DJ Khaled ft. Nas, JAY-Z & James Fauntleroy and Harmonies by The Hive - SORRY NOT SORRY

  • Published on Apr 29, 2021
  • Official music video for DJ Khaled feat. Nas, JAY-Z & James Fauntleroy and Harmonies by The Hive “SORRY NOT SORRY” off his KHALED KHALED Album

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    Sorry, not sorry.
    Don’t mind me,
    I’m living a dream.
    Living a dream, yeah
    Came from nothing,
    With a thought that we would be
    Living a dream, living a dream yeah

    We The Best Music! Another one! DJ Khaled!

    Hear ye, Hear ye,
    Only kings stand near me.
    Silicon Valley money mixed with Henny, that’s a Fendi.
    Half a century almost,
    Slice the green like a lawnmower.
    Til we all on, never fall off, hear a boss talk,
    You don’t hear me, that’s your loss.
    Winner in life, fuck a coin toss.
    I’m coin based, basically crypto-currency scarface.
    Join us, there’s gotta be more of us,
    I’m from the ghetto.
    What location? 2 seconds from the devil.
    I live heavenly in Cabo, with a Mexican sombrero.
    Drink heavily, health is wealth.
    Look at wealth of me, wipe your nose
    History, my type of clothes.
    Miss me with the hate,
    Helped so many people get cake.
    Whips and cream, for the crew.
    No other weed I think faster
    Time I spit this, I started some other business
    Came from the pitchin,
    Cain in the kitchen,
    Dangerous missions,
    Wasting your time if you want my forgiveness

    Sorry, not sorry.
    Don’t mind me,
    I’m living a dream.
    Living a dream, yeah
    Came from nothing,
    With a thought that we would be
    Living a dream, living a dream yeah

    Sorry, that’s another B
    Haters still aint recover from the other B,
    Ugh, that’s a double b, naw that’s a triple b, can’t forget bout the other B
    (bey: Hey)
    It’s white gloves for me,
    Hater know not to touch me, I’m with the fuckery
    (fuck with me) humbly, naw respectfully.
    I’m a project baby fuck yall expect from me?
    America’s disrespect for me
    You killed Christ you created religion, unexpectedly
    Circular ice on Japanese whiskey, on my mezzanine.
    Overlooking the city of Angels,
    The angel invested in things,
    Unprecedented run (facts)
    Everybody’s getting’ bands,
    We just dance to different drums
    I like who I become
    Intermittently fasting but these meals I’m not missing none.

    Sorry, not sorry.
    Don’t mind me,
    I’m living a dream.
    Living a dream, yeah
    Came from nothing,
    With a thought that we would be
    Living a dream, living a dream yeah

    (C) 2021 We The Best / Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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Comments • 70

  • Creative Effort Entertainment

    Trash... sorry..not sorry.. this ain't it. Smh

  • Anthony Easterling
    Anthony Easterling 32 minutes ago

    SONG IS AXX video ok their body language in the video speaks for itself
    ofc you can tell it’s still beef there
    they did the video at the same table on
    the strength of Khaled and publicity

    NINO SKILLZ 38 minutes ago


    NINO SKILLZ 40 minutes ago

    They have like 5 songs together

  • Constantz
    Constantz Hour ago

    This is some demonic shit

  • Jay Shun
    Jay Shun Hour ago

    Fukn’ LEGENDS!!!!!



  • Mr.Lester Ceo President Of The United States

    You song it is the best one

  • Sodinda khambule
    Sodinda khambule Hour ago


  • TRUBOO with Magnus

    Why do JayZ need to use Beyonce for a punchline when on a Track with NAS? lol.. Why do Jay look like he grintin on Nas who sitting to his right..hmmm just questions

  • ffadams
    ffadams 2 hours ago +1

    nas could've done this track alone,jay verse was meh.

  • King David
    King David 2 hours ago

    Wtf that mean

  • GrindStone
    GrindStone 3 hours ago

    NEW - "Dear Slim" (PRODUCED BY EMINEM) !!@!!!

  • Cashmoney Rye
    Cashmoney Rye 3 hours ago


  • Ebony Johnson
    Ebony Johnson 3 hours ago

    Grown men shit! The 2 legends came a long way since Ether. I love their growth🔥🔥 They murdered this🙏🏽

  • Dave Its1ne
    Dave Its1ne 4 hours ago

    I get that these two are legends and they had beef, all that. But this video and song is trash 🗑

  • FreeSpirit
    FreeSpirit 4 hours ago

    I don’t understand the concept of the random women in the video 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • seldomsceen
    seldomsceen 4 hours ago

    Why do ppl act like Nas and Jay never did s song together? Lol. And YES Gillie was right ..Jay's verse was kinda 🌽'y ..also he need to cut that nasty matted stalk off his head.

  • Peniel Yerima
    Peniel Yerima 4 hours ago

    ''Hard to drink like Alomo'' did you miss that too?🔥🔥 Nas!!

  • Delon Thomas
    Delon Thomas 4 hours ago

    You know what amaze me nas and jayz beef lyrically and still remain relevant and humble while the younger rappers slaughter each other over crap we love music

  • Jāce Mind-Sēēker
    Jāce Mind-Sēēker 4 hours ago

    I listen to this at least a few times a day for motivation. If they made it out to where they are now, so can we .

  • mash THE123
    mash THE123 4 hours ago

  • Bread 'N Budda
    Bread 'N Budda 4 hours ago +1

    I woke up with this song on my mind, the hook, chill vibe along with the Boss Talk. Very Inspiring.

  • T.L Msane
    T.L Msane 5 hours ago

    I so wish there was a Rick Ross's verse before Nas's. This joint RH, I can't get over it. Masterpiece

  • Chad-Cinque Taylor
    Chad-Cinque Taylor 5 hours ago

    JAY Z got a whole INFINITY stone on his ring!

  • Abdelhalim Gaoui
    Abdelhalim Gaoui 5 hours ago

    gro plein de soupe du rap des année 90

    LEGENDS TV 6 hours ago

    This is what we have been waiting for # Living our dreams

  • John Blaze
    John Blaze 6 hours ago

    jay destroyed nas here guys

  • Corey Robinson
    Corey Robinson 6 hours ago +1

    Nas is genius

  • amey kore
    amey kore 6 hours ago +1

    Nas is so fucking smooth

  • Gerri Garcia
    Gerri Garcia 7 hours ago

    Bey in the end 💪💪💃💪💃

  • Pallav Raj
    Pallav Raj 8 hours ago

    How bout fuckin" a soul with ETHER ?

  • Makoi Makur
    Makoi Makur 8 hours ago

    These two on the same truck is lit yo, I wonder if 50 and Ja could do the same!!!

  • MsJrzy
    MsJrzy 8 hours ago

    Jays B’s....Billion, Beyoncé, Brooklyn. 🤴🏾 sh*t 🔥🔥

  • Aderian Beal
    Aderian Beal 8 hours ago

    Hov a fool on that 🎤

  • Ibrahim diallo
    Ibrahim diallo 8 hours ago

    My dream comme true♥️

  • Sonya Birt
    Sonya Birt 8 hours ago +1

    This song brings tears of joy to my eyes. Levels, Kings, possibilities.

  • Pocahontas IS Isis
    Pocahontas IS Isis 9 hours ago

    The devil is about to beat the SHIT outta his beautiful wife ME POCAHONTAS

  • kimberly329
    kimberly329 9 hours ago

    Ehhh... I’m not impressed. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    • kimberly329
      kimberly329 50 minutes ago

      @Joey Tribianni I didn’t even like that. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    • kimberly329
      kimberly329 51 minute ago

      @stev- O WTH?

    • Joey Tribianni
      Joey Tribianni 8 hours ago

      Jay's verse is fine and that's it

    • stev- O
      stev- O 9 hours ago

      my exact thoughts on your punany.

  • tylerbadd25ify
    tylerbadd25ify 10 hours ago


    MZ HUEY 10 hours ago

    That's a triple B can't forget about the other Bey.....heyyyyy 👄
    Smooth J ❤

  • Rex Gyongoma
    Rex Gyongoma 10 hours ago

    DJ khaled doesn't sing just using others.

  • Tafari Kiki
    Tafari Kiki 10 hours ago

    Big fan since I was a kid when I was In High school they was beffing heavy ...nice to see the issues resolved 👏🏾👏🏾...I must say as an enlightened being what I didn’t like is all the symbolism ....your spirit is yours that’s your light keep that shit it has way more value than 💵 💰 💴

  • Young wizi Sky
    Young wizi Sky 10 hours ago

    Black excellent 🌎❤️💯

  • Wrestling Funhouse
    Wrestling Funhouse 10 hours ago

    Here for Z

  • PynkPanther
    PynkPanther 11 hours ago +1


    • stev- O
      stev- O 9 hours ago

      My exact thoughts on your punanny.

  • Midastouch One
    Midastouch One 11 hours ago +1

    Only Khalid...... Only Khalid could pull this off.... No Cappin... Legend.

  • Nebula The goat.27
    Nebula The goat.27 11 hours ago


  • Ariana sinclair
    Ariana sinclair 11 hours ago

    Am I the only one who realized that the flower dress the girl was wearing is the same as Taylor wore to the Grammys this year.

  • chimwemwe chalungama
    chimwemwe chalungama 12 hours ago

    Y'all useless" rappers" of today.. kids that don't know how it's done, TAKE NOTES! . Not forced, smooth Rap.

  • Sequiz Verified
    Sequiz Verified 12 hours ago

    Wish the past could’ve witness this respect 🙏✊🏾

  • Mayarah Lima
    Mayarah Lima 12 hours ago

    melhor música do álbum

  • Michael Emery
    Michael Emery 12 hours ago

    You YUNG Bloods will never understand the come up for these artist....Let alone the sacrificial commitment and you guys think it’s all just to benefit your well being and prospective ...NOOOOOOOOO!!!!it’s all a business tactic and they know y’all would buy into the fuckery ....ain’t no grown up that see pass this BS is buying this ONLY Y’all you know who you are....If you already know what it is then you will see past this imaginary and phony perception....True people know!!!!! Bottom line.....History Repeats Itself... You could be a whack ass rapper but very buisness minded and still make it what does that say about our

  • Young Banked
    Young Banked 13 hours ago +1

    This is amazing 🤯🔥

  • SunWaterFlowz
    SunWaterFlowz 13 hours ago


  • Wilbur Sanchez
    Wilbur Sanchez 13 hours ago

    Tidal 1 B ace of spade 2 B 3B referring to triple beam rap money like drug money tiping the scales

  • 2k Aten
    2k Aten 13 hours ago +1

    Song go hard but the amount of free masonic Symbolism in this video🤷🏾‍♂️ wish more people had the eyes to see that shit

  • Aniyah Davis
    Aniyah Davis 13 hours ago

    I love Beyoncé’s parttt 2:24

    TANISHA TOWNSEND 14 hours ago

    This is grown man shiiii

  • William Chen
    William Chen 14 hours ago +2

    masonic checkboard

  • Marvellous Briggs
    Marvellous Briggs 14 hours ago

    Got me wishing Nipsey was featured on this

  • semgito qutikjig
    semgito qutikjig 15 hours ago

    The one soap oppositely buzz because exchange summarily want barring a separate route. thick, cagey tomato

  • Francis Katter
    Francis Katter 15 hours ago

    Just because of this track, next time you hear Khaled say 'Another One' you gotta pay attention.

  • gulf coast
    gulf coast 15 hours ago


  • Back Page Johnny Cage
    Back Page Johnny Cage 15 hours ago +1

    man jay always gettin bodied on every collab

  • Mr Gerald Broughton
    Mr Gerald Broughton 15 hours ago

    Jay-Zs Reasonable doubt album still a classic bra! And the nigga Nas It was written album is a world wide art of perfection love them niggas music ATL fuck with it heavy

  • Mr Jones
    Mr Jones 15 hours ago

    Jay maybe #1 but naziar is the greatest all around

  • Hello from KMS
    Hello from KMS 15 hours ago

    Can we take a moment and discuss Jay-Z's ring? It's huge and beautiful

  • Blocka Blockflam
    Blocka Blockflam 15 hours ago +3

    Nas was dissing jayZ for selling his soul
    Now he joined him

  • Mozan Official
    Mozan Official 15 hours ago