Frank Lampard trying to play ‘movie director’ at Chelsea - Ian Darke | ESPN FC

  • Published on Oct 28, 2020
  • It’s a job well done for Chelsea with a 4-0 win over Krasnodar in Russia, or is it? ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol and Ian Darke do not feel Frank Lampard’s side played to their potential, despite the clean sheet and goals from Timo Werner, Christian Pulisic, Hakim Ziyech and Callum Hudson-Odoi. While Darke is a bit more optimistic than Nicol, he does feel like Lampard is having to be like a movie director trying to find room for his star-studded squad, especially with Kai Havertz and Mason Mount. Plus, the pair heap praise on USMNT’s Pulisic for his impact late in their Champions League Group E fixture.
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Comments • 70

    TBAWWS 19 days ago

    Just say you hate Chelsea and move on ffs

  • Lirgi Tuccu
    Lirgi Tuccu 19 days ago

    When it comes to Chelsea, the critics base it on a perfect world. They expect Chelsea to dominate everything. Smh. This is football. Everyday is not Sunday and every game is not going to be like the Burnley game

  • Steak & Kidney Pie
    Steak & Kidney Pie 19 days ago

    Stevie needs to either retire or get a lobotomy

  • Andrew Taylor
    Andrew Taylor 20 days ago

    There’s no doubt they struggled to break Krasnodar down. I agree the score line flattered them in the end.

  • Mohamed Zaayid
    Mohamed Zaayid 21 day ago

    Stev just wanna his philosophy works on the chelsea team and no one knows his philosophy tell him the man in charge is Frank not Stev

  • Atton
    Atton 21 day ago

    It makes me happy to see the comments. It confirms im not crazy. Serious agenda with Nicol and Darke

  • Michael Smyth
    Michael Smyth 21 day ago

    All im saying is. The media hates Chelsea....

  • TobyJT
    TobyJT 21 day ago

    ESPN just don’t watch football

  • Young Lawrence
    Young Lawrence 24 days ago

    Fools ....

  • Benson Bur****
    Benson Bur**** 25 days ago

    Lampard will do everything he can to stop Pulisic... fake news that is injured and a lot more... he simply doesn’t like the player because he’s from United States

  • Quick MMA clips
    Quick MMA clips 25 days ago

    Lol espn hating at Chelsea as usual, fake news disgusting

  • simba_ bigboy
    simba_ bigboy 25 days ago

    ESPN 🚯

  • petr masuba
    petr masuba 25 days ago

    These guys need to look at the stats of the game.

  • Chris Garner
    Chris Garner 26 days ago

    So the solution is go slower than 100mph and have fewer players score goals...I guess someone has to play the curmudgeon in this movie and you nailed it!

  • Gunjan Shakya
    Gunjan Shakya 26 days ago

    Steve Nicol need to get his eyes check. The glasses he is wearing is clearly not working.

  • random shits
    random shits 26 days ago

    I see some Chelsea haters in this video, soo negative

  • Zi Solo
    Zi Solo 26 days ago

    4:02 highlight of the video

  • Aaron Garcia
    Aaron Garcia 26 days ago

    If he wants to see Chelsea control a game he should watch the games we played 433 last season and the few minutes we played 433 this season. We beat Everton 4-0 by playing 433 we controlled that game. That did not flatter us. Wanting to grt the ball forward quickly is a bad thing now? Lol. If Chelsea gets rid of the pivot and plays 433 then we will dominate teams in this league. If we sign a Joshua Kimmich or Thiago type player in January then I guarantee you that Chelsea will boss games with a pivot and without a pivot. For now the key is to grt the team confident to play without a pivot. Later on is to either bring back Ethan from loan or when Gilmour is fit again so we can be frightening in either formation.

  • Luke Daniels
    Luke Daniels 26 days ago +1

    Stevie is actually clueless. All his criticisms of Chelsea are the opposite of what actually is the problem. Say we move to fast at 100mph when if you actually watched the game Chelsea problem was the fact we were too slow at moving the ball out from the back. Get an opinion of someone who at least watches the games!

  • Left Box Anderson
    Left Box Anderson 26 days ago

    It’s a super talented team with little control over the middle of the park. It’s a frustrating style of play and one which lacks a clear identity.

  • Faith Maiba
    Faith Maiba 26 days ago

    How have they managed to say more negative things than positive from a 4-0 win?

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar 27 days ago +1

    Steve Nicol is so confused. He hasn’t watched the match for sure. Chelsea’s build up is too slow and he is claiming it’s too fast. Totally rubbish.

  • meknaasi
    meknaasi 27 days ago

    @ESPN FC, Ziyech is pronounced Zee-yash حكيم زياش

  • miccado Addo
    miccado Addo 27 days ago +1

    Steve is an idiot.i just cant stand him.His so irritating. He praises Liverpool even when they loose and criticize Chelsea even when we are winning.

  • Jay
    Jay 27 days ago

    Did Steve get a tan?

  • Nik 133
    Nik 133 27 days ago +1

    Keep your personal agendas out when talking about other teams 🤦‍♀️

  • Godlive Opoku-Duah
    Godlive Opoku-Duah 27 days ago

    How do u criticize a 4-0 win? I don't get it.

  • Aphiwe Mbande
    Aphiwe Mbande 27 days ago

    Hahahaha these guys are so salty. It's only gonna get worse I honestly feel bad for them

  • IamKing
    IamKing 27 days ago

    Even if United beat Liverpool Nicol will say Liverpool were the better team or were missing key players

  • IamKing
    IamKing 27 days ago

    Chelsea very lucky team

  • kasozi2013
    kasozi2013 27 days ago +42

    Saying Chillwell has been "Ok" is mad. He has literally hit the ground running and looks like he has been at the club for years

  • Akeeme Williams
    Akeeme Williams 27 days ago

    Chelsea will only get better and will destroy some teams

  • roman carreon
    roman carreon 27 days ago

    These guys are always trash. How can you speak about the beautiful game without being a fan of the game, not just a biased club supporter. Stevie is the biggest joke and makes you wanna hate Liverpool.

  • CFC Auntie
    CFC Auntie 27 days ago

    Completely agree that Chelsea goes 100 mph - changing the pace is how the best teams in the world do things.

  • Mikey Skelly
    Mikey Skelly 27 days ago

    Stevie nichol is a fool man a team that holds more position than teams doesn't control games? He's clearly bias

  • na ar
    na ar 27 days ago

    Chelsea did some good transfers this season.

  • Emmzygallo Emmzygallo
    Emmzygallo Emmzygallo 27 days ago

    Steve Nicol is a sick man, he hates Chelsea and doesn’t know anything about football. Very stupid old fool

  • Christopher Johnson
    Christopher Johnson 27 days ago

    These guys need to shut up

  • rose aim
    rose aim 27 days ago

    I just hate watching ESPN fc. Sky sport is better

  • clearsky up
    clearsky up 27 days ago

    I think Stevie take a Chelsea hate pill before coming to ESPN

  • Sid Here
    Sid Here 27 days ago

    Steve Nicol is soooo biased. I always skip his talk.
    At least from next time, for Chelsea matches, ESPN FC should ask someone opinion than Steve.

  • Eddy Sylverstin
    Eddy Sylverstin 27 days ago

    Lampard out! Tactical nonsense! Took off Kovacic & play mount with Kai was a jokes! Chelsea 1st 11 - Mendy, Azpi RB Thiago & Zouma Ben LB. Kovacic Kante. Kai, Pulisic LW Ziyech - RW. Werner. Reserve - Odoi, Giroud, Jorginho, Christensen, Rudiger, Willie,
    Lampard out! this players is too big for a trainee coach!

  • Unala Odira
    Unala Odira 27 days ago

    Stevie...Stevieeeee. I'm a Chelsea fan from childhood and I love your objectivity during discussion. ❤️❤️❤️🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬❤️❤️❤️

  • Fuaad Jafree
    Fuaad Jafree 27 days ago

    What the actual- the second half was beautiful. The passing, the interchange. They reverted to a 4 3 3 and played fluid

  • George Hatton
    George Hatton 27 days ago

    No away game in the champions league is easy. Chelsea controlled the game bar a 15 minute spell in the 2nd half and have been excellent defensively for a few weeks now. And to say he doesn’t know his best team at all is stupid, the only positions up for debate are rb and what combination you play in midfield. They’ll probably explode if they say something positive about Chelsea

  • Kato Chelsea
    Kato Chelsea 27 days ago

    Steve hates Chelsea

  • Jahaziel Rameshwar
    Jahaziel Rameshwar 27 days ago

    Does anyone else find it funny when stevie takes that big breath before speaking😂

  • PKP TV
    PKP TV 27 days ago

    It is so disrespectful to persist in mispronouncing a person's name. It is Ziyech not Zayesh for crying out loud. I give up.

  • Brandon
    Brandon 27 days ago +1

    Liverpool struggle against midjyland
    Arsenal lose three in a row
    Chelsea only lose 1 Game this season. Literally 4 clean sheets in a row for Mendy. But they just continue to criticize us .

  • haitch04
    haitch04 27 days ago

    Ah! Stevie! the guy who just doesn't get it..who cares?

  • Danny Oscar
    Danny Oscar 27 days ago

    Steve which other control do you need at 74% possession you just don't like Chelsea

  • Delroy Williams
    Delroy Williams 27 days ago

    Do stevie watch games. Talking about we go forward tooo fast like when? Because every game i watch we pass the ball 30 backward and sideways before we go forward which is just boringgg the midfield need to make space to open the game up smh

  • EE EE
    EE EE 27 days ago

    Only one good point was made. WE DON'T BUILD FROM THE BACK WITH ENOUGH QUALITY. Even small teams press us and we struggle

  • Wale Olorode
    Wale Olorode 27 days ago

    This Stevie, talking BS again. You can't be satisfied can u? They won with a clean by scoring 4 goals. Who cares about "controlling" the game. U don't get point for game control, u do when u win.

  • Daniel Olulana
    Daniel Olulana 27 days ago +2

    'chelsea didnt control the game' yet they had 70% possession and what is steve talking about moving the ball up front too fast rudiger and zouma were passing the ball too each other a lot

  • Wayne Coutinho
    Wayne Coutinho 27 days ago

    Its pronounced zeeyeckh steve🥺

  • Aymaan .T
    Aymaan .T 27 days ago

    I swear I only watch these clowns for the the comments section. They're clueless af

  • Ali Babar
    Ali Babar 27 days ago

    Frank Lampard should play Giroud alongside Werner in 4-4-2 formation.

  • Katlego Mosumo
    Katlego Mosumo 27 days ago

    "It's not that they wont score goals or keep clean sheets"🤣 there more to a football game than that?

  • Jack Palmer the great bamboozler

    Ian Darke must've not even watched the game seeing as how mount came on and we played a 433 with havertz and mount both playing as 8s, and that's when we actually clicked and starting dominating the game.
    But nah according to that clown we're yet to see how havertz and mint could ever both play alongside each other.

  • Abyss
    Abyss 27 days ago

    How poor was the Krasnodar keeper? Literally gifted them 2 goals.

  • Adem Kilinc
    Adem Kilinc 27 days ago +7

    Ok steve
    1.the tempo of the game changed towards the 70th minute
    2.we have alot o quality
    3.we builded up well
    4.hopefully were gonna carry on like this and hope we play even better COYB 💙

  • kebba cham
    kebba cham 27 days ago

    I couldn't understand why stevie hate Chelsea... But only one thing I understand is that Chelsea caused problem to your team so you hate Chelsea or not get note that Chelsea always be at the top

  • Y Salman
    Y Salman 27 days ago

    this is such a joke channel. ESPN FC is fully ran by liverpool scums... I have noticed time and again , these nutjobs would bash Chelsea, bash Arsenal, bash Man Utd... criticize whenever they get a chance with City (which is rare)... but when it comes to Liverpool.. they are like teenage girls are for Justin Beiber. Absolutely disgusting !

  • Shray Rai Tiwari
    Shray Rai Tiwari 27 days ago

    Stevie my word, Chelsea did not lose 4-0. Hope he knows it's 4-0 away from home win with a penalty missed.

  • Terence Hall
    Terence Hall 27 days ago

    So these Muppets have an agenda against Chelsea and Man UTD. both won 0-4 and 5-0, but somehow its only great results - the performances somehow is still a problem...

  • Stevie B
    Stevie B 28 days ago

    I don’t think Steve actually watches the game. We do not get the ball forward to quickly, if anything it’s painfully slow with hundreds of passes between our cbs.

  • TompaLegend
    TompaLegend 28 days ago

    Ian darke do you knpw what u talking about?

    FAMA PLUS TV 28 days ago +1

    This analysis is fraudulent simple as that

  • Abdiaziz mohamud
    Abdiaziz mohamud 28 days ago

    We're criticized when we score as same as when we dnt score ......we are chelsea