ESPN FC panel roasts David Luiz for his unbelievable red card vs. Chelsea | Premier League

  • Published on Jan 21, 2020
  • ESPN FC’s Adrian Healey, Alejandro Moreno, Craig Burley, Steve Nicol and Stuart Robson pick apart David Luiz’s early red card in Arsenal’s 2-2 draw vs Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Nicol says the Brazilian’s clumsy challenge to stop Tammy Abraham from scoring was symptomatic of a poor defender, while Burley says some blame lies with Luiz’s defensive partner, Shkodran Mustafi.
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Comments • 418

  • Sumit Borse
    Sumit Borse 17 days ago

    So referees,Media everyone hates Arsenal?

  • Skyler Milner
    Skyler Milner 21 day ago

    Worst show in futbol history

  • Butler boy
    Butler boy 21 day ago

    People be fine with this and hate on AFTV

  • Congrat Eggs
    Congrat Eggs 22 days ago


  • Abhilekh Adhikari
    Abhilekh Adhikari 22 days ago

    How do these people get paid to talk about football? ESPN needs to step up and fire these dinosaurs for talking nonsense.

  • Frank Champion
    Frank Champion 23 days ago

    The combined IQ on that panel doesn’t reach 100. This was all Mustafi.

  • Tobi Olowokure
    Tobi Olowokure 23 days ago

    This Robson dude just raises his voice and talks rubbish. We were good for 60+ minutes, but yet he will judge us on the first 25. little surprise he won nothing as a player and was forgettable as a coach, now even worse as a pundit

  • Nick-N-Nels
    Nick-N-Nels 23 days ago

    And this is why I never watch these biased morons. Makes you wonder why they are stuck with ESPN fc

  • Bart Allen
    Bart Allen 23 days ago

    The lack of a quality defensive midfielder exposes their defence. A Thomas partey or Denis Zakaria like player alongside Torriera would immensely improve their side and shield their centre-halves.

  • Nye Russel
    Nye Russel 23 days ago

    Shouldn’t of been a red

  • Score46
    Score46 24 days ago

    David Luiz has been great since Arteta came in, these just love to chat sh*t about Arsenal any chance they get

  • david henry
    david henry 24 days ago

    Luiz isn’t a dirty player he just makes consistent school boy mistakes and always in wrong positions.

  • Serial Brown
    Serial Brown 25 days ago

    Craig calling Mustafi out for responding to death threats great job

  • henry omache
    henry omache 25 days ago

    Yoi just hate arsenalthey were

  • Mega Wumbo
    Mega Wumbo 25 days ago

    The old geezer that looks like an albatross is the reason why ESPN FC is a joke, anyone who knows anything about football can’t bare to listen to this

  • makki hajaig
    makki hajaig 25 days ago

    These guys remind me of Dumb, Dumber, Dumberer and Dumbest fools in suits 🤣

  • Sanket Nair
    Sanket Nair 25 days ago

    Video Title: ESPN panel roasts....
    Me: Awwwww....
    That's so cute!

  • Mike Butcher
    Mike Butcher 25 days ago

    Firstly; chelsea - nobody with 11 players should struggle against 10 men. Chelsea should have walked over them. Secondly; Luiz was a fool! He was badly positioned in the first place. So, you cpncede a goal. If you have the players to score, you can pull ot back. Conceding a goal and going down to to ten men at the same time was dumb. Arteta needs to ditch Luiz and Mustafi otherwise Arsenal will continue to be a sieve - aleays letting attackers through.......

  • Nreingampou kamei
    Nreingampou kamei 25 days ago

    I didn't knew it was red card... 🥴

  • C Pearson
    C Pearson 25 days ago

    When Crystal Palace draw with Man City they are a good team. When Arsenal draw with Crystal Palace, Palace is a below average side. When Chelsea win they are a great team but when Arsenal draw for Chelsea, Chelsea is an average side. Which one is it? "we have seen this a million times" where You panel members always say how Arsenal is always soft and no fight. 10 men and all you can say is " they were horrible for the first 26 minutes" what!!!1 the game is 90 minutes... you guys are so jaundiced its sickening. please relinquish your positions or at lease get ONE new member that actually is objective

  • Boi Boi
    Boi Boi 25 days ago

    Player commit suicide
    Players should come out and talk about it.
    Player seeks help from club and come out and be honest with fans
    Gets mocked by ex-players

  • Nate Vega
    Nate Vega 25 days ago

    These guys are a joke. If he lets Abraham run through he scores, it’s really a lose lose for him

  • Mandilakhe Malghas
    Mandilakhe Malghas 25 days ago

    Man we get it y’all hate Arsenal, but credit is given when credits due. We played our socks out, especially with 10 men. To me that was one heck of a shift that the lads put in. The little time that Arteta has with these players, I see a major improvement from where we started the season at...

  • kish2100
    kish2100 25 days ago

    I hate the FC Crew because they always criticize Arsenal. Even if Arsenal win the UCL they will find an excuse about why Arsenal won it

  • Nnaemeka Nweke
    Nnaemeka Nweke 26 days ago

    How do you hire senseless pundits like this? ESPN, you gotta do better. This is embarrassing

  • Switch
    Switch 26 days ago +1

    Can we talk about Chelsea? 😂😂😂

    XIOVI 26 days ago +2

    if van dijk did that, nobody would be criticizing him. They would all be saying that there’s nothing he could do about it, most bias show i’ve ever watched tbh.

  • north london is red
    north london is red 26 days ago

    these lot know a lot about football why are they blaming Luiz when it was Mustafi's fault and Abraham was in front of goal and was about to shoot so Luiz didn't have time

  • Bisaso Brian
    Bisaso Brian 26 days ago

    fake analysis

  • Josh Connor
    Josh Connor 26 days ago

    This guy is telling mustafi to stay off social media and be better. These guys are getting payed for this

  • Tripleclicks William Azanuwa

    People should never criticize Arteta. Wenger, Emery and Fred with this team it would've been too horrible for Arsenal. maybe a 5 nil crashing after playing more than 73 minutes with 10 men. Arteta has transformed this team to a fighting one.

    • Tripleclicks William Azanuwa
      Tripleclicks William Azanuwa 26 days ago +1

      He has made it very clear that he needs some players to get the result he wants. the board should back him up in the window. Espn should focus on Ole and leave Arteta alone. Maybe Arteta is not English enough for them(EPSN, English FA and Media) just like Arsenal.

  • El Chipen
    El Chipen 26 days ago

    Does anyone else find Moreno annoying?

  • Nodir Egamberdiev
    Nodir Egamberdiev 26 days ago

    Another shitty comments from stupid "pundits" about Arsenal.

  • Mahadevan Raman
    Mahadevan Raman 26 days ago

    Arsenal played well , last season also arsenal was penalized with penalties against than any other big team . They are playing better than Man U but manu are still darlings of referees

  • ณภัทร สุขแสง

    I'm now getting tired of Burley and Nicol with their obvious predudices

  • gunnerglory
    gunnerglory 26 days ago

    These 2 bias pricks hate Arsenal

  • Ameer Qayyum Jahaya
    Ameer Qayyum Jahaya 26 days ago

    They really good at talking

  • Chiranjeevi Dova
    Chiranjeevi Dova 26 days ago

    I don't understand why these panelists are soo critical of arsenal. I don't feel like watching this shity stuff

  • Samkelo Motau
    Samkelo Motau 26 days ago

    The Arsenal roast panel. These guys never disappoint

  • Nixal Gunner
    Nixal Gunner 26 days ago

    Steve nicol criticizes every team except Liverpool and he was nothing except a Olivier giroud of his time

  • thangstheking
    thangstheking 26 days ago

    I think Luiz tske the risk and if he had caught the ball I don’t think he will be bash

  • ADAJ3
    ADAJ3 26 days ago

    What about Kante? He’s a great player, but he shouldn’t be above criticism.

  • jni99
    jni99 26 days ago

    these bloaks have zero credibility, nor any idea of what they’re even saying... Focusing on the team playing a man down, dealing with multiple injuries in an already weak defense, instead of the “top 4 side” Chelsea... poor content and you ESPN FC mugs should stick to the MLS.

  • BT Vitek
    BT Vitek 26 days ago

    I am the only pissed of by "critics". Talking like they are Messiahs. Always easier to talk after a situation happened.

  • Sulayman Bajo
    Sulayman Bajo 26 days ago

    Is easy to belame but ref is very stupid is already penalty give yellow card and allow the mach to floor is big game but English refree are shambles

  • Man Whodrinksbeer
    Man Whodrinksbeer 26 days ago

    Loved this, I was going nuts and laughing at the same time, my tie bet went awry and I couldn’t believe how insanely dumb the two of them behaved in that situation, beyond anything I’ve seen in quite some time.

  • derkaiser420
    derkaiser420 26 days ago

    I know that I am biased because I am an Arsenal fan but I don't agree with anything these guys said. David Luis did make a bad decision but you need to foul there. I don't think it was a red card and Arsenal are appealing it. But that one guy saying Chelsea were the better team when it was 11 v 11 wasn't watching the same match I was watching. I thought they were fairly even. Of course Chelsea were playing better because they were at the Bridge but Arsenal were holding their own. Overall, Chelsea miss out on the three points because they should have beat Arsenal in the state that the Gunners are in, but they didn't and that made my day yesterday. COYG

    OXYMORON 26 days ago


  • Aaron T
    Aaron T 26 days ago

    mustafi screwed luiz

  • Jaideep Bura
    Jaideep Bura 26 days ago +1

    Are you kidding me, Luiz won Arsenal the point - If he didn't get sent off Arsenal would have never sat back and play the counter attack, which unbelievably has been our weakness this year!

  • Taptap Bun maar
    Taptap Bun maar 26 days ago

    These are pundits in another country for a reason. Clueless pricks. Love it once Arteta gets his players and prove these idiot pundits wrong

    JD MONTEBLACK 26 days ago

    Terrible pundits

  • Stunna 1Don
    Stunna 1Don 26 days ago

    stevie suck yuh madda!

  • Stunna 1Don
    Stunna 1Don 26 days ago

    stevie suck yuh madda!

  • JO EL
    JO EL 26 days ago

    Stevie would've been destroyed in the modern game he talks as if the game is the same pace and all you have to do is sit back

  • The Champ Is Here
    The Champ Is Here 26 days ago

    This is awful analysis..blaming luiz for mustafi misttake

  • Fabien Butazzi
    Fabien Butazzi 26 days ago

    Arsenal were playing 10 Vs 13 (Chelsea + referee + VAR who didn't even rule out Azpi's goal)... This is really a Chelsea blow more than anything but kudos to Arsenal for believing they could score every chance they had: two

  • Truls Byvald
    Truls Byvald 26 days ago

    Horrible punditry

  • Terab Ali
    Terab Ali 26 days ago +1

    How is espn even a thing. These guys are such idiots it makes me cringe.

  • Dominic Edokpolo
    Dominic Edokpolo 26 days ago

    This show is full of clueless twats. Craig is the only decent one the rest of them are all clueless imbeciles