Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 3

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
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    The Crew is joined by Eric Linden to react to some of Hollywood's best and worst Stunts!
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Comments • 5 170

  • Pete OConnor
    Pete OConnor 34 minutes ago

    Seriously, I didn't know that safe thing and it made me respect the whole movie so much more.

  • Laura Henderson
    Laura Henderson 55 minutes ago

    I just found this channel and i just want to stay up all night binge watching these fascinating videos.

  • Sophie Comrie
    Sophie Comrie Hour ago

    This was so good. So insightful and educational. I love this series!

  • My super fucked up account

    Next, oldboy please...

  • Austin Lehman
    Austin Lehman Hour ago

    So wait if someone was driving the safe in a car how did they flip it so many times without totaling the car?

  • Jon Alba
    Jon Alba 2 hours ago

    im loving the edits and cutaways. beautiful stuff. Liked and subscribed

  • Garret Buschkamp
    Garret Buschkamp 2 hours ago

    Yeah, John Wick’s car is a 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429. They’re half a million. Yeah they got a lot car

  • Dylan Jaynes
    Dylan Jaynes 2 hours ago

    You guys gotta look at the Mad Max movies, there’s some great stunts in there

  • HX Teng
    HX Teng 2 hours ago

    So many stunts yet not a single Jackie Chan reference lol.

  • Jon Mar
    Jon Mar 2 hours ago

    Wow the vault was actually a car? all that time I thought it was Solid Snake

  • Kodi Masarik
    Kodi Masarik 2 hours ago

    There was a video in your ads

  • Jay .L
    Jay .L 3 hours ago

    DOA! Dead or Alive ✨👌🏽

  • Blargenth
    Blargenth 3 hours ago +1

    React to the jousting in A Knights tale. Those guys couldn't figure out a way to fake the jousting, so they straight up just jousted in padded armor with lances that were pre-cut and filled with splinters and noodles!

  • hr1meg
    hr1meg 3 hours ago

    Eric is a must have! Keep bringing this dude back! Incidently, I always wondered how stuntmen feel when guys like Tom Cruise do their own stunts. Stuntmen need their job, and why would an actor put one out of work by doing his own stunts? We know movies are fake so does he do this just to pump his ego?

  • Chris Dobson
    Chris Dobson 3 hours ago

    Stuntman React to Road House

  • Amanda Yoga
    Amanda Yoga 4 hours ago

    The raid

  • Humza Khalid
    Humza Khalid 5 hours ago +1

    Please get him to react to "Death Proof"s second half car stunts by zoe bell!

  • DeluxeMC
    DeluxeMC 5 hours ago

    you should do unstoppable. It is a really cool movie and I think that the practical effects are insane.

  • Bear Hands
    Bear Hands 5 hours ago

    i think having jackie chan on set would be amazing, considering he always does his own stunts.
    there was this scene in legend of the drunken master where he almost got his head crushed by a bucket of sand, and it was real.
    i think he might shed some insight on the dangers of doing stunts on the more real side and how some stuntmen can work around it, or work to take a better hit in some cases.

  • Altharrion
    Altharrion 5 hours ago


  • Rebellen007
    Rebellen007 6 hours ago

    What a great episode! So cool.

  • Chris Dickson
    Chris Dickson 6 hours ago

    Anyone notice the sneaky subliminal Audio at 5.38 - 5.44 saying (Subscribe!!!) Sneaky Manipulation Guys Come on!

  • Mc Lovin
    Mc Lovin 6 hours ago

    John Wick=Stunt porn

  • shinigami dyo
    shinigami dyo 6 hours ago

    damn same cloths as the ones before.

  • Bert Cano
    Bert Cano 6 hours ago

    OOo OoO Atomic Blonde!

  • Luis Becerra
    Luis Becerra 7 hours ago

    I would love to see these guys react to the driving stunts in Baby Driver! I heard Ansel Elgort had to learn all the stunts for the drive!

  • Glaith
    Glaith 7 hours ago

    10 man fighting scene IP Man

  • Ignauhak
    Ignauhak 7 hours ago

    The Mask of Zorro and The Legend of Zorro, every whip swinging scene and the acrobatic chase scene at the beginning of TLOZ, please. Would really love your insights on how whip stunts are done in film. :o)

  • Stephen Proctor
    Stephen Proctor 7 hours ago

    Do Atomic Blonde next!

  • barfyman362
    barfyman362 7 hours ago

    You're stuntmen? I thought you were VFX artists?

  • CD plus
    CD plus 8 hours ago

    One of my all time favorite stunts is in Kurosawa's throne of blood. Toshiro Mifuni gets pummeled with a million arrows. Brutal. Also some of the horse fighting in Seven Samurai is crazy looking

  • Joshua Ryder
    Joshua Ryder 8 hours ago

    Dislike for all the "subtle" subscribes hints... Pisses me off...

  • Dwarf-Elvish Diplomacy

    Thought they where VFX pros not stuntmen ?

  • Augustin B.
    Augustin B. 8 hours ago

    Could you react to the corridor fight scene in Old Boy (the Korean original)?

  • naloveuu
    naloveuu 8 hours ago

    Yall need to find some 2D animation experts and make an Animators react

  • Divád
    Divád 9 hours ago

    Hobbs and Shav

  • Paul Wulff
    Paul Wulff 9 hours ago

    “Swirly Slap Hands” may be part of their Pencak Silat (Indonesian Martial Art) so totally valid and not a cheap move. Happy Indonesian Independence day! 🇮🇩

  • Jakub Vaclavik
    Jakub Vaclavik 9 hours ago

    I’d love to see you guys react to Sherlock Holmes: Game of shadows and that part where they ran & fought in the Forest

  • FZGames
    FZGames 9 hours ago

    Can you guys do a segment on the stunts from the Need for Speed movie?

  • Richard Collins
    Richard Collins 9 hours ago

    Please have him react to jason bourne in the next one

  • Kyle Steinke
    Kyle Steinke 9 hours ago +1

    Love the videos guys! Keep up the good work. I would love to see a reaction to Oldboy fights, especially the corridor scene.

  • Rodrigo Villa
    Rodrigo Villa 10 hours ago

    The whole final act of Death Proof

  • Diego GB
    Diego GB 10 hours ago +1

    I am form México so... I don't remember the most spicy thing i ever eat, but the last thing was a green sauce of a tacos... i wanted trow me for a window

  • jodejack
    jodejack 10 hours ago

    More stuntman reacts with Eric Linden please. Cool clip reactions.

  • ZenFlight
    ZenFlight 10 hours ago

    5:40 subliminal "Subscribe" :)

  • Frost Wolf
    Frost Wolf 10 hours ago

    I thought the safe thing was cg, i'm blown away. Cool video guys!

    INCEPTION 25 10 hours ago

    the fight in the kitchen from the raid 2 on the thumbnail but why?
    not react on it?

  • Paul Blizzy
    Paul Blizzy 10 hours ago

    Would love to see them talk about the restroom fight scene in "The Warriors".

  • Bradley Walker
    Bradley Walker 10 hours ago

    I was curious if you could do a comparison between dramatic stunt and fight action from decades past versus the modern paradigm. Specifically, after I watched the Paul Newman film "Harper" I was so impressed that after spending a day getting beat up and chasing down the action all day, his Harper character actually looks like a guy who is exhausted, battered and mentally fatigued. It seemed so much more believable than in recent years where action characters are beat up, shot, exploded, crash-landed, and pull off amazing feats of physical exertion but by the end of the film they look like they still have the chops to go out for a beer and pizza with their buddies or a roll in the hay with their romantic interest. I also really appreciated the fact that Harper was kind of surly at the end about all the pain and inconvenience he'd endured. I feel like the more realistic threshold of human ability he portrayed is so much more powerful than films currently portray action. Blade Runner was another good example, where Harrison Ford just seemed thoroughly expended by the end of the action scenes. Where the spectre of his possible failure loomed over the scene because he had nothing left to give.

  • armada2390
    armada2390 10 hours ago

    So these guys are VFX artists and stuntmen?!?!?!.... are they also prop specialists and directors and everything that makes a movie?

  • Nathan
    Nathan 10 hours ago


  • Paul Oh
    Paul Oh 10 hours ago +1

    You guys should definitely do the hallway fight scene from Oldboy 2003 (NOT 2013). It’s a 4 minute one take and is the most realistic fight scene I’ve seen in a movie

  • Mr. Grimm
    Mr. Grimm 11 hours ago

    Spartacus (1960), I am sure people were killed making this one

  • Frank Teryngel
    Frank Teryngel 11 hours ago

    You should react to some of the practical effects in Tora Tora Tora. Especially the scene where mechanics on airfield are dodging the exploding aircraft.

  • Arun Mistry
    Arun Mistry 11 hours ago

    All Spider-Man films

  • Shane Nelson
    Shane Nelson 11 hours ago


  • Caleb Nailson
    Caleb Nailson 11 hours ago

    Kill Bill !!

  • brianjonesart3d
    brianjonesart3d 11 hours ago

    Kiss of the dragon - the dojo fight scene, and the office fight scene... and Unleashed the scene where he fights the gu in the all white suit

  • Aye Ok
    Aye Ok 11 hours ago

    Would love to see kill bill or a movie along that lines

  • claxan velazquez
    claxan velazquez 11 hours ago

    React to Jacky Chan old movies!!!!!

  • Prefer Anonymity
    Prefer Anonymity 11 hours ago

  • YEdwardP
    YEdwardP 11 hours ago

    So, I know there are probably a lot of other resources on Jackie Chan, but I'd love to hear what other stuntmen have to say about what he did.
    I mean, yes, we all know he "did all his own stunts" but it would be nice to have other stuntmen deconstruct what he did. Did he use different techniques? Is what/how he did things different from how it would be done today? He may have made many movies, but has he changed the stunt "field" in any meaningful way, for example, by making stunts safer, or has he simply accepted that he would risk his body for the film and so perhaps not made much different to the domain?

    I'd love your insight in general.

  • Marie Burdis
    Marie Burdis 11 hours ago

    You should do van helsing for vfx. There's so many different types in there

  • Jokerz 79
    Jokerz 79 11 hours ago

    Like Nolan I prefer film.

  • NebirosKnight
    NebirosKnight 11 hours ago

    More stunt vids plz

  • ChigzP
    ChigzP 12 hours ago

    Do kingsman pls!!!

  • Daniel Corkill
    Daniel Corkill 12 hours ago

    Jean Claude Van Damme truck splits

  • Turdcurd
    Turdcurd 12 hours ago

    Girlfriend want's to know y r u all sitting on such a small couch?

  • Charles Schneider
    Charles Schneider 12 hours ago

    Well I have to give Fast and Furious movies some credit. That bank vault stunt is awesome!

  • mariohw 85
    mariohw 85 12 hours ago

    Thank you learn a lot from this video

  • shogunshogun
    shogunshogun 13 hours ago

    Please react to Jackie Chan's greatest stunt work! That would be awesome

  • bruddahmatt
    bruddahmatt 13 hours ago

    I think I recognize the scene the stunt guy is talking about jumping out of the car, it's from NCIS LA? I think lol

  • Yoo Hoo
    Yoo Hoo 13 hours ago

    It's just one stuntman

  • Bripster
    Bripster 13 hours ago

    Christ 4 adds in an 8 min video wtf?!

  • corellan22
    corellan22 13 hours ago

    You guys should react the the south Korean Old Boys movies hallway scene.

  • blagoyavich rod
    blagoyavich rod 13 hours ago

    I'd love your takes on stuntman Dar Robinson.

  • Elliott Barth
    Elliott Barth 13 hours ago +1

    As always: super awesome!!

  • Namteer
    Namteer 13 hours ago

    those clips in between reaction takes the reaction away out of this video

  • Giardino Vincente'
    Giardino Vincente' 14 hours ago

    Ask him to come back and analyze Death Proof and some extra Zoe Bell stunts.

  • Ridha Taqobalallah
    Ridha Taqobalallah 14 hours ago

    guy inthe middle looks like ben affleck

  • ashraful saikot
    ashraful saikot 14 hours ago

    Who are these guys to react?

  • Ilona A
    Ilona A 14 hours ago

    I see The Raid, I click

    JEEVAN JOHN 14 hours ago

    6:24, that doug demuro cameo was hilarious 😂.

  • Mr. Flux
    Mr. Flux 14 hours ago

    Please do a vfx breakdown of the complete Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Like only that for a whole reaction video!

  • Beans&Egg
    Beans&Egg 14 hours ago


    SHIVA 14 hours ago

    I really wish to see reaction to John wick chapter 3 , 3 fights, one with the book, another thr knives sequence and then the bikes on the bridge...i have never seen anything like it plus being so real too....

  • MN F
    MN F 15 hours ago

    React to BvS warehouse scene please

  • in4mus85
    in4mus85 15 hours ago

    These videos are amazing

  • Bala Ji
    Bala Ji 15 hours ago


  • Nik Karklins
    Nik Karklins 15 hours ago

    Mile 22 would be a good ome

  • Lucas Schram
    Lucas Schram 15 hours ago

    you guys should react to one of the last episodes of shooter on netflix where the house gets attacked and theres all thes explosions

  • ZappyIsKey
    ZappyIsKey 15 hours ago

    Ip Man: Ip Man vs 10 Japanese black belts, PLEASE REACT TO IT! It’s so sick!

  • Max Zerbini
    Max Zerbini 15 hours ago

    man I'd like to see a breakdown of Saving Private Ryan

  • AnalDash
    AnalDash 16 hours ago

    So is that how most nice cars that get trashed are made? Fake bodies? I hope so because I physically cringe every time a classic car gets trashed in movies and I pray to the gods they did not just blow up a 60s muscle car!

  • TS Silver
    TS Silver 17 hours ago +1


  • Eau Rouge
    Eau Rouge 17 hours ago

    "Here are some quirks and features of the Corridor Crew."

  • Rakshith
    Rakshith 18 hours ago

    fight scenes from upgrade 2018 requested

  • Jim Randolph
    Jim Randolph 18 hours ago

    Love these but too. Many. Ads.

  • Reangsey Ouk
    Reangsey Ouk 18 hours ago

    I would have liked to see some Jackie Chan stunts

    ANKIT DARWHEKAR 19 hours ago

    how could they forget to mention Tokio Drift Movie stunts?