Jeffrey Epstein found dead in jail, officials say

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • Jeffrey Epstein was found dead at the federal facility in New York where he was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges, according to officials. #CNN #News

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  • BehrooZ Abshar
    BehrooZ Abshar 9 hours ago

    he is ALIVE

  • Nick
    Nick 11 hours ago +1

  • Julius Madrow
    Julius Madrow Day ago

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  • Matthew Dooley
    Matthew Dooley Day ago

    He was killed.....By the Corrupt ass Clinton Cartel and as known for a long time now the dirt they think they were making go away by killing the piece of shit pedophile bastard.....lofl it’s all still there! You don’t think the good guys are still up and all tuned into what’s really going on? This is as much of a distraction as anything else folks so stay tuned because shit better start hitting the fan and a whole lotta real corrupt pieces of shit better and I mean better start getting their fucking heads literally sliced off in front of this whole world to see!! The media is loving it but as far as I’m concerned and a whole lot of other people are as well the media isn’t truth and hasn’t been for a long ass time!! In fact there isn’t one damn thing they say is fact!! They’re all in on it some don’t realize it and just spew out what they’re told to say or lose their jobs. Oh well I digress it’s all about to come to an end real soon anyway. Trump is “The Last President.” God Bless & Good Night!!

  • Nacht Schreck
    Nacht Schreck Day ago

    Of course he was assassinated...and of course the media will never admit it.

  • Lip stick
    Lip stick Day ago

    Jeffrey Epstein, Murdered by the Super-Rich in jail to hide Their Criminal Crimes!!! Police do Nothing, Hide!!!

  • Sara Winters
    Sara Winters Day ago +1

    Why doesn't CNN talk about that picture of Bill Clinton posing in a dress that was discovered at Jeff Epstein's house? Why is CNN trying to cover that up?

    • Sara Winters
      Sara Winters Hour ago +1

      Have you seen the picture of pervert Bill in that dress. The picture was discovered at Epstein's house hanging on his wall. Pervert Bill Clinton has been exposed.

    • BootlegFightVideo
      BootlegFightVideo 12 hours ago

      Just a stupid footnote. Not evidence of anything like Trump on Epstein flight logs, in his black book, sued for rape with Epstein by 1 of many Mar-a-lago victims in 2016 and Trump putting a bunch of Epstein lawyers in his admin.

  • Sara Winters
    Sara Winters Day ago +1

    Bill Clinton flew with Jeff Epstein over 26 times to his pedo island. The Clintons didn't want Epstein to talk about those 26 times Bill Clinton visited that island. Hillary Clinton flew with Epstein 6 times to that pedo island.

    • Sara Winters
      Sara Winters Hour ago

      Sorry Snowflake but the flight logs show pervert Bill visited that island. Trump never visited that island. Pervert Bill is going to prison and president Trump is going to be re-elected in 2020. Get ready to cry like you did in 2016.

    • BootlegFightVideo
      BootlegFightVideo 12 hours ago

      0 times to that island. Trump also on flight logs. Used the plane many times said Mark Epstein.

  • Sara Winters
    Sara Winters Day ago

    The Clinton body count continues to grow. Seth Rich exposed Hillary Clinton's corrupt and he also ended up dead.

  • Lynda Auwi
    Lynda Auwi 2 days ago

    He has escaped to a remote Island!

  • Nick Friend
    Nick Friend 2 days ago

    ...see how they are fading out Epstein on the major medias these days.

  • Hale Hortler
    Hale Hortler 2 days ago

    Thanks to Fox disabling comments on Epstein videos I use CNN now. What realm is this?

  • No Soup for You
    No Soup for You 2 days ago

    Invert everything CNN tells you to acquire some semblance of the truth.

  • samdee pride
    samdee pride 3 days ago

    Jeffrey Epstein was killed by Democrats representative miss Clinton

  • Sylvain Nataf
    Sylvain Nataf 3 days ago

    I don't anderstand why you prononce his name "Epsteen" instead of "Epstein", it makes no sense to me. I have never heard anyone call Albert Einstein "Einsteen"... Can someone give me a rational explanation please ? (I am french). Thanks.

  • Jay
    Jay 3 days ago

    The person who claimed Epstein's body was described only as an "Epstein associate."

  • Vuts Man
    Vuts Man 3 days ago

    All these irregularities just happened in a Democrat state like New York which is under Deep State actors. All mass shootings and high profile incidents seem to all coincidentally happen in Dem states or cities. Where the Democrat Deep State control has been institutionalized.

    • Vuts Man
      Vuts Man 5 hours ago

      @BootlegFightVideo Perhaps those were muddied. I should have said Most and not all to pacify you. Virginia has been Dem since 2004 I believe. CO is a dem state. Orlando is a Dem area. Just saying.

    • BootlegFightVideo
      BootlegFightVideo 12 hours ago

      Nope. VA voted W. got Virginia Tech shooting. Sutherland Springs church shooting, Ft. Hood and Luby's TX. Columbine was after CO went Dole over Clinton. Orlando nightclub shooting GOP ran FL

  • Vuts Man
    Vuts Man 3 days ago

    All these irregularities just happened in a Democrat state like New York which is under Deep State actors. All mass shootings and high profile incidents seem to all coincidentally happen in Dem states or cities. Where the Democrat Deep State control has been institutionalized.

  • fusionaut23
    fusionaut23 4 days ago

    They took him off of suicide watch, the cameras didn't work and the guards were sleeping? Come on now.

  • jorge rodi
    jorge rodi 4 days ago


    • Isaiah Bonilla
      Isaiah Bonilla 3 days ago

      jorge rodi when you kick the chair or say jump from an elevated position , the sudden jolt on your neck area can cause you to break your neck or spine. Although I do think his “suicide” is very suspicious.

    • Isaiah Bonilla
      Isaiah Bonilla 3 days ago

      jorge rodi um yes it does ...

  • DawgYankee
    DawgYankee 4 days ago

    another president blue dress accidental assisted suicide...y'all are full of crap cnn (clowning news nitwits

  • Carolyne Patrick
    Carolyne Patrick 4 days ago

    He’s was a pedophilia who provided underage girls for Prince Andrew. I don’t think he committed suicide.

  • claire nisbet
    claire nisbet 4 days ago

    I watched a video not long ago saying he would be killed because of what he knows and info he has. And now he is dead 😱 very shady

  • Brian Cooley
    Brian Cooley 4 days ago

    Another one for Kilary's body count.

  • wilecatrexy
    wilecatrexy 4 days ago

    Committed suicide. Yeah right.

  • Truman 300
    Truman 300 5 days ago +1

    You Tube is disabling All comments to Any fox news reporting about Epstein!!!😡😡😡 CNN IS FAKE NEWS!!!

  • Jacob Kirkland
    Jacob Kirkland 5 days ago +1

    Clinton kill count goes up by 1.

  • TheeDontSnake
    TheeDontSnake 5 days ago +1

    CNN fake news alert

  • Scoobie Douche
    Scoobie Douche 5 days ago +1

    He was probably never in that cell in the first place? Or he was escorted out of there when the cameras mysteriously malfunctioned.

  • The Connors Report
    The Connors Report 5 days ago

    Pedophile Alert

  • soon come
    soon come 5 days ago

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  • Real Eyes. Realize. Real Lies.

    Who kills themself before they are found guilty? BS

  • NPC NPC507
    NPC NPC507 5 days ago +1

    CNN = Dog shit

  • Daion Scott
    Daion Scott 5 days ago

    Im kind of lost, who is this guy and what was he involved in?

  • Kurt Barlow
    Kurt Barlow 5 days ago +2

    Fuck off he's dead... his buddy Bloomberg knows he's out and safe... Fuck off CNN... cnn a faggot sest pool

  • swag monky
    swag monky 5 days ago +1

    He's not dead, they just put him in witness protection lol, someone should try to find him

  • Sherrell Brice
    Sherrell Brice 5 days ago +1

    Wow 😱😱😱😱

  • bob scott
    bob scott 5 days ago +1

    don lemon the assaulter, fredo the weirdo, cnn at their best

  • Igloo Crew Records
    Igloo Crew Records 5 days ago +1

    Hit man for hire

  • Sam Michaels
    Sam Michaels 5 days ago +1

    Joey O'Biden and FREDO CUOMO killed Epstein.

  • Gmustno ok
    Gmustno ok 5 days ago +1


  • Sam Spodofora
    Sam Spodofora 5 days ago +1

    One more example of the Clinton body count

  • Sam Spodofora
    Sam Spodofora 5 days ago +1

    Fredo was paid by the DMC to kill Epstein!

  • Sam Spodofora
    Sam Spodofora 5 days ago +1

    Fredo did it !

  • Kieran Considine
    Kieran Considine 5 days ago

    We all know Trump is guilty and was definitely going to pedo island.

  • Soccer America
    Soccer America 5 days ago +1

    CNN. Protect your rich friends.

  • JayblesTO
    JayblesTO 5 days ago +1

    You are not killing yourself in that facility, the cells and clothing are suicide proof. This is the 2nd most secure federal facility after ADX Supermax in Colorado. They hold terrorists there. They held fucking El Chapo there! how did it happen!!!

  • Mitch Ryan
    Mitch Ryan 5 days ago +1

    Fredo Cuomo throw Jeffery down the stairs.

  • Rebbecca Evans
    Rebbecca Evans 5 days ago

    Okay ya right somebody offed Mr. Epstein.Clinton & Trump were at his island I reckon.Clinton flew on his plane 30 someot times & Trump flew on it once.He had dirt on these politicians it's plain to see I don't know who dunnit I just know alot of influential persons were involved w him including the ex prime minister of Israel & a Saudi king.So if he didn't die by his own ✋ someone helped him along this I am fairly sure of

  • poochyface1
    poochyface1 6 days ago +1

    Do they really believe that we are that crazy ?

  • E flynn
    E flynn 6 days ago +1

    All garbage..Bunch of B.S..No camera's no autopsy no nothing!?? Really?? U have to be a big piece of samsanite too believe any of this pure garbage lies...

  • entertainment pro
    entertainment pro 6 days ago

    i would have liked to watch...

  • entertainment pro
    entertainment pro 6 days ago

    hes gettin banged by pedo jackson in heck....

  • TheGroup2guy
    TheGroup2guy 6 days ago


  • Mo Ra
    Mo Ra 6 days ago

    USrael...this Typ of jews are doomed since theyre the most evil ones...

  • G S
    G S 6 days ago

    what official said this print the names ! we dont buy it !

  • tdot22
    tdot22 6 days ago

    Epstein, Dershowitz, Maxwell ....... So glad there aren’t any anti-Semitic comments!!! Can you imagine the comments if it was Espinoza, DeSantos , Manuel ?!?

  • Panda alexaa
    Panda alexaa 6 days ago +1


  • Potomacstud
    Potomacstud 6 days ago

    his sexual appetite was insatiable and he might not be very happy in the slammer!

  • kavi antar
    kavi antar 6 days ago +1

    cnn is the real enemy of the people

  • sean ausome
    sean ausome 6 days ago +1

    Alot of career politicians will sleep better now.

  • fastermx
    fastermx 6 days ago +1

    In case I missed it, precisely WHAT was the cause of death? Poison? Hung himself? What?

    • dave himlin
      dave himlin 5 days ago

      He used a soft cottonball to slice his wrists.

  • fastermx
    fastermx 6 days ago +1

    Barr has all the resources of the witness protection program to use in order to make it look like Epstein committed suicide, when they put another corpse into that jail cell. It's quite likely he was protected that way, especially if his clientele could continue availing him of his services. If, however, it really was him, suicide is almost impossible with a guy like that. The public seems to be of the same mindset.

  • Ticky Tocky
    Ticky Tocky 6 days ago

    cnn liars are blocking my comments, pathetic libtards better get ready for another 4 years of trump

  • L Burke
    L Burke 6 days ago +1

    Oh, come (stupid-'suicidal') person "prison guard" was paid millions to murder Epstein and make it look like a suicide....just follow the path of death and it will lead to very high-profile people.

  • keith turbin
    keith turbin 6 days ago

    what official? the dickhead watching him wasn't even a prison guard, he was the guy that refilled the coke machines or something, but he was NOT a prison guard

  • Harry Oh
    Harry Oh 6 days ago

    Correction..found murdered, possibley by the super elete oligarchs who do anything they want. Pedos run the world

  • Mandip Rai
    Mandip Rai 6 days ago

    This is clear evidence the mob runs the country

    • Harry Oh
      Harry Oh 6 days ago

      Not the mob. The super rich oligarchs

  • yliang1688
    yliang1688 6 days ago

    As expected. No surprise at ALL.

  • Sam Obama
    Sam Obama 6 days ago

    Epstein got last laugh look out Liberals 😂

  • Curt S
    Curt S 6 days ago

    First ever one person murder suicide. Brought to you by the democrat scum

  • Bing bong
    Bing bong 6 days ago

    3 thrings could've happened. 1 they stood and watched as he killed himself. 2 Someone came and killed him and They're covering it up. Or 3, he's alive, back on his island and they're covering it up. Either way you put it, it's bullshit on their part. I don't understand why people believe this. This isn't a conspiracy theory, the story they gave us literally makes no sense and sounds like a child making excuses. Oh and perfect that the FBI was investigating this, like they aren't corrupt pieces of shit as well, right?

  • Broken Arrow
    Broken Arrow 6 days ago

    Fredo din du nuffin

  • S A
    S A 6 days ago

    I smell something fishy he had knowledge about all the politicians especially Trump so somebody has blood on their hands

  • vettejoevette
    vettejoevette 6 days ago +1
    This is much more likely

  • Pam Mckellar
    Pam Mckellar 6 days ago +1

    Epstein was in bed with the evil Democratic party ! He was big donor to the party ! Clinton and there corrupt buddies knocked Epstein off !

    • Harry Oh
      Harry Oh 6 days ago

      He was murdered, but it goes beyond just Clinton. The oligorchs who own america, the news media, the banks, Hollywood, fucking everything. They can do anything they want like raping little girls and making people disappear, evidence disappear, and information gone.

  • beija flor
    beija flor 6 days ago

    "official$ $ay...." P$$$HHHT.

  • Boss Hog Zoomer
    Boss Hog Zoomer 6 days ago

    I went and googled images of Epstein cell. Its impossible for him to hang himself from a bed with a paper sheet. Go look for yourself.

    • Harry Oh
      Harry Oh 6 days ago

      Yup. The super rich can make anything go away, and they can't be touched. They own the government, america and everything in it. Oligarchs own us, control us, and there is nothing we can do about it

  • big leroy brown
    big leroy brown 6 days ago


  • Kim Rapley
    Kim Rapley 6 days ago

    Why are they speculating about civil actions against a dead guy while the corpse is still warm when they haven’t even told us any details about how he took his own life while on suicide watch in a high profile case?

  • iamterryfc1
    iamterryfc1 6 days ago

    "I did not have a suicidal relationship with that man" Bill Clinton.

  • Jack Dudley Austin Jr.

    No body no death.

  • Jack Dudley Austin Jr.

    Oh yea, let's see his body, you fu*in liars.

  • sharon robinson
    sharon robinson 6 days ago

    Where's the body

  • Road Rage
    Road Rage 6 days ago


  • joep meloen
    joep meloen 6 days ago

    Worrying now Clintons are partying after his death...hmmmm.....guessing...just convenient...

  • Vast land Traverse
    Vast land Traverse 6 days ago

    People may consider that parsons considered "of power" have many allies in the shadows, in this age, and a death can be faked in several ways; "Zombie squatch", death "double", among them. It is possible that he died, it is possible that he is alive. These are just the words of others, claiming he died, but where is the proof?

  • iTravels Abroad
    iTravels Abroad 6 days ago

    Criminal case dies with Jeff, huh? No investigation into possible Rico charges for others. Surely he wasn't a single individual acting alone in all of this

  • marcos santosa
    marcos santosa 6 days ago

    Esptein had two choices, fight till the end hoping for the best or ask Trump to get him out of it or he would spill the beans about Trump too. What do you think would happen?

  • IBEW70
    IBEW70 6 days ago

    Where’s Fredo

  • Mark Benson
    Mark Benson 6 days ago

    Frado Homo

  • Mark Benson
    Mark Benson 6 days ago

    Frado Homo

  • Adam Young
    Adam Young 6 days ago

    Why does the caption read "suicide"?

  • TOM Lennie
    TOM Lennie 6 days ago

    Did he really commit suicide or did Trump and his personal taxpayer paid attorney Barr have a plot to get him out of the prison and out of the country ,somewhere like Russia or North Korea? After all he is an old party buddy with trump

  • 199c8 Carter
    199c8 Carter 6 days ago

    Assassin's Creed: Suicide

  • South Bound
    South Bound 7 days ago

    Fredo Cuomo 😂

  • Helliott Helliott
    Helliott Helliott 7 days ago

    He wasn't on suicide watch although he had just tried to kill himself 3 weeks before. Ok.
    But his roommate was removed for whatever reason which is against their "coming off of suicide watch" protocol, one of the guards that day wasn't even an official (or whatever) corrections officer, they heard screaming coming from the area of his cell the morning he was found dead, no one had checked on him, no one was near the cameras (were there any?) And this is still being treated as a "suicide" investigation? Sounds like premeditated murder or an inside job me with the way all the pieces just came together perfectly for him to commit suicide.
    This was lazy. Whatever this was- it was lazy. It's as if whatever happened, whoever was involved doesn't intend to be punished.

  • terminate with extreme prejudice

    You have no idea what men in power can do. - No Way Out (1987)

  • Tsitsi Zinyemba
    Tsitsi Zinyemba 7 days ago

    l can sense a third hand

  • Luke
    Luke 7 days ago

    Cnn suck