• Published on Aug 12, 2019
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  • Comedy

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  • Max London
    Max London 5 hours ago

    I want to be the parent that mine never was, I want to support their hobbies and support whatever path they have decided on. As well as give them the reasons as to why I am discouraging them for a certain behavior. I want to show them the empathy and affection mine did not. Of course, when they're a toddler, they'll be on a leash. You can't really trust a 3 year old not to run in front of a moving car, even though my parent kept me on a leash in public spaces from the ages of 3-6 I understand, because kids are a**holes.

  • KDP Kitten Draws Pictures

    Keep zoure kids on a leash

    Me :my mom did that bc my brother was being rude and she put ME on a leash bc i was walking a little to far from her

    Yeah that makes sense

  • Mcd Free
    Mcd Free 6 hours ago


  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis 9 hours ago

    Me:dang it's actually legal to put young children on a leash

  • Duss Tuss
    Duss Tuss 11 hours ago

    Speech 100

  • TimeCube
    TimeCube 18 hours ago

    #teamtrees #cancelcancer

  • Ayelet Hashachar
    Ayelet Hashachar 18 hours ago

    Dom: You're basically your parents.
    Me: Ahhhh that explains all my internalized homophobia and self-hatred.

  • Felicity Edgington
    Felicity Edgington 18 hours ago

    I love kids 😍💖

  • CADEN 2023
    CADEN 2023 18 hours ago

    the airport one if my kid acts up and i say no stop like 15 times am i wrong if i take him to the bathroom and spank her

  • Diego Unicahuin
    Diego Unicahuin Day ago

    Maybe in us or european countries hit your children isnt normal but in my country all peaplo i know were hit its just diferrent

  • Ryu Gaizer
    Ryu Gaizer Day ago

    2:09 so cute

  • stoopid bum nut
    stoopid bum nut Day ago

    and i’m over here mad at my parents because they forgot to put up the christmas tree one year

  • Tangerine
    Tangerine Day ago

    My mom keeps tabs on everything I owe her like it's my fault im born. Sorry for being your daughter and a human being that breathes and moves and goes to school. I literally be 10 and would get yelled at for being hungry or school supplies. Yeah I never joined afterschool activities

  • Mike's stories uwu

    My mom tried a harness with me when I was like
    It didn't work out to well-

  • noobmaster69
    noobmaster69 2 days ago +1

    2:10 me when given the concept of living.

    • Cedo
      Cedo Day ago

      Sad like.

  • ZiTrio Gamez
    ZiTrio Gamez 2 days ago

    who else beat boxes to the Domics intro?

  • Daisy Animations
    Daisy Animations 2 days ago

    35: Every asian parent's thought

  • Funkymonkey _
    Funkymonkey _ 2 days ago +1

    2:20 Well then I guess I was raised WRONG!

  • liamturbop
    liamturbop 2 days ago +1

    Me: Mum, I pretty sure I broke my legs.
    Mum: Ugh, You’re fine, *just walk it off.*

  • A person that is Here

    It shan’t happen again ooooh

  • Lakshya Sharl18
    Lakshya Sharl18 2 days ago +2

    Parent: Argues with child.
    Child: properly argues and wins argument.
    Parent: How disrespectful

  • Z3R0 THE_number
    Z3R0 THE_number 2 days ago

    Tic tak eat crack

  • Dan Mol
    Dan Mol 2 days ago

    Ok look I'm not interested in having kids nope nope nope it will never happen ever in my life I have my parents it was there choosing but mine is not the same

  • AsianXOptix
    AsianXOptix 2 days ago

    You should tell my parents that, they’ll still kick my ass if I do something wrong like my fucking test

  • Slimey bananazz
    Slimey bananazz 2 days ago

    Me: I GOT A 96 ON MY TEST!!!
    Grandma: u so stupid you could get 100-
    Me: just stop talking to a mirror

  • Jacqueline Brannon
    Jacqueline Brannon 2 days ago

    0:45 My mom kept account all of the stuff I broke of hers when I was a child, and now made me pay her back 😂😂 But aye, it taught me to respect other’s property

  • SlightlyTaintedMiwk YT
    SlightlyTaintedMiwk YT 2 days ago +1

    2:50 take a LONG, HARD look!

  • Said Gameing000
    Said Gameing000 2 days ago

    James Charles had a baby with you like to dump james and give the baby to foster care

  • the gacha lama
    the gacha lama 2 days ago

    My mum used to smack me when I did somthing bad, so I used to smack people when they pissed me off

  • fisty baby
    fisty baby 3 days ago


    DPWFG 3 days ago

    "As parents, you can't really have the mind set that your kids owe you"
    Can you tell my dad this please?
    Edit: I was put on a leash once when I was two... Got down on all fours and started barking like a dog in the middle of the mall. My Poppy refused to take me out into public after that... He also fed me butter

  • Night Wolf
    Night Wolf 3 days ago

    I have to mix my milk with chocolate powder becose pre mixed milk has less uses, so I put my milk in first and mix it in the bowl instead of getting a separate container.
    Is that reasonable!?

  • _Hailey해일리
    _Hailey해일리 3 days ago

    I learned a very valuable lesson

    • _Hailey해일리
      _Hailey해일리 3 days ago

      Could you translate this is korean so i can tell my mom about the part where your characterism is passed down to me xD

  • Dead Head
    Dead Head 3 days ago +1

    My favorite line is “the cereal 🥣 then the milk 🥛 “

  • Karanjot master
    Karanjot master 3 days ago

    Who was born in a doggy stance.

  • I’mLost
    I’mLost 3 days ago


    I wanna see which Karen is going to comment and reply

  • Samuel Vista
    Samuel Vista 3 days ago

    Hey I'm Samuel.

  • Igot7 Army
    Igot7 Army 3 days ago

    His over all views are about to reach I billion views!!!

  • Drago The alpha
    Drago The alpha 3 days ago

    It’s good to use a natural voice with your children cause it shows them you respect them and don’t think they’re retarded.”hey Jake you wanna play ball?” Instead of “ goo ge gagoo want to play catch with your balley?” Like they’re five not 1

  • Kookie
    Kookie 3 days ago +1

    Me: mom my leg hurts~~~
    Mom: it's probably growing.
    Me:..... Uh, ok
    *Weeks later*
    Me: mom my arm hurts~
    Mom: it's probably growing.
    Me: 🤔 hmm
    Me: mom my noes hurts.
    Mom: it's probably growing.
    Me: * inhales*.. Nani!?
    Its probably growing= answer to all your pain👍

  • Closed Channel
    Closed Channel 3 days ago
    Jk you got pranked

  • Zaid Qasim
    Zaid Qasim 3 days ago

    My birthday is August 18th crazy how that works

  • Ashtroyed
    Ashtroyed 3 days ago +1

    waiting for the comment that says "0:37 OMG IT SOMETHINGELSEYT AHHHHH"

  • Pujit Jain
    Pujit Jain 3 days ago

    Dom will you marry me

  • snickers boi
    snickers boi 3 days ago

    2:19 I pour milk first

  • K K
    K K 4 days ago

    ...I kinda wanna make a bill of all the things my child owes me as a joke.
    Nvm I'm totally gonna make a bill of everything they owe me
    Omg a fire
    Oh that's okay I have a torch

  • TheNordicMoose
    TheNordicMoose 4 days ago

    Teeeechnicallyy... Parents are all selfish. They didn't just suddenly go "Oh hey, hear that? It's the sperm cells in your balls crying out to be grown into humans. Lets help them." They just wanted kids. And then the child is born and might have thoughts like. Life sucks. Life is meaningless. I'm a slave to society. Etc etc. And people just say "GROW UP!"... and they do grow up and parents say "It's high time you move out into the world to live on your own the life you didn't ask for, and instead was given to you because we had baby fever and wanted a family... Now get out. But also when were old, we expect you to take care of us." 😂

  • Aʟᴡᴇɴᴀ OwO
    Aʟᴡᴇɴᴀ OwO 4 days ago


  • Tamzin Lawrie
    Tamzin Lawrie 4 days ago +2

    Me:*looking out the window*
    Dom: Hey hello! Pay attention
    Me: 0-0

  • Sweet Star
    Sweet Star 4 days ago

    I already take care of kids and I'm only umm..yea..😅

  • ZuulDovah
    ZuulDovah 4 days ago

    Laugh about it all you like. My parents actually DO think I owe them for everything they've done for me. To the point where they refused to help me pay for any higher education saying "We let you live in our house for free, that was our help to you."

  • Sal H
    Sal H 4 days ago

    my mama keeps tabs 눈_눈

  • YASH Saxena
    YASH Saxena 4 days ago

    I love your videos

  • RikaDreamer
    RikaDreamer 4 days ago

    But I never asked to be born.....They owe me for wanting kids without asking if I want to be born. Living sucks and is expensive, they owe me a lot of money for doing all the chores around the house!

  • kevinchan246
    kevinchan246 4 days ago

    Loved the statement "There is no actual lesson learned, only behavioral conditioning", But I think there is a really good parenting book on kindle I should really suggest new parents to at least take a look. It's called "Discipline Dynamics
    ", Link here on kindle :

  • Husky Vlogs
    Husky Vlogs 4 days ago

    Nice joke or pun

  • Sierra Curtis
    Sierra Curtis 5 days ago +4

    No my parents give me stuff for me to be entertained with (my ipad I'm using rn) they give me all the food I need aswell it's parents don't show a lot of love for me...? I'm the smallest child in my family so ppl think my parents love me more them my older brothers but they don't...they don't go out of there way to do a puzzle with me, go on a walk with me etc. and it's not like they do not have the time or energy for example there in the living room rn watching movie with my brothers they did not even ask me if I wanted to watch.

  • the gamer
    the gamer 5 days ago

    Milk then scerel

  • Rose Myers
    Rose Myers 6 days ago +2

    Yeah umm my parents owe me for being born since I wish I hadn't been

  • Cursed -
    Cursed - 6 days ago +1

    The best part starts at 0:55