13 micro-songs to boost your mood

  • Published on May 31, 2020
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  • Comedy

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  • Aly Alynni8
    Aly Alynni8 Hour ago +1

    I just want you to know I’ve watched this probably 14,000 times since you’ve posted and it never fails to get me to SCREAM giggle EVERY. TIME.
    Thank you for this masterpiece.

  • Meltdown
    Meltdown Hour ago

    did you say big man or pig man

  • E Campbell
    E Campbell 3 hours ago

    2:15 this one doesnt make any sense to me.

  • my name is reginald george

    "there are two types of people who likes trees"
    Dear Evan Hansen fans: *you called?*

  • Rallkun Baldhr
    Rallkun Baldhr 4 hours ago

    Mr Thrasher can you give me your phone number so I can personally tell you I enjoyed the video thoroughly
    Thank you

  • Mike Florea
    Mike Florea 5 hours ago

    Why is Raycon such a "deal" ? 80 freaking dollars are half of my salary and that means I'd have to give up A. Electricity B. Internet. Obviously, I'm fckd anyway.

    Eat your cereal.
    (Also this video popped up in one of Wilbur Soot's You Laugh, You Lose streams, gg, free subs =]])

  • J Thundr
    J Thundr 5 hours ago

    Just wow! Daniel you CAN SING!

  • Anya Khanna
    Anya Khanna 6 hours ago

    That last song was so good I was crying it’s just so beautiful there was so much emotion

  • Sol
    Sol 6 hours ago

    Have you actually looked at a picture of Russell Crowe and Gerard Butler? They do look identical!

  • Luca S
    Luca S 7 hours ago


  • Nikola Stoyanov
    Nikola Stoyanov 7 hours ago

    this. is. yes.

  • JaxxFlairDaWolf
    JaxxFlairDaWolf 8 hours ago

    I love this Daniel your the best friend I have I’ll soon reach your level and quick!

  • Leah Ridge
    Leah Ridge 8 hours ago

    Nobody :
    Captions :big *mangoes Plee Plee Plee* little *mangoes Wee Wee Weep*

  • Leah Ridge
    Leah Ridge 8 hours ago

    Why have I watched this more then 10 times?




    oh yeah...

  • Jose Muniz
    Jose Muniz 8 hours ago

    Okay but that banana song slaps

  • Korigirl Schwartz
    Korigirl Schwartz 10 hours ago

    I couldn't stop laughing I almost peed my self

  • Minty McDreamy
    Minty McDreamy 12 hours ago


  • Joshua Fernandez
    Joshua Fernandez 13 hours ago +2

    dude make moooore!!!

  • 20k subscribers with no video challenge

    Why is there a guitar??
    It ain't FAMILIAH!!!

  • Jay Carr
    Jay Carr 13 hours ago

    That banana song tho 🔥

  • Vy Hà Hoàng
    Vy Hà Hoàng 14 hours ago

    I need the whole album.

  • Nintenoble
    Nintenoble 14 hours ago +1

    Please make more of these! I never laugh out loud when watching videos and I was in tears!

  • Nerd About Everything
    Nerd About Everything 15 hours ago +1

    It sounds like some sort of existential crisis...

    I love it

  • Blrbles Blrbles
    Blrbles Blrbles 15 hours ago

    I mean... I thought Avatar was a pretty great movie and is one of my favorites

  • Vinicius
    Vinicius 17 hours ago +1

    Dude that was hilarious, pls do more videos like this.

  • リンチエン
    リンチエン 18 hours ago +1

    Part 2 plsssss boiiii

  • AwesomePig7
    AwesomePig7 19 hours ago

    *Micro-Songs* by Daniel Thrasher
    1. "Toilet Check-In"
    2. "Avatar Anguish"
    3. "Cow Confusion"
    4. "Ani-Mayday"
    5. "Russell Butler or Gerard Crowe?"
    6. "To Heck with Hummus"
    7. "Bananapanic"
    8. "Remake My Heart, King Kong"
    9. "Wonders of the Dog World"
    10. "Florida's Weird"
    11. "Road Trip Blues"
    12. "One, Two, Tree"
    13. "Big Man Goes"
    Bonus Track: "Raycon Rhythm"

  • lauren is borin
    lauren is borin 19 hours ago

    I swear I thought I was the only one who noticed the hard part of the banana, I feel so seen lmao :’)

  • That Hybrid Baby
    That Hybrid Baby 19 hours ago

    You messed up the last song. You said “big man goes wee wee wee,” 😂

  • Tom Cowling
    Tom Cowling 21 hour ago

    Anyone else get major Tobuscus vibes from some of these mini songs?

  • Fahrizzle
    Fahrizzle 22 hours ago

    thanks Daniel!

  • Axel mercedes libran
    Axel mercedes libran 22 hours ago

    This video reminds me so much to Tubuscus

  • Alucard
    Alucard 22 hours ago

    I.. I don't know what hummus is either...

  • Chelsea M
    Chelsea M 23 hours ago

    If you put the banana song in 2x it is mental.

  • Aaron Games
    Aaron Games Day ago


  • Zion Hoffman
    Zion Hoffman Day ago +1

    5:57 I thought he said big mango goes pepepe

  • MacGamer Media
    MacGamer Media Day ago

    Did anyone else think that second song sounded kinda similar to “Your Song” by Elton John?

  • Dennis Leyting
    Dennis Leyting Day ago

    Could you finish the songs completely? That would be amazing

  • Ruben Lecluese
    Ruben Lecluese Day ago +1

    I keep comin back to this video, like i know all the lyrics and i dont even know why

  • Leschips
    Leschips Day ago


  • Aldrich Horror
    Aldrich Horror Day ago

    My favorite video by u buddy

  • Petros Tsatsaris


  • JonaKey
    JonaKey Day ago +1

    Me eating a banana: Ok no!

  • Eye8ball
    Eye8ball Day ago

    I love this so much

  • Tori Long
    Tori Long Day ago +1

    Please release the audio on Spotify

  • Aditya Jha
    Aditya Jha Day ago +1

    Daniel: Have u pooped today
    Me: *Yip*

  • El Gappelito
    El Gappelito Day ago

    Is this incredibly too perfect or am i too high?

  • Jackinabox2k2
    Jackinabox2k2 Day ago

    This my new favorite video

  • Tommy Gramling
    Tommy Gramling Day ago

    i got a big tobuscus-type throwback with this. especially the banana one

  • NEXT of KIN
    NEXT of KIN Day ago

    The Russell Crowe and Gerard Butler one was low key a bop!

  • Sky
    Sky Day ago

    This guy really reminds me of Tobuscus

  • Nils
    Nils Day ago

    I was having a bad day until I came across this video. Love you daniel ❤️

  • Breaded Booty
    Breaded Booty Day ago

    This has to be one of my favorite videos from you!!👍👍

  • Benjamin Coleman


  • AbuseDumpster
    AbuseDumpster Day ago


  • Ash McDonald
    Ash McDonald Day ago

    The song at 1:56 sounds almost exactly like twenty one pilots "taxi cab"

  • OC Transplant
    OC Transplant Day ago

    I think Daniel would be everyone's best friend.

  • Rhai Zel
    Rhai Zel Day ago

    1:57 is that just Taxicab by twenty one pilots?

  • Snowbro 22
    Snowbro 22 Day ago

    “It’s like a banana seed”

  • Amanda Richards
    Amanda Richards Day ago

    I'm going to get the racon e25 ear buds

  • Lindsey H
    Lindsey H Day ago

    So basically a hot Jack Black?

  • Tris B
    Tris B Day ago

    What was all the hate for The Avatar tho I loved it

  • Elizabeth Caza-Krump

    If big man go Pepepe and little man goes Wewewe... does middle man go pewepe or Wepewe?

  • Octavius Maximus

    Make more of these please

  • Catherine Reed
    Catherine Reed Day ago


  • Sofia Lujan
    Sofia Lujan Day ago +4

    his songs sound just like Phoebe Buffay’s

  • Amanda Richards
    Amanda Richards Day ago

    He is very funny

  • Bryson Winn
    Bryson Winn Day ago

    I'm poopin now.

  • Oren Gilboa
    Oren Gilboa Day ago

    I was hecka vibin with this

  • Slimey 37
    Slimey 37 Day ago +1

    Is that a new piano

  • Madelyn Donovn
    Madelyn Donovn Day ago

    Can you upload this to Apple Music- pls make it happen-

  • Eden Kobi
    Eden Kobi Day ago

    this is so good
    I haven't laughed this hard in a while

  • Dalhissinth Ragnarokta

    We need more of this

  • Calixco 123
    Calixco 123 Day ago +1

    1:50 you phone just appears out of nowhere

  • Valentina Peña CH
    Valentina Peña CH Day ago +1

    This really made my day 😂

  • iTuneTUNA
    iTuneTUNA Day ago

    i dont like in-ear ear buds

  • Tine Croi
    Tine Croi 2 days ago

    That was just beautiful

  • D.P. Mario
    D.P. Mario 2 days ago


  • Alchmar
    Alchmar 2 days ago

    Mood: boosted

  • equinox!
    equinox! 2 days ago

    tobuscus vibes, nice

  • kowowski
    kowowski 2 days ago

    Mr Thrasher I beg you pls plsplsplsplsplsplsplspls make the banana song a thing pls

  • CKV
    CKV 2 days ago

    I’ve never thought about that but I should have you fucking visionary

  • Raul Khattar
    Raul Khattar 2 days ago +1

    Loved it

  • Decaying Sanity
    Decaying Sanity 2 days ago +1

    Ok but... it’s cool to like anime now?

  • Lance Meyer
    Lance Meyer 2 days ago

    Im getting Tobuscus Literal vibes from this and I love it

  • Lasse Seltun
    Lasse Seltun 2 days ago

    Best video on FLash-player ever!

  • evxria
    evxria 2 days ago

    ow..! 😞

  • sharkdaproyeeet Icetea

    My favorite vid

  • 3to
    3to 2 days ago

    My favorite songs:
    Cows at Night 0:37
    Eating Bananas 1:28
    Is this Just a Fart? 2:26

  • miscellaneous
    miscellaneous 2 days ago

    Make moreeeee

  • miscellaneous
    miscellaneous 2 days ago

    "What the heck is hummus? Is it a smoothie or is it bean paste with a dream?" ~Daniel Thrasher 2020
    I'd like to hear the rest of this one 😂

  • Lookpad Buddhari
    Lookpad Buddhari 2 days ago

    He should write a song 😂

    JOELI TAVUI 2 days ago

    yeah, so more of this yeah?

  • Michael Carlton
    Michael Carlton 2 days ago +1

    Dogs can see parts of a rainbow. They see yellows and blues.

  • mack dogg
    mack dogg 2 days ago

    Bean paste

  • Brill Billy
    Brill Billy 2 days ago

    I love the Gerard Butler one’s delivery, it really got me

  • Brill Billy
    Brill Billy 2 days ago

    The Gerard Butler one really really got me

  • Plutoisaplanet
    Plutoisaplanet 2 days ago

    And the cow one pls

  • Plutoisaplanet
    Plutoisaplanet 2 days ago

    Can you please finish the first song on release it on Spotify pls

  • Rose B
    Rose B 2 days ago

    I watch this like twice a week