35th Anniversary Trailer | EastEnders

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Comments • 80

  • Donna G
    Donna G Month ago

    An award please

  • divine ntungu
    divine ntungu Month ago


  • Sammy -Jayne Haddon
    Sammy -Jayne Haddon Month ago +2

    Just watched tonights episode, OMG this is driving me insane of keep being left in suspence, I am loving the episodes but the suspense of finding out who is going home in a body bag is killing me, obvo we know that phycho Leo is dead but who is going to die on the boat is the thing I am waiting to find out, will we finally find out by tomorrow (Fri 21st Feb)?

    • Sammy -Jayne Haddon
      Sammy -Jayne Haddon Month ago

      @KK7 T I know, I watched it last nite on BBCi player coz I missed it on Fri lol, I don't like Dennis coz he is a little s*** but when they couldn't rivive him and they pulled the blanket over his face it still made me cry like a baby.

    • KK7 T
      KK7 T Month ago +1

      Sammy -Jayne Haddon Dennis is dead haha 😂

  • Maggie. kargbo
    Maggie. kargbo Month ago

    I believe that keanu and Phil are the reason for all of this happening as you can see in one of the triller someone hits the steering wheel and if you look closely it’s the same jacket as keanu and put in in slow motion and you will see little Phil head Coming at him

  • Sammy -Jayne Haddon

    Episode should have been an hr special

  • Jahanara Abdulhamid

    Eastenders is best 👍

  • Glenda Grant
    Glenda Grant Month ago

    Somebody bombs the boat and blames it on Bobby. He has been getting hatemail. Phil iafter Keanu with gun. Phil accidentally shots Ben. Whitney gets charged for manslaughter.

  • James Renouf
    James Renouf Month ago

    Calling it now dot Is gonna surprise everyone by showing up on the boat and go on a cocaine binge slip on Lindas drink snap her hip and fall overboard and drown legend dead

    • ChupaCheekYT
      ChupaCheekYT Month ago

      James Renouf Dot quit Eastenders today

  • RxbyGuxxi
    RxbyGuxxi Month ago

    Everyone, Mostly: Its Linda Who Drowns, Or Bex.

    Me: I Think It Could Be Max As Jack Tells Him About How He Helped Lauren Break With Peter And He Over Reacts Wich Makes Something Happen To Make Jack Punch Max, Couldnt Be Maybe Go Overboard? Just My Opinion. And I Think Its Dennis Who Is Posting About Dennis As It Shows Ian Looking Badly At Dennis On BBC One EastEnders Photos For The Upcoming Thursday 20th Episode.

  • krishna pokala
    krishna pokala Month ago

    Love it

  • Arafat Hussain
    Arafat Hussain Month ago +1

    I think Keanu going to die

  • Laura Grimmer
    Laura Grimmer Month ago +2

    I'm not too fussed who dies as long as it's not Callum or Ben lol

  • Kat She
    Kat She Month ago

    Phil deserves it... he drags everyone into his mess the malignant narcissistic bald ***t!

  • T Bird
    T Bird Month ago

    The person the paramedics are working on has gloves on...Keanu has gloves on in the trailer ??? Is it a red herring

  • Vr X Playzzz674
    Vr X Playzzz674 Month ago

    When is this

  • The British Ghost
    The British Ghost Month ago

    I love this reboot of titanic

  • Dr D
    Dr D Month ago +1

    I was legit about to say. This is gonna be Titanic themed.

  • Banezi
    Banezi Month ago

    We all talking about Phil vs Keanu and Bex. What about Martin? Is he not coming at all?

  • Gaz's Gaming Channel

    By the look 00:07 it looks like keanu pushed Phil or killed him

  • FIRE2H4L Reactor
    FIRE2H4L Reactor Month ago

    This was the deadest trailer of eastenders it was like 30sec

  • Xagon Wespil
    Xagon Wespil Month ago +1

    Bex or bobby

  • kaylirowe
    kaylirowe Month ago

    What is this eastenders titanic

  • Harry Whitmore
    Harry Whitmore Month ago

    In the second trailer, it shows Phil shouting at Keanu and in this one it shows Keanu looking down as if he's just made a big mistake, EE also stated a legend of the show is going to die, I reckon Keanu pushed Phil off the boat in retaliation.

  • Matt_CCFC_Gamez
    Matt_CCFC_Gamez Month ago

    Is it Leo the one who gets pushed into the wheel ?

  • Beth Griffin
    Beth Griffin Month ago

    Would be funny if My Heart Will Go On was on in the background

  • Matthew Fuller
    Matthew Fuller Month ago +1

    They better not have Phill kill Keanu. I swear to god stop making Phill the hard man. I want Keanu to come out on top. Same with Keanu and Ben.

  • Josh Adams
    Josh Adams Month ago +2

    Actually impressed by this!

  • Snake 22
    Snake 22 Month ago

    What sort of jacket is keanu wearing ?

  • MezzyMoo 93
    MezzyMoo 93 Month ago

    90% sure its Dennis!!

    • jwdean15
      jwdean15 Month ago

      MezzyMoo 93 good call

  • Abraham Ali
    Abraham Ali Month ago

    Rainie shey gose to the boat party next week

  • Abraham Ali
    Abraham Ali Month ago

    Phil Mitchell hey gose to the boat party next week

  • Abraham Ali
    Abraham Ali Month ago

    Stuart hey gose to the boat party next week

  • Abraham Ali
    Abraham Ali Month ago

    Police officer Jack braning hey gose to the boat party next week

  • Abraham Ali
    Abraham Ali Month ago

    Mick Carter and Linda Carter and shirley Carter go to the boat party next week

  • Abraham Ali
    Abraham Ali Month ago

    Ben Mitchell hey gose to the boat party next week

  • Abraham Ali
    Abraham Ali Month ago

    Bully boy dennis hey gose ro the boat party next week

  • Abraham Ali
    Abraham Ali Month ago

    Sharon shey should push Phil Mitchell off the boat at the party to finish him off

  • underneonloneliness2

    Surprised the BBC can afford this after the decline in TV licences. Scrap the licence!

  • Bo Waffle
    Bo Waffle Month ago

    It’s Dennis! Or Bex


    Eastenders are misleading us now I heard it could be Issac .
    Most likely it's going to be the queen Vic statue that dies sucken to the Thames.

  • Mark Lynn
    Mark Lynn Month ago

    Rock the Boat by Aaliyah

  • Ryft Fuzions
    Ryft Fuzions Month ago

    Ah shiiii

  • Bald Martin
    Bald Martin Month ago +2

    EastEnders needs a good clean out , They’ve ruined the Mitchell’s . Bens now some soppy guy because he’s “gay “ and they have to remind us 24/7 . Bex is just a weird character and makes me cringe and skip her parts . And then don’t get me started on Bobby , bloody hell . The actor doesn’t suit the role and I honestly couldn’t care less that about him

  • Kevin McQuaid
    Kevin McQuaid Month ago


  • Abel Manmoth
    Abel Manmoth Month ago

    This show has got the same characters who were in it years ago, still sulking about but having gone through every marriage combination possible with each other, and a new generation of characters seemingly named after dead ones but just as grim, talking in drama school "propppaaaa werkin' clarss" accents, being orchestrated by professional cocker-ney Willy The Wonqueror aka Daniel Dyer. I did enjoy the ridiculously constant miserable tone though. But I think really this show would be improved by the existential crisis' of characters and some re-telling of classic literature, Sci-Fi and mythology, such as Ian Beale on a Dante's Inferno style trawl through Walford, Kat Slater as a Prometheus style tragic icon tied not to a rock, but to the bar in the Queen Vic having her liver pecked at by Shirley but best of all you could have Bobby Beale but transcending time and reality by being a Quantum Leap-esque time traveller going back in time.

  • Siphon Gaming
    Siphon Gaming Month ago

    Look at 0:07 on playback speed of 0.25 you can see someone sneak up on keanu

    • Roro
      Roro Month ago

      I think its phils brother grant

  • Gaz's Gaming Channel

    By the look of keanu's face it looks like he killed Phil.

    • Kaylee Dick
      Kaylee Dick Month ago

      Keep watching guys u find out soon

  • stylo
    stylo Month ago

    ian really gonna have nothing left when that boat sinks. No oxygen

  • Keith Whitty
    Keith Whitty Month ago

    Ahhh they should do a live one like before. The opening was hilarious when he forgot his opening line. Do do dododododododo. Loool

  • Joshua Asika
    Joshua Asika Month ago +1

    Atleast this time it's not a 'Who killed' storyline like the 25th and 30th anniversary!

  • ebonyeyes1986
    ebonyeyes1986 Month ago

    Bex is leaving, but peter is sitting in a hospital so that means bobby or ian. But then they say linda and mick, mick cant swim but id rather it was linda.

  • Wilson Scraddock
    Wilson Scraddock Month ago

    Phil dead :(

  • antony clark
    antony clark Month ago

    finally something different in eastenders for once

    TRAPA2SPlASHY ! Month ago

    Me n crema are excited

  • Mr Greeny
    Mr Greeny Month ago

    Mick dies. If you see at 0:12 , they’re resuscitating someone and you can see the blazer of that person. It’s a dark green. Mick also has a dark green blazer on.

  • Fortnite all day all night

    Lmao they trying to copy Titanic.

  • Jason Morris
    Jason Morris Month ago

    Leo dies

  • EwGaming4U
    EwGaming4U Month ago

    Eastenders meets Titanic

    ACRO MUSIC Month ago

    Yoyoyo at the water fight area it look like big guy Phil and Keanu then they show Keanu with blood on his face cohr blimey

  • Helen McClay
    Helen McClay Month ago +1

    I think someone might jump in to save Denny,or Bex and be the one to Die (especially seeing those pills tonight),someone will be left to drown like unnacounted for on the ship and a person will jump in to sacrifice for them (I believe it will be a hero's Goodbye)
    I had an incling Patrick too (a Legend) since he goes to tell that Issac that he's his son,but disaster strikes before he can tell him,that's tragic too,and maybe Chantelle,or Gray to close up the Abuse story.

  • Arif Shomel
    Arif Shomel Month ago

    As soon as i Stopped watching this because it got boring they start pushing out these bad boy stories

  • PixieIra
    PixieIra Month ago +3

    That episode is gonna change a lot. I bet an important character is going to die 😢Nuuu

    • Paige Fullard
      Paige Fullard Month ago

      PixieIra yep Dennis rickman jr 😭🥺💔

  • Haylee Jefferson
    Haylee Jefferson Month ago +1

    Am I the only one who thinks 💭 Tracey?

  • Snake Plisskin
    Snake Plisskin Month ago +1

    Drunk Phil is better then drunk Linda

  • Nass Khan
    Nass Khan Month ago +2

    Who cares who dies cos in 10 years the Bbc will be finished

  • Adam Gordon
    Adam Gordon Month ago

    Somebody is gonna die apparently, I’m backing it’s Leo 🤔

    • Adam Gordon
      Adam Gordon Month ago

      kayla nwafor : Yeh.. I seen this trailer before Whitney killed him. Now I’m thinking Bex, Keanu, or Dennis could die.

    • kayla nwafor
      kayla nwafor Month ago

      Adam Gordon Whitney killed Leo wiv a knife
      Before the boat party

  • Nathan Sfendji
    Nathan Sfendji Month ago

    BeX is meant to leave as she said she was do she does

  • spencer layne
    spencer layne Month ago +3

    Surely there should be nuclear war on the square by now

  • K_Spil13r _YT
    K_Spil13r _YT Month ago


  • Barry Collins
    Barry Collins Month ago

    I heard it’s the whole cast who’s gonna did they’re gonna end eastenders cause in recent years it’s being more and more unpopular

  • Just Stuff
    Just Stuff Month ago +2

    I'm really annoyed at Linda! Surprised Mick hasn't divorced her!

  • Mohammed Yahya
    Mohammed Yahya Month ago +5

    You know what, I've really enjoyed the storylines in eastenders these past few months, especially Linda's and the keanu/sharon one. Also some of the camera angles and transition g in the episodes have been brilliant

  • i created a new account just to change my name

    Titanic 2 anybody?

  • Charlie Cunningham
    Charlie Cunningham Month ago

    Anyone notice Phil has a gun

  • Joseph Kyffin
    Joseph Kyffin Month ago

    The better version of titanic is coming

  • Amelia Woodward
    Amelia Woodward Month ago +6

    I think it’s phill that dies as they said a legend dies. It’s one of the most secretive deaths and surprisingly he isn’t dead and his death would be a shock. Also if you watch the family is everything trailer on there Instagram he is the only character to be wet when he walks into the cafe and there’s flashing ambulance lights behind him xx

    • Amelia Woodward
      Amelia Woodward Month ago

      RxbyGuxxi I’ve just seen a few interviews however and Danny dyer and kelly both said that it’s a massive surprise. And I do believe that would be a massive surprise. And I did also say the original reason why I thought this was because he was the only person set in the trailer. But at the end of the day this is just my opinion and speculations

    • RxbyGuxxi
      RxbyGuxxi Month ago +1

      Ok Listen Up, Hes Survived 2 Shootings, 2 car crashes an extra into the thames, hes survived a bombing, hes survived a kidnapping, he survived a blood clot in his brain, a alcohol abuse, a heart attack so i dont think because it says a legend dies reffers to the 1 and only phil mitchell

    • Fortnite all day all night
      Fortnite all day all night Month ago +1

      Lmao they said that about Christmas 2018 but nobody died except for Alfie pretending to be dead.
      They just want to get views.

    • adamrooney517
      adamrooney517 Month ago +1

      Did they not say it was a much loved character or someone who's been on for a while

    • Amelia Woodward
      Amelia Woodward Month ago +1

      CARZ2801 oh really, I didn’t know that.. (I mean this in no disrespect to the actress as I do love her) however they did say that a legend was set to die. And in my opinion I believe that there are more likely to mean someone else with that quote

  • TheFallofTheEleventh

    Eastenders Meets Titanic 🤣

  • milkytwix
    milkytwix Month ago

    Bex is going to die. I’d bet money on it if I were a gambling woman.

  • Captain Chainsaw
    Captain Chainsaw Month ago

    This looks amazingly bad, i might have to watch it.

  • Annalise Doyle
    Annalise Doyle Month ago

    Can someone please tell me when this is on.

    • Annalise Doyle
      Annalise Doyle Month ago

      @CARZ2801 tnx

    • CARZ2801
      CARZ2801 Month ago

      Annalise Doyle All next week. With each day focusing on a different family. Monday - Carters, Tuesday - Beales, Thursday - Mitchells Friday- The Climax