These Instagram Accounts Are Trying So Hard To Be Spooky

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
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    Get ready gang, this is a spooky one.
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  • Danny Gonzalez
    Danny Gonzalez  6 days ago +24383

    so it's come to my attention that the second I start making fun of the devil's voice around 2:30, a really soft static noise starts playing in the background. i did not add this in and it stops right when i stop making fun of the devil and in conclusion i will never sleep again.

    • Payten The ferret lover
      Payten The ferret lover 5 days ago +1

      Danny Gonzalez and when you were saying kids say creepy things your tv flickered around 5:00 - 5:50

    • s1mulus
      s1mulus 5 days ago


      BLUE FACE BABY 5 days ago

      Dammit I told him not to fuck with people's audios anymore, sorry about that, he is so rebellious these days, never listens to me.

    • Púxta bítch
      Púxta bítch 5 days ago

      Imagine being so special u get haunted by the devil 😍

    • okay frogg
      okay frogg 5 days ago

      Danny Gonzalez good luck

  • Grace Pettit
    Grace Pettit 58 seconds ago

    “it’s sweatshirt season” - *cries in australian*

  • Lala
    Lala 33 minutes ago

    FUCK THAT ALLIGATOR - a guy eaten by an alligator

  • Slamacat4 Colanggo
    Slamacat4 Colanggo 42 minutes ago +1

    There making Sand-witch

  • NesrinlikesCats !

    At 9:15, that is a true story in Spain. They did try to clean the stains never came off. Not only the Pereira family experienced this, but other people also have to. And then. The Pereira family left this house. Then. a girl named Maria Golezleme started living there. She reported to the police about this incident. But they never believed her until. She called them over and over. They came to do testing. They told her to stay at her friend's house for a month. And no one was there they lock the windows, doors. And stuff, after a month. The police came back to the house again. and it became to a few stains to A LOT also the stains from their original spots have moved to a different spot. Also, there is more to the story and I skipped on some parts because it is too long and I am tired...And I know this because I saw this on the Spain News. Also, don't confirm your Spain and this never happened. Also, I am saying this for fun. Some people believe this some don't. This is a Conspiracy like they said on the News so it isn't confirmed it is actually true or not.

  • Duck sauce Dude
    Duck sauce Dude Hour ago

    Hey HEY HEY it’s to cold

  • friendly worm
    friendly worm Hour ago

    i am truly Gregory

  • Makayla Crandell
    Makayla Crandell Hour ago


  • Jxsh L2
    Jxsh L2 Hour ago +1

    Danny, I’ve been watching your videos for over 3 years. I love your videos so much and they make me happy when I’m sad. You’re so funny and you should’ve been on Vine before it got deleted because I bet you would be really popular and if you don’t know what Vine is, it’s like TikTok but you make funny videos.

  • Adam Maciaszek
    Adam Maciaszek 2 hours ago +1

    He said ho for halloween like the song he released today. Referencing something that didnt even exist yet

  • Alma Martinez
    Alma Martinez 2 hours ago +1

    Okay I said I would and I'm gonna:
    Satan in the TV:
    Literally a shitty creepypasta. I'm not kidding. The only info about it outside those Instagram accounts is the story posted on the Bad Creepypasta Wiki. TV hijacking is a real thing, and there's been notable incidents, but none that feature some supernatural entity speaking in a black static background.
    Troxler Effect:
    It's real! But it's not what these pictures claim. The Troxler Effect is a cool visual illusion thing where your brain kind of copies an image if it stares at it long enough. You can read about it on Wikipedia and there's plenty of online pics that activate this effect and let you see cool things, like a message or a character. The Troxler effect absolutely does not make you see your own face distorted or demonic.
    Martian Russian Boy:
    A real news story, but I struggled to find an article about it that wasn't a tabloid newspaper (aka shit). The kid is probably heavily autistic and/or schizophrenic and these tabloids are taking advantage of his condition, if the story's even real. Also I agree with Danny, dude just probably saw a tree.
    Just some dumb, creepy story made for the Insta account.
    Raining Babies:
    Mostly true! The source comes from an archive of old Detroit newspaper articles. Joseph Figlock was a street sweeper when a toddler fell from the building he was sweeping at. Both were injuried but the baby survived. A year later, a different child, a 2 year-old kid, fell from the building Joseph was sweeping at. And, again, both survived with minor injuries. Apparently babies falling from buildings is extremely common.
    Floor Faces:
    Kind of true. They're actually called the Bélmez Faces, and they have an entry on Wikipedia. The Insta account is correct in that they supposedly started appearing at a family home in 1971, but that's where the truth ends. No mayor ever demanded to conduct research on the faces, and the theory is not that the house is on top of a graveyard, but instead is that it's haunted by the previous owner. They've been appearing on and off and they're actually a source of tourist income for the family living there. Some people believe the faces are hoaxes, done by the family to rack in money.
    Jaynu Oliver Beck:
    Most likely false. The story comes from a FLASH-PLAYER channel known for making videos about finding all these time travelers and whatnot. The claim is that the baby is supposedly already alive, but nobody seemed to ever actually bother to research if anyone born on September last year in the US is named Jaynu.
    Buzz Aldrin's Ayy Lmaos:
    Fake. Danny even looks up the LiveScience article disproving it in the video.

    Thank you to any greg for reading all of this.

  • Hai Dere
    Hai Dere 2 hours ago

    5:04 just as he says that his tv turns on and turns back off

  • Edgar Ruiz
    Edgar Ruiz 2 hours ago

    I mean in 5:06

  • Aubrey Bolin
    Aubrey Bolin 2 hours ago

    Danny will you please please please do a video about the ads of the video game let me out OMG please

  • Mitch Rohln
    Mitch Rohln 2 hours ago

    I turned on the notification and subscribed

  • Cottoncandy garnet
    Cottoncandy garnet 2 hours ago

    The troxler Efferct Is real. Like It said It happen's when you stare at a mirror for 10 minute's, You're brain will start to image monster's in the mirror but it's all fake you might be freaked out and prob not be able to sleep again because of that But yes it's true.

  • Emma Haney
    Emma Haney 2 hours ago

    Anyone else notice that thing that appears on his TV at 5:04...? 😅🙃

  • Plural Paul
    Plural Paul 3 hours ago

    Just wanna say that the soft static noise heard around 2:30 is just electrical interference getting picked up by your mic, most likely coming from your phone and NOT the devil....this time.

  • truly sid
    truly sid 3 hours ago +1

    Anakin is trying to get rid of all the sand 😆

  • Alice loves Bnha uwu
    Alice loves Bnha uwu 3 hours ago

    Heres a scary fact:

    *You didn't say no homo when you cuddled with the bros last time*

  • book/band lover
    book/band lover 3 hours ago

    Troxler's fading, or Troxler fading, or the Troxler effect, is an optical illusion affecting visual perception. When one fixates on a particular point for even a short period of time, an unchanging stimulus away from the fixation point will fade away and disappear.

  • Artichii
    Artichii 4 hours ago

    Theres more to the faces in the floor story, btw. They actually try to clean it first I believe (theres way more than it says)

  • Carter Ranta
    Carter Ranta 4 hours ago

    Is it just me or is his tone of voice is entertaining

  • Rocket Johnson
    Rocket Johnson 4 hours ago


  • Ciao_Bella725
    Ciao_Bella725 4 hours ago +1

    When are more larges coming out for the dusty rose and misty blue hoodies🤧

  • lvideon
    lvideon 4 hours ago

    Kids see ghosts sometimes
    Kids see ghosts sometimes
    Kids see ghosts
    Movin around just movin around

  • Floppy Blob
    Floppy Blob 4 hours ago +1

    Please react to the cringiest instagram posts
    like so Danny can see this

  • Lindsey B
    Lindsey B 4 hours ago

    Did anyone see the tv flash on at all lol no just me??

  • Buffy Summers
    Buffy Summers 4 hours ago

    the danny making this video: **sings in mr sandman**
    the danny from after it’s uploaded: **gets demonitized**

  • Myrah Kuurila
    Myrah Kuurila 4 hours ago

    ok but when i first got instagram in 2014 i was obsessed with these pages... until i read a scary story about a man who was kidnapped, and had boiling water poured over saran wrap on his face. that scared me so bad i still have a fear of hot water😭

  • PokedudeEx2 lightning struck

    Nope when you stare to long at something it starts to disappear

  • Buffy Summers
    Buffy Summers 4 hours ago

    Don’t you know Drew? All babies are smiling and sitting down when they’re falling head first from multiple stories high. You’re just fake news 😕

  • Katrina H
    Katrina H 4 hours ago

    Did anyone else see the tv turn on for like one second and then turn off..

  • Wack Donalds
    Wack Donalds 5 hours ago +1

    5:05 the tv

  • Ørëøçøøkiës
    Ørëøçøøkiës 5 hours ago

    So the Troxler effect is actually really wired, so I looked in the mirror for about 5 minutes or so and then my eyes start like turning white and black stuff is dripping put of I was crying. I blinked and it was was just my face.

  • Sophia F
    Sophia F 5 hours ago

    “He’s always making that face like 😛”

  • Prabhsimran Singh
    Prabhsimran Singh 5 hours ago +1

    Danny PLEASE play the video near about 5 minutes and look at the TV behind you switches on and then turns off

  • Meininger102
    Meininger102 5 hours ago

    _Is Lele Pons even Latina_

  • lol you don’t hear the people sing

    ‘The electric chair was invented by a dentist.’

    ah, was it the one from little shop?

  • Niky
    Niky 5 hours ago

    Danny is a HOElloween

  • obviously may
    obviously may 5 hours ago +1

    start putting stuff in the desc to comment if we're reading again so we can feel special >:(

  • Gacha._. Val
    Gacha._. Val 6 hours ago +1

    dang i always look at myself in the mirror and nothing happens LMAO

    SMAL BOI 6 hours ago

    10:27 proves that texas can beat florida

  • Vallora Bailey
    Vallora Bailey 6 hours ago +2

    Can you make a video of Gacha life?

  • SUPPUG1234
    SUPPUG1234 6 hours ago +1

    React to elisocray, he’s worse than jaystation.

  • Me is Kool
    Me is Kool 6 hours ago

    i screamed the same time you did as soon as i saw boo

    yeah no one cares but just felt like putting that out there

  • Kelsey Fraley
    Kelsey Fraley 6 hours ago

    Officially Greg :)

  • Icey games
    Icey games 6 hours ago

    Am I the only one who noticed his tv flickering? At 5:05

  • Keira F0027
    Keira F0027 6 hours ago

    I turned on notifications

  • Phodom 33
    Phodom 33 7 hours ago

    Sooo...when is spooky man coming out?

  • Doug Rath
    Doug Rath 7 hours ago

    Spoopy scary scelitons

  • Adam Richmond
    Adam Richmond 7 hours ago


  • Jazmine Ramirez
    Jazmine Ramirez 7 hours ago


  • Dylan Commander
    Dylan Commander 7 hours ago

    That running with the raycons shot was just .. disturbing haha

  • Piano Player
    Piano Player 7 hours ago +1

    Did anyone else c the tv turn on right when he said the thing abt ghosts at 5:05

  • Madamoiselle SushiCat
    Madamoiselle SushiCat 7 hours ago

    12:05 Danny has clearly never watched Little Shop of Horrors

  • whyrainy
    whyrainy 7 hours ago

    i ate an entire pie crust while watching this video. i am now fucking dead.

  • Noah Jalbuena-Cook
    Noah Jalbuena-Cook 7 hours ago

    6:38 yep definitely on acid

  • boi3929 13
    boi3929 13 7 hours ago

    Spooky boi 2019?

  • Cupcake Cat
    Cupcake Cat 7 hours ago

    Subscribed, turned on notifications, and watched all of Danny's videos. Now I'm truly greg

  • makayla hill
    makayla hill 7 hours ago

    5:04 i saw that danny u lil slick

  • AriBon PR
    AriBon PR 7 hours ago

    Yo, y’all think all the spooky stuff happening is Kurtis and Drew fucking with Danny’s video?

  • Valentino The Gamer1
    Valentino The Gamer1 7 hours ago


  • wolf *
    wolf * 7 hours ago

    when you look in the mirror at a certain point for a long amount of time, specifically in a dark room, you start seeing things out of the corners of your eyes, or even deformities in your facial structure, and only when you move your eyes is when the deformities or other things you had seen seemingly disappear. The Troxler Effect can also be observed while staring at a red dot or center of a circle made of dots or even a line, and you start to notice the circles moving.

  • Kira A
    Kira A 8 hours ago

    Actually the one at 8:50 is true. The faces showed up so much that the husband got angry and used the pickaxe to chop up the floor and "get rid of" the ghost. I'm pretty sure after the face showed up again they reported it to someone and somehow the mayor got involved.

  • flowery elio
    flowery elio 8 hours ago

    the scariest part of this video was that THE LITTLE NUTCRACKER GUY WAS MISSING. where’s my boy.

  • Bristol Presley
    Bristol Presley 8 hours ago +1

    I'm just gonna leave this here for myself 11:47

  • Diego Dueñas
    Diego Dueñas 8 hours ago

    Wait this isn't call me Kevin.... Oh well. Can't bother to change

  • Tea bag
    Tea bag 8 hours ago

    "It's sweat shirt season, it's sweat pants season!"
    People in Florida:

  • Melanie Khosrowabadi
    Melanie Khosrowabadi 9 hours ago

    not a single soul:
    danny: mr sandman stole all my sand

  • gew
    gew 9 hours ago

    i lost it at 11:37💀💀 “wHeRe iS tHe sAnD”

  • LukeMan07
    LukeMan07 9 hours ago

    Please react to Killer Bean Forever...
    please like if u agree (I’m not begging for likes, just trying to get this video to his attention!!)

  • Random Human Being
    Random Human Being 9 hours ago

    Jokes on you. I always see a scary person in the mirror

  • Joy Leasure
    Joy Leasure 9 hours ago

    Did anyone else see the tv turn on and back off again 😂😕

  • Dragonlord the king of dragons

    I read something similar to face thing. It was a like a murder hid a body under a person's floor and the body's face got indented or stained the floor or something

  • Donut Boi
    Donut Boi 9 hours ago


  • Gabriel Garfman
    Gabriel Garfman 9 hours ago

    Mesa Greg

  • wowimgay
    wowimgay 9 hours ago

    What was the thibg on the tv around 5:00

  • Meadow Pistillo
    Meadow Pistillo 10 hours ago

    So is no one gonna talk abt how at 5:04 the tv shows some weird thing lol

  • Zoe Thurman
    Zoe Thurman 10 hours ago

    i SubSCribEd aNd tUrnEd oN nOtiFicaTioNs OWO

  • Malena Sarang
    Malena Sarang 10 hours ago

    I'm actually kinda scared to be on the internet and exist because if I breathe, I'll end up on a Danny Gonzalez video...

  • LetsDoThis Studio
    LetsDoThis Studio 10 hours ago

    6:35 I invented you kid. With my mind.

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis 10 hours ago

    "This floor requires testing."

  • Sara Love
    Sara Love 10 hours ago

    I didnt look it up because I am truly Greg, but my boyfriend did.... Google agrees that Greg is the fastest growing army on the internet!

  • Phoebe M.
    Phoebe M. 10 hours ago +2

    I watched this with my best friend and the first thing she said was "Oh his face is kind of attractive."🤣🤣

  • Frop child
    Frop child 10 hours ago

    If you look it up, it says the fastest growing family on FLASH-PLAYER IS Greg.

  • I true Greg I true Greg

    I am truly GREG

  • Crystal Gem
    Crystal Gem 11 hours ago

    I have your notifications on and I'm subscribed! I love your videos, btw!

    KFC BATMAN 11 hours ago

    I know this is fake but is anyone gonna talk about the fact that when Danny was talking about hangman there was something that popped up on the tv I'm just wondering if anyone else noticed 5:04

  • HorseHeadedNinnyMuggin
    HorseHeadedNinnyMuggin 11 hours ago

    please make a video on beep beep. they're a troom troom ripoff.

  • QuinnyLs
    QuinnyLs 11 hours ago

    6:18 😂 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • meliodas demon
    meliodas demon 11 hours ago

    that 500 sand when to me couse I was born on 2008

  • Wetrayvision gaming
    Wetrayvision gaming 11 hours ago

    October is my favourite month because it is my birthday then

  • Draconess Art
    Draconess Art 11 hours ago

    #notificationGreg where ya'll at

  • Infamous Videos
    Infamous Videos 12 hours ago +1

    Unrelated to the video ASAP science made a video saying you make fun of the name Greg 🤦‍♀️

  • Now For The Hard Part
    Now For The Hard Part 12 hours ago

    These stories are extremely corny.

  • Shrek I am the real shrek no click bait

    *a baby fell*

  • Bianca
    Bianca 12 hours ago

    I want a video about the Guinea pigs

  • Miastabliod
    Miastabliod 12 hours ago

    no one:

    no one at all:

    Danny: I'm a HO FOR HALLOWEEN........(wink wink)

  • Botts King
    Botts King 13 hours ago

    ”Mr sand man, stole all my sand” Ahahahaha lmao