Found 5 Explosive Devices Underwater with the U.S. Navy! (Bomb Squad Called)

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
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    Found 5 Explosive Devices Underwater with the US Navy! (Navy Bomb Squad)
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    DALLMYD  7 days ago +2985

    I feel incredibly lucky and honored to have the oppurtunity to make a sponsored video with the US Navy. I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who made this happen. I went from filming scuba diving videos with my phone and a camera I found to having an oppurtuntiy to team up with the US Navy! I'm not sure how all this happened, but today was a fun day! Help me do more things like this by clicking the thumbs up button and sharing this video! I can't wait for more adventures like this! Huge thanks to everyone who has served.

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      Gaming and And rc cars 2 hours ago

      Get a sea scooter

    • Lauren Page
      Lauren Page 5 hours ago

      DALLMYD Could you please explain how this video came to be sponsored by the US Navy? Did they Navy Office of Information contact you or the other way around? Is your relationship with them ongoing? Thanks

    • Anna Kim-Williams
      Anna Kim-Williams 9 hours ago

      Hey I was wondering if you could dive down at the deschutes river at the deepest part to look for my dadas glasses

    • Sherman Kent
      Sherman Kent 15 hours ago

      Bikini Atoll. Dive it.

    • Mason Walton
      Mason Walton Day ago

      I lived on that base and moved about a month ago

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    You should be in the navy😂

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    Why is the navys trainings so hard, Than the Military?

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    this video was recommended under pets topic.. youtube are you ok?

  • Gaming and And rc cars

    Get a sea scooter

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    Thumbs up If you want to see the guys go diving for Muhammad ali's gold medal he threw in the ohio river years ago that's never been found!!!!

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    All them new boats are dope. Like the stealth destroyers.

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      Soon the navy will be commanding space fleets. Or will that go to the space force?

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    It’s in the part where they tell you you can jump in

  • Anna Kim-Williams
    Anna Kim-Williams 9 hours ago

    It’s in bend Oregon the rafting tour was from sun country

  • Anna Kim-Williams
    Anna Kim-Williams 9 hours ago

    Hey um my dad lost his glasses in the deschutes river in the deepest part while we were swimming or floating but I don’t know how you would be allowed to get down there cause we went on a raft with a guide but be careful there are some really rapid parts in that river so please be careful

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    There aren’t alligators in the ocean🤦‍♂️

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    Ur the best I subscribed because u all ways make me happy when I see ur videos because u are doin a good thing

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    Jake was in my home town and I missed him

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    this video is sponsored by U.S navy

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    Me :*mind is destroyed *

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    Hey jake randomly found one of your videos about two weeks ago and today i drove two hours for a complete set of dive gear. As you see you really have inspired me and i thank you for showing everyone what you love to do. Love your videos keep inspiring my friend.

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    That stingray that you saw was actually called a skate. Btw, great video. I try to watch them all

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    I love the midway, I live in sd and go down there every once in a while. In fact, I slept on one of the boats near it overnight for a 5th grade field trip so its pretty cool to see Jake so close to my home.

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    My friend Lamari Showers is going to the Navy in October

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  • neD_Den
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    11:46 there was a lobster leg that fell off

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    With that said, if you really like doing something, there is someone that will pay you for that skill. Loved the video.

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