Stuntmen React To MARVEL Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts

  • Published on Sep 7, 2019
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    This Episode ► The Crew is joined by Stuntman and Actor Gui DaSilva-Greene to react and break down some of Hollywood's best and worst Stunts!
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  • The Great Bambino
    The Great Bambino 23 minutes ago

    IP Man. The scene where he fights General Kimura's students for rice. watch?v=upwyWKzozII

  • Sabine Stenzenberger
    Sabine Stenzenberger 2 hours ago

    Please react to the movie „Upgrade“. It‘s rad

  • Bear Levi
    Bear Levi 3 hours ago

    Watchmen: First fight scene

  • Bear Levi
    Bear Levi 3 hours ago

    Blade runner 2049: First fight scene

  • Jon Johnson
    Jon Johnson 4 hours ago

    Why is this guy so cool?

  • eric jasman
    eric jasman 5 hours ago

    black guy looks like turk from scrubs

  • MsLouisez
    MsLouisez 6 hours ago

    So confused at the cival war stunts - they look like crap CGI. But they are mostly practical? How did they get them looking so bad!?

  • Jayanth praba
    Jayanth praba 8 hours ago +1

    I dont know how many of you observed, he got a tattoo on his hand in Hindi, 07:04 Pause it. Love From India.

    • The AJ
      The AJ 4 hours ago

      What is written on it

  • Mannitherucus
    Mannitherucus 8 hours ago

    6:50 and thats the problem

  • Galaxial Pharmaceutical

    They're all gay

  • Rafa
    Rafa 9 hours ago

    why do so many of the practical stunts look CG in the MCU

  • aika fierce
    aika fierce 13 hours ago

    So these actors are getting millions and the guys that do the actual work only gets 500 bucks?

  • Neon Banana
    Neon Banana 13 hours ago

    I’ve never lost my credit card information because I don’t have one😎

  • Aiden Vargas
    Aiden Vargas 15 hours ago

    Im 10 so I don't have a card

  • mattson
    mattson 15 hours ago

    Gui is awesome! RL Black Panther and such a chill dude!

  • Abhijith V.B.
    Abhijith V.B. 17 hours ago

    This guy have a cool genuine personality

  • Rain Storm
    Rain Storm 17 hours ago

    You should check out the fights from Snowpiercer and Warrior with Tom Hardy. I remember thinking they were pretty cool, it'd be cool to get a professional's opinion.

  • Coco Davison
    Coco Davison 19 hours ago

    If you could react to the kitchen fight from The Raid 2? Maybe with martial artists??

  • humudu
    humudu 20 hours ago

    13:31 So to improve the likeliness that someone buys the product, you act like everyone has had their credit card info stolen. That is pretty low but I can accept that, there are more dishonest people in the world.

    However, you even go so far that you disrespectfully call your audience liars because you don't give a fuck about anyone if there is a small chance you can deceive someone to earn a bit of money.
    This behavior is not something anyone should support, bye

  • Alluttaja
    Alluttaja 22 hours ago

    He sleeping and being the black panther how amazing!!!

  • lawrence yap
    lawrence yap 22 hours ago

    Kenshin trilogy!!!!! Check it out if you want a great obscure film. Fight scenes are amazing.

  • gaurav anshu
    gaurav anshu 23 hours ago

    I just love it when He (Gui) starts laughing whenever in midst of explaining.

  • Máire Eilís Ni Bhroin

    If you guys got Ray Park on reviewing his stunts that would be perfection!

  • U A B
    U A B Day ago

    gay for pay

  • David Silver
    David Silver Day ago +2

    Damn actors get paid way to much , stuntmen should make more

  • bridgecross
    bridgecross Day ago

    7:39 admit it, you were waiting for this stunt. EVERYONE was waiting for this stunt.

  • Hammerhead Monkey

    3:28 pewdiepie

  • Rostislav Raykov

    Guys please do a stuntman reaction to the Christopher Nolan Batman movies.
    Also I would love to see your comments about the transformations in the Underworld movies in VFX react

  • Sindicate god
    Sindicate god Day ago

    Do the forest fight in transformers 2

  • Colin Jordan
    Colin Jordan Day ago

    Please break down all fight scenes in the 2000 movie "Snatch" staring Brad Pitt

  • Dirk
    Dirk Day ago

    It would be awesome if you're the stuntman and the actor

  • FN LN
    FN LN Day ago

    I think this is not reacting to "Great or Bad HOLLYWOOD Stunts", but if only it said "Part 1" or "(Marvel)"..

  • AJAbrams
    AJAbrams Day ago

    Oh my gosh, do Ben-Hur 1959 and compare it to the new one!!! That would be siiiiiick!!

  • Nick Owens
    Nick Owens Day ago

    All of these stunts would’ve looked way more impressive in the finished film if the CGI surrounding Black Panther’s suit wasn’t so obvious, and if there wasn’t so much crazy cutting ruining the rhythm/illusion.

  • Jacob Evans
    Jacob Evans Day ago

    Can yall react to the reflections on silver surfer?

  • Damian Cook
    Damian Cook Day ago +1

    6:40 fast boi

  • LilianaKali
    LilianaKali Day ago

    Can we get a stuntwoman up here? They work hard, too!

  • coenpat
    coenpat Day ago

    Crows zero has cool fight scenes

  • Millie007
    Millie007 Day ago

    This is why Marvel pretty much dominates, never, ever underestimate the importance of practical effects. CGI is an easy way out, with practical effects everything is literally 100 times more difficult, the result is worth it. Beautiful action scenes with real people in real situations. Are listening Justice League?

  • Fgcxhb Cvbxvb
    Fgcxhb Cvbxvb Day ago


  • dar 2:54 khan ka ê Teuh

    winter soldier was the only good cbm movie in the mcu.the rest are all green screen fights and theyre all shit

  • Ethan Hittler
    Ethan Hittler Day ago

    You guys should do Scott Pilgrim

  • Πολίτικλι Ινκορρέκτ

    This is a comfortable couch and I got good company. HHMMMMMM

  • ???
    ??? Day ago

    the constant 808, in the beginning, makes me smile

  • Mechronastamuth
    Mechronastamuth Day ago

    Guys, you can't gain weight by sweating :S

  • Savage Dawg
    Savage Dawg Day ago

    You know the irony is real when your show sponsor is but youtube keeps shoving alexa ads down my throat EVERY SINGLE AD BREAK.

  • bo jackson
    bo jackson Day ago

    seems the more unbelievable the scene is, the more they think its CG.

  • Phoeenix Gaming
    Phoeenix Gaming 2 days ago

    Bruh that georgia heat will FUCK YOU UP

  • Broken Syntax
    Broken Syntax 2 days ago

    Good plug on, but they aren't in Canada yet :(
    Aside from that, to my knowledge, my cards are safe. So far I've had no unauthorized or unexpected charges.

  • Chandan Nayak
    Chandan Nayak 2 days ago

    Absolutely no one :
    Stunt guy: We rehearsed it for a month.

  • vianv gaming
    vianv gaming 2 days ago

    Review saaho movie for vfx and action

  • aloo t
    aloo t 2 days ago

    9.07 practically a bollywood move.

  • Lorne Graham
    Lorne Graham 2 days ago

    @Corridor Crew, do a stunt episode on H.B. Hilacki's Gone in Sixty Seconds!!!!

  • Ellie Holmes
    Ellie Holmes 2 days ago

    I have no money so noone is stupid enough to steal my useless card...

  • Mello Delelo
    Mello Delelo 2 days ago

    Ima kid I don’t have a credit card

  • Harlow
    Harlow 2 days ago

    The stunt in The Road Warrior where the stuntman is supposed to crash his motorbike into a car and fly off but actually catches his feet and does multiple full body end-over-end flips straight into the ground. He was actually really badly hurt but It was so awesome that George Miller left it in the film.

  • gargar gooarr
    gargar gooarr 2 days ago

    and rdj got more money than stuntman 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • Suresh Reddy
    Suresh Reddy 2 days ago

    Marvel's don't study physics because they never got qualified for such subjects.

  • jubuttib
    jubuttib 2 days ago +1

    The stuntpeople really are the unsung heroes of Hollywood action movies. They are the ones who make it all possible (along with the co-ordinators of course), and they are almost unheard of in the general media. I absolutely love that you're getting actual stuntpeople in to comment on film stunts and how they're achieved. There's real blood, sweat, tears and vomit in there.

  • jubuttib
    jubuttib 2 days ago

    Honestly, all of the other CGI fails in Black Panther pale in comparison to how incredibly badly they handled snow in the scenes where T'Challa was covered. It's just horrific to anyone who has ever seen snow.

  • BoomMicGuy
    BoomMicGuy 2 days ago

    You have to check out the movie xXx. Some of the scenes are just fun

  • MOBremember
    MOBremember 2 days ago

    based on this i honestly think i could be a stuntman for movies like this lol. jeez

  • Pocket Ace
    Pocket Ace 2 days ago

    Equilibrium would be a treasure trove of stunts to dissect.

  • Benjamin Garcia
    Benjamin Garcia 2 days ago

    Guy we love the videos m, awesome, how ever you do realize either we just skip the commercials or just avoid the whole video if you do the in the middle in your face thing, be cool with it, its annoying as hell

  • Greg wx
    Greg wx 2 days ago

    Please put Wren instead of the guy in the left, he never really watch anymovie or make a smart comment about, just nodding and woowing.

  • TTV Caliber
    TTV Caliber 2 days ago

    I'm 12 and I've never gotten a credit card hacked before in my whole life

  • Ricardo Aponte
    Ricardo Aponte 2 days ago

    Great vid!
    You guys should really check out a Thai martial arts movie called Chocolate (2008). There's an insane scene where guys are getting knocked off the top of a building and hitting the signs on the way down. At the end credits, it showed that one of the stuntmen had to get hospitalized. Looking forward to your next video!

  • * 1
    * 1 2 days ago

    Just wondered if I'm the only one thinking "Bruce Gui!" Cool man with an awesome taste in Tshirts.

  • Manuel Solis
    Manuel Solis 2 days ago

    Great content, but putting 4 ads, plus an in-video sponsor spot, is gonna be the death of FLASH-PLAYER channels. But by all means, ride that money wave till it dies out!

  • Jacob Blackamore
    Jacob Blackamore 2 days ago

    Is Niko the brother of Sean from Hot wings?

  • Greystrife13
    Greystrife13 2 days ago

    This is super awesome!!!
    Civil war is my favorite movie, and the fight scene is one of the best in all marvel movies... Hearing desilva talk about his experience in making stunts for this film, and the fact that he was black panther is super awesome... Seriously.... 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Zorg688
    Zorg688 2 days ago

    Please invitie him for more videos! He is such a great dude and I enjoyes it very much to listen to him. Not only was it super interesting but at the same time very fun :)

  • Asdfg
    Asdfg 3 days ago

    Adict to this videos

  • not cool
    not cool 3 days ago

    The fight scene between superman and the justice league

    R KANDE 3 days ago

    I just see the real black panther

  • Austin The Cook
    Austin The Cook 3 days ago +3

    Everybody gangsta until black t shirt gang comes up.

  • Schattenherz
    Schattenherz 3 days ago

    Black Panter...Marvels Catwoman 😀

  • Roger Dickerson
    Roger Dickerson 3 days ago

    Please review Ip Man

  • Ray
    Ray 3 days ago

    The is really helpfull thanks

  • DeathMatt144
    DeathMatt144 3 days ago

    Yo Corridor Crew, was wondering if you can react to the stunts done in the Assassin's creed movie

  • Ben Ochoa
    Ben Ochoa 3 days ago

    How does one even become a stunt person?

  • Jonny wærdahl
    Jonny wærdahl 3 days ago

    ong bak!

  • Kirby The pro
    Kirby The pro 3 days ago

    *this knife has made me rethink my life choices*

  • EyeRuinMe
    EyeRuinMe 3 days ago

    Gui is hands-down awesome! Thank you very much!

  • Alvis Kwan
    Alvis Kwan 3 days ago +2

    Corridor really needs to react to the fight scenes from Ip Man (2008)!

  • Athul S Kumar
    Athul S Kumar 3 days ago

    React to DCEU stunts too

  • Xin Quiote
    Xin Quiote 3 days ago


  • Wes Funderburk
    Wes Funderburk 3 days ago

    Should do scenes on Tron: Legacy, maybe even throw something in from the original. It be a favorite movie of mine since it came out to date.

  • Isobel Taylor
    Isobel Taylor 3 days ago

    I like what Gui says about the black panther's final fight with regards to stakes. The danger and blood is one of the things that makes Black Panther unique, especially the duels with M'Baku, and Killmonger, but the final battle has relatively low stakes, lowering the impact and emotion of this climax. Cool insight!

  • Subhankar Chowdhury
    Subhankar Chowdhury 3 days ago

    Is this the same guy in that My hero academia live action video?

  • sanjay eswaran
    sanjay eswaran 3 days ago +1

    Please react to "Sherlock Holmes 2" movie forest chase scene

  • Vendetta For V
    Vendetta For V 3 days ago

    I dont see why i should go

  • vishnu viswanath
    vishnu viswanath 3 days ago

    "We rehearse it for a month"

  • Chandler R
    Chandler R 3 days ago

    This was awesome!!!

  • Dragon Rex
    Dragon Rex 3 days ago +1

    I love real stunts. Digital stunts and fight scenes are very lame. I hate digital stuntmen and digital characters.

  • Milo Cylium
    Milo Cylium 3 days ago

    Very profesional behave to make actor feel comfort....if they dont feel comfort..they might holding back

  • Zeakin
    Zeakin 3 days ago

    I wonder how much adjustment he got for hitting that concrete in civil war

  • Aditya 07
    Aditya 07 3 days ago

    Casting couch

  • Liam Phillips
    Liam Phillips 3 days ago

    I don't have a credit card to get stolen

  • majin a.m
    majin a.m 3 days ago

    iron fist fights , talk about them pleas