Deborah Uncovers A Hidden Toxic Formula | Dragons' Den

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • Entering the Den is Kent-based entrepreneur and former car sprayer Mustafa Mehmet, with a highly durable all-in-one gel nail colour range. The entrepreneur’s product was aiming to provide a “healthier, faster alternative” to the existing £453m gel nail industry. Whilst the entrepreneur's background fascinated Deborah Meaden - it did not take long for her to unearth the toxicity behind his natural nail solution.

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  • patatedouce bb
    patatedouce bb 5 hours ago

    Isnt shellac technically a natural product? Its saliva produced from a beetle that's processed into a varnish.

  • Hrafn of Thule
    Hrafn of Thule 7 hours ago

    Seen many Turkish clowns entertaining the masses over the years.

  • Luka Styles
    Luka Styles 7 hours ago

    if someone says its non toxic and 100% natural tell them to take a swig

  • DJ Makedzana
    DJ Makedzana 17 hours ago

    Ive developed a completely gel . Unfortunately it comes in on colour. Its natural and its called water

  • Captain Coco
    Captain Coco 23 hours ago

    Nothing gets past Debs. Good ol' Debs.

  • Rafal Molak
    Rafal Molak Day ago

    Go back to spraying Another get rich quick

  • Gui lly
    Gui lly Day ago

    A snake's venon is natural but toxic. So product can be non-toxic and natural. It just means that the product has not been modified and is non-toxic.

  • Daniela Morales
    Daniela Morales Day ago

    Chafa version of shark tank

  • System509
    System509 Day ago

    It's a good thing there's no skin near the fingernails I guess...


  • Neil Varghese
    Neil Varghese Day ago

    To be fair what type of a nut would swallow paint

  • Julia S
    Julia S 2 days ago +1

    “Chemical free” my ass. Everything is a chemical. Want to know one? The chemical formula for water is H2O!

  • Shelli Meyers
    Shelli Meyers 2 days ago

    Both sides are clueless here.

  • frontleftfender
    frontleftfender 2 days ago +1

    I dont see the problen its only toxic when applied to your nails or you look at it directly

  • spizzardo
    spizzardo 3 days ago

    The Chinese have played him. No downside for them if he's successful or not. No loss, potential gain and he does all the work pitching it. If this product was really any good, he wouldn't need Dragons Den and the Chinese wouldn't need him.

  • Gucci Kid
    Gucci Kid 4 days ago +3

    Why’s no one taking about how dirty the windows are at 3:59

  • PythonPlusPlus
    PythonPlusPlus 4 days ago

    Deborah: “It is toxic”
    Entrepreneur: “It’s for nails! It doesn’t damage the nail”
    Me: Well your skin is right next to the nail. Besides toxic is toxic it’s not about the application.

    • Brittany Fulford
      Brittany Fulford 2 days ago

      Not only that but nails are porous, meaning they absorb things.

  • xr80kk
    xr80kk 4 days ago

    This bro sounds like a villain out of a b action movie

  • leo ll
    leo ll 5 days ago

    Healfy idears

  • Yarri K
    Yarri K 5 days ago +3

    Jenny is not even there because she's already out.

  • Aqsa Fiaz
    Aqsa Fiaz 5 days ago +1

    The amount of times he said 'natural'

    and it still didn't come out like that

  • MidnightSt
    MidnightSt 5 days ago

    "So on the nail... not half a milimeter to the side on the actual skin... completely non-toxic! ;)"
    What a buffoon.

  • MidnightSt
    MidnightSt 5 days ago

    4:30 lol i'm not even chemistry-educated but the first thing that popped into my mind was "you mean the uv-cured ones?"
    well... still has the upside of not needing the uv-nail lamp.
    ...and assuming from the title, still has the downside of being toxic due to containing some ...i'd guess car paint component =D

  • YoshiPeach Mario
    YoshiPeach Mario 5 days ago

    Mustafa Drinknow

  • Oz
    Oz 5 days ago

    "It doesn't damage the nail"
    Yeah but like no product on the market does, otherwise it wouldn't be on the market you smacky.

  • Enigma 830
    Enigma 830 7 days ago

    who are not eating the polish......any polish that doesnt smell like ass deserves an investment

  • Harley Herbert
    Harley Herbert 7 days ago

    There's a big reason the dragons are so strict and quick to rile with stuff like this, and that's the simple fact that this is putting people's safety at risk. And when you're putting non-toxic on bottles of stuff that can require medical attention if consumed it's potentially lives at risk, especially considering one of the common reasons people seek non-toxic versions of products is to use around small kids

  • Thurnis Haley
    Thurnis Haley 7 days ago +1

    "Why would I read words like that on a 'really safe and natural' product?"

  • Pat McGuire
    Pat McGuire 7 days ago

    Salt is toxic to the human body in large amounts... lady doesn't know what shes talking about

  • Dylan Benjamin Walter

    Is it that hard to find legitimate products for the show? Yawn.

  • Pregi Kumary
    Pregi Kumary 8 days ago

    The windows are gross

  • Sandy Wish
    Sandy Wish 8 days ago

    His face just screams liar

  • Honest Man
    Honest Man 9 days ago

    Well done Deborah.

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname 9 days ago

    Well your guns suck.

  • Paul Pearson
    Paul Pearson 10 days ago +1

    Why does everyone say "so" at the start of every sentence nowadays? I hate the world🙄

  • Fedor Kochemasov
    Fedor Kochemasov 10 days ago +1

    I died when he said that Rheology is a study of paint!(it's a study of matter flowing, primarily in their liquid state. Yes it touches paint, but it's certanly not about it only)

  • Ben
    Ben 10 days ago

    *Hollowpoint tries to tame the dragons*

  • cantaragiu ramonel
    cantaragiu ramonel 11 days ago

    Good luck 😂😂Chinese laboratory

  • Faith Animation
    Faith Animation 11 days ago rest in piss

  • Liam D Turner
    Liam D Turner 12 days ago

    bruh, yer suit jacket shoulders 😠

  • Marco Diddius
    Marco Diddius 12 days ago

    Seems legit to me, it could be a completely sound product but it’s still gonna have these bullshit safety warnings in an age of constant health and safety lawsuits. If you inhale a baked bean or get orange peel in your eyes, someone’s going to complain

  • Marcus Sextus Maxentius Augustus

    never go full Mustafa

  • Mauri QHD
    Mauri QHD 12 days ago +1


  • Cap'N Asia
    Cap'N Asia 12 days ago

    I felt sorry for him bless him he looked so scared...

  • FierceDeity33
    FierceDeity33 12 days ago

    Along with all the comments regarding "chemical free" ... the guy can't even say "carcinogenic"...

  • Paul Chamberlin
    Paul Chamberlin 13 days ago

    Have a good one you s.o.BasTURD!!!

  • Paul Chamberlin
    Paul Chamberlin 13 days ago +1

    Bet he wants to secretly kill the people of the country etc.....

  • Andrew Duckworth
    Andrew Duckworth 13 days ago

    Naturally, as is so often the case, it's the "vague consumer-centric expectations game" that caught him out. Shame. Sounds like he has a legit product. It's been tested for legal compliance with safety regulations but the Dragons are interested in USP. Alas they are not subject experts in chemistry.
    The tragedy of course is that he's actually right: the safety data sheets for the formula components are truly not easy for the non-specialist to grasp the implications of, and it was a mistake to allow such a person (however senior in their own field) to attempt to interpret them. Better to provide an executive summary report. They contain terms which sound scary to a viewer, but I can assure you that the safety data sheets for common essential oils are pretty horrendous as well.
    The fact of the matter is that it is simply illegal to sell a cosmetic product in the UK which would bring the consumer to actual harm directly through its intended use. If it is compliant with the law here, it is safe within all reasonable expectations.

  • Ollie J.
    Ollie J. 14 days ago

    Why does he look like Sergio Ramos 😂😂😭

  • Trump Debate Live
    Trump Debate Live 15 days ago

    FOR THE RECORD - regular cooking flour, baking soda, etc have MSDS (material safety data sheets) that use language like "seek medical attention, respiratory irritation, choking hazard, wear goggles" etc. Pretty much everything has language like this used.

  • Sorry I ate
    Sorry I ate 15 days ago

    This is so old

  • Caoimhín Ó Caoimh
    Caoimhín Ó Caoimh 15 days ago

    This nigga named after an animated lion.

  • S Diallo
    S Diallo 15 days ago +1

    I’ve definitely seen these
    on Ali express 😂

  • TheLinkoln18
    TheLinkoln18 15 days ago

    No solvent, so erm what is it mixed in, a none solution... bollox.

  • Solar Prophet
    Solar Prophet 15 days ago

    "Don't suicide bomb those infidels, sell them poisoned nail gel! ALLAHU ACKBAR!!!! Err, I mean it's completely non toxic!"

  • Shapeless_Abomination
    Shapeless_Abomination 16 days ago

    Fight back? What a moron. Be humble.

  • Horatio Moonraker
    Horatio Moonraker 16 days ago

    This ready-meal is completely free from any food.

  • Aasif Haque
    Aasif Haque 17 days ago

    I think he hasn't invented the formula, the Chinese laboratory invented or just "mixed car paint with gel" and made a deal with him for 50-50 patent cost and ownership. I am pretty sure that car paint is pretty toxic for the human body thus the cautions are written for the users to prevent potential damage to their body and the laboratory's reputation and money.

  • scumucs
    scumucs 18 days ago

    standard arab

  • Tyler Meaden
    Tyler Meaden 18 days ago

    really cool to have some rich women with the second name as u but I dnt think shes related to me at all

  • Emma Lamont
    Emma Lamont 19 days ago

    7:56 is when she starts to discover