Dax - Thought Those Were My Last Words (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Jul 30, 2020
  • [LYRICS BELOW] "Thought Those Were My Last Words" is an important song to me. It's all about taking our lives back! SHARE this with everyone and anyone and go leave it on repeat. Love y'all.
    Prod. by @ lexnourbeats
    Shot by: @ edgarsteeves
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    What would you do if you had a second chance at life
    Would you take advantage of it or let it slip through your fingers
    You know they say the biggest pain in life is regret
    Today we change that
    Thought they those My last words
    This time yeah it’s gon be different
    No more hatred self inflicted
    No more wasting time on women
    No more building others visions
    This time ya it’s gon be different
    No more dying only living
    Yeah oh
    Thought those were my last words
    My my
    Thought those were my last words
    I’m taking my fucking life back
    No more regretting the shit that I’ve done and I cannot control from the past
    Fuck if I fail I don’t care if you judge me I swear that I’m taking a chance
    You only live once and I swear on my momma that I’m gonna Fuck up a bag
    No dear naw I eint holding back
    Done with the lies
    Swear that I’ve heard all multiple times
    You cannot win without multiple tries
    Niggas be fake I see it in there eyes
    Go chase your dreams son
    Go live your dreams son
    Go chase your dreams hun
    I’m done the fear ya done being lazy swear in done with the indecision I Eint letting opinions from people deter me or paint me a picture I don’t envision, if I say ima do it ima do it regardless of how I’m feeling, ima do it regardless how they feeling, ima do it regardless of what you you expect, end of the day I’m the one holding the feeling and weight and this pain of regret, get out my face if you’re not talking bout positive change that’s involving success, fuck the fake, I’m thanking god im seeing different I busy dying now I’m busy living
    Thought they those My last words
    This time yeah it’s gon be different
    No more hatred self inflicted
    No more wasting time on women
    No more building others visions
    This time ya it’s gon be different
    No more dying only living
    Yeah oh
    Thought those were my last words
    My my
    Thought those were my last words
    2020 is the year and the vision because all my goals are in sight
    I’m failing repeatedly fuck if they hate you must fail before you get it right
    Don’t give a fuck what you say I’m climbing new heights
    Fuck a hater they can watch while I live
    Yeah they watching everywhere we go
    Cuz they know
    Yeah they watching everywhere we go
    Cuz they know
    Know that I’m coming up next
    Know that I’m coming for necks
    Know that I’m fucking up bags, making a difference, and letting this positive energy stretch
    Life is test
    And I’m thanking god im seeing different o busy dying now I’m busy living

    Thought they those My last words
    This time yeah it’s gon be different
    No more hatred self inflicted
    No more wasting time on women
    No more building others visions
    This time ya it’s gon be different
    No more dying only living
    Yeah oh
    Thought those were my last words
    My my
    Thought those were my last words
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  • Noah Fitz
    Noah Fitz 8 days ago +345

    Dax if you heart this comment, your next vid will get on trending, if you reply and heart, your next vid will get 10 mil views, if you pin it, heart it, and reply, you will get number one on trending, and you will get 25 million views

    • Joann Ousley
      Joann Ousley 6 hours ago

      Hey Dax you should do a song with Ryan upchurch 👍♥️

    • #Raylokoo #RaymondChavez
      #Raylokoo #RaymondChavez 20 hours ago

      Either way u got it or u dont I think we know the answer🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Noah Fitz
      Noah Fitz Day ago +1

      Unpin this bih

    • Noah Fitz
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    • Noah Fitz
      Noah Fitz Day ago +1

      Well my comment doesn’t look like it’s working to well

  • Jacob H
    Jacob H 48 minutes ago

    I love how you care about all of you’re fans. It’s honestly heartwarming. And when you like or reply to one of my comments it makes me so happy because you are literally the best artist on the platform no matter what anybody else tells you bro you’re the goat 🐐 keep doin what you do g. You winning the game. Yo shit is straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Johnny Ramirez
    Johnny Ramirez Hour ago

    The beginning is the last words doing the things in a good way I don't write I might say dax is my enemie ride in your flow how fast ND slowly you due n say.

  • Joryce Ruffin
    Joryce Ruffin Hour ago

    And my last words on the TV

  • Joryce Ruffin
    Joryce Ruffin Hour ago

    Yo this song so lit

  • N. Zogjani
    N. Zogjani 2 hours ago

    I mean shiiish im not a dax fan but your music my guy is on another level, keep it up G👌

  • Chace Stalnaker
    Chace Stalnaker 3 hours ago

    Dax all day

  • Miniso
    Miniso 4 hours ago


  • wambat124 C4
    wambat124 C4 8 hours ago

    All I can understand is thought those were my last words wyd sad and you hate mumble rap as you say

  • keegan davies
    keegan davies 8 hours ago

    Emiem rip off at the start you're bad at making your own stuff 😂😂

  • Megumine KonoSuba
    Megumine KonoSuba 11 hours ago

    How he isn’t one of the biggest things ever and 6ix9ine is……

  • TheGhostedTurtle
    TheGhostedTurtle 12 hours ago +1

    Amazing Man, keep it up and you'll be top charts.

  • Eddie kambanzi Ayo and Teo

    Wow this is nice

  • Jerry Robinson
    Jerry Robinson 13 hours ago

    Shoulda let the end game credits run bro only right 🤣

  • girschwin
    girschwin 14 hours ago

    The lyrics bruh

  • Martin Richardson
    Martin Richardson 15 hours ago

    Dax, this ones awesome! Such a great message. I just wanted to say thanks for the music. You always touch the soul. Hope you doing well big dawg. Stay up, n GOD Bless.

  • Two Percentaday
    Two Percentaday 16 hours ago

    Fire cannot get near what is happening with Dax. It’s gunna be special..... time to pay yourself for this work!!

    SAMIR KATTEL EXTRA 20 hours ago

    When someone in comment : Dax can't rap
    Dax: hold my blunt♥️

  • Dety the Killer
    Dety the Killer 21 hour ago +1

    Need a gramme

  • Dety the Killer
    Dety the Killer 21 hour ago +1

    Nc vid i came back

  • Pedro Marigo
    Pedro Marigo 23 hours ago

    Dax lord bless you man. U r an inspiration

  • Memkat
    Memkat 23 hours ago

    Dax, just saying, your definitely progressing in your chorus abilities! :D

  • Isaac Livermore
    Isaac Livermore 23 hours ago +1

    Nice bro I love it keep it up I love u man I help me threw a lot pls sub to me I'm srry I just love u man u relly good 💙💙🔥🔥

  • Mason Watkins
    Mason Watkins 23 hours ago

    Thanks For Giving LexNour Beats Some Attention He's A Really Underrated Beat Maker!!!

  • The King
    The King Day ago

    I have played this song over 20 times it's fire, keep up the hard work dax

  • ricky engst
    ricky engst Day ago

    Aint nothing but real shit from you dax! Rap game got no idea whats coming!!
    Pac would be proud 💯❤🔥🔥

  • Brandon Higham
    Brandon Higham Day ago

    Fucking 2 dope! East coast canada represent! You're the most under rated rapper out there. Shared on Facebook.

  • Phildo
    Phildo Day ago

    Damn! This is an anthem! 🤯

    OBYKAN Day ago +1

    Dax do you like your voice in autotune or not?

  • anumie girl
    anumie girl Day ago

    Same way I feel dax

  • WiNdeNpro Rohky
    WiNdeNpro Rohky Day ago

    On Spotify asap👌

  • Devon the Legend

    Impactful banger

  • Zowski Bot
    Zowski Bot Day ago

    This Song is a BANGER!!!!!!

  • xauun
    xauun Day ago

    Dax has seriously got me through some hard times , his music is some of the best and he is underrated . some of the best lyrics of heard from ANYONE 😤 !

  • Joe Gabriel
    Joe Gabriel Day ago

    Love it❤️

    WICHMANN Day ago

    Geniune af

  • Tafara Sakarombe

    This is my 2nd Fav song this year. My heart hurts#1

  • Lloyd Jay Karenza

    Gwan Dax!!!!! 🙌🏽

  • Joshua sam varghese

    Dax is better than ksi in music

    Change my mind

  • Michael Valvano
    Michael Valvano Day ago +1

    My daily dab account got hacked but I’m a huge fan I’ve been since jump street from black Santa to Joker b. You got so much shit to say so do I. I’m a man trying to save these children from evil in This world. You have a voice let’s sing for these children bro. If I could collaborate with you on that damnnn imagine the impact we could make. Your music got me thru my cancer treatments and shit. I am 100% now because of the motivation you gave me.... along with treatments and other shit like that but you know 😂😂🙌🏼.

  • Jayniah Spann
    Jayniah Spann Day ago +1

    Hit harder than the washing machine lid lol dax

  • should I jack off?

    You are talented as fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkk🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Valmoon
    Valmoon Day ago

    i like the scene of him gaming. he's trying to play his game of life right and make the right decisions to win.

  • Bhekisisa Ngcobo

    I knew about Dax since 2011 but in 2020 he came up with more surprises to my self, the truth is after a big gap without talking to my loved one, receiving rejections from my people and by that time my heart was really hurt and when this Corona came things got worse I lost so my opportunities in my life but I did'nt gave it up I only listened to Dax, giving me the inspirations and thoughts, I recovered self all in all I'll say thanks to DAX for the Advice he's my healer (Coronavirus, ******I can't breath******, I need a break, Godzilla, be your f*ckin' self, Joker, my last words, dear god) this song deserves a 100B likes from me 🙏** THOUGHT THOSE WERE MY LAST WORDS**🙏

    • Bhekisisa Ngcobo
      Bhekisisa Ngcobo 7 hours ago

      @Dax 😅😅😅 I meant 2017 by the album I want😂

    • Dax
      Dax  7 hours ago

      I wasn’t making music in 2011 Lolol

  • Zvirus
    Zvirus Day ago

    Hey I am really trying to make something out of my life tired of feeling like I am,nothing best believe me imma hustle with this music

  • Jess’s Vloggg
    Jess’s Vloggg Day ago

    your music is so amazing. me my cousin and my sister love you so much there is no one who compare to how real your music is! keep doing you!

  • Steel_Yui
    Steel_Yui Day ago

    Damn dax never knew you had this type if singing voice

  • kalesa .weatherby

    Dax is dope

  • kalesa .weatherby

    That was awesome

  • Ygboss music
    Ygboss music Day ago

    Who commented more than one time...because he is a legend

  • Covid Nineteen
    Covid Nineteen Day ago

    Dope cadence and style on last verse

  • JFOX720
    JFOX720 Day ago

    👽 WINNER 👽

  • Realist 97
    Realist 97 Day ago

    Not christian like with the cussing

  • Wolfang cutthroat

    Dax usually bothers the shit out of me but this is pretty good. Its still annoying but the annoyance is worth it.

  • Luke Bama
    Luke Bama 2 days ago +1

    Put some respect on Dax name this is 🔥🔥🔥 real rap no mumble.

  • Arianna Amerson
    Arianna Amerson 2 days ago +1

    They better put some respect on your name!!!!

  • Ayaan Faruqui
    Ayaan Faruqui 2 days ago

    Let's go my g i hope you see my comment love all your 🔥🔥

  • Rudy Diaz
    Rudy Diaz 2 days ago

    God gave me the blessing of telling my life story's get back at me on Instagram 💯. @trouble_maker_203

  • Rudy Diaz
    Rudy Diaz 2 days ago

    What does 10 10 mean? I was born December 10th 1992

    • Rudy Diaz
      Rudy Diaz 6 hours ago

      Yo dax I dmed you hmu @trouble_maker_203

  • CitrineMyst
    CitrineMyst 2 days ago

    Man saved in my playlist

  • triston zeller
    triston zeller 2 days ago

    dude dax absolutely killed this man, i could listen to this anywhere and everywhere XD

  • mercy wanguimercy14
    mercy wanguimercy14 2 days ago

    Just when I think its about to get boring this great man makes it interesting I can't get enough

  • Will Tusing
    Will Tusing 2 days ago

    *He really don't need a collaboration cause he can played every genre on his own*

  • Mavaih challenge and pranks Aviah Middleton


  • moony XBL
    moony XBL 2 days ago +1

    hi dax

  • Raymond
    Raymond 2 days ago

    The beat is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    let's stop talking about dex not wearing shirts lets talk about that old school console he is playing.

  • TTVsmakz 7773
    TTVsmakz 7773 2 days ago

    Me listening to this waiting for faster music video

  • Marc Hughes
    Marc Hughes 2 days ago

    Another banger bro, love it, keep going

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    Jhoan Grant 2 days ago

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