Richard Hammond reveals the new Land Rover Defender

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • After much anticipation, the new Land Rover Defender is finally here! Richard Hammond found a spanking new 90 and 110 in the middle of the woods somewhere and it looks like he approves of the redesign of the British off-roading icon. Watch as he takes you through all the main features of the 2020 Defender!
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Comments • 14 936

  • Michael von Neuhauser
    Michael von Neuhauser 11 hours ago

    I do like it! it isn´t that bad

  • premton
    premton 12 hours ago


  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu 12 hours ago

    Guarantee, the next Bond, M.i, FF or Bourne will have these vehicles driven in convoy by the bad guys.

  • Duncan Maclean
    Duncan Maclean 12 hours ago

    Great, another chelsea tractor just what Jag Landrover need to make, this will turn out to be as reliable and trustworthy as Donald Trump, £40k and is made in Slovakia!! what a joke!

  • Khalid Mohmmed
    Khalid Mohmmed 12 hours ago

    When you order defender from jollychic

  • Foxglove
    Foxglove 12 hours ago

    This thing is horrible. Unibody ... wtf.

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu 12 hours ago

      It's a discovery with less space. Air suspension is just more tech to go wrong, if I was a farmer I would buy a discovery 4 instead.

  • Simon Conlaund
    Simon Conlaund 13 hours ago

    Looks like an Uaz Patriot.

  • rsp 1
    rsp 1 13 hours ago

    Hopefully the fuel pump and cams dont break every 3rd day. Looks nice

  • leehan73
    leehan73 13 hours ago

    Love the look of it but with a £40k basic price tag and 85 ECU's just waiting to go wrong and cost an arm and a leg it's now well out of the affordable utilitarian workhorse teritory that defender fans loved and now aimed squarely at the chelsea tractor brigade. Massively disappointed that it's now just another Discovery / Range Rover clone with an unaffordable price tag!
    I'll stick with my £15k 2019 Suzuki Jimny without all the electronic stuff to go wrong!

  • Paul Alves
    Paul Alves 13 hours ago

    900mm is a meter you turd.

  • fodenrecy
    fodenrecy 14 hours ago

    did it make it to the end of the advert before breaking down ?

  • Fred Dingbar
    Fred Dingbar 14 hours ago

    why is the middle front seat set higher than the main front two?

    PIGEON 14 hours ago

    I wager, that the new Ineos will be more popular.

  • simon tromans
    simon tromans 14 hours ago

    I kind of like it, but I really wanted a Defender.

  • luv muzik
    luv muzik 14 hours ago

    For a lot less money you can buy a four wheel drive Toyota pickup truck that won't go wrong and will probably do nearly as much as the new Defender. Or a Nissan truck like the UNHCR has been using for years.
    Will the military all around the world be buying it? Somehow I don't think so. They need a simple to maintain rugged vehicle, not complicated electronics.

  • folipan
    folipan 15 hours ago

    All you Brits...unhappy here because LR developed a new car in line with the times we live in, with modern technologies or because it is being build in Slovakia! OMG where most major car companies build there cars nowadays, coz it’s in the middle of EU where it makes sense to be for various good reasons. Just please stop moaning! You want a simple rugged car? Buy yourself a Lada Niva.. they are rugged and still selling new. They are cheap and they are built by the same guys promoting Brexit in Britain! Did I solve all of your problems??

  • Richard Carter
    Richard Carter 15 hours ago

    I was ok with it until you said it's not made in the UK.

  • Anthony Perkins
    Anthony Perkins 15 hours ago

    Looks like land rover just saved the uk economy single handed hats off great looking update. 🤩

  • David Martin
    David Martin 15 hours ago

    Looks a bit like a fat Kia Soul.... Quite disappointing aesthetics IMHO ....

  • Sean Henderson
    Sean Henderson 15 hours ago

    Good luck calling IT support when your iDefender breaks down in the desert.

  • James G
    James G 16 hours ago

    It's a discovery with less space. Air suspension is just more tech to go wrong, if I was a farmer I would buy a discovery 4 instead.

  • niki123489
    niki123489 16 hours ago

    Well Richard is not far away from his last opinion.

  • MP Prof
    MP Prof 16 hours ago

    It's going to compete against the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk.
    I'll take the Grand.

  • Jasonmumford1
    Jasonmumford1 16 hours ago

    Thank god for Mr. Kahn and Chelsea trucks. I know where my £40000 will be going.

  • Anthony Fell
    Anthony Fell 17 hours ago

    This will be perfect for sheep farming. If by "sheep" you mean children and by "farming" you mean delivering them to a nice school. For actual sheep farming you need a Suzuki Jimny, or an old Defender.

  • Nick H
    Nick H 17 hours ago

    get shirts that fit

  • Zachary Fix
    Zachary Fix 17 hours ago

    I’ll give it a shot. We haven’t had a defender in the states for as long and I have been on this earth. First new Land Rover in a long time that’s caught my eye

  • A J R
    A J R 17 hours ago

    Can somebody tell me what that stupid bit of alloy on the rear window is about please?

  • Brgnalf81
    Brgnalf81 17 hours ago

    Good car? Probably. Capable one? Same, probably. Proper offroad agricultural beast that was the old Defender? Nope. Not even close. Who would dare to proper offroad in this? One scratch and you're ***ucked.

  • Giulio Personeni
    Giulio Personeni 17 hours ago


  • Waqas Ghazanfar
    Waqas Ghazanfar 17 hours ago

    Looks really futuristic, so will be loved a lot

  • baz tif
    baz tif 18 hours ago

    I'm sorry but it's not a defender

  • René Bingen
    René Bingen 18 hours ago


  • Art Extreme Road Trip
    Art Extreme Road Trip 18 hours ago +1

    Looks like a jacked up Kia soul

  • rusty chevy 70
    rusty chevy 70 18 hours ago

    Awful looking thing,stick all of this rubbish electronics in it and will be in the workshop all the time. I don't think for one minute that Richard Hammond likes it

  • Kenny Coinneach
    Kenny Coinneach 18 hours ago

    I never thought that I could get more passionate about Land Rovers.
    Defender? No way.
    Good luck to the designers, but they have created a new Discovery or
    even a baby Range Rover, but Defender? They're dragging that name
    through the mud.
    I just cannot imagine a hill-farmer in dung covered wellies, trekking this
    Defender across acres of mud and rocks, carrying bales of hay and
    sheep-feed then returning with the rotting carcass of a long-dead ewe,
    while this farmer's wife looks on with absolute horror, screaming -
    "I've got to pick the fucking kids up in that!"
    Meanwhile, other farmers and crofters are quite happy bouncing over the
    countryside in their battered and faithful Toyotas that give them more
    bang for their buck.

  • Jabber 1974
    Jabber 1974 19 hours ago

    Not to worry everyone can just buy the Ineos Grenadier when/if it makes it into production.

  • Ricky
    Ricky 19 hours ago

    Where is out road? Fuck this new suv!

  • I reckon I can build that

    What a load of fucking shit Richard, it completely misses the point, it's no different from all the other boring, impossible-to-fix-by-the-roadside SUVs. They have just jumped on the band wagon, not built in the UK and not repairable at home! Fuck me, makes me ill just looking at it, all the years of hard work the original Defender put in to building a good reputation and these greedy wankers are using that reputation to sell what looks like a dented Ford Flex. How disgusting, I genuinely hope the company folds because of this!! Screw them!!

  • Federico Pedron
    Federico Pedron 20 hours ago

    There's an elephant in the room you didn't talk about... Those squares, what are they?

  • Sergey Shorokhov
    Sergey Shorokhov 20 hours ago


  • zanbrocal
    zanbrocal 20 hours ago

    Why that panel in the back FJ Cruiser style? Why the blind spot?

  • Silent Witness
    Silent Witness 21 hour ago

    IMHO it is not a Defender and should not pretend to take its cue from the past. If I had £40k to throw about, I would not waste it one of these. Invest in a real Defender is my advice!

  • less kiss
    less kiss 21 hour ago

    plastic shit on the nose. Horrible attempt at recreating a classic. Anyone agree ?

  • ticketpiper
    ticketpiper 21 hour ago

    That's not a LR Defender it's a rebadged TATA

  • Federico Grotti
    Federico Grotti 21 hour ago

    Also fiat can build a car like this and call it Panda. The new panda.

  • Willo Sonic
    Willo Sonic 21 hour ago

    The door at the back opens sideways ... Just like a disco. This car is another DISCOVERY not a defender. Does it have a pick up option?

  • ian hudson
    ian hudson 22 hours ago

    I'm sure the design team responsible for UVs in Toyota City are breathing a collective sigh of relief.......
    ........ having now seen LandRover not even turn up at the ground let alone find the back if their own net.....

    • less kiss
      less kiss 21 hour ago

      like exploring remotes land scape veicle Easy to fix its kee

  • Peter Moser
    Peter Moser 22 hours ago

    It's no Defender nor a Serie I, II, III ... to much elctronic stuff - who needs a third luxury Car from LR? ... Ugly Car... so... only the G and some russian ones are left.... and the old Defenders.... 300ter....

  • Tafadzwa Mafuwe
    Tafadzwa Mafuwe 22 hours ago

    I love this.

  • Peter Keogh
    Peter Keogh 23 hours ago

    I'm guessing farmers ect....will be afraid of getting this bling thing dirty, how about stripping the lux back to offer a more practical and cheaper version, something you dint mind getting dirty

  • The realist
    The realist 23 hours ago

    It's a bloody Shogun.

  • JagSkillz
    JagSkillz 23 hours ago

    Def not a farmers work horse!

  • WIDLEY1000
    WIDLEY1000 Day ago +1

    looks like Noddy designed it..

  • david taylor
    david taylor Day ago

    Trouble is ... land rover build rubbish unreliable cars now. Buy a Toyota.

  • john walkington
    john walkington Day ago

    Sorry Land Rover, its a "Townie-Toy"

  • Harman Riar
    Harman Riar Day ago

    should have stuck with the conservative look with modern tech like the G wagon.

  • David Kerr
    David Kerr Day ago

    Looks like a nice bit of kit. Love the auto camera when the middle front seat is raised.

  • Vladyslav Bebekh

    I usually never comment but wtf

  • Karl Bratby
    Karl Bratby Day ago

    Landrover, an iconic British brand launched the new defender in left hand drive in a forset in ermmm well not Great Britain. I will be keeping my Discovery.

  • Chris Gregory
    Chris Gregory Day ago

    Of course it is different to the 'old' Defender, but it had to be or we wouldn't have been able to have one. I think they have done an incredible job with what they had to work with, or should i say, with the regulations they had to deal with. Longing to have a go, longing to see a big bullbar on the front etc. So look out all you 4WD owners who have gone to opposition copycats, I think LandRover are back with a vengeance .

  • Vasco Avila
    Vasco Avila Day ago

    Looks amasing but love to much the simplicity of the old one!!!! One drop of Water and who going to fix that computer or sensor and how much it going to cost love the defender like exploring remotes land scape veicle Easy to fix its kee

    • Vasco Avila
      Vasco Avila Day ago

      For my its not a defender eny more

  • Wasabi
    Wasabi Day ago

    Jimny > New Defender


    Someone’s got to say it they look shit

  • Peter Charlton
    Peter Charlton Day ago

    The C pillars were designed by someone who has never checked their blind spot.

    I guess the questions that come to my mind are who is the target market? Farmers? Tradies? The army? And what is it intended to compete with; Hilux? Ranger? Land Cruiser? Because if the answer is 'no' to too many of those, then it is intended for arriving elegantly at a casino in Monte Carlo, a thing that the vast majority of people don't do.

  • Leslie Canfield
    Leslie Canfield Day ago

    To many computers...............

  • Blue Wolf
    Blue Wolf Day ago

    3:38 oh I love that

  • Mark M
    Mark M Day ago

    But with shit reliability. But quite decent style.

  • S B
    S B Day ago

    All New and unreliability improved. LMAO

  • VoloKin Project
    VoloKin Project Day ago

    First Brexit, now that...

  • TheGoldenDragon
    TheGoldenDragon Day ago

    I personally think that it’s great except the rear end it left a little to be desired

  • Thabo Mlazie
    Thabo Mlazie Day ago +1

    I find it funny how Richard Hammond is dick riding this hideous car, but just watch once he is with Jeremy Clarkson in the upcoming season of the grand tour they are all going to make jokes of how ugly it is hahaha!

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni Day ago

      Its a multi purpose vehicle made to appeal to a wide range of people and sell in numbers to help make the land rover brand profitable. A 2020 land rover with extreme versatil

  • Harry The Bastard

    It'll be okay until it breaks down like all JLR vehicles will ultimately , shit quality.

  • Pedro Pinheiro Augusto

    It wasn't the hardest job, designing the new defender, it was the simplest job. You botched it, Land Rover.

  • Dustin Serbin
    Dustin Serbin Day ago

    Same guy who trashed the H2 at launch thinks this pos is nice...hmmm

  • Jim Patrick
    Jim Patrick Day ago

    I like it, but I think it should be called a Defender. This is something else.

  • tom m j goodridge

    i could do a better design, looks more like a skoda roomster than a defender to me!
    and computers don't belong on a defender, defenders are supposed to be slow, hardy machines that can keep on pulling a freight train for 50 plus years (given enough fuel) without much complaint.
    so much plastic!
    it makes me want to squint and shy away. i don't want to recognise it as a land rover product!

  • Anthony English
    Anthony English Day ago

    Overpriced bloated Mini for wealthy schooll run mums. Yuck!

  • Mr Diavel
    Mr Diavel Day ago

    Buddy was at the launch , real Land Rover nut , said he was mightily disappointed , quality is shockingly bad , he could pull the plastic wheel arch trim off with the slightest pressure . Acres and acres of flimsy plastic on the outside which will fall off in any serious off-road scenario , it’s expensive , expensive to run and will be hideously expensive to repair . As someone else coined the phrase which i think covers it the “ Land Rover pretender” what a bummer , I was going for a proper defender replacement not a Chelsea tractor to add to all the others drive. by school run mums .

  • Matt Salon
    Matt Salon Day ago

    Gave you a thumbs up for quality..
    I watch this amazing defender do everything my wife did in her x5 with road only tires... Her first time going off road...
    This is not a defender.. this is a soccer mom's ride.. but I heard they require lockers front and rear... That counts this out..

  • Proteus6684
    Proteus6684 Day ago

    21,000 unnecessary things to go wrong....

  • snafujag100
    snafujag100 Day ago +1

    Over here in the colonies (Canada) the Defender for some obscure reason was never available. A mistake on LR’s part imho. I think they would have sold loads of them. This thing is just another overpriced annoying suv .

  • Fabio Gamboa
    Fabio Gamboa Day ago

    85 ECU's. Do they come with the tow truck?

  • Martin Jones
    Martin Jones Day ago +1

    Hammond,,,,, just HOW MUCH did you NEED the money to promote a SLOVAKIAN 4x4 with a shed load of ECUS to sell your heart and soul,,,,, and "enthuse" its a "DEFENDER"...... cheap, tacky. cringeworthy, thought more of you ,,,,,,,,,,,,until now.

  • Martin Jones
    Martin Jones Day ago +1

    THe best of SLOVAKIAN 4x4 cars,,,,, GIVE US a BREAK !!!!!!

    • Matt Salon
      Matt Salon Day ago

      I missed the Ugo.. this should make up for us...

  • Martin Jones
    Martin Jones Day ago

    how much to replace a headlight? how much to replace a front wing? how much to service? and guess how n\ much to replace the clutch at LR,,,,,,,, I double dare them to answer those questions and answer how much it costs to service over 5 yrs,,,,,,, oh. and how many ECUS??????? *%????? Good luck in the outback with 85 ECUS to go wrong...... and they WIL !!!!

  • tony rainey
    tony rainey Day ago

    Its a multi purpose vehicle made to appeal to a wide range of people and sell in numbers to help make the land rover brand profitable. A 2020 land rover with extreme versatility in a similar way the Series, 90/110, and Defender vehicles did, across many decades, but in a thoroughly modern and up to date way. I like it.


    This is a NO defender, sorry but hats off for the G-Wagon to keep the shape till this day. Don't get me wrong, I have 2 defenders myself. "the original one". SHAME ON YOU LR and Hammond, thats not funny at all.

  • Harry Lisle
    Harry Lisle Day ago

    I have owned my Jeep JK now for 11 years... Jeep has stayed more close to their roots... We are just as passionate about our Jeeps as those who loved the old Defender... No manual.. no removable top?

    • Matt Salon
      Matt Salon Day ago

      I just got a jk.. had a discovery for 15.. I had high hopes for the defender..

  • Alex Povolotski
    Alex Povolotski Day ago

    The centre panel wiggles though, it gives way when you out your forearm on it. Yikes!

  • 85DMODE
    85DMODE Day ago

    Looks like a higher end Kia Soul

  • MeLtedLogiK
    MeLtedLogiK Day ago

    Fuck yeah!! ...I'll just have to wait 20 years of depreciation before I can afford one xD

  • Andres Perez
    Andres Perez Day ago +1

    Could not even finish watching this. Am sure they will sell tons to grace Ikea parking lots. But as a bush workhorse, the Defender is DEAD. I feel such solidarity with the hilarious, raging, weeping, mournful, resigned comments below.

  • Joe Public
    Joe Public Day ago +2

    All those ECU's are actually a negative selling point!

  • Joe Public
    Joe Public Day ago +1

    That spare wheel will destroy the tail gate hinges in no time with continuous corrugated roads, Oh wait, is was designed for on road use, by people who probably never worked in far out areas of India or Africa

  • Joe Public
    Joe Public Day ago

    Where's the PTO?

    • Matt Salon
      Matt Salon Day ago

      I am sure they smoked tons of pot making this one.

  • Joe Public
    Joe Public Day ago

    If you watch the original LR adverts and compare it to this one, I'd still choose the old one

  • Todd Stewart
    Todd Stewart Day ago

    Oh Look - it's the LR4 with better approach angles and 85 ECU's for the entertainment system :)... Full option in the USA, 98k USD - that is crazy for what you get. Full option LR4 LUX with HD package around 72k and it came with a V8.

  • Tirah5
    Tirah5 Day ago

    What is this, Drivetribe money on the side plan?
    Hes sounds like a local car salesman who watched lots of Doug Demuro videos to prepare.

  • buggeroff
    buggeroff Day ago

    Let's hope it's more reliable than the usual Landy junk .
    Why is no one telling them these should be built in the UK ?