The Time Has Come... Introduction To My Channel!

  • Published on Sep 21, 2020
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  • Dennis Wilson
    Dennis Wilson 4 hours ago

    Oh Crap didnt know u had this im glad u got this channel and are making vids..Time for u step up and be the main guy and not the background worker or helper. Keep it up..u already have a following so its only up from here bud. Once again Congrats on the channel.

  • Mr Strong
    Mr Strong 2 days ago

    Have subscribed, thumbs up.

  • Nte 35050
    Nte 35050 6 days ago

    Ye ye send it cooper cant wait for more content 👍

  • Kyle Corfman
    Kyle Corfman 9 days ago

    Atf why didn't everyone sub to him that watched?

  • Honestly Why lad
    Honestly Why lad 10 days ago

    Why aren’t you working with cleetus anyways congrats on the channel

  • Holden Byess
    Holden Byess 10 days ago

    I'm a little late getting to your channel Coop, but I just wanted to let ya know I'm seriously looking forward to getting cought up on your videos and seeing what your channel is becoming.

  • jimmy stavnshøj
    jimmy stavnshøj 11 days ago

    good luck with your channel, im all in!

  • L0N3 D4NGER
    L0N3 D4NGER 11 days ago

    Shop upgrades should be cool

  • Dustin Koonce
    Dustin Koonce 11 days ago

    Love the tp supra!! Congrats on first runs that thing is sick!!

  • Ericec4126
    Ericec4126 11 days ago

    Good for you

  • Gahet
    Gahet 11 days ago

    YESSSS Cooper! Get it man, do it all, drive everything, build all the things! I'm excited to see what you do!

  • Chloe Hennessey
    Chloe Hennessey 11 days ago

    Hope to see you in April for race week!
    Got a Litchfield stage 5 tune and a few other goodies for my GT-R.
    It’s nothing serious fast like your Camaro but I think it’ll do a low 10 maybe high 9 🇺🇸👌❤️🔥
    Proto Tools. Their industrial strength. Don’t cost me a breast and a leg like Snap On and their customer service is like some of the best I’ve come across.

    Cooper if you’d like to learn about carbon fiber and molding stop by the shop. We’re located in Sealy, Texas. Any time.

  • TheBmxmad
    TheBmxmad 12 days ago

    Cooper your the best

  • Maxium4x4
    Maxium4x4 12 days ago

    Subscribed Coop. One man took a leap, Kyle at 1320 so it is exciting to see how the domino effect has brought so many of you together. Cleetus, James, Jeremy at Fasterproms, 2021 is looking to be a good one. Stay Safe!

  • Seth Hyatt
    Seth Hyatt 12 days ago

    Awesome deal Coop! Looking forward to seeing the content you have coming.

  • Chezley McDonald
    Chezley McDonald 14 days ago

    Oh no you said the good lord I can’t believe you tube hasn’t banned you, looks like you are going to have an interesting channel DIY kinda lol I also got a high frequency tig welder the thing I found most intimidating was all the settings 🤯 but I wanted to weld aluminum and I welded two pieces of 1/8 together and put it in the vise and it bent but didn’t break that’s with 2 nights practice. Everyone is going to give you advice and you tube is your friend lol buy quality tungsten! Good luck !!!!!

  • S Vargas
    S Vargas 14 days ago

    Did cooper buy a fully built 1000hp Camaro? or build it?

  • J Tabilisma
    J Tabilisma 14 days ago


  • Christo Clark
    Christo Clark 14 days ago

    Thanks for sharing.

  • mikeguitarification
    mikeguitarification 14 days ago

    Did you and Cleetus have a falling out?

  • Boosted Swaps
    Boosted Swaps 15 days ago

    hell ya

  • Kermit3 Lily
    Kermit3 Lily 15 days ago

    It's about time. Cleetus was just holding you back and not giving you credit for all your skills. I can clearly see that you are a gem on your own and you shine very bright now that you are holding your own camera and not someone else's. It might take a while for you to carry your own torch, but I knew from the way you carried yourself on Cleet's channel that you always had to hide your emotions on that channel and it is good that you are finally standing up for yourself.

  • Bartman360
    Bartman360 15 days ago

    I dig Coop, but he just doesn"t seem to be a genuine born car guy. More fabricated. From what Ive seen on Cleets channel he isn't much of a driver, limited knowledge base on mechanical repairs and was perfect behind the camera for Cleetus. The things I have seen Coop do behind the wheel at the sand dunes, the Mystery Machine and the Subaru pick for the beater challenge are not on par for a person who understands mechanical machines. What the hell Coop, go for it! You are in a good spot to do something for yourself.

    • GuyBroDudeTV
      GuyBroDudeTV 14 days ago

      He also hasn't ever had the opportunity really. He isn't used to being in the front of the camera and getting opportunities behind the wheel. Lets be honest, (and this isn't trashing anyone) but the Cleetus channel is all about Cleetus and James, there is no room for Coop there except to be just on the sidelines as a camera hype man.

  • Josh
    Josh 16 days ago

    Y’all act like he’s not still getting paid from the cleetus channel.

  • Mad Mechanix
    Mad Mechanix 16 days ago

    Coop!! Glad ya did it!! I follow ya on Instagram as well very cool

  • Aidan Brown
    Aidan Brown 16 days ago

    Ok did I miss it in one of cleets video, what happened to the mystery machine??

  • Sessions Auto
    Sessions Auto 17 days ago

    Subbed!!! Can it wait for the V1 content!

  • MrCdots TheWanderer
    MrCdots TheWanderer 17 days ago

    Just figued out you moved lol. I just subbed.

  • RenegadeLife
    RenegadeLife 17 days ago

    I'm so sick of the haters man... how can people be so negative towards someone they don't have any "in real life" contact with. I just don't get it

  • Kenny Peremans
    Kenny Peremans 18 days ago +3

    this guy run a 7sec car .he is the man ! thx for cleetus for his friendship with cooper .they are gold together !

  • evol111
    evol111 18 days ago

    Kept wondering what happened to you! I subbed a goodluck enjoy the ride!😎

  • Marquise Thomas
    Marquise Thomas 18 days ago

    He has 3 million total views already 🤯

  • Russell DeJaynes
    Russell DeJaynes 18 days ago

    So I've been watching Cletus since the very beginning from the damn turbo whistles... and I get it but it's also sad cuz what we loved in the channel cuz if you think about it FLash-player is nothing more than modern day TV... What we loved was the friendship and the cars between you Garrett Jeremy and then later on george jeramy and laz. To Brent and the pfi guys...the pups..... brought on to the channel .....just kind of sad to see you guys go your separate ways.... so is there still going to be crossovers where we see you guys together or are you guys completely like out of each other's lives right now I mean I don't think so but I mean what Jeremy had a shop before he met you guys... cleat and you were flying around in college and now Cletus has got the track and you're up here doing this so what's the inside scoop behind all of you and was this all planned out like in a business meeting or was it just something that y'all wanted to do because this is where life had took you and now hey this is what's going to put the food on the table none of us thought this is what we're going to be in life but hey don't look a gift horse in the mouse and let's rock this thing..... You know and I kind of thought when the money got really high up in the swanships came in but only one guy's name is on the channel was everyone else kind of like a we need to get in on this too... So was there planning was there management people involved I mean come on this is million Dollar industry now or was this just growing up?

  • Zach Hanzl
    Zach Hanzl 18 days ago

    Been waiting a while for more coop and here it is

  • Towelie
    Towelie 18 days ago

    Here before 250k!

  • Jimmy Abercrombie
    Jimmy Abercrombie 18 days ago

    Hey Coop, I've been on the Cleetus channel so that's how I found this! Congrats and wishing you the Best, going forward. Bring it on!

  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith 19 days ago

    So happy for Cooper !!! I couldn't take the cleetus and quit following after FF purchase . Hope James does the same as you or hops on board with you !

  • Michael Morell
    Michael Morell 19 days ago

    Cooper, add some more channels to your community. Whoever is running your FLash-player channel make sure they're making FLash-player playlist as well. You need to put your videos where other people are watching similar ones. Best of luck. Reach out if you want to grow faster. It's all about testing. Your growth could be huge, and fast. Would love to help you and the guys out.

  • Michael Morell
    Michael Morell 19 days ago

    Sou is ds like you own part of the other channel too.
    If you and Garrett would get together and run some ads ( youtube, fbook, instagram) to the subs that are on the Cleetus McFarland Channel. You would get tons of Subs onto your new channel right away. If all of you that are connected really close, PFI, boostedboiz, 1320 vdeo would do what I said above your channels would grow exponentially. You guys need to start talking to each other. Ads work. Cheap ones. Test it out. It only take $20 to test an ad. Honestly I don't know why more FLash-playerrs are not running ads to get more subs. You're leaving money on the table. There's plenty of people that want to see your content

  • Static Vision
    Static Vision 19 days ago

    had alot of fun this weekend! Look forward to hopefully being around more!

  • LFCsince93
    LFCsince93 19 days ago

    Well done Coop

  • Cold Lemon
    Cold Lemon 19 days ago

    What happened to the mystery machine

  • Charles Thompson
    Charles Thompson 20 days ago +1

    Lol can't blame you for carrying your own channel. You'll do it with class im certain. Buttttttt
    WE know its bc of the over branding and just lack of builds from the cleetus channel..

  • Greg Simon
    Greg Simon 20 days ago

    Ok so I’m an OG that’s kinda new to you tube, I love following Cleetus, Fasterproms, riding with Alex and found your channel and saw the Camaro without an LS in it and thought how cool is that. The community of you tube car guys is awesome, so glad I found your channel, I wish you good luck 🍀👍 I’ll be with you on this journey.

  • turbanwearersblow
    turbanwearersblow 20 days ago

    Congrats Coop! Let er rip!

  • Chad Momper
    Chad Momper 20 days ago

    Congrats dude! Looking forward to your videos. Godspeed

  • mastakush47
    mastakush47 20 days ago

    Thats funny double the views then subscribers.

  • DJ Triple T
    DJ Triple T 21 day ago

    followed your channel for a long time just waiting for something and now so happy you decided to do this:-) uk follower right here

  • Tyler p71
    Tyler p71 21 day ago

    Yee yee!!

  • That Ohio Hemi Guy
    That Ohio Hemi Guy 21 day ago

    Did you end your video by saying Stay Saucy

  • Berg Sweden
    Berg Sweden 22 days ago

    If you wish to race in Sweden get in touch 😉
    We support you💪🏻 Do your thing😎

  • Randy Lanhart
    Randy Lanhart 22 days ago


  • Don Erickson
    Don Erickson 22 days ago

    I like the videos that less popular channels put out. Cleetus is getting much too commercial and I get tired of the 'money is no object' content that cleetus channel is starting to put out. I want to see the channel that isn't full of sponsorship money making great stuff. Cleetus was once that, not anymore. Heaps of luck too you Cooper. Stay humble.

  • boomerFPV Smith
    boomerFPV Smith 22 days ago

    it was meant to be. my lucky number 513(length of video) first thing I noticed was my daughters name in the background. only thing I'm sorry about is not getting on your channel sooner. God speed

  • Chuck G
    Chuck G 25 days ago +2

    Very happy for ya and your new channel!!! I've had some opinions about how things were going with Cleet... I'll keep them to myself but it's just nice to see ya doing your own thing!
    I'm very happy to see Cleetus happy for you, I hope it's all legit and you guys remain very close friends. You guys did it together and it's tough to find good friends that are trustworthy. So, I'm happy that you guys still have a friendship.
    Keep good content coming and I'll be a "lifer" subscriber!!!
    Just lemme know when you need more help, or an extra driver, either to race or get to shows, so I can move to Florida! I'll do whatever. Lost my job in April with a company called United Rentals and I'm ready to move on. Too old for job hopping. Just joking, kind of. I'd help out.
    Haha, seriously though, do what you do and you'll always keep learning with great people around you. Best of luck to ya Cooper!!!

  • Syed Tayyab Shah
    Syed Tayyab Shah 25 days ago

    I want to work with you please help me.

  • plsdont
    plsdont 26 days ago

    oh yes man lets do it!!!! detailed stuff and perfectionism!!

  • jason victor
    jason victor 27 days ago

    Hell yeah Coop. Been waiting to see you start your own channel. Cant wait for some great content

  • Harris Purnell
    Harris Purnell 28 days ago

    Great move cooper. Proud of you

  • Fat Italian
    Fat Italian 29 days ago

    Can’t wait brother

  • Matt Yurcek
    Matt Yurcek 29 days ago

    Congrats dude will be a great channel! Helpful Critique... Spend more time looking at the camera and less at your self in the monitor (seems to be happening, if not I apologize) it helps the viewer feel more connected to the video and be more vested.

  • Sparks Racing YT
    Sparks Racing YT 29 days ago

    Check out my wrx build man!

  • Gil Solo
    Gil Solo 29 days ago

    Dang Cleeter not paying enough? Lol jk good luck bro wish u the best with the channel and everything that’s is to come. Congrats!!

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  • Ced
    Ced Month ago

    Been waiting on this since 2015

  • Darryl Smith
    Darryl Smith Month ago

    Look at this fuckin guy. Starts out with over 200k subs. Crazy!

  • 1SykZ
    1SykZ Month ago

    This is awesome man!! Raw unfiltered, I completely understand how it goes and when we began our other channel, it was long talks and import info!! Keep it up and looking forward to see what you come up with in the channel.

  • William Baldwin
    William Baldwin Month ago

    🤙 stoked man. Let’s see you take off

  • ToyShopFab _Johnny Biggs

    I definitely have way more fun building, breaking and learning from my mistakes. Keep the videos coming 👌

  • Jared Farney
    Jared Farney Month ago

    Ah, black coffee, a man of culture I see.👌🏻👍🏻