Where would PSG finish if they played in the Premier League? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  • Published on Oct 26, 2020
  • ESPN FC's Julien Laurens and Shaka Hislop answer your tweets in Extra Time, including:
    (0:11) Does Julien think Barcelona's Antoine Griezmann will stay or go?
    (1:18) Does Shaka think Granit Xhaka impeded Kasper Schmeichel in Arsenal's 1-0 defeat vs. Leicester City?
    (3:23) Where does Julien think PSG would finish if they were in the Premier League?
    (4:36) Will we ever see Mesut Ozil at a top club again or is he destined for MLS?
    (6:03) Should Liverpool sign Dayot Upamecano in the winter transfer window or wait until he becomes a free transfer in the summer?
    (8:29) Have the pundits ever experienced the press publishing fake news about them like Man United's Paul Pogba has in recent times?

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Comments • 70

  • Shaka Bono
    Shaka Bono 23 days ago

    Griezman is a dead wood

  • Christopher Ojapah
    Christopher Ojapah 24 days ago

    Psg would not win the premier league. The teams are far superior to the teams in the french league that they are use to playing. Top 4

  • Bughatii Lovren
    Bughatii Lovren 26 days ago


  • Mishan
    Mishan 27 days ago +1

    How competitive French league would have been if sheikh mansoor had bought lyon instead of manchester city, roman abramovich buying Marseille instead of chelsea & wenger as a frenchmen revolutionizing some mid table French club instead of arsenal.

  • SG98Films
    SG98Films 27 days ago +2

    Top 3. Only Liverpool and City can say they're better or just as good

  • Torres-Kun
    Torres-Kun 27 days ago

    Definitely top 3, behind City and Liverpool. Maybe sometimes exchanging places in 1st and 2nd. Football’s a weird sport where anything can happen. People joke about how Low table teams could beat them, I mean yeah probably, cause those small teams have beaten Liverpool and City as well 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Vasily
    Vasily 28 days ago


  • humberto
    humberto 28 days ago

    1st Premier league is overrated and sucks

  • rcastellon55
    rcastellon55 28 days ago

    Big psg fan here ....we would be 4th 5th spot , Neymar would be out every other Sunday lol

  • Me P
    Me P 28 days ago

    At least top #6

  • Luis Felipe Martins Alves

    Not in first

    RICARDO GONZALEZ 28 days ago

    That’s A Stupid Question Bad Reporter

  • Superboy Prime
    Superboy Prime 28 days ago

    PSG would get fucked in the premier league they’re weak

  • Patrick
    Patrick 28 days ago

    🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 GTFOOH

  • Ssnecko _GoldenLeaf777_

    Under Man U

  • Kyle M
    Kyle M 28 days ago

    They would be very similar to M City imo

  • Rif Klein
    Rif Klein 28 days ago

    On my honest opinion they will finish 5th, and that's true!

  • Roy Jenks
    Roy Jenks 28 days ago

    Juls, there is no chance PSG can win the prem currently. It's such a grind, there are so many physical, organised teams. They have the resources and infrastructure to adapt but right now? No chance.

  • Lathan Jones
    Lathan Jones 28 days ago

    It was only a couple of weeks ago he said PSG win League

  • ricardo baggio
    ricardo baggio 28 days ago

    8th place to 10th place

    IM THE ONE 丨 SOLO 28 days ago

    They will finish top 13 for sure

  • Kunal
    Kunal 28 days ago

    Griezmann should join psg and play with mbappe, French connection will be good like in the World Cup

  • Duerphy Kat
    Duerphy Kat 28 days ago

    Let’s be real. PSG would be like Arsenal in the premier league. Tuchel is overrated and their consistency is terrible. PSG never win anything outside France and that is just straight facts.

  • Chevon Givans
    Chevon Givans 28 days ago +1

    PSG would finish 6 in the prem

  • Kayode Bradnock
    Kayode Bradnock 28 days ago

    I would say 3rd but it will be a 3 way race

  • AnTi ZioNisM
    AnTi ZioNisM 29 days ago

    Top 4

  • Sheldon Durrant
    Sheldon Durrant 29 days ago +1

    Psg would not make top 6

  • c li
    c li 29 days ago

    Farmers league

  • Rool R
    Rool R 29 days ago

    Top 6 only

  • Sean Pierce
    Sean Pierce 29 days ago

    Future suggestions - Should Bayern Munich join the NBA?

  • Harvey Brar
    Harvey Brar 29 days ago +1

    Psg can't even beat 15th placed man utd let alone dreaming of finishing in the top 3 😂

    • Harvey Brar
      Harvey Brar 27 days ago

      @Club América ikr top6 + everton leicester wolves will all finish above them! They need a better manager who can fix their weak mentality and price their wages that they r worth!

    • Club América
      Club América 27 days ago

      @Harvey Brar for real though, PSG are only good in France because the league is obviously not competitive. They would finish mid-table if anything in the Premier League

    • Harvey Brar
      Harvey Brar 27 days ago

      @Club América ZAHAAAA!! 😂

    • Club América
      Club América 27 days ago +1

      Crystal Palace beat Man U. They can beat PSG too. 😀😂😂

  • Joas PL
    Joas PL 29 days ago

    Top 3 or 4

  • Yixing Li
    Yixing Li 29 days ago

    third to fifth

  • Juan Esparza
    Juan Esparza 29 days ago +2

    psg would get relegated maybe would be 5-9 in second league at their best just my opinion though

  • Haruna Abubakar
    Haruna Abubakar 29 days ago

    Top 6

  • zed365
    zed365 29 days ago +6

    Probably mid table because they don’t do well with other teams actually pressing them.

    • zed365
      zed365 27 days ago

      @C w - No doubt at some point they would but the first season would be a massive adaptation with teams actually trying to win and not rolling over.

    • C w
      C w 28 days ago +2

      They’d win it at least once. Billions of dollars in money top league in Europe. They’d have the worlds best coach and players by then.

  • Sullay BJ
    Sullay BJ 29 days ago

    Top 6

  • AR
    AR 29 days ago

    Not far if they lost to a team in 15th place

  • Anime Guru
    Anime Guru 29 days ago

    would be tough every weekend. In the Epl every big team has to fight for Top 6

  • jassiah1000 i
    jassiah1000 i 29 days ago

    1 spot behind man u

  • Dom Ochoa
    Dom Ochoa 29 days ago


  • Don Juan
    Don Juan 29 days ago

    Last year's team (with Silva, Cavani, Chopo-Mouting etc.) would have destroyed basically every team except Liverpool.

  • Ismail Suleiman
    Ismail Suleiman 29 days ago

    They’ll just be another Man City. Third and second at most

  • Nikolaj Madum
    Nikolaj Madum 29 days ago

    They would finish in top3, and also win the title relative often.

  • Oliver Christopher Gomez

    PSG would really give Wolves a run for their money

  • רועי לוי
    רועי לוי 29 days ago +2

    Psg champion 🏆 of the premier League.

  • Rakoon
    Rakoon 29 days ago

    PSG will struggle to finish top 6.

  • stephen giosanu
    stephen giosanu 29 days ago

    Definitely would be top 4 every year , as good as any club in premier league.

  • Aryamoy Mitra
    Aryamoy Mitra 29 days ago +1

    They'd finish in the Championship.

  • Machiel de Groot
    Machiel de Groot 29 days ago +9

    PSG have no grit. Been saying it for years and been proven right every time. They can’t dig deep when it matters. Di Maria, Neymar..... both flair players with bags of ability but no soul-deep determination to win. Ashley young slamming Di Maria into the stands shows the difference

    • U are My submissive toy
      U are My submissive toy 28 days ago

      @Nikolaj Madum true

    • Nikolaj Madum
      Nikolaj Madum 28 days ago

      @U are My submissive toy
      They still couldn't finish any of their chances and it seemed they had a mental blockade in the final. It was their first time being there so if they get to a new final then they might win it next time, but I don't think they'll reach a final anywhere soon.
      They had the easiest route in a long time to a CL final and when they met a world class opponent in Bayern they were done.

    • U are My submissive toy
      U are My submissive toy 29 days ago

      @Nikolaj Madum bruh they lost 1-0 to a team that bags 4 against every other team

    • GoFuego
      GoFuego 29 days ago +2

      Smh. .. Neymar literally fueled barcas insane comeback. Man is cracked

    • Nikolaj Madum
      Nikolaj Madum 29 days ago +4

      I agree
      And this is why they couldn't handle Bayern in the final. They have world class players in most positions but the club itself simply lack the final thing

  • Jamie
    Jamie 29 days ago

    They'd be top 4, they'd never win the league. They're a team based on two players.
    Its like putting Ronaldo and Messi in a side with a bunch of league 2 level players. That's PSG.

  • kimmkroo
    kimmkroo 29 days ago

    liverpool and city peaked as teams, psg can top em when full fit

    • Duerphy Kat
      Duerphy Kat 28 days ago

      Chadi Taqi City are a different team in the UCL so whatever they do in the UCL stays in the UCL

    • Chadi Taqi
      Chadi Taqi 28 days ago

      @Duerphy Kat
      Lyon beat city 3-1. What's your point

    • Duerphy Kat
      Duerphy Kat 28 days ago

      kimmkroo just like they topped United 18/19 😂

  • Dennis Lewis
    Dennis Lewis 29 days ago

    PSG would barely make it into the top 6! Get real, Jules.

    • 3 star we shinning
      3 star we shinning 29 days ago

      Who's gonna beat them Southampton ? Wolves arsenal maybe totenham lmaoo get real

  • hasnain ahmed miraj
    hasnain ahmed miraj 29 days ago

    Psg must dominate epl and win every season with ease considering every epl team is overrated

    LALIT NANOSKAR 29 days ago

    PSG will Finnish top 10

  • Josh Is daddy
    Josh Is daddy 29 days ago

    Mid table team the only answer

  • Jn Mc
    Jn Mc 29 days ago

    You cant ask biased epl fans or small kids...
    They would definitely be a title contender. Probably not win it so often but they would be up there making noise.

  • Donta Cato
    Donta Cato 29 days ago

    PSG would finish 8th in the premier league

  • Deepan Dutta
    Deepan Dutta 29 days ago

    I think they would finish top 3 in the last 2-3 seasons in which Liverpool and Manchester City dominated. If they were in the PL in the times when there was the big 4 then they would finish outside the top 4.

  • Dauro Dauro
    Dauro Dauro 29 days ago

    I think 5

  • Cholong Sangtam
    Cholong Sangtam 29 days ago


  • Abyss
    Abyss 29 days ago

    Cool story about Djbrille that.

  • Prithvi Sharma
    Prithvi Sharma 29 days ago +3

    3:23 thank me later 😂😂

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata 29 days ago

    United fans are the most craziest fan alive in this world 😂 instead of praising rashford/bruno penaldes you guys should thank VAR and referee after every single match 😂 Martial dive Penalty/Maguire choke Chelsea no penalty/Ucl 2018 again VAR penalty what a joke 🤣 can't win a single match without VAR and Penalty plus 6-1 against Tottenham lol

  • Matthias Staudt
    Matthias Staudt 29 days ago

    On the top, for sure! Very similar to League one! No question

  • Ali Babar
    Ali Babar 29 days ago

    Football has ceased to be a contact sport and modern day footballers have gone soft.

  • Sanket Rane
    Sanket Rane Month ago

    Not in a top 4

  • Phat Meow
    Phat Meow Month ago +1

    i would love to see if PSG can cut it on a cold wet night at Burnley!

  • Joel Abraham
    Joel Abraham Month ago

    10th cos all their best players will get injured at some point