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  • Celebrities react to Tyson Fury TKO of Deontay Wilder. Watch the exclusive BTS interviews & reaction from some of the biggest Celebrities.
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Comments • 80

  • Lucas Stames
    Lucas Stames 13 hours ago

    Drakes a punk!!! That was punk shit a what you said about the champ!!!

  • John Riordan
    John Riordan 22 hours ago

    Love how everyone saying, wilder wasn’t 100% he wasn’t himself he was different.
    Listen to this he was 100% he was himself but he was different. And the reason he was different is because him and his team knew from the first fight that if they did not change up tactics and try a new style them belts was coming over the big pond to England like they should of been in the first time.
    What’s that you say! What was wilders and his teams tactic? Let me enlighten you!
    Team wilder tried to rope-a-dope fury and thought he would gas out mid fight if they let fury come forwards no do all the work and then in the back 6 rounds catch fury out and lad that big shot.
    Fury is a 12 round plus fighter he has proven this many times.
    That’s why he was different, not because of his suit not because he had a bad camp not because his legs was not right not because he wasn’t himself not because aliens came down and took his boxing abilities cause he never had them to take.
    But because fury is a better boxer all round and wilder changed up his tactics cause he lost the first fight and caught a squeeze, and did not want to lose this time.
    Bottom line done and dusted
    IM OUT !

  • Tactically Practical

    All the brothers be like, wilder just off tonight. NAAAA, he just got the crap beat out of him.

  • Splitz Anime
    Splitz Anime 11 days ago

    rappers think they can real boxing

  • Land of the Dread Heads

    bruh Boxing is a sport that will leave messed up, all them punches to the head leaves you with a slur speech, man i really hate that, Thomas Hearns looked tired, makes me sad, ive watched several boxers with that same speech slur, dude was a savage, that mane knocked Roberto Duran out so hard Duran started speaking English and thought he was an American

  • Ryan
    Ryan 13 days ago

    Americans embarrassing themselves even more with these excuses. America is the laughing stock of the world and no one inside america even realises that, they think they are the best and the most "free" 😂 fuckin twats

  • David Dinsmore
    David Dinsmore 15 days ago

    i only listen to andre ward and shaun porter because they keep it real racist shit

  • Jonathan Grabban
    Jonathan Grabban 16 days ago +1

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  • João Tava
    João Tava 17 days ago

    Hahahahahaha! The costume was to heavy for your boy

  • chrissy price
    chrissy price 19 days ago +1

    CELEBS ??? 🤣🤣🤣 ha ha half of these little muppets are only known in bloody new york lol little bellends as for that little twat shakur what ever his name is id beat him up with 1 arm little rat

  • jake taylor
    jake taylor 22 days ago

    Excuses excuses give Tyson the credit, so funny they had plenty to say before cat got their tongues

  • ron mailloux
    ron mailloux 25 days ago

    some homies express themselves with numbing stupidity .

  • Paige White
    Paige White 25 days ago

    Ask ALL these SAME mofos "WHAT THEY THINK" about

  • Francis Page
    Francis Page 26 days ago

    These bias reaction. He was outboxed! outclassed! dafuq you sayin he is off. It was damn clear he can't fight moving backwards.

    DAVID LIBBETT 27 days ago

    It's all coming together now Furry cheated in both fights

  • chris bong
    chris bong 28 days ago

    Who is the blonde dude?

  • joi_is _love333
    joi_is _love333 28 days ago

    None of these maggot knew about equilibrium before this fight. All of a sudden, that's all they can muster out lol.

  • MrGenXer
    MrGenXer 29 days ago

    They should be saying, "I don't believe it, I don't believe the white guy won."

  • Andre Saja
    Andre Saja 29 days ago

    Kemenangan yg meragukan...

  • StyleBender
    StyleBender 29 days ago

    Why the fuck did they question Jake Paul on wilder 😂😂

  • Mikey moo
    Mikey moo 29 days ago

    all wise after the fact.....

  • TheGodEmperorofMankind
    TheGodEmperorofMankind 29 days ago +1

    "He was real off today for some reason" yeah because he got his ass kicked.

  • A Koalabear
    A Koalabear Month ago

    Bad day for all black fellas :(

  • Joey Torres
    Joey Torres Month ago

    Charlie Zelenoff...... AMERICAS CHAMP! 😛

  • Jerónimo
    Jerónimo Month ago

    When you make a heavyweight bout a racial war thats what you gets. I would like to see blacks following Fury just like millions of whites are Joshua fans in Britain and in the rest of the world.

  • Indigo Spirit3000
    Indigo Spirit3000 Month ago

    Rigged or some it wasn’t even a real fight a hugging match Lame!

  • Tommy !
    Tommy ! Month ago

    Fury was the better man on the night and he was the last time they fought but Wilder showed a lot of heart he didn't look the same but I think that was down to Fury getting the tactics right and of course I wanted Fury to win I'm English but it has nothing to do with a man's colour as I read in the comments it's about supporting your fellow countryman , If I was American I'd be 100% behind Wilder .
    Wilder should concentrate on how he's going to win the rematch that's what shows a real Champion , Anyone can lose it's about how you bounce back.

  • MrJonathanhaze
    MrJonathanhaze Month ago
    Fury cheated they all know

    LOLWTFSMHOMG Month ago

    Fury cheated in both fights
    Official professional boxing rules state you cannot hit with your forearm, an open glove, the inside of the glove, the wrist, the back hand or the side of the hand.
    You cannot punch the opponents neck or the back of the head. You must hit with the padded fist portion of the glove with a closed fist. You cannot flick your wrist and punch. Those punches are illegal in pro boxing.
    Antonio Margaritos gloves were checked also EVERY TIME he cheated so saying gloves and hand wrap was checked means nothing. Boxers get away with fighting dirty all the time.
    So saying oh he just does that all the time doesn't justify him using illegal tactics to win. He's cheating every time he does it. His hand is clearly not all the way in his glove and he's using his fist in the unpadded inside wrist portion of the glove to land punches which is highly illegal and intentionally cheating.
    He cheated in both fights:
    Stop justifying cheating. It needs to be investigated and if found that indeed he was cheating or using illegal tactics he should be stripped of his win, his belts and wilders record restored back to what it was and Tyson fury at minimum suspended for a good period time and his purse forfeited and him fined a large sum of money.
    The district attorney should charge him with criminal aggravated assault and he possibly get jail time. Then wilder should sue him for millions of dollars for messing with his livelihood. This may sound outlandish to you but cheating to win is much more outlandish to me..,!!

      LOLWTFSMHOMG 17 days ago

      @Riastrad Do you refute what your eyes see.

    • Riastrad
      Riastrad 18 days ago

      Let me guess: you're black?

  • Dom Woolmer
    Dom Woolmer Month ago

    so wierd watching pros defend wilder in any way, like do they watch him or just follow him cus they come from same country

  • Keith Jordan
    Keith Jordan Month ago

    3:08 this is why I want ALI to whoop that ass

  • Glamoon San
    Glamoon San Month ago

    Most of the blacks backed up Wilder and gave him excuses cuz of that racist entrance. He was clearly no match for fury, tyson obliterated him. There is no questioning in that. It was a one-sided massacre. I just hate how the black community thinks that by ricocheting racism back at people they think it's alright. So disgusting... I know im sure not all african americans are like this. My friend is the complete opposite of those celebrity clowns, but it's just frustrating...

  • Slick Tiger
    Slick Tiger Month ago

    Hate to tell y’all, but Wilder was never that good. Fury has the best footwork for a heavyweight since Larry Holmes. Face it, Fury is the better boxer, and Wilder is just a hard hitting brawler with no strategy.

  • Omar JR
    Omar JR Month ago

    Jake Paul might have had the best analysis lol

  • First Name
    First Name Month ago

    Bare excuses, tryna use man like wilder to represent black history month, like a punch is more powerful than the pen, or your words, he dont represent nothing but capitalists

  • First Name
    First Name Month ago

    Bitch ass rappers, look how french montana try downplay people over drug addiction, but if he try say that in front of a cracked like dmx he would be very wise about the words heed pick, see the loss of money in that face, bitch talk,bitching, if he came off drugs his much better than deontay, but these lot tryna say tysons dads a crack hed etc bitch talk

  • marcelo tamayo
    marcelo tamayo Month ago

    Without the knockdown in their first and 2nd fight..fury comportable won all 19 rounds..

  • androtaz01
    androtaz01 Month ago

    'Wilder couldn't throw the right hand. Almost like this whole thing was a sport of some kind!'/

    UK USA BOXING Live Month ago

    Otto Wallin is a better boxer than Wilder

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu Month ago

    Black Americans don’t want to talk 😆 The Bernard Hopkins effect 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Edward Southam
    Edward Southam Month ago

    I love America but face it Wilder got smashed

  • Balenci Aga
    Balenci Aga Month ago

    Jake paul actually had the most accurate/honest take... Who would’ve thought...

    xX5THGROUPXx Month ago

    Black people being pretty sour

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu Month ago

      but he will be a nobody so fuck jake Paul

  • Rene Renato Rivera
    Rene Renato Rivera Month ago

    I swear! A bunch of people learned a new word: "equilibrium" that night....

  • Michael Butny
    Michael Butny Month ago

    All those Mr.T starter sets!!!!

  • SeanDaRyan
    SeanDaRyan Month ago

    4:00 DAMN Stephan A Smith had WAY too many drinks for that fight!

  • Kenny Shrimpton
    Kenny Shrimpton Month ago

    "Wilder looked off" because hes never fought a worthy opponent until he fought fury, notice how nobody asked themselves who has Wilder actually fought in the division, Fury and AJ both fought and had to go through Klitschko, whereas I'm sure Wilders team didnt want to fight Klitschko had he given them the offer a while ago

  • Mathew Lord
    Mathew Lord Month ago

    Jake Paul has one pro fight and now taking shit about wilder he needs to shut the fuck up

    THEREALSHO-TIME23 Month ago +1

    6:15 did this white boy. Think he a utuber. Did he fight also. That night 🤦🏽‍♂️💀😂 dead again

    THEREALSHO-TIME23 Month ago +1

    Did this reporter ask French wack Montana when his next album coming out lol. I’m dead 💀 😂🤦🏽‍♂️. He just came out with a album lol

  • kenny c
    kenny c Month ago

    Jake Paul is trash. Why would u even interview him.

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin Month ago

    Black Americans don’t want to talk 😆 The Bernard Hopkins effect 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Boxing Doctor
    Boxing Doctor Month ago

    Wilder looked different cause he was outclassed . Anytime a fighter is not looking the best against his opponent which means his opponent has the better skills . People need to stop with the excuses .. Wilder is a amazing athlete and to prove he still one of the best he needs to go back and train hard for the 3rd fight .. as Anthony Joshua did with out any excuses ....

  • James Cullen
    James Cullen Month ago

    I don’t think this fight will ever be in black history month, 🇬🇧😂😂😂😂😂😂😎

  • lexluger2jonnyblaze

    Tommy The Hit Man didn't sound good at all hopefully everything is okay

    • lexluger2jonnyblaze
      lexluger2jonnyblaze Month ago

      @opzz xsin very disrespectful

    • opzz xsin
      opzz xsin Month ago

      Can’t stand French be honest he looks sick !!maybe he been smoking crack hiself

  • Mick Killeen
    Mick Killeen Month ago

    Sad watching Tommy H. The reality of boxing right there.

  • Drawde
    Drawde Month ago

    "i tHiNk hIs EqUiLiBrIuM wAs GoNe"

  • Shane Dolan
    Shane Dolan Month ago

    Jake Paul is just a cunt .and jake cant fight ksi in July because he has his festival's. And jake doesn't know anything about boxing he thinks he's something in the boxing world but he will be a nobody so fuck jake Paul

  • jerry lucas
    jerry lucas Month ago

    Whos that black girl with the red and chains on with glasses?

  • jerry lucas
    jerry lucas Month ago

    He threw the fight wilder never fights that weak come on now hope the money was worth it

  • tim b
    tim b Month ago

    Tyson whooped him plain and simple.

  • Ihavenoidea
    Ihavenoidea Month ago

    Funny how the real boxers are all like "EEEEH 3rd I DONT KNOW XD THIS IS PRETTY DONE DEAL" and then all the random celebs are all protective and shit

  • Kyle Loven
    Kyle Loven Month ago

    Those visceral vicious shots from Hagler are catching up to the Hit Man. Hearns was a fucking legend though. I hope he's comfortable and happy. God bless you Tommy.

  • It is what it is
    It is what it is Month ago

    Hearns looks fucked man

  • JimmyBobby904
    JimmyBobby904 Month ago

    Claressa shields is gonna be the next one getting exposed she needs some wind shield wipers for them glasses too 😂😂

  • Ro _
    Ro _ Month ago

    He wasn’t this he wasn’t that people making up excuses for Deontay. Get it in your head Tyson Fury is the best Heavyweight/most dangerous fighter

  • thechosenMOE
    thechosenMOE Month ago

    Disliked because i saw jake paul face

  • dH
    dH Month ago

    French sounds dumb as fuck

  • jacob denoia
    jacob denoia Month ago

    You can tell who lost lots of $$$ 😂😂😂

  • Proper Image
    Proper Image Month ago

    Can’t stand French be honest he looks sick !!maybe he been smoking crack hiself

  • xPlantpoTx
    xPlantpoTx Month ago

    Half these niggaz prob lost bank on wilder and feeling salty asf ahaha.

  • first contact
    first contact Month ago +1

    Blacks hate it when blacks lose lol

  • Crewlive Sheet
    Crewlive Sheet Month ago

    Why are you asking that shit stain Jake anything

  • mark199
    mark199 Month ago +1

    I think Tommy Hearns took a few shots too many and is living with the consequences.

  • Coach Billy
    Coach Billy Month ago

    Wilder looked "off" and "not right" because Fury made him look that way. Dominant win by the best heavyweight in the game!

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu Month ago

      the fight 2 rounds sooner. And the lame “My costume was too heavy” will go down in history as the most hilarious and lame excuse for a loss ever.

  • Oyvind Eggum
    Oyvind Eggum Month ago

    So many retarded people. WTF black America is so racist

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu Month ago

      The amount of excuses offered for Wilder, compared to the lack of respect for Fury who flat out beat him up every round. Many people said Wilder’s corner should have stoppe

  • Ariana Gandhi
    Ariana Gandhi Month ago +1

    Why the fook is Jake Paul acting like a real boxer smh

  • Kasper Ancher
    Kasper Ancher Month ago

    Fury vs. Joshua
    Wilder vs. Ruiz or Whyte
    Winner fights winner

  • Bint Firm 1882
    Bint Firm 1882 Month ago +1

    celebritys ? who the fook are these guys

  • 0netyr
    0netyr Month ago

    Wilder it's gonna lose the 3rd fight too..unless dude learn how to box