Premier League overhaul would end any chance of another Leicester City - Ian Darke | ESPN FC

  • Published on Oct 12, 2020
  • Mark Ogden and Ian Darke join Dan Thomas on ESPN FC to react to the revelations surrounding “Project Big Picture,” and the proposed changes it could bring to the EFL and Premier League structure. Darke questions why the EFL Cup, a big source of revenue for smaller clubs, would need to be scrapped under the plan. Odgen says EFL Chairman Rick Parry’s proposal would mostly help the big-six clubs will pull further away from the rest and sees it more as a power play to try and get the government to allow fans back into games.
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Comments • 70

  • Robert Dunlop
    Robert Dunlop Month ago

    Mate that "meal ticket" is actually a lottery ticket.

  • Sean Delap
    Sean Delap Month ago

    It's fine the way it is this is simply a power grab by the elite clubs.

  • Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan Month ago

    Why don’t they just agree the other parts for the non league and that’s it like give them £250m and 25% of the revenue from tv rights and the £100m for the FA that’s all just fine but forget everything else.
    In the end the money invested would improve the quality of the lower league teams substantially and them players do get really good enough they just get bought by the premier league clubs anyway at a fraction of the price they would trying to buy them elsewhere in Europe or within themselves in the premier league.

  • David Prendergast
    David Prendergast Month ago +1

    How would it stop another Leicester? They won the title with a squad that narrowly dodged the drop the season before. How would that have been any different had these proposals already been implemented?

  • Stefan Rogers
    Stefan Rogers Month ago

    Not big six, just man united trying not to become the next nottingham forrest because Woodward and co. don't know how to run a club properly... disgusting power grab if you ask me. For the sake of the English football pyramid and grass roots football in the UK this should not be allowed to happen under any circumstances. Trying to turn the competitive league into basically the other 1 race leagues pathetic

  • Greg Jogie
    Greg Jogie Month ago

    Where's Rishi Sunak when I need him?

  • Beats by Admiral Z
    Beats by Admiral Z Month ago

    The media are only trashing this project because of the fact that project bigger picture includes a clause that allows all english clubs increased broadcast rights that could lead to clubs broadcasting their own games which would be a massive loss for sky, espn and others. If it weren’t for that the media wouldn’t be making such a fuss about it
    And tbh I’d rather pay the club I support to watch games than those greedy cunts from sky sports

  • a ibrahim
    a ibrahim Month ago

    Thankfully this ridiculous idea was abandoned I'm disgusted as a United fan by the glazers

  • Heraldo Jacques
    Heraldo Jacques Month ago

    Lmao seeing how the comment section, you'd believe that everybody is a social-democrat in real life.

  • Jacques DeLyons
    Jacques DeLyons Month ago

    Dan Thomas would love it. I don't think he knows Burnley exists.

  • adrian
    adrian Month ago

    I thought this was a man u and Liverpool idea. Either way, terrible idea that has rightfully rejected.

  • NegroDamus
    NegroDamus Month ago

    Disgusting attempt by Manu to regain relevance

  • turner smith
    turner smith Month ago +1

    This is what’s going on in the United States present day

  • holadonkey
    holadonkey Month ago

    foreign owners butchering the Premier league .

  • lescrowé
    lescrowé Month ago

    There are too many clubs in England.

  • Sally Mastos
    Sally Mastos Month ago +1

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  • Inkosi Umoja
    Inkosi Umoja Month ago

    What money has been put into the arts? Who’s asking football players to retrain and think cyber?

  • Calvin Hicks
    Calvin Hicks Month ago

    Even the lesser premier league sides need the league cup. Do you think Southampton, Aston Villa or Newcastle United would thumb their noses up at it if they reached the last four or even made the final?? 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Janifer Amos Roberts

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  • Oshaine1
    Oshaine1 Month ago

    This would kill the English league

  • 1234 Abcd
    1234 Abcd Month ago

    Parry has sold his sole2 the devil

  • 1234 Abcd
    1234 Abcd Month ago

    Why dont u have someone on from wall street isnt that where we are going?

  • Rob Hartsock
    Rob Hartsock Month ago

    That's the point.

  • Bughatii Lovren
    Bughatii Lovren Month ago

    All they have to is rename the premier league to The BankEpl they will get 1 billion bailout in no time

  • Red or Dead
    Red or Dead Month ago

    If it's not broken don't fix it!!!!!

  • ltw0303
    ltw0303 Month ago +2

    American college football is getting crowds. They need fans back in these stadiums, come up with a safety plan and let’s go

  • ltw0303
    ltw0303 Month ago

    League Cup should be for Championship and lower. Take Premier League out

  • ltw0303
    ltw0303 Month ago

    American Owners trying to Americanize English Football

  • The Internet Idiot
    The Internet Idiot Month ago

    Just the billionaires taking advantage of this situation like they have with the markets. While people can't feed themselves and going homeless, they're making more money than ever.

  • darkbrian
    darkbrian Month ago

    Good enough for a school project.
    Why are these morons very shortsighted?!
    Ahh the money, sorry!

  • rex826
    rex826 Month ago

    This is a BS plan. The only way I think this plan could be slightly fair for all the clubs is if a salary cap gets introduced to the EPL just as the NFL has. I don’t want a salary cap but I also don’t want these changes to be implemented. But who am I but a peasant to these billionaires

  • Young Heartthrob
    Young Heartthrob Month ago +22

    After Aston Villa beat Liverpool 7-2
    Big clubs “took that personally”

    • NegroDamus
      NegroDamus Month ago +3

      Liverpool and Manu took it personally, all the other clubs voted against it

  • AN Q
    AN Q Month ago

    Always keep American owners away from football.

  • Zevonfan524
    Zevonfan524 Month ago

    This is 100% just “a big ask”. Their goal is to negotiate down to what they actually want.

  • SouthWest Life
    SouthWest Life Month ago +7

    Let’s not forget its Liverpool’s idea so when you hear their fans claiming to be a wholesome pure club its all lies

    • Beats by Admiral Z
      Beats by Admiral Z Month ago

      What do the fans have to do with things the owner suggests? Not to mention that the glazers are in it aswell

  • Bruce McDonald
    Bruce McDonald Month ago

    The solution is to cap the players' wages.

  • T Mac
    T Mac Month ago

    I think that they want 18 teams and no cup games so it frees up time for more European games. There’s been plans in the works for a European league table for a while now and can sort of see a watered down version of this contributing to that end.

    • Beats by Admiral Z
      Beats by Admiral Z Month ago

      All the english clubs are against a european league. That plan mainly comes from Italy (especially Juventus), Germany (bayern munich and BVB) and PSG. The only english club that supports the idea of a european league is city

  • jack wilson
    jack wilson Month ago

    everyone taking shot at big six for this but ye there trying to find a plan help everyone in this pandemic while the premier league hasnt yet done anything in terms of helping the smaller clubs who are suffering

  • jack wilson
    jack wilson Month ago

    he says the efl cup is one of the biggest source of income for football league teams yes it is but they are willing to scrap it because they are getting 25% of premier league income

  • Mohammad Rahman
    Mohammad Rahman Month ago

    UK govt should hold a national referendum for "Project big picture" & let the fans decide!
    • Those in favor of the plan (Rick Perry + top 6 clubs etc) should hire Dominic Cummings & use Cambridge Analytica style targeted PR & mkting campaigns to manipulate fans + critics
    * Voting takes place > Team "Project Big Picture" wins > Changes take place

  • Felix Hickman
    Felix Hickman Month ago

    It’ll make the league boring (fan of big 6)

  • Michael T
    Michael T Month ago

    It looks like they are trying to make the Premier League like the Bundesliga

  • H B
    H B Month ago

    This will ruin the magic of the prem

  • James Michaels
    James Michaels Month ago

    If its about helping the lower clubs, then the 25% of the revenue would be donated anyway.
    Clubs shouldn't have more votes than other voters.

  • Jigmee Wangchuk
    Jigmee Wangchuk Month ago +1

    Bad idea...just follow the tradition

  • Erikali26
    Erikali26 Month ago

    Finally! Get the Flippin' fans back in the stadium! C'mon! I'll take death, but I also want life!

  • SaVaGe_WndrBread
    SaVaGe_WndrBread Month ago

    How does Southampton and west hamburgers get a vote, but Leicester, Newcastle, and Aston Villa don’t get a vote in this new system?

  • Ashif Shrestha
    Ashif Shrestha Month ago

    Covid 19 has successfully wiped out the decision making ability of so called elites.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • S P
    S P Month ago

    UTD, Chelsea, City and Liverpool will share titles if that overhaul plan goes forward. And may be occasionally Arsenal. Any chance for underdogs will go into drains.

  • thatguyoverthere312

    How would this prevent another Leicester? I don't think I understand

  • Sam Allardyce
    Sam Allardyce Month ago

    so whats the alternative?

  • Larger than Life
    Larger than Life Month ago +1

    Loserpool trying to buy the league.

  • Sammy Samuel
    Sammy Samuel Month ago

    This owners are selfish..this will drop the interest in the PL..we might as well watch league one

  • talbo talbo
    talbo talbo Month ago

    Man unit only have a big name but they are middle order team

  • Nitsuj Newbie
    Nitsuj Newbie Month ago +1

    Please dont do this EPL

  • Camy
    Camy Month ago

    No wonder they didn't want the Newcastle takeover

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight Month ago

    Why fix something that isn't broken. If it may happen then our weekends will never be the same

  • Mirko Kraovac
    Mirko Kraovac Month ago

    So venture capitalists are trying to bail out poor clubs in order to Bury some of them. Sounds like Mitt Romney 101. Send those owners back to america

  • Z S
    Z S Month ago

    Everyone on here upset as if the same 4 teams aren’t the same ones challenging for the title every year lol. European football has always been non socialistic

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 Month ago

    Rich getting richer, eh?

    NATTYCO Month ago +1

    Let the top 6 form their own league with some European teams and let the rest of us enjoy competitive football.

  • Lucas Santiago Lima
    Lucas Santiago Lima Month ago +1

    National leagues should have playoffs system.
    32 teams, 31 rounds and the first 16 qualifying for the round of playoffs. The last 4 would be relegated.
    This would make the championships more exciting. It is better to compete against Real Madrid, Bayern, City, Liverpool, PSG, etc. for two games than for 38 rounds. The biggest teams would still be favorites but the possibility of surprises happening is bigger. This would increase the fans' hope. The cups would be maintained, of course. Only playoffs can save the national leagues competitiveness, because, today, football is boring. Everyone knows which teams is going to be champions.

  • Harun
    Harun Month ago

    Leceiser City literally won 1 year and people use them as an example when they are the exception to the rule. In the last 20 years only Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Leceister City have won EPL and all of those clubs are from the Big 6 except for Leceister City. EPL has ALDREADY been a Big 6 league for years.
    EPL is basically a 38 game group stage Champions League qualifier for the elite Big Clubs to get wins/points against inferior competition while leaving everyone else in Europa or outside of any UEFA tournaments. The Big Clubs just arent hiding it anymore, they've always viewed themselves as seperate.

    YTJZL Month ago

    That sucks then la liga’s better

  • Rory Blessington
    Rory Blessington Month ago

    I don’t get why they just wanna do this over than MONEY... it’s a disgrace. Can we just invest more into lower leagues please that’s all we need to do

  • Wilton McDonald
    Wilton McDonald Month ago +6

    Any shake up should be to get rid of the likes of Rick Parry from the game. The head of the EFL trying to get rid of the EFL what a JOKER!!

  • Barry
    Barry Month ago

    Going to happen, this is just the opening salvo. Maybe ESPN should get off their fat sanctimonious arses and start talking and debating the lower league clubs and doing interviews on a weekly basis with lower league managers. Truth is they don't give a toss about them. To be honest neither do I and neither do most people, except their own supporters.

  • Marcus Luka
    Marcus Luka Month ago

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  • Samya Chatterjee
    Samya Chatterjee Month ago

    Not a bad overhaul.
    20 down to 18 teams.
    Look at Bundesliga
    The top 6 usually changes..
    League Cup and Community Shield have zero popularity in England. So it should be eliminated.
    Relegation playoff in 18 team system will be interesting.
    Besides matches should be matchday wise i.e. all 18 teams should play equal matches across weekends.
    Follow the Bundesliga system, and Premier League will be exciting

  • Alrightthenlad
    Alrightthenlad Month ago

    I hope this goes ahead or we have a break away prem 2. League would be far more enjoyable with fewer better teams.