Sterling, Kane, Sancho & Wilson Test Pope's Reflexes! | Inside Training | England

  • Published on Sep 7, 2019
  • The Three Lions prepare for their upcoming Euro 2020 Qualifiers match against Bulgaria.
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Comments • 362

  • ABeer
    ABeer 7 days ago

    Is this the F2s goal keeper?

  • Ziad Yasser
    Ziad Yasser 8 days ago

    ffs someone save poor pope he is getting abused

  • Carlos Morales
    Carlos Morales 8 days ago

    I didn’t see pope throw himself after the ball once 🤦‍♂️ that’s why Pickford gonna be starting

  • Quavo Gaming
    Quavo Gaming 9 days ago

    Imagine not making a single save in PRACTICE 😂

  • Finn 1602
    Finn 1602 9 days ago +1

    This Young England attack is crazy

  • Jack shaw
    Jack shaw 10 days ago

    Does this mean pope is starting? Lets hope

  • itl _
    itl _ 10 days ago

    Anyone else got frightened by the ball hitting sound 😆

  • mixio hili
    mixio hili 10 days ago

    Harry Kane too cold... Best natural striker in the world

  • Joaquim Del Blanco
    Joaquim Del Blanco 10 days ago +1

    Test failed.

  • Psychononne
    Psychononne 10 days ago

    Would have left the goal by 0:30 already :D -.-

    • mixio hili
      mixio hili 10 days ago

      Wilson's first touch is examplary.

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss 11 days ago

    I thought it was F2 freestylers for the thumbnail 😂😂😂

    • mixio hili
      mixio hili 10 days ago

      Wilson's first touch is examplary.

  • neejoy sola
    neejoy sola 11 days ago

    Keeper couldn’t save a word document

    • mixio hili
      mixio hili 10 days ago

      Kane striking the ball is so satisfying

  • Joe Probert
    Joe Probert 11 days ago +2

    How does nick pope manage to get into the England squad, absolutely baffles me 🤦🏼‍♂️ he had an average stint in net the other year when Heaton got injured, and has been included ever since. Get him dropped and bring in Hendo from Sheffield United.. much much better with much more potential💯💯

  • aola wili
    aola wili 11 days ago

    Let’s hope no one shoots against us

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss 11 days ago

      The trick of getting through training is to look as calm and composed as executing

    GAMEZSTAA 11 days ago

    Great win against Bulgaria.

  • M C G
    M C G 12 days ago

    Can we get an F in chat for Pope?

  • D
    D 12 days ago

    How demoralising for pope lol.

    • aola wili
      aola wili 11 days ago

      After that 4-0 win against Bulgaria i am pleased with the England squad

  • Ususj Hhshsjsj
    Ususj Hhshsjsj 12 days ago


  • David McDonald
    David McDonald 12 days ago +1

    Would love if they got some overhead shots of the pitch when they’re training

    • Jamie Lee
      Jamie Lee 11 days ago

      That would be awesome. They could easily fly a drone and record it.

  • Daniel Bello
    Daniel Bello 12 days ago

    Arrest sterling he just defiled the pope

  • Harry Kahl
    Harry Kahl 12 days ago

    I went to the game yesterday come on the lions

  • Sergio Ramos
    Sergio Ramos 12 days ago


  • Jack Kennedy
    Jack Kennedy 12 days ago +1

    Pope being abused by kids for once

  • Hamsandwich
    Hamsandwich 12 days ago +2

    England’s future is safe 🙌 and strong 💪

  • Riki_RL7
    Riki_RL7 12 days ago

    Kane striking the ball is so satisfying

  • G U
    G U 12 days ago

    Wilson's first touch is examplary.

  • Sam Buks
    Sam Buks 12 days ago

    Kane is a poacher!!! Dude was born to strike 💕💕💕

  • UltraZinX
    UltraZinX 12 days ago

    Rashford missed in training and in the game

  • Ilyas
    Ilyas 12 days ago

    The trick of getting through training is to look as calm and composed as executing

  • SyxnqZz - ROBLOX
    SyxnqZz - ROBLOX 12 days ago +1

    The goalkeeper looks like he's being tortured 😂😂😂

  • Geo J Ofori
    Geo J Ofori 12 days ago

    Rashford still can’t score here 😂

    • Aaaa Bbbb
      Aaaa Bbbb 12 days ago

      Geo J Ofori
      He scored in the video.

  • Charles Hartshorne
    Charles Hartshorne 12 days ago +1

    After that 4-0 win against Bulgaria i am pleased with the England squad

  • Tem4uk OnacHblu
    Tem4uk OnacHblu 12 days ago

    Вратарь дыра😹

  • Richard Fallon
    Richard Fallon 12 days ago

    U wankers put sancho on the front like he has a chance play him I’m a Man U fan and I would pick him over rashford England will never get anything if players like him ain’t playing

  • Richard Fallon
    Richard Fallon 12 days ago

    Play sancho best player

  • Air Cooler
    Air Cooler 12 days ago +1

    Grass so clean I thought it was artificial ngl

  • Diego Nieva
    Diego Nieva 12 days ago +1

    Viva Callum Wilson

  • Mercy Deba
    Mercy Deba 12 days ago

    We got things to talk about subscribe and let’s talk health and lifestyle.cheers

  • Eth R
    Eth R 12 days ago +1

    I swear there was contact with Harry and the inflatable why didn’t he go down

  • dogcatdogable
    dogcatdogable 12 days ago +1

    Nice of them to give Callum Wilson a knockabout with the pros

  • FJ
    FJ 12 days ago

    What a fun life

  • Dutch Dragon
    Dutch Dragon 12 days ago +10

    2:01 you can tell that's Rashford because of the dip technique

    • Hussein Hamir
      Hussein Hamir 10 days ago +1

      really nani nobody will ever become another cr7, ever again mark my words

    • really nani
      really nani 12 days ago

      He's our next cr7

  • Ali Bektaş
    Ali Bektaş 12 days ago

    Pope scare jumping because he is jelly

  • Amazon Nozamon
    Amazon Nozamon 12 days ago

    Not relaxed they trying to hard they need to be trained by zidane ronaldo messi and they top relaxed players look at their legs they too jumpy too quick u need to feel the ball no wonder they miss goals easy goals

  • Unoriginal User
    Unoriginal User 12 days ago +1

    Actually pretty interesting

  • Mr Screamer
    Mr Screamer 12 days ago

    Pope isn't filling me with confidence.

  • CallMeZifron
    CallMeZifron 12 days ago +1

    khabib vs dustin

  • Monkey D. Blaze
    Monkey D. Blaze 12 days ago

    The title not only ignores Lingard but he is also the only player (the guy in the red boots) whos face is kept out of focus in the entire video😅😅. VIOLATIONN!!!

  • Peter Stevens
    Peter Stevens 12 days ago

    Correction not test abuse

  • Lewis Clarke
    Lewis Clarke 12 days ago

    Nick Pope in the middle of our goal nick pope nick pope

  • Master Jay
    Master Jay 12 days ago +1

    When you have Kane, Sterling, Rashford, Wilson and Sancho having free shots without defenders involved
    There was no hope for Pope 😂

  • Mohsin Shah
    Mohsin Shah 12 days ago

    Where’s lingard and rashord England’s finest

  • Duncan Hooper
    Duncan Hooper 12 days ago

    We're screwed then!

    BROKER BOIS 12 days ago +11

    Harry Kane too cold... Best natural striker in the world

    BEST VIDS 12 days ago

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  • Harvey Pritchard
    Harvey Pritchard 12 days ago +1

    Even Jesse lingard was scoring...

  • Mpath 123
    Mpath 123 13 days ago +3

    I thought it was F2 freestylers for the thumbnail 😂😂😂

  • BeantownYid86
    BeantownYid86 13 days ago +2

    Love this content but the behind the goal view is less to be desired.

  • samu 45
    samu 45 13 days ago

    Nais treinin an sootin

  • 780 D
    780 D 13 days ago +2

    The vatican is not happy about this

  • Pawlik
    Pawlik 13 days ago

    ffs jesse should finish like this at MU

  • Chirag Bakshi
    Chirag Bakshi 13 days ago +1

    Doing that keeper a serious psycological damage

    I SPOT TALENT 13 days ago

    I'm trying to date Sancho

  • Alex
    Alex 13 days ago


  • Fadel Azka
    Fadel Azka 13 days ago +1

    1:26 what a pass

  • Joe Wedgwood
    Joe Wedgwood 13 days ago +1

    Whose the coach in this?

    • Max Dembo
      Max Dembo 11 days ago

      Joe Wedgwood was wondering the same thing.

  • SAS
    SAS 13 days ago

    On my channel there are the OFFICIAL OVERALL OF FIFA20, BUT IT IS IN ITALIAN

  • Bron BronzeBridge
    Bron BronzeBridge 13 days ago +1

    Make sure Rashy and Lingard do double sessions

  • Victor Rosso
    Victor Rosso 13 days ago

    The trainer had Modric-esk passes!

  • Alfie Martin
    Alfie Martin 13 days ago +1

    Amazing vid well done

  • joel selim
    joel selim 13 days ago

    why such bad camera angles ffs

  • Riley Cummings
    Riley Cummings 13 days ago

    Looking back at when we first met

  • Luke Daley
    Luke Daley 13 days ago

    Hard at work.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Leon Potts
    Leon Potts 13 days ago +1

    Why are lingard and rashford’s names not mentioned in the title , agenda against United once again

  • The Zoologicals
    The Zoologicals 13 days ago

    I’ve met pope

  • Man Like
    Man Like 13 days ago +4

    Kane’s finishing is different gravy

  • Jack
    Jack 13 days ago

    what's this great ball shout when there's no one there to stop it

  • Hacksaw Havoc
    Hacksaw Havoc 13 days ago +2

    These videos are so satisfying to watch imo

  • K C
    K C 13 days ago +1

    What reflexes ? 😂

  • Jas Grewal
    Jas Grewal 13 days ago

    Pope should be number 1 easily, Wilson is a great finisher

  • Bobby Shmurda
    Bobby Shmurda 13 days ago +3

    Even tho he’s getting destroyed I’d still rather Pope than Pickford

  • Juan Raul García de Paredes Eskildsen

    Waaaaay to easy finishing drills. Da goalie has got no chance m8

  • Small T
    Small T 13 days ago +2

    There goes Pope’s confidence...

  • Dre Mac
    Dre Mac 13 days ago +9

    Ofcourse rashford has the worst conversion rate ... 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Ethan Gilsenan
    Ethan Gilsenan 13 days ago +25

    These videos are the best thing about the international break

    • godspeed133
      godspeed133 12 days ago +1

      Hahaha...better than the matches.

  • Nathan Drake
    Nathan Drake 13 days ago

    Big up nick pope, the shooting on our boys is ridiculous

  • Keith Ramsey
    Keith Ramsey 13 days ago

    Kane should move to City after Aguero leaves

  • Matija Manojlovic
    Matija Manojlovic 13 days ago +2

    I'd like to see Callum Wilson in a better side.Pure striker.

    • Jared Ona
      Jared Ona 13 days ago +1

      Yeah he knows how to position himself unlike Rashford

    • the womble
      the womble 13 days ago

      I wish Man Utd had gone after him in summer. He's a much better striker than Rashford.

  • Chief Leef Gamer
    Chief Leef Gamer 13 days ago +1

    More like *expose nicks reflexes*

  • ojonimi idoko
    ojonimi idoko 13 days ago +1

    Shouldn't rashford be here too?

    • Aaaa Bbbb
      Aaaa Bbbb 12 days ago

      ojonimi idoko
      Rashford was in the video.

  • Thbbbdvnjhhbg Pooobgg
    Thbbbdvnjhhbg Pooobgg 13 days ago +105

    Kane striking a football is one of the most beautiful sights in the game

  • Marquis
    Marquis 13 days ago +1

    I thought that was the f2 guy in the thumbnail at first

  • Joe스
    Joe스 13 days ago +11

    Sterling kane sancho is fantastic line
    England will winner euro2020

  • Carlin Ani
    Carlin Ani 13 days ago +2

    Debate: Which national team has the best attacking trio?

    • FaZe Booce
      FaZe Booce 13 days ago +1

      France with dembele griezman mbappe or england id say

  • Dxlicata
    Dxlicata 13 days ago

    This Video should have been called ‘Nick Pope being bullied for 4 minutes straight’

  • Samuel West
    Samuel West 13 days ago


  • Tommy Shelby
    Tommy Shelby 13 days ago

    Sterling is our best forward by a mile

  • Ore Media House
    Ore Media House 13 days ago

    Why is it Rashford ball that the Pope catch

  • Free Bird
    Free Bird 13 days ago +5

    Should've put Pickford in goal for a proper challenge

    • Lord Jordan
      Lord Jordan 13 days ago

      Nathan Drake no he’s not

    • Nathan Drake
      Nathan Drake 13 days ago +1

      Looool Pope is miles better than Pickford, just not with his feet😂

    • hughesey009
      hughesey009 13 days ago

      Yeah nah nah yeah.

  • Henry Zacharchuk
    Henry Zacharchuk 13 days ago +1

    imagine pope being the best goal keeper in your country

    • Matthew Rogan
      Matthew Rogan 12 days ago +1

      Henry Zacharchuk he’s not Pickford is which is y he starts