Am I a sellout?

    Moment house show:
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  • Cody & Ko
    Cody & Ko  13 days ago +892

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    • Gavin Newkirk
      Gavin Newkirk 6 days ago +1

      @Kimboslicedpan Yeah same here. I think it all depends on your mindset going in! I wouldnt blame the app haha!

    • Gavin Newkirk
      Gavin Newkirk 6 days ago

      @Brooke Marie That's weird, it didn't work like that for me. I felt like it suggested the right things and really helped me feel better about my body. You might want to contact Noom about that.

    • A F
      A F 9 days ago

      @Rebecca Nydam but they can be helpfull aswell, lets Not forget that.

    • Kimboslicedpan
      Kimboslicedpan 11 days ago

      @kathleen kleinginna oh I see that. Your “target” moves with your activity level though, and the articles are painstaking about telling you that no food is bad, and what the colours mean.
      I see it as triggering to people who already had ED though. For my regular ass, it was helpful.

    • Água pela barba
      Água pela barba 11 days ago

      bruv you sold out. I remember when you were broke wioth your shitty mics not being a sellout simping for postmalone. those were the days.

  • Nøkk Gang
    Nøkk Gang 11 hours ago

    Sponsors are cool, but you might not want to do Noom ads. They have some serious employee ethics and discrimination issues (not skin color related), and massive flaws in the way they are ‘helping’ people thru the app. Although it has worked for many people.

  • Azul Leiva
    Azul Leiva 12 hours ago

    I feel with the amount of content Cody produces every week, he could never be a sellout. These videos make me feel relaxed... like it's so dumb I forget every problem in the world. For me the ads/sponsorships are no biggie cause the videos make me cry of laughter sometimes and that's super worth it :)
    I mostly skip the sponsorships tho

  • Satansoo
    Satansoo 13 hours ago

    I’m legit excited for new creators when they get their first sponsorship. This is a job for a lot of y’all. Get the bag however you can. As long as you like the stuff their making just skip past the ad reads if you don’t wanna hear it.

  • Rip In peace
    Rip In peace Day ago

    Get your cash, King. I could not care about your sponsors and honestly I dont think I'd ever use them but thats putting money in your pocket so who are we to bash it?

  • Bettermetal830
    Bettermetal830 Day ago

    This whole video is an ad

  • 110YD N'savior
    110YD N'savior 2 days ago

    Pumping out that KOvid CONTENT baybeeee! Let’s go!!

  • Zach Love
    Zach Love 2 days ago

    ayyy that diver is mr charles. he was my dive teacher lol

    • Zach Love
      Zach Love 2 days ago

      i think i remember he said he broke both legs or something

  • Kai Baker
    Kai Baker 3 days ago

    It's cool you're listening to your audience. I'm sure lots of creators do but they don't usually say it out loud. Whenever they talk about criticism they've gotten it's always them saying fuck you to the audience. Which I get, but it's nice to see both sides of it.

  • julia leach
    julia leach 3 days ago

    hiya, you need to do a cheese ranking video to go along with your meat ranking video

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez 3 days ago

    Started this video while eating a 20 piece chicken nuggies

  • james fredy
    james fredy 4 days ago

    Dumbest intro!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maxxe2
    maxxe2 4 days ago

    The reason I get annoyed by the sponsorships on the podcast is because they completely interrupt the flow. I normally listen to it on youtube while doing other stuff and its irritating having to skip ads as well as ad reads. Now I just listen when I'm working so it's not a big deal but i do appreciate you acknowledging it. I also dont like how often you refer to the bonus episodes when some of us dont see those. The longer i wait to pay for the patreon, the better the value it will be because I'll be getting even more episodes. I'm financially incentivised to avoid paying for the patreon for as long as possible and that's not my fault

    LIZ-O-RAMA 5 days ago

    who isn't

  • Michelle C
    Michelle C 6 days ago

    Sponsor ads are annoying, yes, but it's a small price to pay for quality content that's free. All the same, thank you for addressing it and making me laugh :)

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty 6 days ago

    y’all realize sponsors are how he makes a lot of his money… because this is his job…

  • Wallace Morgan
    Wallace Morgan 6 days ago +1

    Wtf happened at 10:00. The whole screen was green

  • shark fighter7849
    shark fighter7849 6 days ago

    it's crazy how rarely you run into celebrities in la, malibu a little less so but la almost never

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty 6 days ago

      imma big fan... This is Kayleigh Isabel Mitchell!!!

  • aimee
    aimee 6 days ago

    people on reddit love to complain

  • Emily Christ
    Emily Christ 6 days ago

    Who isn’t a sell out in this day and age? Gotta do what you gotta do

  • Yadse wn Dé
    Yadse wn Dé 6 days ago

    I love how honest he is

  • Beckett Stevens
    Beckett Stevens 7 days ago

    I know this dude did not complain about advertisements on the absolutely free content you're putting out, especially when he complained about the podcasts which he could pay for the ad free version of. Never once have your ads detracted from my enjoyment of a video. If you can't take a 30 second ad to support the creator of the other free 10-20 minutes of content, you're an asshole.

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue 6 days ago

      Hey cody, no clue if you actually read these, but just gotta say it: Most of us prolly dont care about you doin ads. We understand that this is how you make money, and no one

  • Macie Scheile
    Macie Scheile 7 days ago

    Cody make an NFT

  • sydney w
    sydney w 7 days ago

    Yo Cody,, why the green frame just after 10 minutes? Sus

  • holly !
    holly ! 7 days ago

    They're live streaming on my birthday and I live in Australia so it will probably be like 3am when they stream and I wanna cry

  • Kus
    Kus 7 days ago

    ‘cody’s such a sellout’ like bruh he has to eat ?

  • ThizWillBeBoring
    ThizWillBeBoring 7 days ago +1

    Green screen frame at 10:00

  • Laura Winters
    Laura Winters 7 days ago


  • kristen jane
    kristen jane 7 days ago

    honestly like sponsorships are fine cause i just skip past them

  • funky monkey
    funky monkey 7 days ago

    idgaf about your sponsorships bro. make that money. i do give a shit about your stolen video ideas.

  • Payton Daugherty
    Payton Daugherty 7 days ago

    Cody I would watch a video of just ads to help you get that bag

  • Kayleigh Michell
    Kayleigh Michell 7 days ago

    imma big fan... This is Kayleigh Isabel Mitchell!!!

  • Not Jesús
    Not Jesús 8 days ago

    imagine coming back to watching cody after like a year and hearing "Noel and I are doing a live show from our space ship"

  • Gav murphy
    Gav murphy 8 days ago +1

    I feel like if anyone was offered a good amount of money to shout out a random company, they would do it. Its not that much work and you get decent money so I guess we are all sell outs

  • Keegan Johns
    Keegan Johns 8 days ago


  • sarah
    sarah 8 days ago

    Cody talking about what he enjoys is the cutest

  • Isabel
    Isabel 8 days ago

    i could not care less if there’s an ad in every video. i think it becomes a problem when the video is JUST a product placement and it’s not entertaining or the creator doesn’t seem genuine anymore, which i have never felt with cody or noel

  • Kane Hawkins
    Kane Hawkins 8 days ago

    Whilst I understand some people getting annoyed with the ads or whatever I think people need to understand that this is a fulltime job for Cody, Noel and other similar channels. Would you not post a story for 'X' amount of money? because I think most of you would. They are still pumping out content on main, second, podcast channels Cody and Noel give the people more than enough in terms of content and I think if you can't wrap your head around this concept your selfish and can't see that these "annoyances" are what are putting food on the table for them. tbh I wouldn't care if the ads increased. I genuinely think the boys should get FAT stacks for the content they make they are legit comedians with a craft and an audience.

  • nebs_underscore
    nebs_underscore 8 days ago

    Hey cody, no clue if you actually read these, but just gotta say it: Most of us prolly dont care about you doin ads. We understand that this is how you make money, and no one wants you to end up on the street. Ofc theres always going to be that vocal minority thats mad about u doin sponsorships, but as I said, most of us dont actually mind. I think that if the money you make from these deals allows you to further your creative process, then at the end of the day its all worth it :)

  • sean carreno
    sean carreno 8 days ago


  • Dan Steel
    Dan Steel 8 days ago


  • Anna Raelyn
    Anna Raelyn 8 days ago +1

    Cody I’d rather have you do the cringey back to back advertisements and grab the bag versus some actual cringe f*ck face who’s just gunna blow it on a car or a fancy watch - it always comes back to us someway whether it be the podcast or the merch or the content. think of it this way guys :)

  • Tom Cocco
    Tom Cocco 8 days ago +51

    "Cody puts too many ads in his videos, he's a sellout" says the kid working 40hrs a week at a job that he hates

  • katelynn Lykins
    katelynn Lykins 8 days ago

    This better be good I left Jordan and Jordan’s breakup vid for this cody

  • shrimpcake
    shrimpcake 8 days ago

    How dare this man make a living off of the entertainment he provides to me for free???

  • NattyB
    NattyB 8 days ago

    No issues with sponsorships HOWEVER I don't wanna watch half the video time in SPONSORSHIPS lmao

  • Jordan Castillo
    Jordan Castillo 8 days ago

    I literally have no problem with him pumping ads whenever wherever let him get his coin

  • Freezy MVP
    Freezy MVP 8 days ago

    A simple „Yes“ as answer to your video’s question would seem insufficient when compared to the expressiveness of this video. #soldout

  • Kilsy Mendez
    Kilsy Mendez 8 days ago

    Where's the man bun?

  • Blair Snitch
    Blair Snitch 8 days ago

    I’d rather watch Cody talk about a sponsored product than watch a commercial

  • Aaron Nuffer
    Aaron Nuffer 8 days ago

    Bro don’t feel bad about getting that check baby. Ads, plugs, product placement. Who gives a shit, real fans are gonna watch anyways

  • Topical Tonic
    Topical Tonic 8 days ago

    Ngl, Cody has me exhaling through my nose at 6:22

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml 8 days ago

    Bruh literally everybody does sponsors, nobody cares. People will always complain. Don't stop getting that bag

  • Topical Tonic
    Topical Tonic 8 days ago

    They're getting worse = I'm working on it
    Lmfao, okay Cody

  • Izzie Mays
    Izzie Mays 9 days ago +1

    i don’t think ur a sell because of sponsorships. it’s a business move and as a content creator you have every right to utilize any source of income available. the one thing i think you “sell out” with is hanging out with the god damn sway boys. you are better than that grandpa

    • Izzie Mays
      Izzie Mays 8 days ago

      @dcoog anml true. i love cody

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml 8 days ago +1

      cody, ur the best. that’s it, that’s the comment, i just love u

  • Georgia Moran
    Georgia Moran 9 days ago

    I thought that fridge was a box you just hadn’t moved for months and months until just now

  • spider nephew
    spider nephew 9 days ago

    Just came here to tell you yes

  • xavier brown
    xavier brown 9 days ago

    Cody has been a sellout for a long time, hes just funny enough we look past it usually

  • Victor Stan
    Victor Stan 9 days ago

    As a romanian you made me respect you even more for singing dragostea din tei

  • Déhan Smith
    Déhan Smith 9 days ago


  • Bimberly Bimothy
    Bimberly Bimothy 9 days ago

    I don’t even mind the ads. I either space out during them, find them interesting, or just am glad Cody, and pretty much every youtuber I watch that also does ads, is able to support their work here on the platform without some kind of paywall to deter me completely. Like I’m not a patreon supporter because I’m tight on money, but I’m glad that Cody and Noel have one, because it’s a smart and neat thing they’re doing! Honestly I support the advertising and shit. Plus most of them are entertaining. ♥️

  • Dino Spumoni
    Dino Spumoni 9 days ago +30

    man cody's reddit "fan base" really comes up with any excuse to trash him

  • neptosaur
    neptosaur 9 days ago

    lowkey considering buying those tickets just for another tiny taste, no matter how small, of that’s cringe

  • Stiles Zuschlag
    Stiles Zuschlag 9 days ago

    I mean, I wouldn't be considering Native if it wasn't for your sponsorship
    And most of your videos have really good selling sponsorships, especially how you go about them.
    But YT is your full time job? And if it wasn't for sponsors then you'd be not doing so well, would need another job, and we'd be without videos.
    So, thanks for doing whatever you need to do to keep us happy and enjoy your content ❤️

  • Tyler _
    Tyler _ 9 days ago

    I appreciate that Cody is addressing criticism instead of ignoring it. Thanks homie

  • lamadanceparty
    lamadanceparty 9 days ago

    u cant rly grill him for taking ad deals cos if i was in his position i defo would do the same

  • Doxidius
    Doxidius 9 days ago

    Yes!!!! health

  • Shea O'Gorman
    Shea O'Gorman 9 days ago


  • Ernesto Castanares
    Ernesto Castanares 9 days ago

    Cody’s starting to look like a Shane

  • daniella simon
    daniella simon 9 days ago

    cody, ur the best. that’s it, that’s the comment, i just love u