JACK IS BACK! | Revolution of the Daleks Teaser | Doctor Who

  • Published on Nov 23, 2020
  • Captain Jack Harkness returns to Doctor Who in the upcoming festive special "Revolution of the Daleks!" Subscribe to Doctor Who for more exclusive videos: bit.ly/SubscribeToDoctorWho

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Comments • 70

  • Ken Lyall
    Ken Lyall 9 days ago

    Worst xmas ratings ever 😂😂😂😂

  • Fleming Hegemann
    Fleming Hegemann 15 days ago +1

    It's today.

  • AngelicusImmortus
    AngelicusImmortus Month ago

    Please please please make this Jacks last appearance

  • Севдалина Кръстева

    Oooo Am This Sound

  • yuoop noke
    yuoop noke Month ago

    Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in.

  • seiom jvony
    seiom jvony Month ago

    - Captain Jack's Back - "That's all you need to know." - The 10th Doctor. 😀😀😀

  • Zwordsman
    Zwordsman Month ago

    Heck yeah. Also its hilarious how much older jack is now; excpet for the timeless child plot switching that sorta mostly.
    Just please don't romance them. Was hilarious early on; but at this poitn

  • World of sursphere'a

    I knew Jack was going to be in this. Omg awesome

  • pin child
    pin child Month ago

    Dear Santa, please don’t let this episode be terrible... 🙄🙏🏻

    • Doctor Who: Revolution
      Doctor Who: Revolution Month ago

      @Titch where the fuck did I say it was good?

    • Titch
      Titch Month ago

      @Doctor Who: Revolution YOU belive it is good, that is your OPINION. it is NOT fact if it is good or not, that is opinion based

    • Titch
      Titch Month ago

      @Doctor Who: Revolution there opinion of it being terrible

    • Doctor Who: Revolution
      Doctor Who: Revolution Month ago

      @Titch but that wasn't an opinion....

    • Titch
      Titch Month ago

      @Doctor Who: Revolution Dear Santa, please let this guy understand that that person has an opinion and they are well within there right to express this

  • Samuel Barber
    Samuel Barber Month ago +2

    Jack: So, you’re a woman now, Christmas miracles.
    13: Bye me a drink first.
    Jack: Such hard work, it must be you.
    13: Well of course.
    Jack: Still from the Northern UK.
    13: Lots of planets have a north.
    I might have gotten carried away here.

    • seiom jvony
      seiom jvony Month ago

      Jack: Captain Jack Harkness..... and who are you? Doctor: Jack its me. Stop it. Jack: you're a woman now?.... Wildest dreams do come true

  • Patrick the Timelord

    Is anyone getting "This is where the fun begins" vibes

  • Levent Ayata
    Levent Ayata Month ago

    Doktorun kızı unutuldu onu da görmek isteriz

  • bssni touir
    bssni touir Month ago

    baby, give us the whole trailer please...

  • midoribushi
    midoribushi Month ago

    allons y! This is great!!!!

  • That British Whovian
    That British Whovian Month ago +1

    I personally hope that Jacks return isn’t merely to boost ratings in what has been a less than spectacular season, personally I’ve enjoyed it for the most part, Orphan 55 was abysmal in few words, but for the most part I have really enjoyed the series

  • sannio komi
    sannio komi Month ago

    Captain Jack: "I've missed that sound." Dr.Who fans: "We've missed that voice! " Jack's back. Time to lose your mind........

    • bssni touir
      bssni touir Month ago

      Oh I miss that sound. Oh Jack I have miss you and your voice and your funny, dark and badase side.

  • Piglet UwU
    Piglet UwU Month ago +23

    Jack: "I've missed that sound"
    Everyone: We've missed you

  • Piglet UwU
    Piglet UwU Month ago +1

    I really hope we get more "Stop it" between the doctor and jack. I really hope he does it to her cause that would be funny

  • Oscarspoem
    Oscarspoem Month ago

    Shame about Dr. Who. Been a massive fan all my life. I will save my time watching it now and just read the Guardian for a bit. Same thing Politically Correct drivel. We as a human race would get on fine without it, just divides us. Dr Who fans were always a great group, yet divided us all. Shame. Best episodes I think ever.1) Silence in the Library, 2) Blink, 3) Deep breath.

  • RandomlyThincc
    RandomlyThincc Month ago +1

    Ooh I cannot wait for the Trailer that is coming out tomorrow!

  • thick thickity thickface from thicktown thickania

    Missed him so freaking much! Haven't watched 13th doctor's series for few obvious reasons but definitely gonna watch this tnx to Cap Jack. Great way to increase the views of the show again!

  • rorschac009oo8
    rorschac009oo8 Month ago +3

    Jack: Captain Jack Harkness..... and who are you?
    Doctor: Jack its me. Stop it.
    Jack: you're a woman now?.... Wildest dreams do come true

  • JakeChat Vlogs
    JakeChat Vlogs Month ago

    Please Chris, give Jack a longer appearance than the 5 minutes we got last series. PLEASE?

  • Capacitor
    Capacitor Month ago

    Wow they trying everything now.

  • alleycat250
    alleycat250 Month ago

    Omg 😆 The Face of Bo!!!!

    • RandomlyThincc
      RandomlyThincc Month ago

      @bilisha coli Looks the same from Torchwood Miracle Day aswell

    • bilisha coli
      bilisha coli Month ago

      Johns really aged well. He looks the same as he did 10 years ago in the end of time

  • Andres Castillo
    Andres Castillo Month ago

    I can't wait till he sees the doctor!!!

  • bilij pdan
    bilij pdan Month ago +1

    Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in.

    • Cameron Monaghan
      Cameron Monaghan Month ago

      Every time!
      The Judoon, Jack and now it's been revealed that the Sontarans are in series 13.

  • Phenomenal Panda
    Phenomenal Panda Month ago


  • Mr K
    Mr K Month ago

    Hope it's a Christmas special again. New Years just wasn't the same.

  • R Taylor
    R Taylor Month ago

    Oh I miss that sound. Oh Jack I have miss you and your voice and your funny, dark and badase side.

  • R Taylor
    R Taylor Month ago +1

    Yeah it short but at least it show us Jack. I wonder what happen to Torchwood. I hope he explain what happen to it in this ep.

    • Mark
      Mark Month ago

      @R Taylor it has being better in my opinion the peter episodes were rubbish mostly he had only around 2 good eps a series

    • R Taylor
      R Taylor Month ago

      @bilij pdan the problem is with doctor who it has not been that good since Moffat and Peter C left. Series 12 was decent but series 11 was not great.

    • bilij pdan
      bilij pdan Month ago +1

      Oh whew, I'm glad Doctor Who is still happening. I was worried since there was like 0 news.

  • Kieren Nelson
    Kieren Nelson Month ago +1

    His episode last series was the best jodie episode by a long way

  • VulLord666
    VulLord666 Month ago

    Oh cool. Now the show has resorted to using nostalgia to get me interested. I still refuse to watch the main show until Chibnall isn’t showrunner and series 12 is wiped from existence.

  • doctor leak
    doctor leak Month ago

    Jack does remember that the TARDIS doesn't really like him right?

  • bilisha coli
    bilisha coli Month ago

    Diese Serie begann nicht lange nach der Übernahme von Steven Moffat direkt zur Hölle zu fahren und erreichte mit Chris Chibbnal den Tiefpunkt.

  • Tom Cornes
    Tom Cornes Month ago

    I really hope they don't ruin Jack with badly written dialogue

  • DPR 567
    DPR 567 Month ago +3

    Diese Serie begann nicht lange nach der Übernahme von Steven Moffat direkt zur Hölle zu fahren und erreichte mit Chris Chibbnal den Tiefpunkt.

    • Michael Taylor
      Michael Taylor 16 days ago

      Its just a matter of the right hand fighting the left. your side of the fandom is no better than ours.

    • Michael Taylor
      Michael Taylor 16 days ago

      Haha. Well Steven Moffatt loved to do new interesting things and bring back cool stuff from the old series and Chinballs just wants to give fanservice to people who miss the so called golden RTD era

  • Green Cello
    Green Cello Month ago +1

    My oldest niece fell behind with the show after Capaldi became the Doctor, but when I told her that Jack was back in this special, her eyes lit up in absolute glee. This was not too long ago at Thanksgiving dinner.

    • NineK9
      NineK9 Month ago

      @Green Cello my apologies, idk why I said daughter XD

    • Green Cello
      Green Cello Month ago

      @NineK9 She isn't my daughter. As I said originally, she is my niece. She fell from watching due to things in life: school, work, etc. She probably won't care about the new cast as long as Jack is in it. I'm not being rude, just clarifying that she isn't my daughter. Thank you for your comment.

    • NineK9
      NineK9 Month ago

      That’s wonderful. I highly recommend your daughter be introduced to series 11 and 12. There’s a new doctor, new companion and new monsters. Series 12 is gonna blow her away!! Highly recommend you catch up if you don’t wanna get spoilers from the special

    • bilisha coli
      bilisha coli Month ago

      There should be meeting of old casts with new doctor that would be epic doctor as girl meeting amy and clara and all it would be awsome

  • Shotgunn
    Shotgunn Month ago

    When Jack reappears and they have that big suspenseful moment if the Torchwood theme doesn't play 0/10

  • Scarlet Phoenix
    Scarlet Phoenix Month ago

    It’s about time!!!

    WILFRED MOTT Month ago

    Johns really aged well. He looks the same as he did 10 years ago in the end of time

  • Aidan Reynolds
    Aidan Reynolds Month ago


  • pastor brian
    pastor brian Month ago

    shame its not proper dr who. Not had any new eps since 2017

  • Detroitfan03 02 /DF32

    OK,Doctor Who FLash-player Channel. Where can we get "The End of Doctor Who?" as a final episode of series 14? You know, where the doctor and Captain Whale investigate a mystery of Brendan's death from Series 12 episode 9,I guess…?

  • KanaTokisho
    KanaTokisho Month ago

    Oh whew, I'm glad Doctor Who is still happening. I was worried since there was like 0 news.

    • NineK9
      NineK9 Month ago

      @KanaTokisho yep. If you look on their Twitter it says that the trailer is coming Sunday.

    • KanaTokisho
      KanaTokisho Month ago

      @NineK9 This Sunday?
      With no date on this trailer I thought it wasn't coming till end of December.

    • NineK9
      NineK9 Month ago

      There is actually news. Series 13 has begun filming with a *certain* monster (won’t spoil that for you lol) and the trailer for revolution of the daleks has been announced for this Sunday!!

  • Liz Johnson
    Liz Johnson Month ago +1

    I’m confused is this for a new series ??

  • dussel69 deboath
    dussel69 deboath Month ago

    who actually cares..writing so far has been well below par, destruction of canon...and now lets screw uo the daleks...terry nation must be spinning in his grave

    • Mahfuzur Chowdhury
      Mahfuzur Chowdhury Month ago

      @Mark, Daleks were Moffat's weak point. But, pretty much, in everything else, Moffat has the upper hand.

    • Mark
      Mark Month ago

      chibnall does daleks better than moffat at least in the chibnall era daleks kill and are a threat unlike the moffat era where they would shout exterminate constantly but not exterminate anything

    • Mahfuzur Chowdhury
      Mahfuzur Chowdhury Month ago

      I mean, some fans do still care, including me, to a limited extent.
      I agree writing has, generally speaking, has been below average, but an improvement form Series 11. Destruction of canon... Maybe? I mean, we need to see the full extent of it okay out before we call destruction. And, we already had a Dalek episode with Whittaker, and it was okay.

  • Bolia Fops
    Bolia Fops Month ago

    This is just 5 seconds of Jack instead of a trailer but I'm still happy and exited anyway

    • NineK9
      NineK9 Month ago

      Trailer is announced to be out this Sunday!! Get ready 😄

  • Thomas Wesley
    Thomas Wesley Month ago

    Yeah, baby!

  • Pee-Ray
    Pee-Ray Month ago +1

    A character that fit in with the camp romp of the RTD era and was given a fitting farewell in the series and by the Doctor as said era ended. He was even given his own spin off. He doesn't need to return. We don't need any more.
    And both goes for Chibnall.

  • Link2006155
    Link2006155 Month ago

    *excited screaming heard across time and space*

    • Bolia Fops
      Bolia Fops Month ago

      Possible they can do a story that does not involve a salt shaker?

  • Cade Kozle Kozlowski

    I will literally die when Captain Jack says to the Doctor, "HELLLLOOOOO NURSE!!"

  • Alan james
    Alan james Month ago

    There should be meeting of old casts with new doctor that would be epic doctor as girl meeting amy and clara and all it would be awsome

  • EagleFang
    EagleFang Month ago

    My Spidey Sense is tingling is that there is going to be a lot cheeky flirting going on

  • T Shelby
    T Shelby Month ago

    Yeeeeeeeeeea jack is back yaaaaaaay

  • Woodrow Shen
    Woodrow Shen Month ago

    It's the only good news in 2020!

  • beedsj roiue
    beedsj roiue Month ago

    I bet this will be 13 and Jack's first interaction: Jack: Doctor. 13: Stop it.

  • Senpai Coffee
    Senpai Coffee Month ago

    Oh dear God no please don't make them even worse

  • Squicx
    Squicx Month ago +1

    I’m still hoping The parallel universe theory that 12s regeneration was so powerful it broken the Tardis navigational systems and pushed the Doctor into another universe since Timelords can travel between universes. Once the TARDIS entered Ruth’s universe, The TARDIS almost perfectly entered that universe triggering a forgotten system to travel between universes safely with dampening the universes back in the Tennant era.
    13 then later assumed it was her own universe and ran into Ruth (the Doctor of that universe) and the Master (Ruth’s Master) thinking that Jodie’s 13 was just a past incarnation.
    Back in the proper universe Jack later steals a ship to follow the Doctors last know coordinates. When Jack finds a small rift left by the TARDIS, he follows into that alternate universe just enough before it closes behind him. Jack is determined to find the Doctor and bring her back to our universe knowing the consequences of universal tampering from Torchwood experience knowing the Doctor is linked to the Matrix in some way. Jack finds out the events through illegal sources and ways (because it’s Jack 😘) of series 11 and 12 realising that the Timeless Children has some recent significance. Jack later then tracks as much as he can later landing on The Lone Cyberman being a pivotal point before destruction (both irl and in the story 🤣). So as any hero would do, Jack sets out to find The Doctor and SUCCESS! He does! Except he teleports Graham to his ship instead of The Doctor {Fugitive of the Jadoon - Series 12} and realising he’s in trouble, attempts to send a message in the meantime so he can hopefully prevent universal destruction.
    {The Ascension of the Cyberman -Series 12} Towards the end, The Master appears out of a portal from the wreck of his universes Gallifrey. This is phase 2 of the universes breaking down leading to destruction. While Jack is on the run, he gets captured by the Jadoon because he’s not registered by the galaxy (since he’s part of our universe). These events will lead into Revolution of the Daleks (hopefully).
    {The Timeless Children -Series 12} The Doctor is later revealed by Chibnalls destruction to be The Timeless Child (WORST DOCTOR WHO EPISODE EVER.) I’m thinking that The Timeless Child was actually Ruth from that universe. The master technically overall DIDN’T LIE but he just didn’t know that Jodie’s Doctor Isn’t his Doctor but rather Ruth is. The Doctor believes this and is obviously trapped in the matrix. My guess is that in that time, The Matrix was scanning The Doctor unsure weather she is The Doctor of that universe (Ruth). She then proceeds to break the Matrix but NOT FROM HER MIND, but rather from the fact that The Matrix was right about The Doctor and it broke from the fact it didn’t recognise Jodie’s Doctor as Ruth’s Doctor.
    I pray this theory is true. If Chibnall does this it would be the coolest Plot Twist hidden WITHIN A PLOT TWIST!! Also the longest lasting plot twist in the shows history. This theory could come to an end when Jack tells The 13th Doctor this was the case the whole time and the Universe is disintegrating. Jodie’s last episode as The Doctor could have Ruth rejoin the oath to never be cruel or cowardly and come to terms that her universe is fading and the attempt to save the universe with The Doctor, Ruth, Jack and the Jadoon is the plot as they figure out a way to return to the old universe and save the one they were trapped in. This of course ends in one spectacular finale as Ruth and The Master unfortunately dying just as everything could be safe. The Doctor in a fit of rage comes to her senses and slows down to think. In one final effort The Doctor takes her TARDIS to the closing portal with Jack and flies straight into it RETURNING INTO OUR UNIVERSE AGAIN!!! Jack is still in the TARDIS but 13 is somewhere else. Jack lands the TARDIS on earth with UNIT waiting there to keep the TARDIS safe. Everyone think the Doctor is dead and officially announce The Doctor has died. A montage similar to The Dark Knight Rises (2012) ending plays as people close to the Doctor get subtle messages that the Doctor is still alive. 13 then anonymously visits her companions and helps them out in any way possible. Yaz joins Torchwood, Ryan is approached by UNIT, Jack is given a chance to rebuild Torchwood (giving it a revival for season 5) And Graham is cured from his cancer and even given a small amount of 1 million Dollars to finally relax. 13 pulls off a heist to steal her TARDIS back and takes off. We later reveal that She has been wounded by the universal impact while travelling through the portal roughly and begins to regenerate.
    It took me an hour to make this so pleas share with The BBC to help Doctor Who get back on top of the world again as #1 show!
    #doctorwho #chrischibnall #timelesschildren #jodiewhittaker #showrunner #bbc #mandipgill #tosincole #bradleywalsh
    @mandipgill_ @mrtosincole @bradderswalsh

    SOUNDWAVEMAN Month ago +2

    Well here we go again! Trying to rip off the 10th Doctor era. urrr No Thank You. I’ll stick to Doctor Who finishing with Day of The Doctor. Before Moffat lost the plot (Pun intended) and before they cast the worst ‘Doctor’ don’t get me wrong I’m content with a female Doctor however please cast someone who can play the part and not try to rip off 10 and 11. If you are enjoying Doctor Who currently then great good for you. But Series 11 to me was utter garbage 🗑 worse than S9 and S10 in my opinion. So I boycotted the show after that abomination. I’m certainly not watching the Christmas/Not Christmas because we don’t do Christmas anymore but then we do Christmas again special. If people hated the show in the late 80’s good grief it’s far worse now. It was my favourite show and now is my most hated show. What have the BBC done? Good Grief. Rant Over

    • beedsj roiue
      beedsj roiue Month ago +1

      "hello, I am the Doctor" Captain Jack: "Doctor! good to see you again! it's been so long, can we get rid of this female imposter"

  • Muzaffer
    Muzaffer Month ago

    Please get rid of trash companions perhaps than Jack can save the show

  • Eloise M Turner
    Eloise M Turner Month ago

    Dear Mr Chibnall.... Don't ruin Captain Jack.....

    • Eloise M Turner
      Eloise M Turner Month ago

      @TardisOllie he also wrote episodes of Doctor who before he took over

    • TardisOllie
      TardisOllie Month ago

      To be fair he wrote for Jack for most of Torchwood so he should be fine 😄

  • Tyler the Yoshi
    Tyler the Yoshi Month ago +1

    I reeeeaaaaally hope they reveal the Timeless Children was a buncha lies.

  • EthanMagician
    EthanMagician Month ago

    Where's the trailer ?

    • NineK9
      NineK9 Month ago

      It comes out this Sunday!

  • Thomas Hydes
    Thomas Hydes Month ago +1

    People give chibnall a lot of hate but I think DW fans are better than that. I personally am hopeful of the future of Doctor Who. Just because there was 1 ok season and 1 pretty bad season doesn’t mean the show is ruined forever. And seeing Captain Jack again is just confirmation that this show will always bring amazing characters with great storylines through time and space. So give the hating a break bc even if you hate it now just wait a few years until there is a new doctor and new showrunner.

  • alexisandme4eva
    alexisandme4eva Month ago

    Possible they can do a story that does not involve a salt shaker?

    IABI TV Month ago

    Idc that Jack is back I'm just glad John Barrowman is still getting gigs

  • Cameron Sharp
    Cameron Sharp Month ago

    So they are going to meet!

  • C.O
    C.O Month ago

    Okay but is he actually back this time?
    Are they actually going to meet?
    Will he have character?
    Will they remember he can't die?
    Or that he has a canonical death that the doctor knows about?


  • Buncle Duncle
    Buncle Duncle Month ago

    Jack expects to see a male...
    Boy this is gonna be good.