player in the world.
    Cristiano carried the team last season,won matches,yet dybala was awarded the mvp of serie A.
    Dybala is not even playing in argentina xi.Did he score or assist against barca???
    4.cuadrado..king of overconfidence.
    If u r a rightback play that role.instead this is the guy who forgets eveythinb when he gets the ball.
    Thanks to pedri to teach this idiot a lesson for life.
    Rest of the list you can complete in the comment section.

  • Bernie Sanders
    Bernie Sanders 26 days ago +1

    Idc if we lose every game it’s still more entertaining than Sarri

  • phillip alexandrou
    phillip alexandrou 26 days ago

    Pirlo - player : awesome.
    Pirlo - ''coach" : a clueless headless chicken at the bench , with no plan no ideas whatsoever . He is dangerous and responsible for the worst JUVE of all times.

    • M Z
      M Z 25 days ago

      @phillip alexandrou It has become fashionable to recruit past legends as coaches and expect immediate success. We have seen that with Seedorf, Henry, and Inzaghi. They all failed in their first seasons and their respective clubs.

    • phillip alexandrou
      phillip alexandrou 26 days ago

      @M Z ye i heard about the ''Pirlo thesis'' . LOL

    • M Z
      M Z 26 days ago +1

      Hey...but he got an A+ for his thesis. Apparently,, that is enough to be the head coach of Juve. I bet Gianni Agnelli is turning in his grave!!!!

  • IWillSurviveTheHighFive CauseIAmResilient

    Out of all that, I think Mina hit it on the head - Barca walked away with way more credit than they deserved. They weren't that good either, as they're in a similar state of disarray - new coach, the Board quitting, start player is pissed-off. Don't get me wrong, Barca were the better team - let me rephrase that - Barca were not as bad as Juve, it's just their core group of players haven't changed much since last year so they were able to play more coherently. Even then, Barca relied a lot on the individual brilliance of the players and didn't play like a team. At the end of the day, neither of these teams will win the Champions League as Bayern Munich is just too organized at the moment.

  • Zakir Khodabocus
    Zakir Khodabocus 26 days ago

    The channel that always calling for the head of managers
    One day it Koeman
    Next dau it's Pirlo
    Another day it's ole
    And they go on that all they want sensation and create chaos.

  • Shaq Lane
    Shaq Lane 26 days ago

    Who allowed women to talk about football

  • prashant gusain
    prashant gusain 26 days ago

    Idiots he managed to win world cup & I think that's GREEEEEAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTT

  • Michael Fantuz
    Michael Fantuz 26 days ago

    When has Pirlo had a full 11 he would like at all so far?? Covid, injuries etc. same for most coaches. At some point all teams will have a non perfect 11 consistently

  • ansu the beast
    ansu the beast 26 days ago +1

    lol they just got outplayed. This isnt the best barca team , but definetly is much better and youger barca team than what they had last season.

  • Aryan Dak
    Aryan Dak 26 days ago

    Hy I just have a question , was dybala injured for that game 😂😂 . I didn't see him 🙄😂

  • J Berg
    J Berg 26 days ago

    Not Pirlo's fault for the fake Virus. Biggest hoax ever.

  • Paul Pivaral
    Paul Pivaral 26 days ago

    to early for Halloween

  • wilcox tam
    wilcox tam 26 days ago +2

    That’s a dude by the way lol

  • Shreejit Das Choudhury
    Shreejit Das Choudhury 27 days ago +1

    berna and benta should have confidence and they need a leader

  • Miguel Vale
    Miguel Vale 27 days ago +13

    Time is ticking... Ronaldo legitimately is Juve's only attacking threat and when he's not on they're toothless in attack. For all the talk of Dybala being world class he simply hasn't shown up when it matters most. Where was he in the KO rounds of the champions league? Where was he against Barca? He looks afraid and always losses the ball. I think it's now fair to label him a flat track bully. Juve's midfield is still a joke. I'd like to see Ronaldo leave Juventus and retire at either PSG or United (unlikely).

    • Miguel Vale
      Miguel Vale 26 days ago +3

      @Noredoos No Are you dense or are you deliberately being obtuse? Ronaldo and Dybala are the two highest paid players for Juve. They're the stars, when one is out the other has to step up. Dybala needs creative players to thrive? Again, a stupid argument because you could literally say that about anybody. Didn't stop Ronaldo from scoring Juve's only KO goals in the champions league over the past two seasons (7 BTW). Stop making excuses you insufferable Dybala apologist.

    • Noredoos No
      Noredoos No 26 days ago +1

      You should know If you watched Any Juventus game For Dybala to thrive he needs creative players around him. and stop putting all the blame and Dybala your acting like he's the only player on the team.

    • Bernie Sanders
      Bernie Sanders 26 days ago +1


  • Abhinav Lal
    Abhinav Lal 27 days ago

    Tell Mina, the goat 🐐 awaits her favourite team at camp nou, we'll see what Ronaldo brings to this team.

    • Dami Fash
      Dami Fash 26 days ago

      lol juve fans are pure jokers if you think Ronaldo will fix that terrible midfield....
      it’s the same thing messi did some years ago he covered the fact that the rest of the team was poor and against good oppositions it showed...

      You lot mark my words Ronaldo will have an amazing game in camp nou....but the gap between barca and juve will become more obvious because barca will win without Messi having to be better than Ronaldo ....
      And it because the rest of juves team especially midfield is above average at best bar Dybala and de ligt..

      Also barca hasn’t lost in camp nou since 2013 that’s 33 games against every top team in Europe in 7 years and no loss...this juve is far from those teams who couldn’t do it

  • M Z
    M Z 27 days ago

    Its unfair to blame Pirlo. He has no coaching experience. What I do blame him for is saying Yes, when he was offered the role of head coach. I would have said. Thanks but no Thanks, I don't feel like I am ready yet.

  • Shervin Loghmani
    Shervin Loghmani 27 days ago


  • Tushar Namboodiri
    Tushar Namboodiri 27 days ago

    They need a point of reference in attack and defence and thats why Ronaldo and chiellini's absence is a big miss
    Right now players are just going anywhere they want and pirlo has to take a little blame for this

  • Complexity
    Complexity 27 days ago

    He was a defender as a player
    So what do you expect

  • Lubhansh Kohli
    Lubhansh Kohli 27 days ago

    Juve miss a leader in the midfield ,someone like Pjanic

    • Lubhansh Kohli
      Lubhansh Kohli 26 days ago +1

      @M Z u are judging him on the basis of last season. The whole midfield was the problem under Sarri

    • M Z
      M Z 26 days ago +1

      ​@Lubhansh Kohli​ He had no personality, gave the ball away too easily and was average in possession. I am glad he is gone.

    • Lubhansh Kohli
      Lubhansh Kohli 26 days ago

      @M Z He was always leading the Juventus Midfield.

    • M Z
      M Z 26 days ago

      Pjanic was never a leader

  • Subrahmanyan V Ravi Shankar

    Their ideal line up would be schezneydaanilo deligt demiral Sandro McKenie Arthur cudrado/cheisa ramsey Ronaldo/morata dybala/kulu
    In this flanks covered aand three people in box also covered

  • Subrahmanyan V Ravi Shankar

    I can understand what Pirlo is trying to do
    Last year when sometimes ball used to reach the box there were no players or only Ronaldo because both Ronaldo and dybala had free role
    He is made it a point to have three people in the box woth wide wingback mostly fb or winger . Now problem begins where cudrado can handle one side but with daanilo behind him amd ssandroaat opp side. Now nobody in the team who can run the left side is creating problems.

  • YDS
    YDS 27 days ago +1

    Sacking Allegri was the first mistake. Hiring Sarri was also a mistake. The change of direction after Allegri was not necessarily a mistake if the personnel brought on was aligning that direction. But that is not the case as well. So in terms of strategic direction, it was a mistake. So yes i agree with Mina the board should be in question more than Pirlo.

  • Robin Hood
    Robin Hood 27 days ago


  • Don Jon
    Don Jon 27 days ago

    Very good ex footballers strangely not many don't do well as manager

  • Law Bsk
    Law Bsk 27 days ago +2

    Is Nikki Paolo’s sister

  • Petar Zijic
    Petar Zijic 27 days ago +1

    Seeing all these Juve fans in the comments. I don't remember there being so many of you guys before Ronaldo joined

    • Look at this Meme!
      Look at this Meme! 24 days ago

      @Naim :D I understand you.

    • Naim :D
      Naim :D 24 days ago +1

      @Real Steve exactly what im saying. im a united fan but i do follow juve when ronaldo plays since hes one of the all time greats and my favourite player. but im not a bandwagon fanboy that when it comes to my fave team n ronaldo I would want my team to win lol

    • Real Steve
      Real Steve 26 days ago

      If Messi ended up at Liverpool then their would be a huge decrease of Barcalona fans and a huge increase of Liverpool fans. Fanboys, simple as that.

    • Naim :D
      Naim :D 26 days ago +1

      When ur one of all time greats and have a huge huge fanbase ofc there will be loads of people supporting juventus... it’s not rocket science.
      If Messi moves to city there’d be loads of new city fans to support messi

  • Rahul B89
    Rahul B89 27 days ago

    Mina stop protecting juventus

  • See you at your funeral
    See you at your funeral 27 days ago +6

    I can’t wait to see all the doubters praising him once it goes his way

  • Disaster Artist
    Disaster Artist 27 days ago

    still better than Inter

    CYCHIMP 27 days ago

    Let’s be honest juve wasn’t bad against barca, they just didn’t have Ronaldo.

    • Mahad
      Mahad 26 days ago +1

      You are right. They weren't bad. They were absolutely garbage and pathetic🤡

    • With Witt
      With Witt 27 days ago

      “Wasn’t bad”??

  • Pavan Kumar
    Pavan Kumar 27 days ago

    I personally think we need to judge PIRLO only in JANUARY...its too early to judge maestro

  • Franky23
    Franky23 27 days ago +1

    These armchair journalists have no idea what's so ever.. give them the coaching job then

  • Sanjai Mohan
    Sanjai Mohan 27 days ago +4

    No Ronaldo, no party, its simple

  • titoreyes7
    titoreyes7 27 days ago +2

    Who are these ppl?

  • Jay Metro
    Jay Metro 27 days ago +1

    I love all these naysayers, because they will end up looking stupid later in the season. Pirlo is taking risks and experimenting, something previous management was afraid to do. I personally think Juve has nothing to lose, and Pirlo is a tactical genius. Are they going to win every game? No! That's the whole point. He's trying some different things out early, and once he gets back all of his players from injury/lockdowns etc., this team is going to gel like crazy! These morons have to realize that Juve is in a rebuilding year, with players coming from a myriad of different clubs with different previous philosophies/strategies etc., and there has been barely enough time to get things together with a quick re-start to the season, international breaks, and many players (still) unavailable.

    • Dami Fash
      Dami Fash 26 days ago

      Tbh they won’t....juve won’t win champs no matter how much thier fans dream...

      And they’ve won serie for 8 year’s straight so basically anyone can win that trophy for juve

  • Joseph Ibarra
    Joseph Ibarra 27 days ago

    Everyone is injured

  • Nitesh D
    Nitesh D 27 days ago +7

    Give him time guys. Pirlo will do the job.

    • Nitesh D
      Nitesh D 26 days ago

      @Arghya Dogra hahaha no bro 😂

    • Arghya Dogra
      Arghya Dogra 26 days ago

      I thought you were talking about Adrien,he never gets time to host the show because it's Dan Thomas all the time here.

  • Jay inri
    Jay inri 27 days ago +2

    I see what is going on here.. pirlo is simply too sophisticated for football, we simple humans do not understand the awness of pirlo, we must advance to a new sport that surrounds his magnificent theories

  • Chelsea Guy forever
    Chelsea Guy forever 27 days ago +5

    Pirlo is a big gamble!! Juve should get Allegri back like Real did with Zizou..

    • M Z
      M Z 25 days ago

      @Chelsea Guy forever That is what I call real improvement!! Juve is on the same path as the Inter in the 90s.

    • Chelsea Guy forever
      Chelsea Guy forever 25 days ago

      @M Z Considering the Milan clubs, Lazio, Napoli, Atalanta there's a real chance of you finishing outside Top 4 if Pirlo doesn't sort it out 😳😳..
      But Ronaldo will carry you to a League or UCL as he has done throughout his career..

    • M Z
      M Z 25 days ago

      @Chelsea Guy forever Juve wont win anything. Both Milan clubs, plus Napoli and Lazio all look like they are stronger than the previous seasons. Agnelli and Co have messed up big time and it will be there for the whole footballing world too see before Xmas.

    • Chelsea Guy forever
      Chelsea Guy forever 26 days ago

      Imagine if Juve doesn't win anything this season with Pirlo! Seria A is something which is like a guaranteed trophy for Juve this decade.. Not winning that will put a doubt on everyone's mind.. Let's see how it turns out to be

    • M Z
      M Z 26 days ago

      Allegri's football was boring to watch. Juve want to bring in a top coach, pay him peanuts, and get him to make them play like Barca of 7 years go in one season. It aint gonna happen.

  • Dana
    Dana 27 days ago

    forza milan

  • Syed Amanat
    Syed Amanat 27 days ago +6

    I love Nicky Bandini

  • Hanin Muhammed
    Hanin Muhammed 27 days ago

    Why is robson after ramsey all the time..if he played against barca..we d be more creative

  • Nima Poyan
    Nima Poyan 27 days ago

    I just wished ESPN FC would use this panel instead of those old unqualified analysts!

  • Jesus Vargas
    Jesus Vargas 27 days ago +9

    He’s literally missing 4 key players: Ronaldo, De Ligt, Sandro, Chiellini and dybala JUST came back (he’s clearly not up to game speed yet). How’s he supposed to build from the back when he’s missing 3 defenders? Pundits start talking about the absence of Virgil and Laporte being the reason for Liverpool’s/City’s struggles but can’t seem to give Juve the same “excuse”?

    • Premier League Freak
      Premier League Freak 23 days ago

      @Snidi Channel No, i'm not joking, 7 finals are good, but only 2 wins for a team that has more than 30 national championship is way less, milan has 5 more ucl titles than them and they've like half of serie a titles compared to juve. So no, they can't be classified as continentally dominant, madrid, milan, ajax, liverpool, munich these teams can be termed as being continentally dominant

    • Snidi Channel
      Snidi Channel 23 days ago

      @Premier League Freak I hope you are jocking, Juve have played 7 finals. And has done always very well

    • NSD
      NSD 25 days ago

      @Premier League Freak True. What I meant to point out was that ESPN pundits have an agenda against some specific big clubs. I mean, these guys only talked about that 7-2 Liverpool defeat on that day. Its like that incident was non existent after that in their eyes. If it was Man Utd, I can guarantee these guys would be reminding us of how terribly OGS conducted Man Utd during the match on every single Man Utd related talk.

    • Premier League Freak
      Premier League Freak 25 days ago +2

      @NSD man u continentally dominant? They reached 4 finals under Ferguson, they won 2, and lost 2, they were very lucky against bayern, they were being outplayed by bayern till those 2 goals came, won the 2nd on penalties, and they were outclassed and quite frankly embarassed by Barcelona in the following finals. So man u were never dominant across Europe, Juve you might say, they were once dominant, when they went to 3 ucl finals or 2 finals in 3 seasons, but they only have 2 UCLs. These 2 teams are(were in the case of man u) domestically dominant, but they never dominated Europe

    • NSD
      NSD 27 days ago +2

      ESPN have an agenda against "domestically and continentally successful" in the past teams. Eg; Man Utd

  • Franco Diar
    Franco Diar 27 days ago +2

    Wuhan 19 has ravaged Juve and Serie A. This is huge ongoing issue for Italian team in 20/21

  • Mahad
    Mahad 27 days ago +4

    Who is that good looking fella on the left?

  • BhlsIII
    BhlsIII 27 days ago +5

    Disgusting seeing how many people comment on someone else’s personal decision. There’s a reason comments were turned off. I’m here for football content as I assume most of you are as well. Please stay on topic and be nice my goodness.

  • Kirk Richards
    Kirk Richards 27 days ago +5

    Bring back allegri

  • jack boem
    jack boem 27 days ago +10

    I agree Ramsey has been the most solid in his position he fits that role really nicely it’s hard tho because of his fitness. Pirlo has a lot on his hands but it’s ridiculous to think we’re getting rid of him either we win this year with him or we lose and work with him for the next whatever years. This team needed a proper rebuild since Vidal, marchiso, pirlo, and tevez left. It’s about time we got a coach who could do that

  • krfts 2003
    krfts 2003 27 days ago +58

    what they're doing to Pirlo is like telling a person who just got a driver license yesterday to win an F1 competition

    • Premier League Freak
      Premier League Freak 26 days ago

      That's what Juve did to pirlo, but the thing is this driver has one of the best cars in the competition

    • krfts 2003
      krfts 2003 27 days ago

      @steven g you're right. however the driver is a person who started driving from yesterday

    • M C
      M C 27 days ago

      @steven g I'm sure Bayern Munich is a fiat

    • M C
      M C 27 days ago +1

      @steven g ok Zlatan

    • steven g
      steven g 27 days ago +6

      krfts 2003 actually no, you got the ferrari while everyone is driving fiat. so yes whoever drive ferraris is expected to win

  • wahid alokozay
    wahid alokozay 27 days ago +3

    Pirlo needs time don’t forget he didn’t have his Full squad he was missing 4 players against Barcelona

    • M Z
      M Z 25 days ago

      @Dami Fash Juve without Ronaldo = Spezia. Juve with Ronaldo = Barca C team.

    • M Z
      M Z 26 days ago +1

      Does he really need a full squad to beat Crotone and Verona? Gimme a break!!!

    • Dami Fash
      Dami Fash 26 days ago

      @Chris Wolf 😂😂if you say so mate ....
      At least they aren’t last in a table ...
      Top of the table 7 goals forwarded but barca are jokes...
      The tf is Madrid 😂😂😂....they can’t even beat nobodies and are probably playing Europa....
      You salty asf 😂😂..barca have had arguably the best start to ucl

    • Chris Wolf
      Chris Wolf 26 days ago

      @Dami Fash wow and what it still lost to atletico at the camp nou and real lost plus barca and juve are the jokes of the Ucl

    • Dami Fash
      Dami Fash 26 days ago

      @Chris Wolf lol juve fans are pure jokers if you think Ronaldo will fix that terrible midfield....
      it’s the same thing messi did some years ago he covered the fact that the rest of the team was poor and against good oppositions it showed...

      You lot mark my words Ronaldo will have an amazing game in camp nou....but the gap between barca and juve will become more obvious because barca will win without Messi having to be better than Ronaldo ....
      And it because the rest of juves team especially midfield is above average at best bar Dybala and de ligt..

      Also barca hasn’t lost in camp nou since 2013 that’s 33 games against every top team in Europe in 7 years and no loss...this juve is far from those teams who couldn’t do it

  • Jonas filberg
    Jonas filberg 27 days ago

    Interesting change of appearance....