Davido - La La (Official Video) ft. Ckay

  • Published on Apr 29, 2021
  • Davido feat. Ckay - La La
    From the album 'A Better Time' out now:
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    Yo this song feels so good man
    That bass that bass that bass that bass
    Yo! I love that guitar this shit sounds so good man
    CKay Shekpe
    Sweet like coconut
    Her body like ajebutter
    Pretty girl ina skin tight
    I was sitting in the corner
    You were at the other corner
    I was sipping on palm wine yeah
    But e get as your body dey pa pa me o
    I gats to shoot my shoti o
    You mustu be my shorty o
    Girl I fuck with you heavy
    And your waist so deadly
    I wanna love you Nelly
    I wanna love you dearly
    Say you want to under g
    Wan hug me like teddy
    Come touch my body
    Come touch my body yeah
    Oh oh oh skrrr
    Lala lala lala lala la
    Oh oh oh
    Lala lala lala lala la
    Oh oh oh skrrr
    E dey tinga linga ling my body
    E dey tinga linga ling my body now
    Celina lokosa
    Eh eh alokosa eh (why dem dey form)
    Dance my makosa
    Eh eh dance makosa eh
    Celina lokosa
    Eh eh alokosa eh (but I get the funds)
    Alwilo lokomba
    Eh alokomba eh

    Why you go fine like this
    Person go fine like this
    This your kurukere waka
    I go scatter my dada
    I want to have your kids
    Eh omoge what’s your p
    I go dey for queue for you
    Girl I fuck with you heavy
    And your waist so deadly
    I wanna love you Nelly
    I wanna love you dearly
    Say you want to under g
    Wan hug me like teddy
    Come touch my body
    Come touch my body yeah
    Oh oh oh skrrr
    Lala lala lala lala la
    Oh oh oh
    Lala lala lala lala la
    Oh oh oh skrrr
    E dey tinga linga ling my body
    E dey tinga linga ling my body now
    Celina lokosa
    Eh eh alokosa eh (why dem dey form)
    Dance my makosa
    Eh eh dance makosa eh (Like Awilo Lokomba)
    Celina lokosa
    Eh eh alokosa eh (but I get the funds)
    Alwilo lokomba
    Eh alokomba eh
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    Love you all

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    Sydney face when davido passed the ball to him
    My niggas are all here ,love u guys

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    We no get striker😂

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    I like the song davido

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    *who loves DAVIDO pas me?*

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    🇳🇬 🇳🇬

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    So good

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    Very fantastically

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    Choke 🔥🔥🔥

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    Lovely beat ...spotted jayjay okocha

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    Mix of South African house n Amapiano 👂

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    Ramsey F Miller Day ago

    Come back in ten years time and surprise hw far u have come and hw it still feel like yesterday

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    Palex Coolboy Day ago

    Cool video I like the video

  • brandon jackson
    brandon jackson Day ago

    What's the name of the women Davido is in love with in this video?

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    Love u davido , wish u wisdom and more hit big bro 💕 💕 💕

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    Love u davido 😍😍😍😍😍

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    Nice video

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    Davidoooo❤️🙇🏾❤️🙇🏾❤️🙇🏾❤️🙇🏾❤️🙇🏾 u too sing abeg
    The rest na 3rd party❤️❤️🙇🏾🤩✨

  • Malachi Masuku
    Malachi Masuku Day ago

    David my g

  • Jonathan okanagba
    Jonathan okanagba Day ago +5

    Sydney was like "shey this guy normal?" 😂 When Davido passed the ball to him

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    Nice 👍 😍😍😍

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  • Dayve
    Dayve Day ago

    This is probably the first DavidO song I genuinely like
    Not the lyrics but damn this beat!!

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    Shaggi missing

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    Wow, this is amazing

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    Yahoo group

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    La légende AWILO LONGOMBA immortalisé🇨🇩🇳🇬

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    Keep streaming 🔥🔥

  • ImmaSurviva
    ImmaSurviva 2 days ago +4

    Yooo the more singles coming from the album I realize the A Better Time album is truly a classic! I love the melody of this song!! ♥️ ♥️ ❤️ Whoa sticks in your head laa la la la laaa skrre

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    David mad one you immortal in this biz. They gone see

  • obinna chukwuebuka
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    This is a whole load of Crapstorm... Trash.... Mhen...shit!!!😹😹😹

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      Steady obsessed if you don’t like Davido why are you here you are just full of bitterness 🤮!

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      Na wa o, you still dey cry for FLash-player? Meanwhile your tears is a sign of victory to Davido, so I love to see it.🦎

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    Why is mayorkun playing like sterling 😂

  • Olasehinde Ayomide
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    This is still the best song in the latest album

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    David worldwide🌍 love you bro 🤍

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    Big love from Uganda brother

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    OBO is bader

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    I love your music your the best Nigerian musician

  • Joe Jux
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    Diamond subscriber 5.11M
    Davido subsscriber 2.48M
    Wizkid subscriber 1.76M

    • super fly
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      You are only saying this cause data is very cheap in Tanzania. AKA visited Tanzania and discover this, cause he's always wondering how there artist get so many views on there FLash-player videos

    • Economist Mathematician.
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      Fool. Diamond that is only know in East Africa.. He's the only celebrity East Africa has. He is not even know in Europe.😁

    • Jonathan okanagba
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      Ok now let's compare his monthly Spotify listeners, Audiomack followers, apple and itunes chart, boomplay, pandora listeners, tidal, deezer followers e.t.c to the top 20 Nigeria artistes and tell me if he's even close to Nigeria top 15th artiste. You just want to disgrace your country, SMH!

    • Ksimony Diamonds
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      But his music has never gone worldwide ,ask how many times nigerian hits like Davido fall,if ,burna boy ye and wizkid songs has gone round d world ,pple don't listen to diamond ,he ain't even known by bet award talkless of Grammy go and sit down man

  • Sofiat Fasanya
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    I can't believe almost all the musicians are there
    Much love 😘😘

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    David u no sabi

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    I just love Davido life style and hope to meet with him soon

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    This is TSUNAMI, very HOOOOOT...

    GER GABRIEL 3 days ago +2

    OBO for life

  • Jayjay Okoro
    Jayjay Okoro 3 days ago +2

    Forgetting the video for a second, which is just pure vibes and bants...this song is a damn earworm. the producer did a damn job with the beat and tune. Lovely jam

  • chamsia Kpakpatrou
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    Hé Davido🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    How obo take pass ball give Sydney surprise am 😂😂😂