Joao Felix to Atletico Madrid - Massive gamble or potential coup? | La Liga

  • Published on Jun 27, 2019
  • Spanish football correspondent Sid Lowe joins ESPN FC to talk Atletico Madrid's massive offer for Benfica starlet Joao Felix. Is €126 million too much to invest in an unproven 19-year old from Portugal? Is this really the transfer Atleti need to keep pace with La Liga powerhouses Barcelona and Real Madrid?
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  • Aloha
    Aloha 5 months ago

    The 19-year-old Felix has everything to become a superstar!.. He is almost there!..

    WESTON 7 months ago

    *what if there were no football*
    0:57 💘🖤💖

  • Muhammad Hadrami
    Muhammad Hadrami 10 months ago

    Atletico always play the long games. They've make a lot of great striker.

  • You're Not That Guy

    He’s trash

  • Oinam Stu
    Oinam Stu Year ago

    J .Felix is Atléticoz 126€ desperation.

  • Leo R.
    Leo R. Year ago

    This is going to look like a bargain in three years.

  • Jason Huffman
    Jason Huffman Year ago

    I mean for his age...sure...its a little much. 70 to 80 mil would make sense, but based on potential and age...also from the videos I've seen of him...absolutely he could be worth it. If you're winning silverware...good choice...if it's spotlight until a great sell one day...great. What I want to know is what future do they want for Felix...will he be a torres? Or say a Saul...who knows?

    • Jason Huffman
      Jason Huffman Year ago

      @Nor Priest oh he defiantly is potential wise, but i meant is he someone to be sold or someone to stay when i taking names into account. Athletico for life or somewhere else.

    • Nor Priest
      Nor Priest Year ago

      Better than both combined

  • Gamezstaa Studios

    The price tag will give you pause but he is certainly a young player with tremendous upside!

  • SuperBizzle10
    SuperBizzle10 Year ago

    126 million euros for a kid that had 1 season can we all admit football is just a big money laundering scam

  • almir delic
    almir delic Year ago

    Atletico wont the league and are competing for top 3 every year what are this idiots talking about

  • kwstas kwsta
    kwstas kwsta Year ago

    United wants to give 90 millions for Maguire,yet your problem is Joao Felix?I dont know why so much hate about this kid.I admit that 120 millions is a huge amount, BUT this doesnt mean that this kid doesnt worth it.In 2-3 years he might cost more than 200 millions, Athletico isnt fool.
    I trust this kid and i think he ll be the next Kaka.Compared to some frauds such as Dembele, countinho etc etc he s at least 10 times better.

  • David Cartagena
    David Cartagena Year ago

    I remember when they said is virgil worth 75 M

  • Filipe Sotto Mayor

    He isnt worth 12,6mil.... publicity stunt from benfica.... jajjakajaja.... is he ronaldo? Dumb spanish

    • Filipe Sotto Mayor
      Filipe Sotto Mayor Year ago

      @Sergio Gomes nenhuma azia. Com azia vão ficar os do Atletico

    • Sergio Gomes
      Sergio Gomes Year ago

      @Filipe Sotto Mayor o pisso do Renato é que te causou a azia, é isso?

    • Filipe Sotto Mayor
      Filipe Sotto Mayor Year ago

      @Sergio Gomes não mesmo! Vai ser outro renato sanches

    • Sergio Gomes
      Sergio Gomes Year ago

      Rennie esgotado outra vez?

  • Boy Child
    Boy Child Year ago

    He will be much better than dumb Pogba.... A 100 million is the standard these days...Neymar and Mbappe together is about 400 million and surely they can't win the champions league....Sir Alex use to warn about this wild spending its gone bananas now...160 million for coutinho...he can't even use his left foot well...its crazy out there...lets hope Felix develops well.

  • Tiago Vitória
    Tiago Vitória Year ago +2

    Ehehe João Felix is Benfica made fantasy. Benfica marketing machine is huge, nowadays they sell players based on hype. Remember Renato Sanchez?

  • Redi Beaux
    Redi Beaux Year ago +2

    I wish Real Madrid got him tbh. That's too obvious of a choice though so this mixes things up

  • Larry Medina
    Larry Medina Year ago

    What is a coup? U mean cup?

  • Khalidul Haq
    Khalidul Haq Year ago

    Too much for this guy in my opinion.

    SLBTUBE Year ago +1

    The kid should be amazing

  • Yaz Al
    Yaz Al Year ago

    what world do we live in . jesus !

  • DJGarcez
    DJGarcez Year ago +1

    Joao Felix to Atletico Madrid is money laundering

  • gary orourke
    gary orourke Year ago

    Felix will bring in a profit of 60 to 100 million euro, athletico a selling club.

  • oicram1
    oicram1 Year ago

    Remains to be seen but, Felix to me seems to be a round ball going through a square hole at Atleti. I just can';t see Simeone evolving enough. That kid is straight up fire though.

  • King Yahshua
    King Yahshua Year ago +2

    Athleti is a top tier spanish team, I don't know why people still treat them like an underdog team just because they don't drop $$$ every season on big names like Barca and Real. Then they finally invest in a player, and they receive universal hate. lol

    • CozierFerret727
      CozierFerret727 6 months ago

      Metro Boomin “can’t beat big teams with good offenses”
      -Barca earlier this season beaten by us in Supercopa AND we LITERALLY beat Liverpool in both legs

    • Big Stepper
      Big Stepper 6 months ago

      Moiz Naved those finals were a farce and as you can tell spurs should have never been to that final. His defensive tactics are why he doesn’t win big games his defense will always be beaten by good offensive tactics which he doesn’t have

    • CozierFerret727
      CozierFerret727 6 months ago

      Metro Boomin how dumb can you be? Those same tactics helped us reach the CL final twice in the first place
      You cannot say we will never make to another final
      No one thought spurs would make it to the final last year

    • Big Stepper
      Big Stepper 6 months ago

      Moiz Naved yeah and your team lost to the bigger team in Madrid

    • Big Stepper
      Big Stepper 6 months ago

      O. Fuentes lmao no one cares they lost those finals and won’t be in another one again due to the defensive tactics that simeone has

  • Alice
    Alice Year ago

    There is an ongoing investigation in Portugal and with the Interpol about such high transfer fees are hidden as money laundry. Not just in Portugal but all over Europe. Check this article:

  • Henrique Faustino

    He is a good player, he can improve a lot more, but 120M is too much.
    He doesnt have a "big name" yet, so he wont sell shirts, unless Atletico wins like 2 champions league in a row, they'll never get that money back.
    Best of luck to him, the Portuguese national team can line him up with Bernardo Silva and Bruno Fernandes in a near future, looking forward to that

  • Tomás Nunes
    Tomás Nunes Year ago

    Money laundering at it’s best

  • clinton d'sa
    clinton d'sa Year ago

    And bayern want Callum hudson odoi for 25m 😂😂

  • Freddie Lopez
    Freddie Lopez Year ago +1

    It’s crazy to realize that Neymar and Coutinho cost more than RONALDO.

  • Brendan Purkapile

    To me: he is 80% fernando torres 20% sergio aguero. thats why atletico did this ;)

  • susim adhikary
    susim adhikary Year ago

    this steve is Son of a bitch support and speak in favor of Liverpool.#backoffbiased #firesteve

  • GuiPT88
    GuiPT88 Year ago +1

    The days of Ronaldo coming out of Portugal for a pathetic £12 mil are long gone.

    If european giants wanna take our young talent, they better be ready to pay large sums 😄

  • kaihua
    kaihua Year ago +1

    In 10 years clubs will spend 200M for juniors

  • Jimmy james Computers


  • Saule Tp
    Saule Tp Year ago

    This is outrageous!

  • Solah
    Solah Year ago

    Neither. Money laundering

  • Ricardo Varela
    Ricardo Varela Year ago

    He’s not worthy!! Time will prove I’m sure !! E played 6 months for shitt Benfica on first team !

  • Lalo Luna
    Lalo Luna Year ago

    Godin left & Griezman, but I think he's a good buy. The market is terribly overpriced tho

  • G G
    G G Year ago

    How can it be a coup ? They have paid through their nose for him. He needs to be top scorer in the la loha for majority of his contract years to justify tht amount !

  • Death Hack
    Death Hack Year ago

    More than gambling

  • Dinis De Brito
    Dinis De Brito Year ago

    I deserve a great sucessfull to J. Felix.


    This kid started his professional debut on August last year and nw a year later he is worth 126m I dnt whether to cry OR LMAO

  • Daniel Fonseca
    Daniel Fonseca Year ago +5

    Atlético bought Oblak to Benfica only for 16 M , now its one of the best GK in World ...

  • KyprieeTV
    KyprieeTV Year ago +3

    Atletico have a nack of getting good strikers though for example D Costa, Torres, Griezmann, Falcao, Aguero, Forlan

  • João J
    João J Year ago

    He doesn't worth 126 million,I'm Portuguese and I saw him playing in our league, he is good but not that good, his fair price would be around 50 million,126 million is too much,that amount of money is outrageous,I expect to be wrong but he could potentially be a flop

  • TheFunvader
    TheFunvader Year ago

    Are they dumb atletico is neither a small club nor are they extremely defensive. They play a aggressive defense but have very good attacking play as well. Dont underestimate atletico they are a really strong club, just look at how much they sold their key players for that should tell you about the quality of the team

  • Alvaro Alvs
    Alvaro Alvs Year ago


  • Abdoulaye Coulibaly
    Abdoulaye Coulibaly Year ago +1

    Nice vidéo

  • Jayvees
    Jayvees Year ago

    Atletico spends 126 million dollar on Joao Felix to make him a star striker and could potentially replace Antoine Griezmann in case of Griezmann leaving.

  • Remi SS
    Remi SS Year ago +1

    They forgot to mention the most important factor; IF he manages to handle the pressure moving to a huge club and considering his price tag at such tender age. It’ll all come down to himself in the end

  • Paulo Alexandre
    Paulo Alexandre Year ago

    a bunch of years ago I heard some Atlético fans complaining that 40M for Falcao was too expensive. And now they are paying 3 times that for a youngster who played only half a season as a pro. Circumstances have changed for Atlético it seems.

  • Tiagito P
    Tiagito P Year ago +8

    They fell for the Benfica media hype. We have seen many times these type of hyped players never go anywhere near their potential. I hope this is not the case but I am skeptical.

    • Komaeda Nagito
      Komaeda Nagito Year ago +1

      It's over fam, it's a brand new season, just let it go. Do better this year and maybe you won't end up whining again at the end 🍈

  • Ines Wexler
    Ines Wexler Year ago

    With the exception of Cristiano Ronaldo, all the other "Most expensive transfers" have been flops. Pogba, Dembele, Neymar, Coutinho and Mbape haven't really set the footballing world alight, have they?

  • Hrenml
    Hrenml Year ago's money laundering.

  • Adolfo Reis
    Adolfo Reis Year ago

    I Will miss him a lot...

  • Vincent de Oliveira

    He’s not even played two seasons. His price tag is absolutely the most overpriced ever. He’s not worth more than 30/40 million. Hope Sergio Ramos breaks him.

  • Pedro Abreu
    Pedro Abreu Year ago

    Players market seems like in a bubble, the growth is to fast compare to others

  • Luis Rodrigues
    Luis Rodrigues Year ago +1

    If you think that Benfica is the best team in Portugal. Well you would be wrong

    • Danisio Cruz
      Danisio Cruz Year ago

      Wtf?! Quem é melhor? O porto? 😂😂😂 5 campeonatos em 6 anos...
      O porto está a altura do Benfica, mas ainda falta ai qualquer coisa

    • Adolfo Reis
      Adolfo Reis Year ago

      Lol...of course it is!!!

  • Mary Gillmeister
    Mary Gillmeister Year ago +1

    Amazing fee for a young player at the start of his career. Will be interesting to see how he develops under Simeone. Good luck to him and I hope it works out.

    • Eb Soul
      Eb Soul Year ago

      Mary Gillmeister This is literally my man worry about this transfer as a benfica fan and knowing the player well it's a very risky transfer considering what was mentioned about the creative and "physically weaker" players under simeone that have actually struggled to fit into his style of play the list is huge

  • Alice Lobo
    Alice Lobo Year ago +1

    JOAO FELIX is the new Imitation of "MAESTRO" RUI COSTA

  • R B
    R B Year ago

    Massive gamble for João LOL... Why the hell did he go to Atletico when he had top clubs after him! Brits can't fathom that cos their youth players are worthless :P Now imagine if Benfica managed to keep all the talents they were forced to sell: joao felix. Di maria. nelson semedo. João Cancelo. Renato sanchez. Bernardo Silva. David Luis. Matic.

  • Tiklu Dey
    Tiklu Dey Year ago

    I have full faith on Athletico official they are wiser then many club.

  • Andros Townsend
    Andros Townsend Year ago

    I like Felix and I think he has potential , but 126 million... he has had a great season but this is his first season of playing,he is also in the Lisa nos which is a level below the top 5 leagues, I don’t know if I was Madrid I would buy de ligt for 60-70 and use the rest to buy depay and a full back (depending on the depay price) or spend it all on dybala

  • Nick van Betuw
    Nick van Betuw Year ago +4

    Overrated and overpayed talent. Doesn't fit in Atletico's fighting machine 🤔
    This poor kid possibly the next Renato Sanchez

  • Rodrigo Fernandes
    Rodrigo Fernandes Year ago +7

    SLBenfica: joao felix. Di maria. nelson semedo. João Cancelo. Renato sanchez. BERNARDO SILVA DAVID LUIS . Matic.

    • Daniel
      Daniel Year ago +1

      Ederson, Ramires, Witsel, Gaitan etc

  • Rodrigo Fernandes
    Rodrigo Fernandes Year ago +2

    WHHATT U MEAN A GAMBLE?!??!!omfg...

  • Rodrigo Fernandes
    Rodrigo Fernandes Year ago +1

    Nigga look at pogba and dembele bouth trash af but expensive while one the other side João Felix is an actual talented player

  • Óscar Alho
    Óscar Alho Year ago

    He will flop...

  • Anirudh Krishnan
    Anirudh Krishnan Year ago +3

    something that NO one has seen is that they have gotten Griezmann off their books which frees up 100m+ bonuses in wages and brings in an extra 120m in transfer fees .They have spent about 140 m in transfer fee(agent fee + his first club's cut) and wages of 17.5 m for the entirety of 5 years of Felix's contract , if you were to subtract the two , athletico is pocketing a healthy 62.5 m with a player who could be as effective as griezmann.

    • Anirudh Krishnan
      Anirudh Krishnan Year ago

      @Justin Frazier injury sucks the life out of any player any transfer .. it has ruined amazing careers , making us wonder what players could have been had they been fitter .. Cazorla,Kompany, Wilshere,Walcott. You could go on and on. But it's just based on quality for now and i do see some smart business that managed to slip the eye of a few

    • Justin Frazier
      Justin Frazier Year ago

      Yeah but the money they are saving by replacing Greizmann with Felix is theoretical money. They haven't paid the wages out they pay week by week or upon bonus completion. If Felix is a total bust or injury prone then Atletico will find themselves in a difficult situation

  • Sinini Youssef
    Sinini Youssef Year ago +1

    And la liga president say Manchester city and the English team destroyed the football hhhhhhhhh over than 120 m for a kid 19 year who play only 1 season wonder in Portuguese league !!! Where is ffp now or this rules it's only for psg and Manchester city #### why no one doesn't criticism this deal

    • Obvious Comments
      Obvious Comments Year ago

      Sinini Youssef atleti never spend this much money tho XD