Dynamo Kiev vs. Juventus reaction: Alvaro Morata a ‘wonderful deputy’ to Cristiano Ronaldo | ESPN FC

  • Published on Oct 20, 2020
  • Alvaro Morata scores twice as Andrea Pirlo's Juventus opens their Champions League campaign with 2-0 victory at Dynamo Kiev. ESPN FC’s Shaka Hislop praises the performance of Morata, and calls him a “wonderful deputy” to the absent Cristiano Ronaldo.
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Comments • 51

  • Palm Trees and Rum
    Palm Trees and Rum Month ago

    He struggled in the first half, but locked it in during the second half.

  • Ultra Trump
    Ultra Trump Month ago +1

    Forza Juve For Life 🙏😎

  • Stay Focus
    Stay Focus Month ago

    Brilliant off the ball run n header by Morata👊🏾

  • KelstonCosta
    KelstonCosta Month ago

    But when he’s in atletico he’s not good ....classic EspnFC

  • Derek Sheils
    Derek Sheils Month ago

    Am I the only Juve fan who doesn't think Morata is the anwser

  • Pritesh Das
    Pritesh Das Month ago +7

    Signing morata was a good decision since he was(28) younger than dzeko and suarez. He also has the experience in UCL with madrid and juve. He has won more CLs than the vampire. Plus he had played with ronaldo before and with the other juve players. He has that winning mentality, link up ability and experience to help juve win the CL along with other players

  • William Regal
    William Regal Month ago +1

    If you actually saw the game, you would realise how problematic it is without CR7

  • Karan Vinod
    Karan Vinod Month ago +3

    Morata is terrific in the air. And when you couple that with someone like Ronaldo and get wing backs who can cross the ball then its game over

  • mrtgntuli
    mrtgntuli Month ago +2

    Ronaldo on the left, Morata in the middle and Chiesa on the right putting those crosses in😍✊

    • mrtgntuli
      mrtgntuli Month ago

      @Nipun Mehta and he seems to be playing well, I'm just afraid Pirlo won't have the courage to not make dybala a stater.

    • Nipun Mehta
      Nipun Mehta Month ago +1

      @mrtgntuli morata might be used by pirlo as a benzema. It can prove to be a good scenario for juventus.

    • mrtgntuli
      mrtgntuli Month ago +1

      Well dyabala is good bt his best position is behind the striker, and with Ronaldo and Morata being good headers of the ball i just think a classic winger like Chiesa who will put crosses in the box is a good thing for Juventus.

    • Nipun Mehta
      Nipun Mehta Month ago +2


  • Syed Ahmed
    Syed Ahmed Month ago

    This is the Juve we wanna see play every week ✊🏾🙏🏽

  • Alexios
    Alexios Month ago

    Dan geeks me out dude he’s so goofy and funny

  • Picasso21
    Picasso21 Month ago

    Bentancur horrible lazy match like Crotone ! Rabiot is precious, and support defensively and offensively! A true midfielder! Bentancur is good at tackling players in the back but make no efforts offensively! Ramsey is the new player under Pirlo. Ramsey makes good runs offensively and good tackles defensively. For now the best midfilers are: Rabiot, Ramsey, McKennie, then Arthur and finally Bentancur! They really need to work hard for Juve to be better! Defensively, Chiellini is bit old now and can be hurt easily but have always a good charisma in the field! Bonucci controls well I found (no mistake for now on). Bonucci always need someone like Chiellini or Demiral next to him! Demiral is so talented no doubt that! Its a pity to see Danilo at the back but its good to have a guy who can play so different roles when the team needed. Kulusevski has vision and shoot so he's more a offensive midfielder or striker like Dybala (not really a winger). Ramsey and Kulu have good connexion. Chiesa is typically a winger who can run and dribble in the same time without thinking (very instinctive players). Juve needed this guy to replace Cuadrado who did that before but now a little less. Morata is a pure 9 so thats good when you have Dybala is more a false 9.

    • Co4
      Co4 Month ago

      Picasso21 you actually make sense

  • SydneyPhotography2019


  • Hugo Hernandez
    Hugo Hernandez Month ago +1

    Morata shows up in the European nights.

  • Andy S
    Andy S Month ago +2

    Shaka is the best pundit and Chiesa was a monster as always

  • paco ramon
    paco ramon Month ago +5

    Morata had the highest goals per minute in 2017 and was Atleticos top goalscorer, I'm not surprised.

    • E
      E Month ago

      But was not doing good

  • Bachir TBD
    Bachir TBD Month ago +1

    Where are all those Morata haters now huh ? I never understood why all the hate he gets to me he was always an excellent number 9 and I would've really loved to see him at Barcelona and I still do
    hope this is just a taste for more to come 😎😎

    • Co4
      Co4 Month ago

      Mostly Chelsea fans

  • Juan Louis
    Juan Louis Month ago

    I've been saying this for years. Morata is the only player that can replace Ronaldo at Madrid and now at Juventus

  • Greg Thackray
    Greg Thackray Month ago +8

    Morata is great at Juve! I knew he'd be a shrewd signing. He can make the difference in Europe again.

  • Nain Ali
    Nain Ali Month ago +1

    No penaldo no problem

  • Isaiah Sperry
    Isaiah Sperry Month ago +1

    Juventus should look into that number 10 for dynamo Kiev, watched him in the playoff and he looks very bright...

    • Dildar Alikhel
      Dildar Alikhel Month ago +1

      juve have dybala and ramsey and will sign aoaur

  • Amrit
    Amrit Month ago +7

    Once I said CR7 will inspire Morata this season on a community post BT Sports. People lashed onto me like bald eagle. Morata is doing great at Juve 👏

  • Sadhan Jamatia
    Sadhan Jamatia Month ago +4

    I am more happy seeing fans sitting than seeing my team Juventus winning
    Congratulations JUVE
    We are missing CR7

  • See you at your funeral

    Juventus played good and their defense seems solid. Ronaldo and Morata will perform vs Barcelona

  • Greatest Analyser
    Greatest Analyser Month ago +1

    Shaka got the rubbish game 😂😂😂

  • Ngm Mngw
    Ngm Mngw Month ago

    Morata did good maybe this might be his break through season

  • With Witt
    With Witt Month ago +2

    Goat 🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • Look at this Meme!
    Look at this Meme! Month ago +65

    Morata even cried and was happy when he arrived to Juve, he said it's his home. He's going to do great stuff for Juve.

    • Mirzinho
      Mirzinho Month ago

      Do we have a video of him crying or something?

    • RandomYouTubChannel
      RandomYouTubChannel Month ago +1

      @Aldrin Benny Atleti was his childhood academy club tho

    • Aldrin Benny
      Aldrin Benny Month ago +4

      He said the same at Atlei Chelsea and real. But it's good. Coz he loves the club which he plays for

    • Alain Kurniawan
      Alain Kurniawan Month ago +1

      He looked like he didn't want to return to RM in the first place anyway

    • Obito Uchiha
      Obito Uchiha Month ago +6

      Morata's wife is Italian.

  • Liam harold
    Liam harold Month ago +24

    finally Juventus have someone else to help them win games besides ronaldo. now add ronaldo and morata together and it will make for a really interesting season to watch

      YEAH YEAH Month ago

      @Giovanni Aj Juve can't rely on them they're inexperienced and they are for the future

    • Athul Tom
      Athul Tom Month ago

      What about Dybala

    • Giovanni Aj
      Giovanni Aj Month ago

      They have chiesa and kulusevksi now

  • All things are possible To those who believe

    He should start over PR7

    • Anakin
      Anakin Month ago +1

      Get ratioed son

    • Mebrahtom Gebremeskel
      Mebrahtom Gebremeskel Month ago +4

      😂😂😂CR 7 is a king no one can replace him do you think juventus drow against small teams last week could happen if the king was there.

    • Anakin
      Anakin Month ago +4

      He should win ballon dor over PM10

  • javier book shadows contributor du

    59th comment

  • John49910110
    John49910110 Month ago +18

    Chiesa was on fire🔥🔥🔥

  • Alama Eyob-Austin
    Alama Eyob-Austin Month ago +20

    I am surprised that when the last time Morata came to Juventus were he did very well they didn’t sign him permanently

    • reason and evidence
      reason and evidence Month ago +1

      @Devin Halim Morata stayed at Real for one season when he went back from Juve. He even won the UCL and league with them.

    • Devin Halim
      Devin Halim Month ago +2

      They did sign him,but real Madrid activated that buy back clause just to send him to chelsea

    • Anthony Salerno
      Anthony Salerno Month ago +4

      We did but real had a buy back clause

  • Chiggsy
    Chiggsy Month ago

    Yep, a wonderful deputy. Deputy Dawg!

  • Moise Hillah
    Moise Hillah Month ago

    See you next Wednesday 🤨🤨🤨

  • Anime Epic
    Anime Epic Month ago +2

    Big win by farmers... Against the Dynamo Kyiv🤣🤣

  • Kunal Gupta
    Kunal Gupta Month ago +102

    Chiesa was absolutely brilliant.....

    • Giggly Engine_14
      Giggly Engine_14 Month ago

      @Sabin Magar He should play at right wing...he scored in double figures last season with fio in that position...

    • Sabin Magar
      Sabin Magar Month ago +1

      We should play him in left back or left winger

    • Look at this Meme!
      Look at this Meme! Month ago +2

      Should've got on the score sheet.

  • Kanyes Son
    Kanyes Son Month ago +7

    Morata a “Wonderful deputy”. I’m sorry but isn’t he a horrible finisher😂

      YEAH YEAH Month ago

      When Morata plays as the main Scorer or no.9 he struggles like at Chelsea and Atletico Madrid but if he plays as a support player like at Juventus and Real Madrid he thrives

    • nikhi karamchandani
      nikhi karamchandani Month ago

      @El Papito Bueno he started amazing at chelsea

    • Co4
      Co4 Month ago

      Kanyes Son whats wrong with being mexican?

    • El Papito Bueno
      El Papito Bueno Month ago

      @Kanyes Son Oh and you're assumptious, no wonder you got my race wrong like you got current Morata wrong.

    • Kanyes Son
      Kanyes Son Month ago

      @El Papito Bueno You’re Mexican, don’t speak please.

  • Tommy Boykin
    Tommy Boykin Month ago +6

    How does Pirlo not learn from Sarri by putting Rabiot and Betancur out there at the same time?! Both are garbage being lazy in the defensive 3rd and losing it on a consistent basis in the offensive 3rd, absolutely ridiculous! Sell Khedira if he's not going to be used whatsoever!

      YEAH YEAH Month ago

      Rabiot is the best Juventus midfielder

    • Emmanuel Pepra
      Emmanuel Pepra Month ago

      I agree with selling Betancur but not rabiot

    • Tommy Boykin
      Tommy Boykin Month ago

      @Divine Inspiration 1 goal 1 assist last year from Rabiot...yes he plays midfield, but he is hardly the center of anything but stopping at the 18 and watching his man score...

    • Tommy Boykin
      Tommy Boykin Month ago

      @Divine Inspiration That is true, Rabiot is garbage, he's lazy and unproductive...

    • Tommy Boykin
      Tommy Boykin Month ago +1

      @Mersiha Hadzic Rabiot was garbage last year and obviously the jury is still our for this one, the games he played a substantial amount of minutes in, Juve bled goals and going the other way he had one goal for the season...

  • Young Heartthrob
    Young Heartthrob Month ago +96

    Finally Ronaldo doesn’t have the weight of the universe on he’s shoulders to win the UCL and Seria A

    • Anand Jangid
      Anand Jangid Month ago +1

      @Dev S belter?😂😂😂😂😂
      You kidding me idiot?

    • Dev S
      Dev S Month ago

      @Ashil Did u see wt led to the penalty ? He almost scorrd a belter and was put down

    • Dev S
      Dev S Month ago

      Weight of penalties

    • Ashil
      Ashil Month ago +4

      @EV G oh wait pessi scored a penalty again😂😂😂😂😂

    • Pritesh Das
      Pritesh Das Month ago +4

      @Leasha I said 'missi' on purpose Because messi has a poor penalty conversion rate

  • Mako Ali
    Mako Ali Month ago +2

    I like the way Dan asking them a question

  • Teuboua Pristelle
    Teuboua Pristelle Month ago

    Never been this early

  • Save 15% or more on car insurance

    those juve jerseys are 🔥

  • Trust Me
    Trust Me Month ago +3

    No ronaldo no problem

      YEAH YEAH Month ago

      @Trust Me 😂😂with a penalty 🤦

    • zenabu fanta
      zenabu fanta Month ago

      @Trust Me last of his 7 games were 3 pens...your pessi is finished at 33 😂

    • Trust Me
      Trust Me Month ago

      @Gale Frcic messi played today and he broke the ice for goals

    • Gale Frcic
      Gale Frcic Month ago

      No messi win for Barca

  • arsenal fan17
    arsenal fan17 Month ago +61

    Demiral should take over now Bonucci is done anyways.

    • Mr Doom
      Mr Doom Month ago

      @Giovanni Aj It should be Demiral & de ligt. Demiral is too similar to Chiellini. Not saying Chiellini & Demiral can't play togheter. I think they would do well, but de ligt is close to being a complete modern defender who is good at everything. So a perfect fit next to Demiral & Chiellini

    • Giovanni Aj
      Giovanni Aj Month ago +1

      The defense should be chiellini de ligt/demiral

    • Aman TheLegend
      Aman TheLegend Month ago

      @Ian M injury in his right hamstring

    • Tommy Boykin
      Tommy Boykin Month ago

      @Ian M Pirlo said it was a hip flexor issue he's been dealing with since International play last week...

    • Ian M
      Ian M Month ago

      @Tommy Boykin why was chiellini subbed out early

  • Nahedh Siraj
    Nahedh Siraj Month ago +86

    Morata is back home where he belongs
    He made history there now he will rewrite it.
    I hope Bogba return too
    Juventus is where they made their mark and best play.

    • Karthic Venu
      Karthic Venu Month ago

      Where are u from..india???.
      Bogba...sounds like some animal from the bog

    • ZEN ARKU
      ZEN ARKU Month ago

      @Vatsal Singh at Real he was a backup never going to start ahead of benzema juve Chelsea Athletic Madrid he was first choice I believe he should have never left juve he was at his best 1st time round now returned on form

    • Just A Football Lad
      Just A Football Lad Month ago +1

      Bonaldo Bessi Blatan Beymar Bewandoski Buller Be Bigt

    • alex xoxx
      alex xoxx Month ago


    • Vatsal Singh
      Vatsal Singh Month ago

      One question though just how many clubs has this guy played in such a young career RM 2 times, atletico, chelsea and juve 2 times.

  • Gypsy King
    Gypsy King Month ago +72

    Morata was a weapon at one point hopefully Cristiano motivation can get the good times back

  • OG Cookie Monster
    OG Cookie Monster Month ago +25

    To be honest, without holding any thoughts in my mind and without any lies, I tell you the actual truth with my clear open mind and clean heart, expressing whatever is embedded inside me from a long time which I didn't say just because I was nervous but today by gathering all the courage and motivation I just want to say Ronaldo is better than Messi. God bless you 🙏

    • sho2k
      sho2k Month ago

      @nye it's technically an opinion

    • Unknown Person
      Unknown Person Month ago

      @Jale Loiti never said he is bad but is not good as Messi and Ronaldo.

    • Jale Loiti
      Jale Loiti Month ago

      @Unknown Person wow how much more salty can you get lmao smh . Zlatan is the true Legend

    • Jale Loiti
      Jale Loiti Month ago +1

      King Zlatan rules all

    • Mr Toriko
      Mr Toriko Month ago


  • MyGuyEric
    MyGuyEric Month ago +46

    Morata has played everywhere tbh

    • paco ramon
      paco ramon Month ago +10

      He only plays for his childhood teams.

  • Manav Arun Aravind
    Manav Arun Aravind Month ago +73

    Morata actually played well and did a job proved me wrong might be a good signing

    • Joe Bebendorf
      Joe Bebendorf Month ago

      São Paulo Soul pukki?

    • São Paulo Soul
      São Paulo Soul Month ago +2

      @ACE strikers better than morata-
      Duvan zapata, quagliarella, teemu pukki, aubameyang, Lewandowiski, cr7, immobile, Kane, Haaland, Luis Muriel, Martinez, Vardy, Ings, Werner, benzema, these are just the ones I can think off the top of my head..

    • ACE
      ACE Month ago

      @São Paulo Soul I know what you mean. But their aint anyone else in europe if their was he wouldnt be playing for juve. So that tells me aint many strikers going around their all average just a few or a couple and older players that are still doing it in europe. So at the end of the day aint no one really up to the level.

    • São Paulo Soul
      São Paulo Soul Month ago

      @ACE long story short.. he isn’t very good. No one denies his abilities, lol. His consistency and decision making is questionable. Surely a player that gets passed around like a game of hot potatoes without sticking with any club for more than 2 seasons.. is not a desired striker. Period.

    • ACE
      ACE Month ago

      Morata has actually got great ball skills bringing the ball down setting up he has many qaulities of other great strikers that play up top. Not many strikers doing that now their is a few. Just happens IDK what to say. Go and watch strikers in premier league back in the early 2000s or 90s or other leagues were strikers bring the ball down from a goal kick or a team mate finding the striker up top and being able to lay off bring players into play and make great movements. Hes just unfortunate at times.

  • Ibrahim Rashid
    Ibrahim Rashid Month ago +1