La Liga recap: Barcelona BLOW OUT Villarreal, but Ronald Koeman still has work to do | ESPN FC

  • Published on Sep 27, 2020
  • ESPN FC's Gab Marcotti and Alejandro Moreno share their thoughts on Ronald Koeman's first win with Barcelona and Luis Suarez's debut win with Atletico Madrid. Moreno says it looks like this Barcelona side might be able to score goals without relying on Lionel Messi. Marcotti focuses on Luis Suarez's link up play with Joao Felix for Atletico Madrid, saying their relationship is encouraging for Diego Simeone.
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Comments • 70

  • Akramul Mazid
    Akramul Mazid Month ago

    Gab thinks he's so slick, but in truth he's just a wannabe pundit.

  • Zia Sam
    Zia Sam Month ago

    You know I find it hilarious that these journalist/pundits/ex-players/ex-managers think that the universe at Barcelona revolves around one man. To listen to this guy be shock that the team didn't pass the ball to Messi at every opportunity is because the central line of the team's dynamic has shifted meaning that it is no longer built around him, if he or they were paying close enough attention. Honestly in my opinion this panel has a lot of work to do, this is a team with one right back, an unhappy star player and a front office in chaos and still gave you a 4-0 win. The link-up play was solid, there was tougher pressing and the point is it is a great departure from what they were games ago under Setien and Valverde.

  • Aref Karimi
    Aref Karimi Month ago

    2:41 ESPN it's a bit funny that you use a super unfit and overweight person in a sports program!

  • manish basnet
    manish basnet Month ago

    At the moment, playing right back is tough in BARCA, coz as formation make him beside Busquets whu is sluggish to cover ground & mark player, Right back has to cover some how Busi part as well while facin counter attack.
    Messi whu doesnt do defensive part, so right back is alwys bg covering the ground rather thn playing.
    both Busi & Messi donn run to create space without ball,
    tats what playin RB is tough now.
    No more Bartmeou & no more
    Busi, ofcrs Busi can be super sub coming into after 70 mins to make game slow after Barca have lead of 2 or 3.
    He makes Barca game very very slow & opponent can easily
    predict & cover the space with players.

  • manish basnet
    manish basnet Month ago

    Barca really needs to replace Sergio Busquets as he plays in defensive zone, wid gud attackin team he is alwys sluggish, neither able to cover the ground nor opponent. He still plays gud pass but attacking is not his main duty.
    BARCA r so vulnareable & helpless against counter attack, club needs some powerful legs.
    Busquets needs to be replaced very urgently, otherwise team will again suffer against gud attackin team.
    I don't understand, why nobody sees tat, de jong & right back alwys has to do duty for Busquets. He shld be the 1st one to leave 1st team. He can super sub after leading the score.
    Why no body sees tat. BUSQUETS is the biggest prblm.

  • Phantom Shitter
    Phantom Shitter Month ago

    As a barca fan i hope we continue our winning start. We have two big tests in celta away and then Sevilla at nou camp so lets see where we are after those two games. Visca barca💙❤

    FNF_THECHUB Month ago

    Is this guy ever gonna stop blinking

  • dhiraj raju
    dhiraj raju Month ago

    The last comment from Dan "Real Madrid and VAR" 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Oisin
    Oisin Month ago

    Why is Moreno a pundit? He never has anything original to add.

  • Helder Paulo
    Helder Paulo Month ago

    Ansi Fatu or Ansu Fati lmao

  • jorge medina
    jorge medina Month ago

    Barcelona’s 4-0 win tHaT CoULdVE GoNe mUcH bEtTeR

  • Dimityr Lefterov
    Dimityr Lefterov Month ago +1

    1 time - Hahahaha
    2 TIMES - HAhahaha

  • Kowloon
    Kowloon Month ago +1

    Messi is walking, not defensing at all


    Ansi fatu👏

  • Yashwanth Pagadala
    Yashwanth Pagadala Month ago

    RM and Var...better love story than twilight

  • Jesse Marie MacDougall

    A natureza é maravilhosa

  • Claevone Davis
    Claevone Davis Month ago

    Alba needs to stop searching for Messi alone when crossing the ball... I hate it

  • cameron johnstone
    cameron johnstone Month ago

    Jesus based on what you have seen 😂 barce just walked all over villareal, and real madrid dropped points first week and bearly scraped by this week 😂

  • Mujahid Khan
    Mujahid Khan Month ago

    Atletico got rid of morata and got suarez is the best thing happened to Atletico since winning uefa super cup.

  • Maxmos Banda
    Maxmos Banda Month ago

    Atletico is a threat to every la Liga teams

  • Jimi Purple
    Jimi Purple Month ago

    Not shocked. Barca have a great squad

  • Luke McGrory
    Luke McGrory Month ago

    I’m gonna back Atletico for the title👀 Felix will arrive

  • Dave Jatana
    Dave Jatana Month ago

    If Sid or Jules are not involved I dont watch these so call pundits...

  • Vikraanth Sinha
    Vikraanth Sinha Month ago

    Let’s see them get even one goal against a big team. This win is nothing; it was against a shitty team

  • D.john cena
    D.john cena Month ago

    Real madrid have better chance because of var

  • Prateek Chauhan
    Prateek Chauhan Month ago

    If they manage to fix the back 4, they are onto spmething really special..they had 4 absolutely superb attacking players on the pitch...with dembele on the bench, that attack can be insane in coming matches..

  • Edwyn gotta Amador
    Edwyn gotta Amador Month ago

    Through out the world

  • Edwyn gotta Amador
    Edwyn gotta Amador Month ago

    Well ladies and gentlemen it’s the resurrection of the rise of the la Liga

  • Ryokogyu
    Ryokogyu Month ago

    Kubo shouldve start. With him in the last 15 min, Villareal was a whole different team.

  • Christian Comes
    Christian Comes Month ago

    The thing Ansu has is that rare quality: he is focused, he finishes with violence in the shot, and makes the right decisions. At 17!

  • danzo 626
    danzo 626 Month ago

    I believe simeone did want to play this way last season but the poor play of lemar, costa and morata made it difficult to do so. I think with suarez, felix and carrasco, this team is better up front and more creative up front

  • AsverkOn
    AsverkOn Month ago +1

    😂 it's awesome how people are always crying about something in this comments box

  • Zeke Don
    Zeke Don Month ago

    And does the impossible 😂😂

  • sugar green
    sugar green Month ago +4

    There some player (Busque, Roberto, n Alba some occations) dont want to optimize the pass, they just try to find Messi. That attitude limit the effitiveness of the team.

  • Benson Nkhata
    Benson Nkhata Month ago

    Sometimes these guys seem to watch different games from all of us. The hate is too much and unrealistic.

  • Christopher Yllescas

    "he goes wherever he wants to" lol

  • Ibrahim Abdirahman
    Ibrahim Abdirahman Month ago

    Really gab🤔🤔🤔

  • QKSCP Ops
    QKSCP Ops Month ago

    Am I wrong to be excited about the fati grizzy coutinho and messi squad?

  • Peter C
    Peter C Month ago

    Thanks for kind words. We have some great analysts of we stopped the ATM Agent machine of bench players.

  • Detta
    Detta Month ago

    Dan is such a Real Madrid hater.... No matter how many matches we play and win through the work of the team its always VAR that gets the credit even when the call is obvious.... I think its disrespectful to the history of the club and the staffs..

  • ang3lo_
    ang3lo_ Month ago

    No one mentions Sevilla 😔

  • matthew mendy
    matthew mendy Month ago

    SUAREZ is very good number 9 he can make movement very well that's why i like him, Barcelona will rigret it later.

  • mk2dafullest
    mk2dafullest Month ago

    This is what Barca is all about but let's not over analyze it. It's just one game

  • Deborah Luck
    Deborah Luck Month ago


  • Deborah Luck
    Deborah Luck Month ago


  • Deborah Luck
    Deborah Luck Month ago


  • anandhu prakash
    anandhu prakash Month ago

    Barcelona looks ok. They will finish 2nd madrid At 3rd. Atm 1st

  • xpload23
    xpload23 Month ago

    real madrid and VAR! so true

  • Sumon Sarkar
    Sumon Sarkar Month ago

    Gab is literally stupid😂

  • xpload23
    xpload23 Month ago

    Lenglet was fantastic!

  • Pie Mik
    Pie Mik Month ago

    Joao and Suarez didn’t get to play together lol

  • 100k subs wid no Vids
    100k subs wid no Vids Month ago +2

    Coutinho with an assist looked really good and clean in as a 10

  • gaglet
    gaglet Month ago

    Messi was quite poor tbh

  • Joseph Zuniga
    Joseph Zuniga Month ago +1

    Barca in 2021: Wins domestic title.
    Gabs’ triple chin in 2021: Still shaking in disapproval.

  • blur van
    blur van Month ago

    suarez for ballon dor this year!!!

  • Noble Silencer
    Noble Silencer Month ago +1

    ESPN must stop reacting to Barca issues because these analists are not real
    Absolutely wrong discussion .
    Always causing confusing . No bad body language but the system has change

  • Kali Puja 2020
    Kali Puja 2020 Month ago

    Please don't ask Gab about Laliga stuff, he never follows Laliga, keep him with Serie A stuff only, better keep Sid low for Laliga stuff.

  • Aamin Aminur
    Aamin Aminur Month ago

    Griezmann playing better in defense & Alba playing better in wings

  • M Bip
    M Bip Month ago

    With that rub...s defense, Barca would have lost todays Bayern by 4.

  • Nelson Germano
    Nelson Germano Month ago

    Ansu Fati deserved a hat-trick...why did Messi take the penalty if the game was basically solved?

  • Xavier Altimiras
    Xavier Altimiras Month ago

    Hello United hello chelsea just one little message from Barcelona: Forget about it! He belongs to us. Cheers

  • Jayjay Okoro
    Jayjay Okoro Month ago

    Reports of Barca's demise might have been exaggerated. Sure, they arent at their best. but replace Busquets with Pjanic in the starting lineup, and Dest at right back, and all of a sudden you have a very very good team. A good center-back purchase will also go a long way. No UCL title for them, but La Liga is certainly not out of reach.
    oh yeah...there's a fella called Dembele that can be pretty good if they can get anything from his minced-meat hamstrings

  • Jon Sekander
    Jon Sekander Month ago

    To me Vilareals,s Goalkeeper was man of the match ,If not it coulda have bem 7-8 goals EZ

  • Bilal Siddiqui
    Bilal Siddiqui Month ago +6

    Sometimes these pundits on ESPN don't know anything about football, especially Barca. Last week they were all saying Barca and Koeman are screwed and are probably gonna lose badly to a Unai Emery team🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ 😂😂😂

  • Aayush Paul
    Aayush Paul Month ago

    Suarez is a very intelligent player thats what makes him special.

  • Ashnoy Pereira
    Ashnoy Pereira Month ago

    Let real Madrid win a single game without the help of VAR first then have them as you're favorites Gab

  • 19messi33
    19messi33 Month ago

    I thought Messi did more in this game then in the previous 10 games when it comes to running.

  • Hasset Yohannes
    Hasset Yohannes Month ago

    Lol honestly this Gab guy is stupid asf🤣.

  • Gopal Nair
    Gopal Nair Month ago

    Ansi fatu😂😂😂

  • Me also
    Me also Month ago

    Ok, couple of things....Barcelona will not be winning 4-0 often, AM will not be scoring 6 goals on regular basis....and lastly Suarez will not score 76 goals this