Manchester United vs. Arsenal: Can either defense hold up against a strong counterattack? | ESPN FC

  • Published on Oct 30, 2020
  • ESPN FC's Steve Nicol, Frank Leboeuf and Jan Aage Fjortoft preview Manchester United's showdown with Arsenal as both clubs look to find their footing in the Premier League. Nicol can't predict how either side will approach the contest because they are so similar, while Leboeuf feels neither team can count on their defense. Fjortoft leans towards Man United taking three points after gaining confidence from a 5-0 rout of RB Leipzig in UEFA Champions League.
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Comments • 70

  • Peter Davies
    Peter Davies 22 days ago

    lol looking back at this it so funny lol, two teams who leak goals when arsenal got best defense in league at moment

  • Francis Trappitt
    Francis Trappitt 22 days ago

    Arsenal have the best defensive record in the league this season so far. When will these "experts" show the respect arteta and arsenal deserved

  • Job Masika
    Job Masika 23 days ago +1

    They were all wrong with predictions

  • Kafu Berhe
    Kafu Berhe 23 days ago

    Espn never liked arsenal what do we expect from them with their 0% of football knowledge apart shouting all the time the only time they don’t shout is when Liverpool loses

  • Izhar ISTAR
    Izhar ISTAR 24 days ago

    I like to watch after game who is salty commentator before the game. Obviously Steve won it. Arsenal 1- 0 man United

  • The Typical Gooner 14
    The Typical Gooner 14 24 days ago +1

    once again the ESPNFC crew is wrong! COYG

  • kamal mohamed
    kamal mohamed 24 days ago +1

    And arsenal destroyed man u

  • jarmal22312
    jarmal22312 24 days ago +2

    Who is here after arsenal outclassed man utd and laugh at these useless pundits

  • Y G
    Y G 24 days ago +1

    I love it when ESPN predicts Arsenal to lose it always turn the opposite way.

  • Mojo Jojo
    Mojo Jojo 24 days ago

    Ty Paul Pogba for the penalty

  • Sam James
    Sam James 24 days ago +2

    Back down to reality after Arrsenal outplayed you,you win 2 games and you think your some world beaters lol,your a bang average team,fact!!!

  • Cung Suan Thang
    Cung Suan Thang 24 days ago

    Please do not hug again tonight as In the match Manchester United vs Chealsea
    Please the referee.. don't do again as did at that match

  • Kutlwano Mere
    Kutlwano Mere 24 days ago +2

    Arsenal are going to win..

  • Jamir Assen
    Jamir Assen 24 days ago

    These guys know nothing about the way united play..... United is not a counter attack team... In many games it has the most possession of the ball🙄

  • Jordan Fullwood
    Jordan Fullwood 24 days ago

    I’m pretty sure an inconsistent Paul pogba has more ability than frank and stevie nicol combined

  • fearless is the name
    fearless is the name 24 days ago

    Why are they always talking bad about pogba did they not see the game against rbl

  • Dwayne Anderson
    Dwayne Anderson 24 days ago

    U see ESPN preview united game and u just know Steve nicol with his negativity comments as always... smh

  • Drake Geralds
    Drake Geralds 24 days ago +1

    Arsenal will force the pace definitely

  • Greg Chikeme
    Greg Chikeme 24 days ago


  • Michael Richards
    Michael Richards 24 days ago

    Stevie just takes a shot at Pogba and then tips United. Love the tears, still was thirty years.

  • Ibrahim M. Kontagora
    Ibrahim M. Kontagora 25 days ago

    This Congo quickly turned into the Pogba bashing show. Smh

    JOEL ROMAN 25 days ago

    stevie might just be the worst pundit in the history of the sport

  • Jemaine Ramdin
    Jemaine Ramdin 25 days ago

    Steve's wrong, Paul is no longer the face of the club. Fernandes is.

  • samgzag11
    samgzag11 25 days ago

    Did Steve Nicol even watch Pogba play against Leipzig?

  • Alando Parris
    Alando Parris 25 days ago +1

    So u still talking about arsenal letting goals and arsenal has less goals score on them than almost every team in the league lol

  • David I. Adeleke
    David I. Adeleke 25 days ago

    Steve Nichol is a moron, not a pundit. A moron. Knows nothing about football.

  • Bjørn Egil Hage
    Bjørn Egil Hage 25 days ago

    Steve can't figure it out.
    Not a shock that one.
    He has much more agendas than football knowledge.
    United will attack in this team as they need this win and Arsenal and Arteta is way to scared to try using an attacking tactic.
    United will win this one 3-0.

  • Brum Man
    Brum Man 25 days ago

    Arsenal have a STRONG counter attack? 😂

  • Colby John
    Colby John 25 days ago

    Jesus Christ, Steve Nicol is the worst. Always has it out for Pogba for no reason hahahahah. His opinions are comedy.

  • saeeddeanable
    saeeddeanable 25 days ago

    It was a nil nil bcuz almost the same side played that same week against psg which is a high intensity game

  • saeeddeanable
    saeeddeanable 25 days ago

    Is he gonna defend. Well seeing as he started against RB and he got back when he needed to and was disciplined while still producing quality.

  • Darren Mc Brearty
    Darren Mc Brearty 25 days ago

    Pogba will definitely play tomorrow !at the very minimum he’ll come in from the bench!some former players seem to lose the plot after a while away from the game ....

  • Akram Gamadid
    Akram Gamadid 25 days ago

    yeah can see it will boring because united have two holding dm arsenal the same and a back 3 for arsenal boring

  • Mike Petercsak
    Mike Petercsak 25 days ago

    Steve is full of it. The question was about the two teams and their form. Why point out one player at all? And, yes, the both of you are wrong. Did they not see the ball to greenwood?

  • lawani precious
    lawani precious 25 days ago

    Liverpool has conceded more goals than arsenal this season and still yet I hear arsenal can not defend

  • Meyo Comedy
    Meyo Comedy 25 days ago

    So Because Man U beat Leipzig and they think dey are good, de question u need to ask ur sef is, that Leipzig club are they really in Form this season, maybe dey are not in form like As usual like other big club in England

  • vincent okorafor
    vincent okorafor 25 days ago

    Arsenal will force the game. If Ole likes, he should sit on the bench all match. Let lindelof and tuanzebe start. We need CB with pace. No sentiments.

  • Katleho Trey
    Katleho Trey 25 days ago

    What a joke of pundits you all are a joke

  • Katleho Trey
    Katleho Trey 25 days ago

    What are these guys talking did they even watch the game
    Imagine saying United have to play mctominay shut up

  • Critical Thinker
    Critical Thinker 25 days ago

    Wow Pogba is one of the best players in the world, this is ridiculous. A number 8 is not meant to defend. McTominay is a 6

  • lincoln makori
    lincoln makori 25 days ago

    This guys are a disgrace to football punditry. Soo much hate for United

  • Ian Douglas
    Ian Douglas 25 days ago

    I really liked As Time Goes By

  • Willys Chitumba
    Willys Chitumba 25 days ago

    Wait.., what did Pogba do wrong against Leipzig?

  • Aritra Chowdhury
    Aritra Chowdhury 25 days ago

    Stevie is scared

  • John Eminah
    John Eminah 25 days ago

    These dumb pundits have an agenda against Pogba. I can't take any pundit seriously when they start with a clear bias against certain players. Is ESPN saying this is the best they can do with all the great ex-footballers in the world available as pundits? Our last two dominant wins at Arsenal, 3-1 last year and 3-1 in 2018 were all due to Pogba's dominant performance in midfield. There's no need to play two defensive midfielders just to accommodate Harry Maguire. Sir Alex never played two defensive midfielders. If Ole did not learn a lesson from the boring draw against a Chelsea side that were there for the taking he will only have himself to blame if we fail to win. Our dominant 5-0 win against Leipzig hinged on the first goal that was created beautifully by Pogba. If Leipzig had scored first it would have been a different ball game.Martial should have also scored from Pogba's brilliant through ball early in the second half. Steve Nicol is so biased I don't even know how he gets to comment on modern football. A man who sings the praises of the one-dimensional Jordan Henderson, yet condemns Pogba, a player who has more talent in his little toe than Henderson has in his whole body. Funny they don't talk of Maguire not playing when he has proved to be the weak link in the team. I wonder why?

  • kaval81
    kaval81 25 days ago

    Nicol talking s**t as always

  • Fedric Danel
    Fedric Danel 25 days ago

    0:49 my whole life changed with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Jon Jon
    Jon Jon 25 days ago

    Stevie must be the worst pundit ever

  • Tanrose Dhillon
    Tanrose Dhillon 25 days ago +1

    Its a totally different defence after the spurs game they have just conceded 2 goals which were own goals. Whilst playing against psg Leipzig newcastle.

  • amigo
    amigo 25 days ago

    I still think that Podba is the most overrated player on this decade.

  • Ubaid Khan
    Ubaid Khan 25 days ago

    This guy loves Norway

  • G B
    G B 25 days ago

    Weirdly, the confidence that Man Utd have may play into what Arteta wants. No surprise that Leicester played us having lost 2 games in a row and came to set up that low block that Arsenal find so difficult to play against and break down. Man Utd may actually try to get on the front foot and game may play out the way the FA Cup games against City and Chelsea did

  • Kay Dach
    Kay Dach 25 days ago

    1:19 I quit my job thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Naty Alex
    Naty Alex 25 days ago

    frank looks like johnlocke from lost movie series

  • Chris D'souza
    Chris D'souza 25 days ago +8

    10 years back ESPN was the it's the equivalent of 'The Sun' with these hopeless pundits 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Jim Harvey
      Jim Harvey 25 days ago

      These same pundits were at ESPN 10 years ago though!

  • Piano P
    Piano P 25 days ago

    None of these guys know what they’re talking about!

  • Three Points
    Three Points 25 days ago

    How many Arsenal players get into the United side?

  • Choppa 56
    Choppa 56 25 days ago

    Stevie should worry more about Liverpool defense than that the claim is the best it the world but they being conceding a lot of goal even with vvd

  • John Smith
    John Smith 25 days ago

    Stevie would make a shocking manager. Really bad. No, seriously.

  • liam brooks
    liam brooks 25 days ago

    Worst thing I’ve ever listened to

  • hawk080522
    hawk080522 25 days ago

    Lets have less of Leboeuf and more of Fjortoft

  • mndflns LGN
    mndflns LGN 25 days ago

    God these 'pundits'. Wishy washy changing opinions every week. Steve "nonsense" Nicol on point as usual 😴😴😴 you need to recycle your 'pundits' with relevant people who have some weight in their words

  • ZuluWarrior
    ZuluWarrior 25 days ago +1


  • Ancient knight
    Ancient knight 25 days ago

    you heard all fron here Arsenal gonna win
    we all know when united are the favorites they never win

  • KJack Timothy
    KJack Timothy 25 days ago

    Do pundits get paid? Coz if they do fken get this Stevie guy outta there.

  • Nina
    Nina 25 days ago +1

    Rashford plays better when introduced in the second half.

  • Tim Bolton
    Tim Bolton 26 days ago

    Huge bottom half of the table clash.
    The Sky promo for this game was cringeworthy. Like this game is even relevant anymore. The days of Keane/Vieira or Pizzagate are long gone.

  • Jayden Hanson
    Jayden Hanson 26 days ago

    *beats champions league finalists and semi finalists *says they cant go against the big teams. Hmmmmmmm

  • Mosima Sekwaila
    Mosima Sekwaila 26 days ago

    Stevies Pogba Agenda is so evident. Manutd played with matic, fred and pogba on Wednesday and they were defensively sound, why cant he play it again??

  • Phetogo Kgathi
    Phetogo Kgathi 26 days ago

    Stevie is a horrible pundit. Bring on Gab and Julian