The Oldsmobile Silhouette Was a Really Weird Luxury Minivan

  • Published on Feb 11, 2020
  • The original Oldsmobile Silhouette was weird, quirky, and bizarre. It was also the original luxury minivan, and today I'm reviewing the Silhouette to show you what it was like. I am also going to show you the quirks and features of the Silhouette, and I will show you how the Oldsmobile Silhouette drives.
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  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuro  10 days ago +1994

    If I were to list my favorite reviews, it would include the Vector W8 and this - the 1996 Oldsmobile Silhouette. It would be the only list, ever, that includes both the Vector W8 and the 1996 Oldsmobile Silhouette.

    • Justin Jordan
      Justin Jordan 2 hours ago +1

      Doug I would love a review of the DeTomaso Pantera

    • daniel bohorquez
      daniel bohorquez 11 hours ago

      the las roof compartment is for CDs the s10 deluxe 4x4 93 blazer has the exact same thing, my father had one and it is til this day one of the best cars he ever had

    • The Flags that Flew
      The Flags that Flew Day ago

      Doug DeMuro make a video about jeep renegade please.

    • The Kombinator
      The Kombinator 3 days ago

      review my 1999 Daewoo Matiz already. Only one in North America. I also have a Hyundai Pony.

    • Mechotronic
      Mechotronic 3 days ago

      Older F150s had that door point too, arrrrrrghhh that bastard hurts.

  • middlesiderrider
    middlesiderrider Hour ago

    In the early 2000s two friends and I borrowed one of these vans from one of said friend's older brother, and drove it from Coggon Iowa to Iowa State University in Ames. It was a bit of a drive but we had a good reason. My friend Mike had won a vintage arcade machine on eBay. The game was called Chelnov Atomic Runner. We picked it up from a college student at Iowa State and loaded it into the back of the van. It fit great. The van cruised the highway great. And one of our other friends still owns the game.

  • Justin Jordan
    Justin Jordan 2 hours ago +1

    Doug I would like a review of the DeTomaso Pantera

  • bhirmiz
    bhirmiz 2 hours ago

    Its was designed to be like a plane and plane cockpit

  • tchouzebra
    tchouzebra 2 hours ago

    In ejrope we had the same vehicle sold as a pontiac name was TranSport

  • TheMongex
    TheMongex 3 hours ago

    I think this mini van was sold in Argentina as the Chevrolet Lumina... rebadging?

  • Pekka Kilpeläinen
    Pekka Kilpeläinen 3 hours ago

    No other car has those triangular front side windows? How about Citroën C4 Picasso?

  • Bill Olsen
    Bill Olsen 4 hours ago

    4:24 Hey! The kid now has his own ashtray next to the built-in child car seat!

  • Ratzfourtyfour
    Ratzfourtyfour 5 hours ago

    This guy gets 1M views on an Oldsmobile Silhouette vid. Geez how does he do it.

  • parker gordon
    parker gordon 7 hours ago

    Oldsmobile Silhouette power sliding doors: WOOOOOooooOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOOOOoooooOoOoOoOoOoOoooo

    RENOVATIO 7 hours ago

    To me it is not ugly at all

  • TheDis Beat
    TheDis Beat 8 hours ago

    Previa was top dog in minivans lol

    BOB ROTHWELL 8 hours ago

    Has anybody said here ,"It's the Cadillac of minivans" ? From Get Shorty

  • tr v
    tr v 9 hours ago

    I borrowed my pastors Lumina van for a weekend back in the day. They honestly don't drive all that bad.

  • Donny Yario
    Donny Yario 10 hours ago

    The door closing song triggered so many childhood memories holy shit

  • Shariq Yar
    Shariq Yar 10 hours ago

    When they put the vents in the back in the Bentley GTC, that's luxury, but here that's weird.

  • diesel scout
    diesel scout 10 hours ago

    A friend of mine's parents had the Chevy version and I haven't heard that door closing warning sound in over 20 years.

  • Luke P
    Luke P 12 hours ago

    My dad had a 1993 Pontiac Trans sport. Got stolen in 2006

    • Luke P
      Luke P 8 hours ago

      @bananaman I guess. That's why??'

    • bananaman
      bananaman 8 hours ago

      That's what you get for having "trans" in the name. My transistor got stolen too.

  • Michel Foshee
    Michel Foshee 12 hours ago

    In high school a band director bought a new Lumina APV. We dubbed it the NASA van or Space shuttle due to its shape.

  • Côme Thiburs
    Côme Thiburs 13 hours ago

    looks like an overweight renault espace with an even crappier finish. which i'm sure doug would love all 5 generations for their own quirks. the first, for being the godfather of monospace as a concept (thanks to matra) the second, for the improvements, the third for it's quirky interior... and the latter ones for how absurd they are.

  • salemcripple
    salemcripple 15 hours ago

    My mom had the Lumina version of this in the 90's. I learned how to drive on it. I can attest to the fact b they were IMPOSSIBLE to work on! The hitting your head thing was at real problem (I may or may not have done it a few times). Also, not only the rear sliding door, but the rear climate controls were BIG deals when this came out. The fact that you can remove seats and rearrange them in any order you want or need was b really cool. Also the fact you could fold the seats down and on the back of them was a little table and cup holders. Many a long road trip was spent playing card games with my brother in the back seat.

  • Rudolf Schlosser
    Rudolf Schlosser 16 hours ago

    Hi. Mercedes E class has built in child seats:)

  • e harris
    e harris 17 hours ago

    Hated those things

  • The Nude American
    The Nude American 17 hours ago

    I always wanted the original Pontiac Trans Sport version back then, but I just couldn't afford it back in those days.

  • Zach Lorge
    Zach Lorge 19 hours ago

    Doug: "let me come over and roast your car for a few hours"

  • Jasko Hodzic
    Jasko Hodzic 19 hours ago

    I think your videos are not long enough.. maybe you should add another 24 or so minutes.. it's not at all time consuming watching 80% of your unnecessary mouth diarrhea.. that's why I stopped watching your videos. They are longer than TV series.

  • tuowl05
    tuowl05 20 hours ago

    I definitely remember the "dustbuster" era of GM vans. With that said, the only Silhouette i vividly recall seeing was a gold one with that same striping that a neighbor had in the 90's.

  • Joe LaBore
    Joe LaBore 20 hours ago

    Reminds me of the space shuttle Galileo.

  • Anime4Ever4life
    Anime4Ever4life 20 hours ago

    Cybertruck!!! You seen the lines on that thing!?

  • Some Random Person
    Some Random Person 21 hour ago

    I've seen someone that owns one of these but apparently it's broken and that guy modified it by an engine swap.

  • Dr. Bombay
    Dr. Bombay 21 hour ago

    Is this a car review or a door review?

  • Ted Berner
    Ted Berner 22 hours ago

    It wasn't the first luxury minivan, and it wasn't as weird as the actual, first luxury minivan, the Toyota Previa.
    ...and while I never owned a Silhouette, I did own both a Lumina APV and a Pontiac TransSport and... A Toyota Previa.
    The Previa was roomier. It was available with swivel quad seating, two sunroofs (one HUGE), it was a Mid-Engine, oil and trans dipstick beneath a NASA-like hatch under the driver's seat, a carpet flap and a driver seat that can flip backward. Though, there wasn't really a need to check the dipstick, because every Previa came with an oil reserve tank under the sliver of an engine hood. Combine that with available all wheel drive, front and rear air conditioning, front and rear entertainment, etc.
    One other thing, though really weird and basically a rolling egg, the build quality was way better than GM Minivans. In fact, many Previas broke 3 or 4 hundred thousand miles.
    With all this said though, I still loved both the APV and TransSport. We had kids, I liked to buy use then repeat. They were fun, enjoyable and I appreciated them as they were for what they were. I always wanted a Silhouette to add to the experience, but even back in the day, very hard to find

  • Julio Vaunswa
    Julio Vaunswa 22 hours ago

    Every 2 minutes I get a commercial. Thanks Doug

  • mylesgifford8988
    mylesgifford8988 22 hours ago

    My mother in law has a 95 lumina apv pretty much same junk different name lol

  • Your Namehere
    Your Namehere 22 hours ago

    Toyota Previa van pretty much same look, my mom's 1994 model, with mid-mounted engine

    ΣLECTЯ0N 22 hours ago

    A family up the street from me growing up had one of sat in their driveway with a tarp over the stuck open door from 1995 to 1999...

  • Jim Foreman
    Jim Foreman 23 hours ago

    I owned a 1996 Chevy Lumina van which was a cheaper copy of the Olds but just as difficult to work on. To replace the rear plugs required dropping the engine assembly about 6". Then there was the GM DexCool fiasco. I paid the $1200 repair bill to replace all the engine gaskets and applied for a refund which ws ultimately approved...... except GM declared bankruptcy a week before the checks were supposed to go out and there went my refund. I gave it to my daughter in Colorado with 120,000 miles on the clock and the engine blew up on her way home. It was left in a junk yard in Clayton, NM.

  • Jerry Dellefemine

    We had a 1995 it was kind of ahead of its time

  • toe cutter
    toe cutter Day ago

    Had a 98 Silhouette and was better looking had auto leveling air suspension, that also had a tire filling hose in back side compartment, electric rear vent windows 2 electric slide side doors. Mid row seats were 2 full size captains chairs. Mom put over 250,000 trouble free miles on it and we never were able to change the back 3 spark plugs. Smooth quiet comfortable well made. Just drove it to the salvage yard last year. ....Rust In Piece...

  • a long username for my short peen

    6:51 GM must've been like:

    "You guys ever heard a European police siren before?"

  • Zoe Cheddar
    Zoe Cheddar Day ago

    Why have i seen 8 ads by 6:50? unsubscribe.

  • Carmine Naugahyde

    I've always wanted one of these

  • D. A.
    D. A. Day ago

    - has 2 children -

  • JustWasted3HoursHere

    Ford and General Motors just could not find that right combination of looks and features to make a desirable minivan. Ford tried MANY times and eventually gave up. Chrysler is the only ~American company to have this market segment figured out.

  • carlos campos
    carlos campos Day ago

    Old school American car videos are the most entertaining to watch

  • Thomas wilmeth
    Thomas wilmeth Day ago

    My dad had a 1993 Chevy Lumina apv van that look like this, man that was an ugly car 😂.

  • William Schmidt
    William Schmidt Day ago

    **SAAB did the built-in child seat too

  • Zachariah Knight

    The front looks like the boot on a porche

  • Paulius D.
    Paulius D. Day ago

    was there a RHD version?

  • J S
    J S Day ago

    stay in yo lane, this hoovie lane

    JOHN SCOTTO Day ago

    Cadillac of minivans!!!

  • stillOJ
    stillOJ Day ago

    We have a lot of them here in Virginia -_-


    12:06 Theres a flying SUV behind you, that suddenly disappears ... o_O
    Thats an UFO from your Pontiac world, for sure.

  • Hideika
    Hideika Day ago

    Our family Chevy Venture also had the same sound with the door closing as well

  • Malcolm Davis
    Malcolm Davis Day ago

    Minivans used to have only right hand side door for a particular reason and that is they didn't want passengers step out into the road, when vehicle stopped on the road side. So there was a very specific reason. You are really stupid and don't know what you are talking about, sorry Doug.

  • Louis Goniva
    Louis Goniva Day ago

    Check out the citroen c4 grand picasso (now they call it "spacetourer") I think you would like it it is very similar to this car and has a LOT of quirks and features. I know you don't have it in america but probably in mexico

  • Louis Goniva
    Louis Goniva Day ago

    Volvos have retractable child seats built into the seat as an option

  • C Bats
    C Bats Day ago

    This car looks like it is full of DNA

  • Smudge Lord
    Smudge Lord Day ago

    I love how this video is already over 1M views compared to something like Doug's Ferrari 599 GTO video with 865K from 2 months ago. All about priorities.

  • Fred_eazy21
    Fred_eazy21 Day ago +1

    Dodge Caravan FTW!