STRONGMAN DOES ICE SWIM (38•F 3•C) ft Ross Edgley

  • Published on Feb 12, 2020
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Comments • 70

  • Ross Edgley
    Ross Edgley 7 months ago +4261

    Brother thank you SO much for being an ABSOLUTE HERO! Whilst it was SUCH AN EPIC day, I just really appreciate you putting your body on the line to highlight water safety and cold shock! You're a MASSIVE MASSIVE MAN HERO of the highest order..... 10km swim next visit? haha

    • Scotty vlogs p
      Scotty vlogs p 29 days ago

      Omg yess # rubber ducky club

    • Gooner Troy
      Gooner Troy 2 months ago +1

      Eddie 'The Beast' Hall Absolute legend started watching your channel since lockdown really helped me and made me laugh keep doing it mate all the best TROY

    • Car Crazy
      Car Crazy 3 months ago

      Eddy I would like to see you do that again now your so shredded... and this time complete the run with out stopping, if you do that you can just dance around thor and make him tired til he falls a sleep XD :P
      Love from Holland ...

      SCOOBYTRUCK3R ! 3 months ago

      Ross! Would you let me do the same if I stopped by?😂 In all seriousness tho, I would actually enjoy something of the sort. My cardio is ass, so the run would suck, but the water looks like loads of fun

    • Firey BlazeMaster
      Firey BlazeMaster 3 months ago

      Eddie 'The Beast' Hall For a beast you are very kind!

  • isaak ring
    isaak ring 2 days ago

    Ross really cracks me up

  • JJ959
    JJ959 5 days ago

    Eddie is out here skiing 😂😂 10:00

  • Captain Nick
    Captain Nick 6 days ago

    Wait did the cameraman get in as well?

  • Cody Fuselier
    Cody Fuselier 8 days ago

    These two are funny as hell together please do more with Ross and Eddie the beast hall

  • Roc Man
    Roc Man 8 days ago

    3:12 good boy

  • Sarah Hockney
    Sarah Hockney 10 days ago

    This video is so hilarious.. obvs not going in ice water but you guys together are really funny !!

  • Brej-E
    Brej-E 10 days ago

    I love how Ross reassures Eddie that he's doing fine and he's doing a great job. Ross is such a positive and nice guy

  • Maxi ?!?
    Maxi ?!? 10 days ago

    In Canada we have something called a polar plunge, they break the ice on a completely frozen lake in -25°C and hundreds of people run in

  • Emily L.
    Emily L. 10 days ago

    Ross' energy is everything I need and need to be lol

  • Wayne Graham
    Wayne Graham 13 days ago

    The fact eddie can do any type of running at all is crazy. What an amazing athlete. As for Ross i have nothing to say. Hes gone upstairs. Gguys like him and david goggins litteraly have no limits. They approach stress like normal people deal with Being tired. We just go to sleep. They just shake it off knowing the mental aspect is the whole battle.

  • Bulli
    Bulli 13 days ago

    yo Eddy i love your vids!!! They are all funny as hell ^^. Pls make much more with ross. He is so f... funny as well. i love to watch you both together!!! greets grom Austria

  • Richard Du Plessis
    Richard Du Plessis 13 days ago

    Eddie once upon a time had a very good physique

  • FaithsFallen
    FaithsFallen 14 days ago

    3:13 left the wife in the search for a man wearing those speedo's!

  • Mike Brodeur
    Mike Brodeur 14 days ago

    Eddie and Ross are awesome together. Can't wait for the next one with these 2.

  • Tyson Fury
    Tyson Fury 14 days ago


  • Hazvaldo
    Hazvaldo 14 days ago

    I’ve actually been to this manly meer the obstacle course is amazing

  • John Braucher
    John Braucher 15 days ago

    The fence thing i am surprised Ross didn't try.

  • John Braucher
    John Braucher 15 days ago

    Yeah that'll happen..haha. Lol

  • Jack Martin
    Jack Martin 16 days ago

    Him eating is like shaggy and scoobie the meat just disappears like he’s a vacuum😂

  • Henrique brustolin
    Henrique brustolin 17 days ago

    Ross abs came just from laughing

  • deep5811
    deep5811 18 days ago

    You two need to a show or have more regular content together at a minimum! Awesome stuff. :-D

  • Al ex
    Al ex 20 days ago

    Baywatch - British style

  • SteakieFrags
    SteakieFrags 21 day ago

    "i was starting to get cold".
    are you kidding me xD

  • Mikael Lindgren
    Mikael Lindgren 22 days ago

    Hey Eddie, you should have a Eating battle with Matt Stonie XD

  • Halim M sifa al
    Halim M sifa al 22 days ago

    Buy me a computer that slow

  • P K
    P K 24 days ago

    😆There weren’t enough bleeps for all the swear words!😂

  • Billy
    Billy 26 days ago

    Where is this lake?

  • Icelandic Potato
    Icelandic Potato 27 days ago +1

    What a happy nice man.

    GAMING WITH JOE 27 days ago

    The camera woman her mouth is watering...when they ate hot wings

  • T Subject
    T Subject 28 days ago

    Love how you could see his footprints during the Sprint

  • Dylan Piazza
    Dylan Piazza 29 days ago

    Lmao you guys are who i wanna be when i never grow up

  • Choocherman
    Choocherman Month ago +1

    imagine no one says anything to a women going to the bathroom and she just stumbles across Eddie 380lbs in budgey smugglers hahahahah

  • Colombiano del patio

    Ross: Man, you look great

    Eddie: you look like a dick

    that's a good friendship😂

  • hang man
    hang man Month ago

    Im srry but Houston Jones has better content

  • Said M.
    Said M. Month ago

    Eddie u are literally the funniest man on youtube🤣 i love watching ur videos

  • Christopher Thorburn

    My eyes hurt

  • L!ngo
    L!ngo Month ago +6

    Absolutely nobody:
    Eddie: "I'm going to touch this electric fence"

  • Ashley Thomas
    Ashley Thomas Month ago

    Wow fair play this is class wat hing this fuuny tho more can u cum to South Wales u would love it here plz plz we have boxers darts players and car pinchers plz let me nw would love to nett this fella

  • willy
    willy Month ago

    Great animal bulge🤣😘

  • Darth Gorthaur
    Darth Gorthaur Month ago

    It is properly like the Hulk running round the lake...

  • Bigdipper3600
    Bigdipper3600 Month ago

    The language

  • Bigdipper3600
    Bigdipper3600 Month ago

    Who ever reads this Jesus father God has a plan for you . Stay positive and strong . Not for likes just trying to spread the word of God.

  • Lee Couldwell
    Lee Couldwell Month ago

    I really wanna have a beer or 10 with Ross. He seems like a right laugh.

  • scott zimmerman
    scott zimmerman Month ago

    So awesome!!!

  • Giovanni Vr6
    Giovanni Vr6 Month ago

    So funny 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lizathe Wildcrafter

    I could probably,in the mood,eat you two out of house and home

  • Sussy Tranny
    Sussy Tranny Month ago


  • Lisa Webster
    Lisa Webster Month ago

    I love it the way you laugh you are such a lovely person and beast is too I enjoyed watching your veido

  • Sotir Milivojevic zvani djubre

    Good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good 🤯🤯🤯😂😂😂😂

  • 1 sub with notis before 2021?

    Surface water is always a lot warmer than the deeper so it was most likely a lot colder around their waist and legs

  • 1 sub with notis before 2021?

    Hypothermia sets in 48 hours for eddie

  • Manzi Gabriel
    Manzi Gabriel Month ago

    he looks like gareth bale.

  • Cheryl Muir
    Cheryl Muir Month ago

    Loved every second of this!! You are both absolutely next-level!

  • Vital Solar
    Vital Solar 2 months ago

    Stay cool calm and collected in the cold water you can overcome it.

  • Daryl Mchugh
    Daryl Mchugh 2 months ago

    When the big man walked out in them budgie smugglers lol 😂

  • rodrigo ortega estrada
    rodrigo ortega estrada 2 months ago

    Love this part 10:05, i adore it 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lightning Sound
    Lightning Sound 2 months ago

    Damn respect to Eddie!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldve killed the other dude.

  • Will AV
    Will AV 2 months ago +6

    3:53 Baywatch UK edition

  • Donald Savage
    Donald Savage 2 months ago +1

    Wow that was a funny and fun video... You look like a big baby in a diaper running on the beach. LOL👍...

  • Timo Grill
    Timo Grill 2 months ago

    Instant like just because of the swimming pants😂

  • Justin Chaney
    Justin Chaney 2 months ago

    I don’t trust anyone who tucks their ears into their hat.

  • Liam Appleton
    Liam Appleton 2 months ago

    Anyone else waiting for “get back you b**tard, I’ll break your legs” through the horn🤣🤣

  • GDP音樂工作室 GDP Music

    Fish: Grandpa, why do call 2/12 the doomsday?
    Grandpa fish: once upon a time..... two giants whearing weird briefs
    fall from the sky...

  • Oliver Cornelius
    Oliver Cornelius 2 months ago

    Just makes me want a pair of budgy smugglers tbh

  • First Last
    First Last 2 months ago

    The electric fence was great

  • Golem Warzone
    Golem Warzone 2 months ago

    Man if im not subscribed yet, then for this shorts ..

  • graham hammond
    graham hammond 2 months ago +1

    19:07 when you realise he’s talking about beardmeatsfood

  • Roy Nelson
    Roy Nelson 2 months ago

    Eddie I know you got your hands full hanging out with him man 😂😂 he's super cool and funny man you crack me up always a little slip and sliding😂😂that's pretty amazing how you stay in that cold like that brother I know people would have probably hyperventilated but you stay safe and keep On keepin On brother 🇺🇸💯💕👍🏼👍🏼💪🏽💪🏽👊🏻👊🏻🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • The Harry Kane Appreciation Society

    Yeah I'm from Chester