How far will the USMNT go in the next World Cup? | Extra Time

  • Published on Apr 3, 2020
  • ESPN FC's Dan Thomas, Steve Nicol and Alejandro Moreno answer fan questions in Extra Time including: How much shepherd's pie Stevie has eaten during the quarantine period, (4:05) who Ale would choose for his midfield paring between Barcelona's Xavi, Andres Iniesta, Chelsea's Frank Lampard, Liverpool's Steven Gerrard, Manchester United's Paul Scholes or Juventus' Andrea Pirlo, (6:00) if Ian Rush or Kenny Dalglish is the better player for Liverpool, (8:00) Stevie and Ale's favorite game they played for their country, (10:44) what realistic expectations for the USMNT in the next World Cup are, (11:48) and if Ale thinks he was better than Atlanta United's Josef Martinez in his prime.
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Comments • 70

  • Jorge Ramos
    Jorge Ramos 3 months ago

    USA should make it but dont count your chicks...

  • robert ingram
    robert ingram 3 months ago

    They’ll lose to Papa New Guinea 🇬🇳

  • Koba
    Koba 3 months ago

    I hope they get far, but first they have to beat the strong teams to qualify like Mexico and Costa Rica. Here is what you came for 10:40

    BIG HUNGRY 4 months ago

    We need to stop favoring MLS so much and start focusing on the young talent that plays overseas in Europe.

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez 4 months ago

    We going all the way!

  • Lawrence
    Lawrence 4 months ago

    Jesus Christ the US will qualify this time, Last time was an upset, teams like Chile, Netherlands etc. also didn’t qualify. Also compare the US team with with their competitors, most of there opponents except Mexico and maybe Canada have aged. We have youngsters playing in Europe, not all but some.

  • 1dayullsee
    1dayullsee 5 months ago

    Please let’s focus on qualifying first

  • Jure Šibenik
    Jure Šibenik 5 months ago

    Pulisic should v picked Croatia to play for than maybe he would do well at the world cup 😂😂

    JORGE BANUELOS 5 months ago

    They probably won’t make again

  • Josue Millan
    Josue Millan 5 months ago

    If you get into the world cup you have to go their with the mentality that you can win it all regardless of odds you play your heart out on the pitch.

  • Ruben T
    Ruben T 6 months ago

    The bottom has fallen out of this team, and the organization clearly has no idea what it's doing. I'll be amazed if they even qualify.

  • Jawuan Ross
    Jawuan Ross 6 months ago

    I believe that we will make it far

  • andreste 1589
    andreste 1589 6 months ago

    Anyone having a conversation about what the USMNT goals are for the WC before we qualify should be taken out back and shot.

  • Tristan Edwards
    Tristan Edwards 6 months ago

    Will they even qualify? USA is not one of the best nations by any stretch of the imagination - they're not guaranteed a spot.

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez 6 months ago +1

    They won’t even qualify

  • Big Wave
    Big Wave 6 months ago

    I bet they’ll qualify. But really, it is an achievement for the US to get out of the group stage.

  • Tod Westlake
    Tod Westlake 6 months ago

    We're not going anywhere with the current bunch of grifters running MLS...I mean USSF.

  • prime time
    prime time 6 months ago

    Usa is irrelevant in football

  • Sadrack Dorce
    Sadrack Dorce 6 months ago

    United States basically had CONCACAF give them the most easiest, conniving route to qualify. And if the United States does not get in, then you might have to get Jurgen Klinnsmen back into the fold, but as President of USSF and give no more excuse after that.

  • Ben Richardson
    Ben Richardson 6 months ago +8

    left to right, their heads get bigger and bigger. I'm frightened what would happen if they add a 4th person.

  • James Clark
    James Clark 6 months ago

    Xabi and iniesta, you are stupid

  • oskar hall
    oskar hall 6 months ago

    If we do qualify I don’t see us going past the round of 16 to be honest, I’ve lost complete faith in the squad.

  • Benj Smith Productions
    Benj Smith Productions 6 months ago +5

    Everyone talking about qualifying.... The U.S. has qualified for every world cup in the last generation and only missed out on one through a statistical lightning strike. It's a very real and safe talk to discuss being in Qatar 2022.

    • andreste 1589
      andreste 1589 6 months ago


    • Will D.
      Will D. 6 months ago +1

      I agree. The shot that knocked them out was pretty fortunate as well, and Howard made an awful attempt at stopping it by the way, so context is very important here. This squad has a lot more young talent on it than the one from 3 years ago. To me the question isn't about qualifying, but rather, will this young side be able to implement Berhalter's system well enough in the Hex, or will the administration panic if the results are sort of up and down, and just decide to replace him even if the team qualifies? I still need to see more after we return from the quarantine before Im ready to say these young guys cant grow into a decent side in the next 2 years

  • Jim L
    Jim L 6 months ago +8

    They won’t qualify because Bradley will still be playing😱

  • Alonso Sandoval
    Alonso Sandoval 6 months ago


  • Stewy 1156
    Stewy 1156 6 months ago

    I worry about this US team. One day they are good and the next day they are bad. They need better players.

  • Sean Finn
    Sean Finn 6 months ago

    They will make it all the way to the fifth row in the stands.

  • Funes
    Funes 6 months ago +3

    i reckon the will go as far as getting knocked out in the qualifiers

  • paul wray
    paul wray 6 months ago

    USA men football team is no good for crying out loud Jamaica side is better than USA

  • Adam
    Adam 6 months ago

    First they have to qualify and that can be difficult for them

    • Adam
      Adam 6 months ago

      @SamplingMastersXLR8 Finally qualified like always nearly

    • SamplingMastersXLR8
      SamplingMastersXLR8 6 months ago

      Adam 2014 Mexico almost did not make it , who’s to say that won’t happen again

    • Adam
      Adam 6 months ago

      @SamplingMastersXLR8 In CONCACAF for all without Mexico

    • SamplingMastersXLR8
      SamplingMastersXLR8 6 months ago

      Adam it’s difficult for everyone

  • Guillermo sanchez
    Guillermo sanchez 6 months ago

    how about yall scout better players first get some hood players not these rich boys with no

  • Orange Crewmate
    Orange Crewmate 6 months ago

    Try qualifying first then talk how far they get

  • IsaiahBH
    IsaiahBH 6 months ago

    Their goal should be making it to the knockout stage and maybe they can get lucky and make it to the quarterfinals

  • James Han
    James Han 6 months ago +1

    We'll cross that bridge if we get to it, let's qualify first

    • Benj Smith Productions
      Benj Smith Productions 6 months ago

      The U.S. has qualified for every world cup in the last generation and only missed out on one through a statistical lightning strike. It's a very real and safe talk to discuss being in Qatar 2022.

  • AdamNetherton
    AdamNetherton 6 months ago

    World Cup? Did we somehow qualify already? lol.

  • Dennis
    Dennis 6 months ago

    i thing getting 3rd in the group stage would be a massiva accomplishment for the usmnt

  • Oscar Leon
    Oscar Leon 6 months ago

    You better qualify for 2022🇶🇦 please🇺🇸

  • good life
    good life 6 months ago

    Will there be another world cup and if there is you should ask if they will go and not how far they will go.

  • Nortiz92
    Nortiz92 6 months ago

    With a guy like berhalter who will be out classed by other European coaches in the World Cup , I don’t think we will go very far. He’s going to mix mls players with European based players, mls players will slow down the play on the pitch while pulsic , Adams etc have to slow down for them; the truth is mls player will get crushed by the opposition due to a different level of football.

  • Yer Nan
    Yer Nan 6 months ago

    Lampard played xavi and iniesta off the pitch in 2011/2012 lol

  • Gerson Lemus
    Gerson Lemus 6 months ago

    At this rate , group stage lol

  • Alieem Green
    Alieem Green 6 months ago

    Costa Rica

  • Von Nizzle
    Von Nizzle 6 months ago

    USMNT will always place 2nd place in Concacaf.

  • 10000liverpool
    10000liverpool 6 months ago

    They should qualify first😂

  • Matias Avalos
    Matias Avalos 6 months ago +1

    Woah woah woah we have to qualify first!!

  • Josh Tipton
    Josh Tipton 6 months ago +1

    All these people acting like it is an achievement for the US to even qualify. 2018 was the anomaly, not the norm. We've qualified in every other world cup I can remember and have advanced past the group stages in the majority of those world cups. In the 2014 world cup, we advanced in a group with Germany, Portugal, and Ghana. Then we almost made it past Belgium, a world-class team. Failing to qualify for one world cup does not negate all of our previous progress. Italy and the Netherlands both failed to qualify, but anyone who watches the game still recognizes they are two great teams. I would say a realistic goal for the US is to qualify, make it out of the groups, and hope to upset one or two teams in the knockouts if we play well and get good draws, all while providing our young players like Pulisic, McKennie, Sargent, and Gio Reyna some much-needed experience.

    • SamplingMastersXLR8
      SamplingMastersXLR8 6 months ago +1

      @Lol Sol no excuses for those so called teams

    • Lol Sol
      Lol Sol 6 months ago

      Josh Tipton Netherlands and Italy play in Europe tho, it is harder for them to qualify, the US don’t play with top nations and still can’t qualify

  • Saleh Jasser
    Saleh Jasser 6 months ago

    FIFA World Cup 2026
    North America

  • Grant Fudge
    Grant Fudge 6 months ago

    Round of 16 at best....if we make it. We'll never be relevant in this sport.

  • Paco Alonso
    Paco Alonso 6 months ago

    Can we talk abt how good Canada is now?

  • Francisco Gandarilla
    Francisco Gandarilla 6 months ago +5

    If the World Cup even starts.

  • Sean Jung
    Sean Jung 6 months ago

    "If" they qualify they'll b out at the group stage unless some very fortunate pairings come about... unlike the harshly treated, discriminated against, victims on the women's side who can snuggly wake up in their home country close to their friends and families every day of their lives... in order for an American male to achieve at the same level he has to leave home b4 graduating high school and train/play overseas to develop into a world class player. Even our best of all time (Dempsey, Donovan, etc...) got a late start w this and while standing out w the US, were only mediocre internationally.

    • MSE Gaming
      MSE Gaming 6 months ago

      Dempsey was a valuable asset. Somebody who could get you a few goals for cheap.

  • John Ambriz
    John Ambriz 6 months ago

    Something’s gotta change like a different manager

  • Gary Finch
    Gary Finch 6 months ago

    As an American... I am concerned yet hopeful. By 2022 we will have very promising players in Christian Pulisic, Tylern Adams, Weston McKennie and Josh Sargent to name a few but our mentality for world football is far from competitive. Also we lack developing formidable defensive players. Our players are a close batch off the pitch but lack humility. Individually humble and even tempered men but as a team on the pitch it seems they simply want to raise their individual tally. All that aside France won at home in their first World Cup trophy lift. If the states can develope a defensive back I feel hosting in 2026 will be our year. Crazy thought yes, but football had produced such miracles.

  • Azariah Carty
    Azariah Carty 6 months ago


  • Mdot Wilson
    Mdot Wilson 6 months ago

    There is nothing about the current USMNT that makes you believe they’re any better than the team that failed to qualify for 2018, so who’s to say we even qualify for 2022?
    This is a terrible time to like soccer and be American, because the men are so bad you’re too embarrassed to admit you support them, while the women have drank so much SJW Kool-Aid you can’t support them.
    Wake me up when Dempsey, Howard, McBride, and Donovan have kids who play on the team. At least they’ll try and represent us well.

    • Mdot Wilson
      Mdot Wilson 6 months ago

      Zach Harrison we’ve all seen what the current USMNT can do, and nothing they’ve shown makes me think we’re any better than in the period leading up to 2018.
      You defend this team all you want, they’re awful and that’s a fact.

    • Zach Harrison
      Zach Harrison 6 months ago

      You trash a team for not "trying", but the projected starting XI right now only has about 2 players with WC experience (only 1 has started) and maybe 3 more that participated in the last Hexagonal (and if you watched the T&T game, the notion that Pulisic doesn't "try" would be put to shame).
      So the majority of the team has never even played a WC QUALIFIER, but you have been able to inherently determine their effort is poor? Maybe you should "try" to think before you speak.

  • Visca El Barça
    Visca El Barça 6 months ago

    Have to qualify first

  • Rodger Murphy
    Rodger Murphy 6 months ago

    Were gonna win it....

  • Juancho Villafuerte
    Juancho Villafuerte 6 months ago +8

    I feel like something that would help the US & CONCACAF as a whole is to have both COMNEBOL & CONCACAF participate in the Copa America permanently. This Copa America / Copa America Centenario / Gold Cup thing is just non sense to me. Why?
    First off, I’m talking about my ideal Copa America qualifiers, not World Cup Qualifiers but I’ll get to the World Cup Qualifiers in the end.
    1) Mexico / Costa Rica / & The US are the only giants of CONCACAF. The rest are on their way or not truly there yet. Having them play teams from COMNEBOL whether they qualify or not, in both the qualifiers and tournament, would help the giants all the way to those struggling improve.
    2) It would also help COMNEBOL due to the fact that they only have 10 teams, with no true qualifier needed. Obviously isn’t their fault, but having them needing to qualify with more teams gives them more meaningful games and extra motivation
    3) It would further legitimize COPA America. Yes COMNEBOL is already strong, but COPA America is losing its credibility by adding teams from weaker confederations like Japan (legit international squad but having them there makes no sense) & Qatar (no where close to teams from CONCACAF), & planning to have the competition played too often. I think they should keep the competition played every four years. Permanently adding CONCACAF would have the competition become more competitive than it already is.
    4) Yes I understand they are two different confederations, but they did it with the Copa America Centenario 2016. I don’t see a problem with them permanently meshing together for an international competition
    5) What does this have to do with World Cup qualifiers? Experience...playing tougher teams more often wether if it’s in the Copa America Qualifiers or Copa America would help any squad from CONCACAF in the long run

    • AdamNetherton
      AdamNetherton 6 months ago

      @Jose De freitas CONCACAF isn't getting rid of the Gold Cup. It's going to have too exist beside Copa America. If this were too happen.

    • Jose De freitas
      Jose De freitas 6 months ago

      @AdamNetherton No need of a Gold cup if there is an Americas nations league played in the same fashion of UEFA's Nations League + All Conmebol teams each 2 years rewarding qualifying spots in copa américa to each league play off winner (Including league A final four winner)

    • AdamNetherton
      AdamNetherton 6 months ago +1

      I kinda want a blended version of what you are talking about. If both CONCACAF and CONMEBOL completely merge then the USA, Costa Rica, and even Mexico might get screwed when it comes to qualifying for the World Cup. But at the same time the challenge would cause a growth potential that would be very high. So IDK on that one. One thing I think Would be great is if the Copa America and the Gold Cup alternated every four years. Why? Because they would take turns inviting national teams from the other confederation to their tournaments.
      Copa America could expand to 16 teams and invite USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Canada, and Panama, for example. Might be other teams like Jamaica or El Salvador. They could do this using some kind of qualifying metric or a one-off qualifying playoff. And then the Gold Cup could expand to 24 teams, adding 8 from CONMEBOL every tournament. Those tournaments would be legit must-see-tv if they did that. It would be awesome. And who knows on the World Cup qualifying thing. Maybe if they joined they'd end up with like 12 spots to play for. Who knows?

    • Ump Double Ump
      Ump Double Ump 6 months ago +2

      I wish conmebol and concacaf would merge

  • Brandon Moncada
    Brandon Moncada 6 months ago +1

    Ummm...... Don't you need to qualify first?

  • Sam Hader
    Sam Hader 7 months ago +14

    Why put this in the headline if its gonna be complete clickbait without even giving the question an answer? cmon now

  • Jack Palmer the great bamboozler

    Shepherd's pie is lamb mince, with just normal beef mince it's called cottage pie.

  • stamped metal sword
    stamped metal sword 7 months ago

    Looking for a little comedy. Like the title on this video.

  • Tommy Boykin
    Tommy Boykin 7 months ago +1

    Pirlo...all by himself!

  • Luke McGrory
    Luke McGrory 7 months ago

    Qualify then finish bottom of their group and they would never qualify through the European route

    • Zach Harrison
      Zach Harrison 6 months ago

      They would definitely have tbe best chance. But I think their world ranking of 11th is inflated by the current weakness of CONCACAF (as is the US's 22nd). I feel like 20th & 30th would be fairer, and Mexico would be a near miss out of Europe.

    • Luke McGrory
      Luke McGrory 6 months ago

      Zach Harrison I’d say Mexico would qualify out of Europe

    • Zach Harrison
      Zach Harrison 6 months ago

      No team outside CONMEBOL could qualify out of Europe. But the 22nd best European team making the World Cup over the 2nd best CONCACAF team would be unfair. Competition breeds competitiveness, and it is not any team's fault where they are geographically located.

  • boruchshlomo gluck
    boruchshlomo gluck 7 months ago +1

    Love how easy it is to wind up Nicol

  • Bryan Copca
    Bryan Copca 7 months ago

    Costa Rica and Panama have been worse than ever! If USA doesn’t qualify might as well shut down the mls

    • Bryan Copca
      Bryan Copca 6 months ago

      Zach Harrison as of right now Mexico will still be the giant for the next decade. USA has some talent coming up but their coaching staff is weak. Canada literally only has one good player on their squad and the rest of the region has hit a cliff.

    • Bryan Copca
      Bryan Copca 6 months ago

      Zach Harrison as of right now Mexico will still be the giant for the next decade. USA has some talent coming up but their coaching staff is weak. Canada literally only has one good player on their squad and the rest of the region has hit a cliff.

    • Zach Harrison
      Zach Harrison 6 months ago

      Mexico is the only CONCACAF giant right now. But there is no reason the US can't reclaim that status in the near future. Costa Rica will usually linger as the 3rd best, but being equals to US/Mexico the past decade has just been the fortune of a golden generation. Moving forward, Canada is probably the team with the greatest chance of challenging for top honors in the region, and they'll need to run the gauntlet to qualify for Qatar to give them the experience necessary.

  • Aza -
    Aza - 7 months ago

    Can you ask Stevie what his trophies are in the background

  • SuperPassword97
    SuperPassword97 7 months ago +1

    Why don’t we qualify first!

  • NYCFC Away Days
    NYCFC Away Days 7 months ago +6

    How can we ask this question when we haven't even qualified yet?

    • Kaydzy
      Kaydzy Month ago

      @Benj Smith Productions US should easily qualify in north America region only better team is Mexico.

    • Benj Smith Productions
      Benj Smith Productions 6 months ago

      The U.S. has qualified for every world cup in the last generation and only missed out on one through a statistical lightning strike. It's a very real and safe talk to discuss being in Qatar 2022.

  • Giofanni Rahman Dhuha
    Giofanni Rahman Dhuha 7 months ago

    Fair goal for USMNT should be prepare for 2026