What Will My Giant Magnet Find in LA's Most Dangerous Park? (Magnet Fishing w/Steve-O)

  • Published on Feb 11, 2020
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    What Will My Giant Magnet Find in LA's Most Dangerous Park? (Magnet Fishing w/Steve-O) flash-player.org/video/U4cMSnoTOTc-video.html
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    DALLMYD  10 days ago +1411

    Drop a thumbs up if you want to see Steve-o and I team back up to magnet fish for more possible murder weapons!! On a side note, I've been watching Steve-o since I was a kid and it was such an unreal experience to spend the day with him. Steve-o, thank you so much for joining me on a hunt and cleaning up your local park! Big fan. Make sure to buy one of his signed posters please!!

    • Mandi Sewall
      Mandi Sewall Day ago


    • 79tazman
      79tazman 2 days ago

      Steve-O is cool been subbed to him since he had a youtube channel and your video's are awesome man love watching all the stuff you find and hell yeah I want to see more Magnet fishing for sure

    • Madelyn Shinn
      Madelyn Shinn 5 days ago

      DALLMYD do it again? This was fun to watch

    • Esmeralda Salazar
      Esmeralda Salazar 5 days ago

      DALLMYD I watch jackass and it makes me laugh especially the bull one.

    • Luca Macri
      Luca Macri 6 days ago

      You'r the best FLash-playerr

  • Kiley Ok
    Kiley Ok 3 hours ago

    more magnet fishing this is cool lol

  • Chuck Lotro
    Chuck Lotro 3 hours ago

    8:10 OJ's knife

  • Tzhss
    Tzhss 11 hours ago

    7:17 is that Louis Vuitton skate board??!

  • Josh V
    Josh V 16 hours ago

    Yo nail that flip

  • Lilalampenmann
    Lilalampenmann 19 hours ago

    His voice 👍👌🤣

  • me you
    me you 22 hours ago

    Steve-o just tries to associate everything that they find with a murder

  • Puffington
    Puffington 23 hours ago

    Is steve o on drugs again??

  • Richie O'Donnell

    are you meeting up with your buddy or meeting up with someone you're meeting for the first time?? How does that work?

  • GuitarFreak
    GuitarFreak Day ago

    Where can i get one of those duel magnet holders?

  • Jon Woodhouse
    Jon Woodhouse Day ago

    Thank God for Steve-O! You bring light to everything you're involved in brother.

  • Melissa Nickl
    Melissa Nickl Day ago

    my reaction 30 seconds in stevo from who? 😂

  • terryclotf
    terryclotf Day ago

    for no reason i just hate this guy

  • Carol Tomko
    Carol Tomko Day ago

    Steve-o should sue the dentist who gave him those awful Inspector Gadget teeth. Not only do they look awful they make him lisp.

  • It's on her boob That's what he said

    Dude I found a arm

  • Joshua Breeden
    Joshua Breeden Day ago

    Love you Steve O dude you're so lucky you got to hang out with Steve-O

  • iRush Flawless
    iRush Flawless Day ago

    That dam is near the faze house lmao

  • Adam Celadin
    Adam Celadin Day ago

    5:40 I am often telling that to my students :D Great job on this Collab guys !!!

  • Jerome Slack
    Jerome Slack 2 days ago

    What car do you know that weighs 1000 pounds?

  • purplecat733
    purplecat733 2 days ago

    One bag of rocks = one missing bag of cats 🐈

  • Aaron Santiago
    Aaron Santiago 2 days ago

    Pulls pond scum from river*
    Steve-o: That pond scum is a lethal weapon!

  • Allison Toth
    Allison Toth 2 days ago

    Steve-o : bag. Of rocks - murder
    Keys - definitely used for murder
    Lighter- definitely used in a arson

  • Muhammad Ibrahim
    Muhammad Ibrahim 2 days ago

    steve-o’s voice tho

  • Arcin
    Arcin 2 days ago

    Love Steve-o he's dead on bout the bag of rocks though lol. Sketch af.

  • Marshall Metal Detecting

    I like how you got the magnets attached together ! I just got the Brute 600 and the 300! I saw StevEO and his gang at spring break PCBFL at Club La Vela back in the early 2000s jackass days. He cut his tongue open with broken glass 🤮. I went back in the club and got my groove on. Great times🤙🏻 sweet video!

  • UghReally - Hypixel
    UghReally - Hypixel 2 days ago

    Thats some batman shit right there

  • N0_Sweat
    N0_Sweat 2 days ago

    loved this vid, been around since 300k and im so glad youre almost at 10 mil keep it up.

  • hardnockz forlife
    hardnockz forlife 2 days ago

    Thats a Really high crime park in Los Angeles! at night it comes to life!

  • hardnockz forlife
    hardnockz forlife 2 days ago

    Lmfaooooo Stevo and magnet fishing ahahahhahah yaaaaaaaaa dudddddeeeeeeeeeee! wild boy luck

  • Bald Spidey
    Bald Spidey 2 days ago


  • Jon Wayne
    Jon Wayne 2 days ago

    bird shit everywhere

  • Jon Wayne
    Jon Wayne 2 days ago

    seagulls own that park

  • Jon Wayne
    Jon Wayne 2 days ago

    definitely found some hepatitis

  • Chigga
    Chigga 2 days ago

    Fun fact: There’s tons of dead bodies in there.

  • Andy Meaker
    Andy Meaker 3 days ago

    Hi I’m scarlet and your videos are amazing tonight I stayed awake all night so I could watch your videos 💖

  • Andy Meaker
    Andy Meaker 3 days ago

    Hi I just love your videos and I have been depressed lately because my mum and dad have been fitting about things from scarlet 💖

  • mikespurgin
    mikespurgin 3 days ago

    Steve o is the man best sense of humor I would definitely want to see more of you and him teaming up

  • Ella Krasnow
    Ella Krasnow 3 days ago

    why is it so dangerous

  • Icecoldsteele 2008
    Icecoldsteele 2008 3 days ago

    Steve-O sounds like hes on crack...

  • Blanca Ortiz
    Blanca Ortiz 3 days ago

    I’m dead 3:10 though haha 😂

  • For The Love of Blogging

    You team up with a man who has a tattoo of a man with his penis in a baby? Yes he’s covered it over with an ostrich now. But who would even get a tattoo like that in the first place? We all know why though, don’t we. Really enjoy your videos but I’m unsubscribing and I hope others do too.

  • Melanie Magnetic
    Melanie Magnetic 3 days ago

    COOL!!! Okay first of all, fuc***g STEVEO!! Yes! And second, that double magnet is great, I've never seen that before!

  • Pancake 47
    Pancake 47 3 days ago

    Damn bro I’ve been watching you since 50k subscribers I haven’t been watching bc I’ve been busy with boxing and school but damn your channel grew

  • BRRZ
    BRRZ 3 days ago

    An average car weighs 2985 pounds so no, your magnet can not pick up a car.

  • king tobasco
    king tobasco 3 days ago

    Hi voice

  • Ns_ClapsYew BTW
    Ns_ClapsYew BTW 3 days ago

    Okay there has to be a dead body and their work often because how is there a bag full of rocks then they find knives and then they find keys there has to be a coffin or something like a dead body or something

  • nimrah_101
    nimrah_101 3 days ago

    What's up with his voice ? I'm not trying to be mean I'm just genuinely curious

  • slingshotvibe
    slingshotvibe 3 days ago

    imagine the kid that threw that skateboard in is watching this vid like wtf

  • Shatteredmoon YT
    Shatteredmoon YT 3 days ago

    Lemme get dar skateboard tho

  • God Vegeta
    God Vegeta 3 days ago

    Awesome video

  • jacob mann
    jacob mann 3 days ago

    Wasn’t the bike from Danny Duncan???😂😂😂

  • BULLËT :.
    BULLËT :. 3 days ago

    They have found death body’s in that west lake park

  • Samuel Gonzalez
    Samuel Gonzalez 4 days ago

    Bro i live 3 blocks away i miss his video noooo whyyy and i was near that day whyyyyy gooodddd

  • joejoerrr joejoerrr
    joejoerrr joejoerrr 4 days ago

    Weird keys man, definitely owned by a murderer

    GILZER 4 days ago

    Love it, I am just starting to get into this . I'm gonna use mine at a spot where my grandpa and dad and uncles always fished . So who knows what's in the water , its exciting .

  • William Burdon
    William Burdon 4 days ago

    That bag of rocks once belonged to Jimmy Hoffa, he always swam with it.

  • Jorge aranaf h
    Jorge aranaf h 4 days ago

    Tham if i new you were in LA i would of gone to mcarthur park

  • William Burdon
    William Burdon 4 days ago

    I walked thru McArthurs Park in the mid 70s , pollution was horrible , black dust lowing 2 feet high along the ground everywhere , the park at noon was full of winos and dope heads , trash everywhere.

  • jay ortega
    jay ortega 4 days ago

    steve-o is the real deal hope to meet him one day ...sweet video i got that same magnet from seeing your videos

  • Chad Bays
    Chad Bays 4 days ago +1

    LA=Shit Hole #Trump2020