What Makes the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Special?

  • Published on Feb 11, 2020
  • Thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20 / S20 Ultra
    With a Snapdragon 865 and a 100X zoom on the 108 MP camera, this is the most powerful Samsung phone on the market right now!
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Comments • 3 442

  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  9 days ago +1087

    Is an S20 your next phone? or is it too $$$

    • Joey Mims
      Joey Mims Day ago

      Too much money! I still use an S8 and am DONE with the curved screen! It WILL break easily. So, I'm buying an s10e in a week or so.

    • ArthurHaXz
      ArthurHaXz Day ago

      Im going for note 20

    • Pete Coventry
      Pete Coventry 2 days ago

      No it's my next phone got it on Pre Order :)

    • marlana
      marlana 2 days ago

      I have always used Apple products...then tried my first Samsung phone Note 10 5G. I am waiting for the iPhone 12 and will go back. to apple...I have a Samsung watch and earbuds lol...I guess the earbuds should be fine, the watch, not so much. I hated this experience, but at least I gave it a try.

    • Motamad Thoreso
      Motamad Thoreso 2 days ago

      Too expensive.

  • Dédé
    Dédé Minute ago

    108 megapixels but shitty photos just like the iphone 11. You CAN'T HAVE GREAT PHOTOS WITH A SENSOR THE SIZE OF A CONFETTI. Just don't listen to this commercial shit, and buy a Ricoh GR if you want a real quality camera in your pocket.

  • It's Paul
    It's Paul Hour ago

    Nice lightsaber display rack setup mate! Ok ciao!

  • Burraq TeeVee
    Burraq TeeVee Hour ago

    This mobile has more RAM than my PC.

  • Jaimin Galaiya
    Jaimin Galaiya 7 hours ago

    Sure, who needs to pay rent when you have a phone with more RAM than your laptop?!

  • Ralph Dingle
    Ralph Dingle 9 hours ago

    and they will only have 2 years of support...

  • lemusicable
    lemusicable 10 hours ago

    So in other words, fake zoom and fake megapixels....yep, that's Samsung for yah

  • Ernest Simson
    Ernest Simson 15 hours ago

    Great a design used by every other phone brands...cant keep it just the way it was to stand out

  • Renos Efthimiou
    Renos Efthimiou Day ago

    How high is this guy?

  • Sony Ericsson
    Sony Ericsson Day ago

    Price makes it special. Another marketing trap from Samsung

  • Fu Buki
    Fu Buki Day ago

    i want one with a micropscope in it

  • tcntad
    tcntad Day ago

    Should've stuck with optical 20-30x zoom instead and 12MP ùltra wide? isnt it "better" with a higher MP for that?

  • indigoal3n
    indigoal3n Day ago

    Wow! Noooothing to hold the phone by on the front, yet the back has that nasty camera assembly, ONLY so it can look like an iPhone again. Vomit! Ah Samsung, frkm day one to today, has never made an original product. Wtf why would anyone need this much gimmick optics at the back, only to justify the price tag. The full display on front like that is very impractical. Not to mention the fragility of their build quality.

  • MadnessMobile
    MadnessMobile Day ago

    No nonsense, straightforward. Always a well balanced review. Dave is a pro.

  • moonlim33
    moonlim33 Day ago

    100 zooming is fantastic!
    I can use it as a telescope to watch stars and moon and wanna put into my eyes to replace my glasses.
    Samsung, what's next?

  • MewisMe700
    MewisMe700 Day ago

    Dont understand why they keep improving these cameras when using in-app cameras like snapchat and instagram are still going to look like ass.

  • Dennis
    Dennis 2 days ago


  • recon forsales
    recon forsales 2 days ago

    I never buy a Samsung phone for its camera system- if I really want a camera I would buy a dedicated DSLR

  • CMY Beats
    CMY Beats 2 days ago

    I’ve ordered a s20 ultra cant wait

  • Bruno Gajdos
    Bruno Gajdos 2 days ago

    There is also a 16g ram

  • Bruno Gajdos
    Bruno Gajdos 2 days ago

    If you want a good camera buy a real camera much better then a phone camera trust me

  • Bruno Gajdos
    Bruno Gajdos 2 days ago

    like its now only about the camera it must have good processors also and good software for me and a good screen

  • Bruno Gajdos
    Bruno Gajdos 2 days ago

    The s10 is also still good

  • devanshu prasad
    devanshu prasad 2 days ago

    5:38 whats the theme on the left phone

  • Bilhawk S
    Bilhawk S 2 days ago

    Please Samsung take my money

  • Malu Apa Bossku
    Malu Apa Bossku 2 days ago

    all phone with 6++ inch and no headphones jack is a big no no for me. what they forgot is we need +2 days battery and headphones jack. and a decent camera ( not too good for stalking ppl) and price below 499. then i will consider to buy

  • HorizonTea
    HorizonTea 2 days ago

    Now we have seen most of the big brand moved to this new camera arrangement, I think Google's Pixel 4 looks the best. Too bad that the phone is a yikes

  • Alex Casarotti
    Alex Casarotti 2 days ago

    New subscriber...Awesome!!

  • Astrodactyl14
    Astrodactyl14 2 days ago

    who else read the title as What Makes the Samsung Galaxy S20 --- Ultra Special?

  • dragomir slavov
    dragomir slavov 2 days ago

    Honestly if I could get a proper google maps on the old titanium nokias this would be my forever phone.... these new flagships are bollocks

  • G W
    G W 2 days ago

    As a photographer, and as someone who uses his phone a lot when I don't have my large cameras on me, the camera is the key feature I look for. To be honest though I don't like where phones have gone. I want *ONE* big piece of glass and a large sensor. I look at these phones with their mediocre half dozen lenses on them and despair. Just give me one good one. Something around 35mm equiv or a bit wider. None of this zoom crap. I'd rather crop a superior quality image.

    GURJIT SINGH 2 days ago

    Presentation by Dave Lee is good & excellent .
    Facts and figures are correct & authentic .
    Photography & Direction presentation is excellent & upto point .
    Overall Excellent .

  • AwtZ zzZzZz
    AwtZ zzZzZz 2 days ago

    No headphone jack. Mehh.

  • Dawin
    Dawin 2 days ago

    in one week you get 1M views? You are a Super Star.

  • Tune X
    Tune X 2 days ago

    That front camera really bothers me.

  • Motamad Thoreso
    Motamad Thoreso 2 days ago

    Will wait to get iPhone 11 Pro Max instead when the price drops.

  • Motamad Thoreso
    Motamad Thoreso 2 days ago

    To much money for the S20 and the other two....

  • Netkiller3714
    Netkiller3714 2 days ago

    I dont see why they havent created quantum entanglement wifi yet. Lol. Just make devices that have quantum entangled electrons that are vibrated physically instead of made to create energy radiation. Transfer distances would literally be infinite and connection speeds would be based on how fast the electrons are manipulated. If need be electrons are well small so technically a die with millions of entangled electrons could be created to give a practically near limitlessly wide bandwidth speeds.

  • Netkiller3714
    Netkiller3714 2 days ago

    1080p at 120hz is more then fine. With a small screen you literally dont need more then that.

  • Netkiller3714
    Netkiller3714 2 days ago

    Honestly. The outset camera thing is so stupid in my opinion. Always scratches the lense.
    I would rather have a thicker phone which would most likely be extra battery and an inset camera setup then these stupid small battery super thin designs with goofy ass camera lenses sticking out. Cant lay the the phone down flat

  • JohnReviewer112
    JohnReviewer112 2 days ago +3

    64mp in a sensor that small makes just makes it more expensive...

    • Dédé
      Dédé 15 seconds ago

      1200$ for a sensor that small is even more impressive.

  • Stitch
    Stitch 3 days ago +2

    "No headphone jack" *aight imma head out*

  • dinesh prabhu
    dinesh prabhu 3 days ago

    What is so special about the ultra. They forgot the 3.5 jack. Brilliant.

  • Krillin 1993
    Krillin 1993 3 days ago

    Good Design, good input, BUT it is tooo big and there is no headphonejack. AND last but not least it is so freaking expensive.

  • Smufter16
    Smufter16 3 days ago

    Nothing...it runs Android. Next.

  • Tsyuna Desu
    Tsyuna Desu 3 days ago

    They made the screen slightly bigger android fanboys like OMG ITS SOO DIFFERNT AND UNIQUE AND I CAN ZOOM IN SOO MUCH FOR THE M0ST USELESS REASON BUT ITS SO INNOVATIVE!!!! lmfao android sheeps are so stupid.

  • Rhys Bird
    Rhys Bird 3 days ago

    Spending thousands on something to watch FLash-player, scroll social media and occasionally take a photo. Can’t do any of that on a cheap phone can you? what a retarded generation.

  • HorrorTubeHD
    HorrorTubeHD 3 days ago

    Ever year is the same crap... with a bs price tag, no thanks..

  • Ti X
    Ti X 3 days ago

    it has exynos not snapdragon

  • Simon
    Simon 3 days ago

    Does it have graphen battery?

  • Jay Mo
    Jay Mo 3 days ago

    Where are the S11 - S19

  • WV8090
    WV8090 3 days ago

    Here I am thinking my new S10+ is spiffy :(

  • Ash Bethel
    Ash Bethel 3 days ago +1

    These new phones look great but I am still very happy with my Note 9.

  • Yong G !
    Yong G ! 3 days ago

    New sub👍

  • Yong G !
    Yong G ! 3 days ago

    Like how you explain things to detail 👍

  • Jonathan Fernando
    Jonathan Fernando 3 days ago

    i just don’t like that punch hole camera. i hope samsung will get rid of that. grrrrr.

  • John Dough
    John Dough 3 days ago

    I've heard 5g isn't so great for my dna.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 4 days ago

    Damn that phone CHONK

  • Marcus _
    Marcus _ 4 days ago

    _"In terms of pricing it starts off at $999 US...."_ You're clearly mad if you're paying that for a mobile phone. Everything you need can be picked up on a phone around 1/10th of the cost. This is a Personal Display Unit with telecommunications. Professional photographers don't use mobile phones to take photos with. They have very expensive cameras. People who are into computers use computers they've built, not mobiles to do all their work on. Everyone can download apps from Google store, on Android (and IOS) regardless of their phone specs (as long as they're a smartphone). A complete waste of money paying over £130/$160 or so for a cell/mobile. More money than sense. All I ever see, with the idiots who buy them, are they drop them, having to pay a lot of money to have it fixed or worse, they lose them and still have a 2 year contract to pay off their phone at £70/$100 a month. People have lost the plot.

  • Jordi Sanchez
    Jordi Sanchez 4 days ago

    Nothing at all. It's almost the same thing as the S10 and there already was a 108 mpx camera (Mi note 10 as an example) before it was launched.