Coronavirus whistleblowers disappear in China | DW News

  • As Chinese authorities struggle to contain the COVID-19 coronavirus, they're also working to silence the growing number of critics of the government's crisis plans. Censors have been erasing critical social media sites. At least two outspoken citizen journalists have disappeared. Chen Qiushi and Fang Bin are among those whose whereabouts are unknown. And citizens were outraged at the death of Wuhan Doctor Li Wenliang, who raised the alarm about the virus. Meanwhile, China has reported 97 more deaths from the Corona virus and more than two thousand new infections, claiming these are the lowest figures since January. Officials also predict the epidemic could be over by April. But the World Health Organization disagrees, arguing it's too early to say whether infections have peaked. They're warning the outbreak poses a global threat potentially worse than terrorism. And people in and outside of China are beginning to question the accuracy of the information they are getting.
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Comments • 86

  • BlueAngel
    BlueAngel 11 hours ago

    They planned it and now they are free of it and who knows what will it do to the rest of the world. God will help us.

  • Edicius Bizaar
    Edicius Bizaar 12 hours ago

    See this video? Communist China! Coming to a country near you!

  • Rohit Sharma
    Rohit Sharma 13 hours ago

    China is behind corona virus , wuhan students studying medical studies told its a biological chemically enhanced weopen and China will face the consequences

  • busy boy
    busy boy 16 hours ago

    lets get rid of the ceap items and by home made products x the next 100 years.

  • Thisismyrifle
    Thisismyrifle 18 hours ago

    most of them just died in their home or died before the virus test came out, and they sent the body straight to the cremation. these numbers weren't counted into the death toll.
    a 1.3 billion population country has lower confirmed cases and death toll than Italy? lol, i doubt it.

    • 叶正茂
      叶正茂 14 hours ago

      US has the most advanced technology in the world and it becomes the most infected country? I doubt it.

  • 叶正茂
    叶正茂 14 hours ago

    US has the most advanced technology in the world and it becomes the most infected country? I doubt it.

  • A C
    A C 18 hours ago

    Germany should awake

  • Kratos Jam
    Kratos Jam 21 hour ago

    china well played!! 👎

  • ҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉

    china is erasing people and every ones just watching. why? because dolar rules...

  • LINTO Varghese
    LINTO Varghese 21 hour ago

    Are the 2 journalists alive today...?! Any updates about them?!...

  • Bryan Max
    Bryan Max 22 hours ago

    Why are they trying to deny it when the evidence is overwhelming. It makes them look even worse. They messed up big this time

  • Saturn and the planets
    Saturn and the planets 23 hours ago

    War is coming.

  • Everton Hylton
    Everton Hylton 23 hours ago

    Cover up by our governments

  • Everton Hylton
    Everton Hylton 23 hours ago

    Give africans what are rightfully ours, take it away from Chinese, give it forward to the africans??

  • m. taylor
    m. taylor Day ago

    I do not think it is right those two citizens were apprehended and disappeared..but I also believe the CCP will not allow foreign reporters in because some foreigners come in with a negative perspective that may result in biased reporting.

  • didi aka
    didi aka Day ago

    Any Government need a Nuclear Bomb to destroy Wuhan

  • fu Wen
    fu Wen Day ago

    see who's laughing now?Dont blame China if you puny country cant handle the virus,your incompetent puppet masters keeps delaying, and using false information to deceive the public ,unwilling to put people's lives as priority
    please stay calm,maybe herd immunity will work

  • Steve Barnes
    Steve Barnes Day ago

    He probably had inside information on how the Government over there re-engineered the virus and had to be eliminated. Kind of like how Epstein was eliminated...he knew too much.

  • rick couture
    rick couture Day ago

    are the elderly being "let go"when families cannot pay???? death by old age, sort of.....

  • paul Tzacos
    paul Tzacos Day ago

    Chinese government must pay the worlds cost for COVID -19 because they are to blame for its spread due to lies and deceit. CCP virus.

  • Can I get 10k subscribers without any video

    This is a plan by the Chinese government to destroy the economy of the world and become the superpower itself
    If somebody disagrees then pls tell me why

  • Time Shock
    Time Shock Day ago

    Figures - their bravest, most moral and selfless they view as a threat ..... When THOSE are your enemy - its a pretty solid indication that you MIGHT be a bit off course.

  • Mike W
    Mike W Day ago

    Freedom of Speech.. As an American, thinking about my basic constitutional rights... I feel blessed. China needs Reform... although I'm sure the communists think the same thing of us... that we need reform. Humans are born to be free... not property or statistics... I am very sickened to hear of the Social Score they give citizens see how well they conform to the Party..

  • Melato Carias
    Melato Carias Day ago

    Brave & he paid for it

  • Mike W
    Mike W Day ago

    Communism must be eradicated. The Chinese citizens are under some despicable leadership. Sadly some are brainwashed, but most would embrace an overthrow of the current order. Liberty or Death!!

  • Dark Ningen
    Dark Ningen Day ago

    If only there's one strong force to free those chinese people from dictatorship.

  • Peter Marshall
    Peter Marshall Day ago

    Governments across the world have conveniently forgotten who they serve...... THE PEOPLE!! It has been the wrong way around for decades. They now just seem to serve themselves and we all pay the price for that big time.

  • rjkxs jlsdsd
    rjkxs jlsdsd Day ago

    I hate china

  • david john
    david john Day ago

    We never buy anything from China 1000s people wont from now on

  • Lynn Johnson
    Lynn Johnson Day ago


  • Freedom Flyer
    Freedom Flyer Day ago

    China is at fault for their lacklustre response to the virus and censorship.
    The USA is also at fault but for their shoddy medical system and excessive greed.
    I don't know which is worse...

  • The Electric Wrench

    Just weird to me... you would think the higher powers of the world would come against the China communist government and slay them in the streets... what is wrong with people.... can't people not live in harmony..... due to so much greed and hunger for control in this world we see the things that are going on and it's all due to a number of people at the top, their hunger for power and control.... one ant is not a threat ...but 7 billion ants could devastate their oppressors.... the choice is ours.... the power is also ours....

  • C SAHA
    C SAHA 2 days ago

    China has to pay the price of this type of conspiracy. It's a shame !

  • prum chhangsreng
    prum chhangsreng 2 days ago

    Severely ill for 10days? If she was servere, shouldnt she be dead instead of lasting for 10days?

  • V S
    V S 2 days ago

    All governments seem to be alike..... - DISHONEST!

  • Pablo Alejandro Pérez Acosta

    Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

  • Gabriel Balon
    Gabriel Balon 2 days ago

    Trump's right. He said "you don't know the numbers of coronavirus in China

  • Alvin Gemira
    Alvin Gemira 2 days ago

    why is the world leaders not do anything about it

  • Mary Heath
    Mary Heath 2 days ago

    China hid the evadence of the virus

  • Bobby G
    Bobby G 2 days ago

    Wait Wait!..Authorities say?

  • MangoJackFruit
    MangoJackFruit 2 days ago

    I don't believe that China's government is telling all the truth. However, to be honest, he shouldn't have gone too close to the body bags. SERIOUSLY.

  • Lothar H.
    Lothar H. 2 days ago

    Whistleblowers play a key role in society....but people weigh in when it is not about Assange and Snowden...why because mainstream media will mention these cases once or twice and then make the people forget them...but everyday mainstream media will play the old record of other countries/governments are bad....this crisis will be a true test to may countries independent of their geographic location, beliefs and politics.....lets hope we all play fair, to not accept the crushing of whisteblowers ANYWHERE with the SAME enthusiasm.

  • KalmWolf Life Everlasting

    Every government has people disappear that are harmful to those in power

  • family life
    family life 2 days ago

    The virus I'm pretty much 💯 certain has come from the biological sciences laboratory in Wuhan , I think it has been leaked before it was meant to be , I believe it's still in its infancy stage which is why more people are living through it than there should have been if it was perfected the death rate would have been much higher than that ,
    Deffo a strategic move by China

  • Rejean Nowlan
    Rejean Nowlan 2 days ago

    i wish this was africa

  • Lorena Ayala
    Lorena Ayala 2 days ago

    How sad 😢

  • Nena Love
    Nena Love 2 days ago

    The video says it all. Those statistics number of cases in Cina by WHO just isn’t true !

  • Latino Heat
    Latino Heat 2 days ago

    The Chinese Communist Party has made the Orwellian dystopia a reality. History will remember the crimes of Xi Jingping.

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog 2 days ago

    21,000,000 cell phone plans have been cancelled in china ... a country where everyone is required by law to have a cellphone. I wonder what happened to them

  • Jayesh Kambli
    Jayesh Kambli 2 days ago


  • Heki A
    Heki A 2 days ago

    He disappeared :-((

  • Jayson Knight
    Jayson Knight 3 days ago

    This is the first wave. Virus, make countries panic. Stock market collapse. Prices drop, countries struggle to maintain. China then buys up as much stock as they can. Oil prices drop. China buys up. Then countries have no money left due to the struggles. Second wave, China now control stocks around the world. Wave 3 North Korea launch and China invades as America fights back. Its WW3.

  • Merlita Molina
    Merlita Molina 3 days ago

    God created man and He is the only one who knows when we will come back to Him... Let's pray for all humanity...

  • Abby Smith
    Abby Smith 3 days ago

    They didn’t disappear, they were murdered

  • Prashanti Pasumarthy

    Ban china

  • Chandan Rai
    Chandan Rai 3 days ago

    China should be punished and China played very well to bring the economy of the world down ..

  • For me it was Tuesday.

    Some part of America is sold out to China I feel. Things dont feel right.

  • Matthijs Cornelissen

    Communist Party is the virus.

  • ayush shrote
    ayush shrote 3 days ago

    Magician:I can dissapear pigeons.easily

    China: We can dissapear people easily.

  • Erica Jones
    Erica Jones 3 days ago

    TRUTH!!!! Whistle blowers are disappeared first, then they're "controlled" by being murdered. Remember Dr. SEBI, and Ebola????? Disappeared=dead......

  • J A M
    J A M 3 days ago

    0:36 the guy is in tears because he knows his fate; this is either a true humanitarian, or a gov't shill provided by the world's greatest propagandist, the United States government.
    You can't tell what is true or not on FLash-player. Maybe a decade ago before Google bought them, but now, every image is owned.

  • Swak!
    Swak! 3 days ago

    I hope China pays for what they have done in the world not just about the lives of the people and about the economy.

  • Chi Funk
    Chi Funk 3 days ago

    ERrr Err Errrr, seems impossible to get a coherent message out of these fools #media

  • Digital Marketing
    Digital Marketing 3 days ago

    Any lawyer please file a case against China🙏

  • Deborah carter
    Deborah carter 3 days ago

    The Worlds heroes. So thankful these men risked they’re lives to inform mankind all over the world. God Bless them and their families❣️🙏🏻

  • Mysore Peshwa
    Mysore Peshwa 3 days ago

    This means it was conspiracy by Chinese Govt?

  • Wetblanket
    Wetblanket 3 days ago

    This is exactly what they want you to see.

  • Game Playnia
    Game Playnia 3 days ago

    The Chinese government is responsible for deaths of thousands around the world.

    • Ashleigh Baron
      Ashleigh Baron 14 hours ago

      And they need to be held accountable!!!!!🤬

    • Jlinus
      Jlinus 2 days ago +1

      The Chinese government needs to be held responsible for the suffering of its people and the people around the world.

    • Ismi Haidar
      Ismi Haidar 2 days ago


    • Ismi Haidar
      Ismi Haidar 2 days ago

      I agree

  • Ashleigh Baron
    Ashleigh Baron 14 hours ago

    And they need to be held accountable!!!!!🤬

  • Jlinus
    Jlinus 2 days ago

    The Chinese government needs to be held responsible for the suffering of its people and the people around the world.

  • Ismi Haidar
    Ismi Haidar 2 days ago


  • Ismi Haidar
    Ismi Haidar 2 days ago

    I agree

  • Uwanda Roberts
    Uwanda Roberts 3 days ago

    potentially worse than terrorism, Yet the World Health Organization is lead by a Liar who gave false information in the past. Hard to believe someone who has lied before.

  • Tempest 89
    Tempest 89 4 days ago

    I only hope they are not being tortured.

  • Scorpion
    Scorpion 4 days ago

    They are killing everyone, who say something bad about this Communist system. Why western world is dealing with this country ?

    GOBINDA KAKI 4 days ago

    No democracy

  • Ryan Bahe
    Ryan Bahe 4 days ago

    "Fear to say, fear to think, fear to act..." That's my opinion under Communist rule. I feel for the people of China.

  • Juan Pablo Sanchez Aveleyra

    I don't know, I no longer trust DW after many clear attempts to manipulate public opinion, and Germany is an America's lap dog... they even tapped Angela Merkels Phone and you did nothing... Shameful and painful to watch, who are you? New Latin America? :(

  • Wah Tenn
    Wah Tenn 4 days ago

    The whistleblowers were killed and sold for food at the Wuhan market place.

  • Kieran Cho
    Kieran Cho 4 days ago

    China holding 1.5 million people as slaves in front of the worlds face but we cant even change that. Hidden from media + they dont allow any media to publish about the 1.5 million humans held against thier will

  • Steven Wolf
    Steven Wolf 4 days ago

    that's because they were onto Xi's plan for global domination

  • Jumsi Kipa
    Jumsi Kipa 4 days ago

    The reporter looks scared reporting!! Am I the only one who noticed??

  • Gabbygoo
    Gabbygoo 4 days ago

    Thank GOD I AM AN AMERICA!🇺🇸🗽 We have our problems, but we r free,freedom of speech,guns,gays,whatever u want u have the right n America!!!! AMERICAN BY THE GRACE OF GOD, SOUTH! I HOPE ONE DAY THE WORLD WILL BE LIVE @LET LIVE YOUR WAY OF LIFE.🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Alejandro Castro
    Alejandro Castro 4 days ago

    And its working you got Le bron bending the knee and US media working against their own president to help cover up and distract the public

  • GaiSensei Neemo
    GaiSensei Neemo 4 days ago

    0:22 💔💔💔...