Off sick for a couple of days

  • Published on Apr 10, 2021
  • Hope to be back on Monday

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  • jannmutube
    jannmutube 5 days ago

    ---- > Sincere well wishes for your speedy recovery

  • Juliet Wright
    Juliet Wright 13 days ago

    No hair loss at all ! !! I lost my sense of taste for months last year !! Before it was named as a symptom ! I have messages of me joking to friends I could drink chilli sauce ..... it had never happened before

  • Juliet Wright
    Juliet Wright 13 days ago

    We all came down with what must have been a different respiratory virus at my work . I say that Cos we get tested all the time ! Postal Pcr and lateral flow . I’m so glad I’ve seen on your more recent videos you are getting better

  • True Lies
    True Lies 13 days ago
    90% false positives

  • ZMacZ Furreh
    ZMacZ Furreh 17 days ago

    Umm, Dr. Campbell, plz do get checked out in a hospital.
    Don't forget to tell the doctor which vaccine you may have received, and also
    to do a PCR test, since you actually may have contracted Sars-Cov-2 due to the actual
    hospital visit for your vaccine shot.
    Hope to see you well soon.

  • קירסטן I know what's up!

    Have you gotten your "vaccine"?

  • Izzy
    Izzy 18 days ago

    Take another test tomorrow.

  • Gagan Si
    Gagan Si 19 days ago

    love this man, but for the past few weeks I’m experiencing severe pandemic lockdown fatigue now and have a morality crisis:
    70 million die every year! We didn’t mourn them up until March 2020.
    So why are we mourning and shutting down life because of the additional 2.8 million? 70 million was okay and 72.8 is not okay?????

  • Zarion11 A Nobody
    Zarion11 A Nobody 19 days ago

    But but but, how did you get a cold? I mean in a pandemic. I'm confused bro. Is this mild symptoms and it doesn't show up in the test. What is going on here?

  • Aaron Robles
    Aaron Robles 19 days ago


  • vanessa lew
    vanessa lew 19 days ago

    Take care ....from Gaspesie Canada 🕊

  • Mary Farrell
    Mary Farrell 19 days ago

    Wishing you a speedy recovery from NY.

  • Judes Mund
    Judes Mund 19 days ago

    Get well Dr Campbell 💕

  • Rhonda Tosh
    Rhonda Tosh 20 days ago

    So sorry 😢; speedy recovery to you 🌿☺️🌸🌿

  • Loraye Jones
    Loraye Jones 20 days ago

    See ya Monday. Rest well.

  • Maimuna
    Maimuna 20 days ago

    Feel better soon Dr. Campbell! Thoughts and prayers from across the Atlantic!

  • William Ashley
    William Ashley 20 days ago

    Did your sickness begin roughly around the same time as the antigen test....

  • Abroad Link
    Abroad Link 20 days ago

    Best wishes for a prompt recovery!

  • Joy in Crafting
    Joy in Crafting 21 day ago

    take it easy. take vitamin D. enjoy some good movie and sleep a lot 🙂 our family contracted covid this april fortunate we got mild symptoms.

  • Joe Azzato
    Joe Azzato 21 day ago

    Get well soon! I look forward to your vlog!

  • oi sho
    oi sho 21 day ago


  • Diana VP
    Diana VP 21 day ago

    Speedy recovery!

  • lunaSiee franko
    lunaSiee franko 22 days ago

    Best wishes and many thanks from Seattle ❤️💕

  • Luke Mlsna
    Luke Mlsna 22 days ago

    Get well (and check your voicemail)

  • Bhabani Patnaik
    Bhabani Patnaik 22 days ago

    I've been through this. I know how it feels. Get well soon. From India 🇮🇳

  • Card Board Sims
    Card Board Sims 22 days ago

    Interesting you got sick with the same symptoms our whole family got here in Australia on the same day. Change of season around the planet and the viruses are back with a vengeance

  • Tony MacCulloch
    Tony MacCulloch 22 days ago

    Please John receive much love, light and healing blessings particularly as you weather this patch of being unwell. It is clear that your knowledge and deep wisdom will serve you well as you do whatever you need most to get well real soon. Best wishes and sunny healing thoughts from here in New Zealand.

  • Pamela Kefalas
    Pamela Kefalas 22 days ago

    Get well soon! Take care....

  • Alikatty1
    Alikatty1 22 days ago

    I'm not bothered about holidays abroad. Is much as there are places I'd like to experience, I can resign myself to not travelling. But I cannot handle the restrictions of movement in lockdown,within this country uk... I've tolerated it, but I couldn't stand more time away from our own countryside and open areas and nature. I'm blessed to be living nea local r parks and a short drive to the river front, but it isn't the same as getting into areas with mountains,woodland, ,beaches who, spontaneously.

  • Lori Holman
    Lori Holman 22 days ago

    Thank you & so glad you are better.
    ☮️ & ❤️ Always....

  • sploofmonkey
    sploofmonkey 22 days ago +1

    You were vaccinated about 7 weeks ago, and you now have the flu. That so-called tester you have not the most scientific tester ever made.

  • Jane Marcinkiewicz
    Jane Marcinkiewicz 22 days ago

    God heal you and keep you safe and healthy. 🙏🏼

  • Dennis Hart
    Dennis Hart 22 days ago

    Bless you with a speedy 100 percent recovery

  • Kaye Castleman
    Kaye Castleman 23 days ago

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and back to optimum health asap. Look after you.

  • Denise Evans
    Denise Evans 23 days ago

    Get well soon you have be fantastic through out this

  • Sylvia Jackson
    Sylvia Jackson 23 days ago

    Get well soon. You explain everything so well. Reassuring to have you keeping us informed so well.

    The GRANT TREE 23 days ago

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Rodrigo Azevedo
    Rodrigo Azevedo 23 days ago

    Long live to you. Get well, dear doctor Campbell. Greetings from Brazil.

  • Liz Allan
    Liz Allan 23 days ago

    Take care of yourself and we’ll hopefully see you soon. X

  • pinkpod
    pinkpod 23 days ago

    Hope u r feeling better

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 23 days ago

    I see you are getting better even now, and I'm happy about that. What wrecks my attention is migraine even if it's just aura / visual disturbance. I think over time I have gotten better about accepting what I can do when I have it, and that it goes away. :)

  • lucas mason
    lucas mason 23 days ago

    Thank you Dr okosun on FLash-player for curing me completely from herpes after using his herbal medication, God bless you and your family Dr okosun, I truly appreciate ❤

  • Kimberly Sullivan
    Kimberly Sullivan 23 days ago

    I hope you get well soon.

  • Anita Dodson
    Anita Dodson 23 days ago

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • gert janus
    gert janus 23 days ago


  • gert janus
    gert janus 23 days ago

    wow you are really milking it eyy

  • rinshin
    rinshin 23 days ago

    Get well soon

  • Annelies Aiking-Taylor

    Dear Dr. Campbell I hope you got well soon and thank you also for even doing this little video for us while you're obviously not feeling well. Your video's are the greatest, and your person too. Thank you so much!!!!!

  • Kadybee
    Kadybee 24 days ago


  • Serena Artista
    Serena Artista 24 days ago

    Get well soon Dr. John ♥️🥰♥️

  • Louise Gabony
    Louise Gabony 24 days ago

    Hoping that you feel better soon. You are a shining light in a dark world!

  • Jane Sorensen
    Jane Sorensen 24 days ago

    I was sick for 14 days. Had all the symptoms of covid except vomiting. I lost the sense of smell and taste for just 2 days. I whiffed vinegar with as much gusto as possible and couldn't smell anything. Got a covid antibody test done and it came back negative. I guess it was just a virus that had similar symptoms. I did deep breathing exercises when I felt my chest tightening. I'm just coughing a little now, 24 days after onset. Hard to believe I got sick, when all I do is work from home and go to the store, but my grandkids were around me and they had illness so I'm quite sure I got it from them. Viruses are very powerful! Hope you're feeling better!

  • Pauline Liste
    Pauline Liste 24 days ago

    What does it mean when you say “at the moment, I don’t have a high viral load?” Do you have the flu from Covid19?

  • mshomefire mom mondays
    mshomefire mom mondays 24 days ago +2

    Why does FLash-player keep suggested this. I don't want to listen to him. He doesn't know what he is talking about

  • Dacian
    Dacian 24 days ago

    even when covid goes i think that this guy should carry on making videos just talking about things he has done, stories and other things like that i would definitely love to see him do some video's

  • Charles Belhumeur
    Charles Belhumeur 24 days ago

    Good vitamin D levels don't seem to have prevented that one from getting into you and making you fairly sick. Maybe without the vitamin D you would have got a lot sicker, maybe sooner and for longer? Or maybe the vitamin D didn't make a bit of difference with this one? Hard to call.

  • Anh Tran
    Anh Tran 24 days ago

    I hope you make a speedy recovery!

  • B T
    B T 24 days ago +1

    funny how this video has almost the most views!

  • Mary Crutcher
    Mary Crutcher 24 days ago +2

    Your symptoms are probably a reaction from the vaccine dose. Don't you think?

  • Vanessa Wilde
    Vanessa Wilde 24 days ago

    Get well soon, you’ve been working so hard for us. Take care

  • BR Tractor Driver
    BR Tractor Driver 24 days ago

    Hope you’re feeling better! Xx

  • Finite Wonder
    Finite Wonder 24 days ago

    I hope you feel your normal self soon. 💫💫

  • Rain Rabbit
    Rain Rabbit 24 days ago

    Be well. You helped me prepare last Jan/Feb. It's been a crazy ride.

  • Mr. Y.
    Mr. Y. 24 days ago +1

    I am wondering how you managed to come down with a viral disease at a time when you are, presumably, protecting yourself from a viral disease. Do you know how you got sick??

  • CQE
    CQE 24 days ago

    Pussification of AMERICA.

  • IRENE K. ☆♡🌞🌸

    Sorry u have been sick. Get well & stay safe. 🌟🤒🤧🤒😷

  • Anne Biggins
    Anne Biggins 24 days ago

    Get well wishes to you!

  • Lin L
    Lin L 25 days ago

    Adding my Well Wishes to all the very many others here. Hope you feel better soon and return to your full strength. Much appreciation for your dedicated work in keeping us updated in this Covid journey we’re all on. All the same, please do rest and take care :)

  • Catherine Munro
    Catherine Munro 25 days ago

    Good day Dr.
    John , sorry to hear about you're flu symptoms. I'm texting you from Montreal, Canada . The subject i would like to address to you today is the last 6 years i have been taking freshly squeezed lemon juice on an empty stomach each morning. I have not experienced a cold or flu for the last 6 year's. I have a friend that teaches grade school children that experienced the same as I. My Dr. says thier is science behind this. Would you or could you put out a video on this subject?

  • Richard Allison
    Richard Allison 25 days ago

    Get well soon Dr John!