Lesbians Decide Who's the Gayest | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
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    A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.
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    Lesbians Decide Who's the Gayest | Lineup | Cut
    #Cut #Lineup #Challenge
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Comments • 5 705

  • horses and Conor Maynard are life

    Every gay thinks they're the gayest.. *I'm no different*

  • daisy
    daisy Hour ago

    the tall one w the short hair is kinda judgy like just cause someone isn’t masculine doesn’t invalidate their gayness :// and the whole “gay face/voice/walk” thing like.....i know what she means by it but u shouldn’t base ur judgement on someone’s sexuality on whether their face “looks gay” cause then ur limiting he possible dating options

  • amber
    amber 3 hours ago

    the russian woman literally FLED her home county to be who she is and to love who she loves.....and they gave her a 1 & a.........5

  • SeriousGamer753
    SeriousGamer753 3 hours ago

    More like who's the manliest... Amirigh?

  • LoveToLoveYou21
    LoveToLoveYou21 4 hours ago

    katie saying that she assumes the cool things are gay is a mood

  • Fleur gaat je niks aan

    Any know the socials from stacey?? (The girl with the vans on, who is deciding )

  • WINX Studio
    WINX Studio 5 hours ago

    2:16 she LYING 😂

  • Jim Alford
    Jim Alford 6 hours ago +1

    Love it I hope you do one on transgender’s To see what they say about other transgender’s

  • Aline Bastos
    Aline Bastos 9 hours ago +1

    It seems people don’t undestand that this is based solely on gay LOOKS like the stereotype

  • AnneLien1987
    AnneLien1987 10 hours ago

    I'm bi. I left my husband for a girl 🤔😯

  • miriam poulsen
    miriam poulsen 12 hours ago

    wow the first one in the suit is hot

  • Hollie Dean
    Hollie Dean 17 hours ago +1

    I loved this video it was everything funny, light hearted and insightful, informative ,touching and the diversity is great ,makes me as a gay woman wanna play along haha, this is one *and I don’t say this often but one of my top favourite videos on FLash-player well done CUT excellent video

  • Charlotte !
    Charlotte ! 17 hours ago

    How has ADHD who has Aspbugers

  • Veronica Savas
    Veronica Savas 20 hours ago

    LL seemed stoned the whole time

      LL ROYALE 7 hours ago

      LL was stoned and a lil drunk

  • Lillian Betts
    Lillian Betts 20 hours ago

    Man, I really hate these vids. I hate making assumptions based on looks. Shit like this makes me so self conscious.

  • In Squad We Trust
    In Squad We Trust Day ago +1

    I love LL bro🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • In Squad We Trust
      In Squad We Trust 5 hours ago

      LL ROYALE You from the Bronx??? You were giving me New York vibes!!! Have a great day 😊

      LL ROYALE 7 hours ago +1

      Love u too. Thx

  • Fenja _
    Fenja _ Day ago

    the one woman rating the girls smh looks like the girl version of kirk from gilmore girls

  • peach tea
    peach tea Day ago

    im kind of....in love with Katy i mean....goddamn

  • Rosa Zellinger
    Rosa Zellinger Day ago

    3:02 I’m dead😂😂😂😂

  • Jessica Passey
    Jessica Passey Day ago

    Lol this brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “that’s so gay”

  • kiki in a coma
    kiki in a coma Day ago

    LL this isn't tinder-

  • Abi Likes_Blu
    Abi Likes_Blu Day ago

    You sense the gay in people.

  • Ana.C.R
    Ana.C.R Day ago

    I don't like ll

      LL ROYALE 7 hours ago

      Its cool. I like u for watching.

  • Jamie Faddis-Arnett

    "Virgin alert!!" - im sorry--

    *LL looks away intensely*

  • Rainer Schwachsinn
    Rainer Schwachsinn Day ago +1

    That stare at 7:10 x"D

      LL ROYALE 7 hours ago

      What can i say lol the look said it all

  • Jazzy’s I can do whatever the heck I want channel.

    I can’t go to any homophobic country because I look gay sooo oof. But I wouldn’t go countries like that so no problem.

  • Liz Sharrow
    Liz Sharrow Day ago

    The Katie girl 🙄 buh bringing up "gay face" and "gay voice" and "gay walk" THE WHOLE TIME was OOF

  • Samantha Butler
    Samantha Butler Day ago

    this was a whole lot of uncomfy

  • Shelby Wise
    Shelby Wise Day ago

    As a fellow lesbian, it is painful to watch lesbians interact with one another

  • Kali Smith
    Kali Smith Day ago

    the birkinstocks got me

  • SER Aletze
    SER Aletze Day ago

    Katie was so funny lol I want to be friends with her.

  • JuazeiroMLG
    JuazeiroMLG Day ago +1

    gonna need a cleanup on isle 3....LL is salivating

  • Caleb Gruszynski

    These comments are ridiculous. Figure it out stop being a try hard ambiguous fuck

  • Caleb Gruszynski

    Damn queers

  • Pansy Jess
    Pansy Jess Day ago

    ya you did

  • Pansy Jess
    Pansy Jess Day ago


  • Jordan Lenczewski

    Umm, I'm trying to marry Stacy!!

  • Laziri Cosplays
    Laziri Cosplays Day ago

    I know how that feels 9:23

  • Inebriatd
    Inebriatd 2 days ago

    I'm straight. Why should I care?

  • bou hou
    bou hou 2 days ago

    *I like pussy *

  • Ida Emilie
    Ida Emilie 2 days ago


      LL ROYALE 7 hours ago

      Weed and alcohol equals bad pronunciation lol

  • marykrismoss
    marykrismoss 2 days ago +1

    Vote YANG 2020 🌈Humanity 1st! #MATH............. ✌🇺🇸♥

  • Bayan Bri
    Bayan Bri 2 days ago


  • Bella淫荡
    Bella淫荡 2 days ago +1

    This is how many times they said gay instead of lesbian:

  • ᄋᄌᄋcall me baby girl

    Courtney is so hot aaaahhhh

  • Poyla Ghosh
    Poyla Ghosh 2 days ago

    Katie looks like Cole Sprouse to me in the thumbnail.

  • Melinda Rachman
    Melinda Rachman 2 days ago

    Tanda tanda kiamat

  • bballhead 7
    bballhead 7 2 days ago

    Courtney is hot

  • Amelia Jenney
    Amelia Jenney 2 days ago +23

    LL: I love Harry Potter
    Also LL: “levetosa”

  • Geburah82
    Geburah82 2 days ago +1

    LL is the female Joey Diaz.

  • Nina Never
    Nina Never 2 days ago

    Kate makes me wish I was straight...

  • Miss - Ink
    Miss - Ink 2 days ago

    My celebrity crush is also Emma Watson XD

  • Lily-May McCluskey
    Lily-May McCluskey 2 days ago

    Katie is cute :)

  • Khayla Williams
    Khayla Williams 2 days ago

    Femme lesbian struggles - Cammie Scott

  • Adriel P.
    Adriel P. 2 days ago +4

    I can see what people are saying about this being more based on stereotypes, but it does seem pretty accurate. It’s not just about what they wear or if they have short hair. You really can see the gayness in somebody based on the way they talk, walk, their stance, etc. At least, in my opinion you can.

  • Courtney Ruiz
    Courtney Ruiz 2 days ago

    Katie givin me king princess vibes and I’m here for it

  • MsBferrer
    MsBferrer 2 days ago

    Lame how they are putting women in a box .

  • Art Muse
    Art Muse 2 days ago +1

    I love LL!!!

  • bb gguk
    bb gguk 2 days ago

    thats pretty gay bruv.

  • sarah isnt cool
    sarah isnt cool 2 days ago +1

    "they just... look gay... in the face" I FELT THAT