Entrepreneur Reminds Deborah of Her Marriage Insecurities | Dragons' Den

  • Fashionista Erika Nilsson-Humphrey is seeking 75k investment in return for a 7.5% equity stake in her business, ‘DAPPAD’ is a simple online service where you enter your size and style and then receive a selection of clothing items in the post, but the fashion magnate, Touker believes millions are needed to get the ball rolling on this one...
    An international sensation, Dragon's Den features entrepreneurs pitching for investment in the Den from our Dragons, five venture capitalists willing to invest their own money in exchange for equity.
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  • Oli Murray
    Oli Murray Day ago

    I’ve yet to see Jenny Campbell invest in anything.

  • Oli Murray
    Oli Murray Day ago

    I’ve yet to see Jenny Campbell invest in anything.

  • Lee Lorenz
    Lee Lorenz 5 days ago

    i like it. i like her. this has reminded me. i'm gonna sign up with her. i need something like this.

  • CaPt ZePhYr
    CaPt ZePhYr 9 days ago

    Jenny Campbell exists first..
    Omg! That's unheard of.

  • cute9000
    cute9000 11 days ago

    Why keep 40,000 of clothing stocks (storage costs too) instead of buying the needed/ordered size by the customer and only send in the ones they asked for. Shipping the other clothes as extra choice/s is a waste of shipping expenses back and forth, especially if a lot of people are ordering; not to mention the risk of customers potentially using those 'choices' and sending them back used and unpaid for.

  • Chris Jhondeere
    Chris Jhondeere 12 days ago

    Brand names are eroding Because of wall mart supper markets old days is different
    We have go particular store to buy brand name like wrist watch. Now days no body wants. Because of I phone when I wake up I needed to wear my watch because I am used it .

  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher 20 days ago

    Men used to be men. Only few men act like men. Man up!

  • Kate Johnson
    Kate Johnson 21 day ago

    #timewaster - what’s the point in titling a post if it has nothing to do with what you say? It’s wasting good peoples time!!

  • Panther 8282
    Panther 8282 23 days ago

    God they're so bloody rude. Amazing how money creates obnoxious arseholes.

  • Alice
    Alice 25 days ago

    Click bait much?

  • Ian Oliver
    Ian Oliver 29 days ago

    The woman never mentioned Deborah's marriage!!

  • AvenValkyr
    AvenValkyr Month ago

    Jenny: So you're a small company that needs a little help to expand and you have limited stock on hand and so even though you have some decent sales you are actually failing. How dare you not offer 99.5% of the company for a menial sum of money and so for the reason that I blew all my money on hot massages in Barbados, I'm out.

  • Ozzy Doop
    Ozzy Doop Month ago

    The Swede lady wanted to punch Jenny & make her face flat : oh wait?
    She must’ve thought twice I guess, but gee, she sure tightened up that Swedish fist!

  • Martha McCrum
    Martha McCrum Month ago

    I like Erica’s energy. 👍

  • Tahera Khan
    Tahera Khan Month ago

    Brilliant advice given by the Dragons - especially Tukar

  • Steve Ricardo
    Steve Ricardo Month ago +1

    10:06 the look of a serial killer.

  • Disiam Theillusion
    Disiam Theillusion Month ago

    I expected a hot swedish chick,not bargain basement bjork trying to reboot zoolilly

  • Loz D
    Loz D Month ago

    5:30 Are we about to see someone clock Jenny? 👊😵

  • The Juice
    The Juice Month ago

    Jenny needs to STFU all she does is put other investors off with her ridiculous obscure questions when she never had any intention of investing!

  • The Juice
    The Juice Month ago

    Tej, the guy who wears the same outfit every episode!

  • MrShadowskinke
    MrShadowskinke Month ago

    She's a fine lass though

  • Marian Hanson Confidence Coach

    Jenny, what’s the point in asking a question if you just interrupt people when they try to answer?

  • Larry XK
    Larry XK Month ago

    What? A brunette Swedish woman? I thought they were all blondes LOL

  • Pat Starr
    Pat Starr Month ago +4

    0:48 Tej: woah! we started already? Better write something down.

  • The Media Lies Against Islam

    The title, is referring to what Deborah said @7:23.

  • ShowMe
    ShowMe Month ago

    "Hi Im Jenny and I approve this message"
    "Im out"

  • John Patz
    John Patz Month ago

    I've seen about 6 of these services on various investor programs like this

  • kevin k
    kevin k Month ago +2

    The dragons wouldn't invest on the guy who writes titles for these videos for sure smh🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Riza Lukman
    Riza Lukman Month ago

    She values her business at £1 million

  • greenknitter
    greenknitter Month ago

    Well her website and business is still going so she must be doing something right.

  • Moonwalker And Hobbit

    Thanks for the comments didn't even make it past the ad. Nice to know its clickbait. Reported

  • Matthew Hopkins
    Matthew Hopkins Month ago

    Erika's wardrobe there's a name that screams high end men's retail clothing lol.
    Jesus woman that sounds firstly budget like George from ASDA and secondly why would men look at a company with a woman's name and think that's a man's clothing company?

  • A95 :
    A95 : Month ago

    An entire business predicated on the idea that Men cannot dress stylishly or have not the mental capacity to do so.

  • lana prowse
    lana prowse Month ago

    jenny my husband would buy what i tell him to buy because im an old witch so for that reason imas usual

  • sol porter
    sol porter Month ago

    This is very good idea but major companies already do it

  • Pixelles
    Pixelles Month ago

    Wow, well done for the clickbait of all time!

  • piere de waaier
    piere de waaier Month ago

    jenny doesn't need to be dressed but undressed. My dreams haunt me... I wish I was in!!!

  • Paul McAteer
    Paul McAteer Month ago

    I thought it was a good Ikea, sorry I meant idea..🙄

  • Leah Logan
    Leah Logan Month ago

    ...this video title is out of order.

  • bassmentier
    bassmentier Month ago

    8:36 is why youre here

  • Dan Roux
    Dan Roux Month ago

    If there was money to be made on the most vile personalities, I would all my money on Jenny.

  • steven reed
    steven reed Month ago

    Nice lady

  • Robin K
    Robin K Month ago

    She looks pure, fkn, mental.

  • Joel Hall
    Joel Hall Month ago

    Sounds like something better aimed at women (which has already been done). Far higher turnover.

  • Nicholas Osczypko
    Nicholas Osczypko Month ago

    Anyone feel like everytime they say...the big boys are going to take you over....they mean... they're going to use the idea? Like every episode of every season in every country these billionaires say this. Like, well you're not protected.... great idea...but another company is going to just copy this. Like saying, my company...im gonna copy it. Not even about this idea in particular...barely watched it...was half in the bag. But if it's a good idea....

  • madquest8
    madquest8 Month ago

    Jenny couldn't get out fast enough! LOL

  • djpaulhannon
    djpaulhannon Month ago

    Click bait much???

  • Dizzy
    Dizzy Month ago

    Has anyone ever noticed that Deborah always says "i'm out"?

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy Month ago

      @Marten Dekker Yes, sorry, I meant Theo not Deborah. Theo always says "I'm out" and nobody seems to pick up on it. I just had to point it out.

    • Marten Dekker
      Marten Dekker Month ago

      Dizzy: are u too dizzy ? U mean Jenny.

  • Alex Supremo
    Alex Supremo Month ago

    Can I invest in eliminating the narrator from these videos?

  • awh79
    awh79 2 months ago

    Thread do this now and quite badly.

  • trevor morgan
    trevor morgan 2 months ago

    What a crap idea men love shopping

  • mixolydian45
    mixolydian45 2 months ago

    So it's a men's stitch fix.

  • mark ash
    mark ash 2 months ago

    Sweden know as little Middle East now days.

  • mark ash
    mark ash 2 months ago

    Who’s she selling to ?“ five or six hundred pounds on every delivery? Soy boy Harry and mizz markle 😂

  • Spillage66
    Spillage66 2 months ago

    Does anyone else get distracted by Tej's odd nose?

  • Cristina Lexy Reef Tank

    I feel insecure today,so won't be commenting😅

  • Estelle Lavoe
    Estelle Lavoe 2 months ago

    The damn click bait

  • Anjuman Wolf
    Anjuman Wolf 2 months ago

    Really annoying ‘click bait’ title unnecessary

  • Flying Burrito
    Flying Burrito 2 months ago +7

    I’d watch a spin-off of Dragon’s Den where the Dragons simply give entrepreneurs business advice...or a good roasting (where necessary).

  • paul oakes
    paul oakes 2 months ago

    she as a nice cam shot on her nice gash

  • Kreativ
    Kreativ 2 months ago +2

    Jenny is so annoying and rude. I can't enjoy this, for that reason.. I'm gonna watch guys, I'm not Jenny

  • Learn on hard way
    Learn on hard way 2 months ago

    Tej all the way.

  • The Lord of the Rims
    The Lord of the Rims 2 months ago

    What even is the point of Jenny's inputs in the pitches we all know she's going to say she's out might as well keep her mouth shut and just say she's out when they finish their pitch

  • Noxus Reaper
    Noxus Reaper 2 months ago

    Human beings but id say sometimes their a bit childish

  • Mitsubishi Hashimoto
    Mitsubishi Hashimoto 2 months ago

    When i saw Jenny i knew she'll be out.

  • Lippy Pongstockings
    Lippy Pongstockings 2 months ago +6

    Jenny: I’m brusque, peremptory and rude - I’m a lout.

  • Melanie Bushby
    Melanie Bushby 2 months ago +1

    Why does Jenny even go on there

  • paemon yes
    paemon yes 2 months ago

    any update about this brand I went to their website but couldn’t understand wether it was successful or not

  • Maryf
    Maryf 2 months ago

    Who else clicked because of the title?

  • Daniel Cowen
    Daniel Cowen 2 months ago

    Jenny heading out to Sweden for some shopping

  • Yasir Khan
    Yasir Khan 2 months ago +5

    Jenny: "I'm a woman, this business is targeted towards men, therefore I'm out."

  • vinay nams
    vinay nams 2 months ago

    Dislike the video for the click bait!!!

  • WaterFlame957
    WaterFlame957 2 months ago

    Entrepreneur: Beautiful day, isn't it?
    Jenny: I'm out.

  • Roger Borroel
    Roger Borroel 2 months ago

    The Sweden lady needs a lesson in reality...she spend 200,000 pounds on her project and she STILL needs the Dragons? Something wrong in Denmark!

  • Driveway STAR
    Driveway STAR 2 months ago +14

    Narrator: "Jenny Cambel, exits first"

  • Dave Devally
    Dave Devally 2 months ago

    Jenny........." My husband is a tiler, so I'm grout! "

    • Dave Devally
      Dave Devally 2 months ago

      "And another thing, only my meals are delivered in large boxes! "

  • Balance
    Balance 2 months ago

    'Not difficult to dress smart. Look on Instagram and copy an outfit you like.

  • bartonez123
    bartonez123 2 months ago +1

    Click baity title is click bait....I'm out.

  • Ivan Smirnoff
    Ivan Smirnoff 2 months ago +8

    Everyone wants to be a gangster, unless you’re Jenny, then you just want to be out

  • Michael Wilkinson TV
    Michael Wilkinson TV 2 months ago

    Humphrey you remind me of a 🐪. But you could make traffic slow down. So I'm interested. Thanks Jenny it makes a change.