Trump briefly taken to underground bunker amid protests

  • Published on May 31, 2020
  • President Trump was briefly taken to a White House underground bunker as protesters gathered in Washington, according to a White House official and a law enforcement source.
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  • Nicholas Kirk
    Nicholas Kirk Day ago

    Donald trump cowering in the white house bunker, I wonder if his bone spurs were playing up? Brave guy! 🤠🤡💩👎🦅🇺🇸😤🤯👍🇬🇧.

  • Michael Henry
    Michael Henry Day ago

    Did he make poops in the bunker potty?

  • Randomfully Wonderful

    You can see the contempt on Don Lemon's face ... lol, a "news" network, huh? More like a high school clique.

  • ediaz47
    ediaz47 5 days ago

    Bunker boy!

  • Tunas Kurnia Abadi Tunas Kurnia Abadi

    He not save by his own people and called presiden??? What a clown. Nothing just disrespect man

  • theo nosehair
    theo nosehair 6 days ago

    Trump , Sitting in my bunker , Here behind my wall.

  • Steven Derp
    Steven Derp 7 days ago

    Why does trump hate Mexicans if he does take down the Mexican border man I hate trump

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith 7 days ago

    BunkerBaby #45 needs a long,
    long time out in his bunker ‼️

  • dum monkey
    dum monkey 7 days ago

    He went to the bunker underground cuz he forgot how to get to the White House

  • Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton 8 days ago

    *DJT donald j TODDLER*

  • marino seys
    marino seys 9 days ago

    Mr. President... was that an act of “Paranoia “ or were you just empty-minded to adress the people in a proper way?

  • Dullard J. Chump
    Dullard J. Chump 9 days ago

    *Yes, he was taken down there, but is just over three hours considered brief? I'm not so sure? And contrary to what he's claimed since, it wasn't at the Secret Services insistence. It was at HIS insistence, because he was scared. Plus he couldn't go down there on his own because it's secured by an 11-digit code which he'd never remember. This man is now seen by the whole world as a walking joke. Hardly surprising!*

  • Hyg44 Gu
    Hyg44 Gu 10 days ago

    He admits it here:

    CAPTAIN SALTY 10 days ago


  • YooToob Moderator
    YooToob Moderator 13 days ago

    Let's all agree Trump has been in his "Fox hole" for a long time...

  • Matthew
    Matthew 14 days ago +1

    At Lafayette Square, just a few blocks away from the White House, a secret service agent is forced to pepper spray an “assaultive individual”, they recalled, reported fires were created in the area, This later would erupt conflict on the area causing more incidents to rise, *near the white house.*
    Death threats were shouted towards the president, rioters broke through barricades, and objects were being thrown towards the white house.
    At least 50 service agents were injured from bottles and molotov cocktails being lobbed towards them as they assisted officials in monitoring protests.
    Rioters set fire on St. John’s Episcopal Church, next to the white house.
    The president himself cannot decide when to go to a bunker or not, he must listen and follow what his security officials suggest, in which he did.
    It’s not very reasonable to call Trump a coward simply for trying to keep himself safe. Police were very unorganized across the capital, leaving secret service agents unprotected and left with little to nothing to protect themselves with. Still think retreating the bunker is an act of cowardice? Even when specially trained agents are getting injured just near the white house?
    Snap out of these lies you are told by the liberal media. They mainly serve to oppose Trump and demonize those who oppose them with facts.

  • MO EL
    MO EL 14 days ago


  • Kids Rock
    Kids Rock 15 days ago

    Boohoo , you mean your gaslighting hasn’t kept you safe ? Why didn’t Obama ( who I voted for ) do anything for BLM? Oh , that’s right , he pretended to c y , but kept us in violent chains .

  • Tony Smith
    Tony Smith 16 days ago

    "DEFUND THE POLICE" will Defeat the Democrats!

  • Stephen Crabb
    Stephen Crabb 16 days ago

    So CNN missing all the rioting and burning the church and throwing bricks. CNN so fake no one believes you any more.

  • Lu Ha
    Lu Ha 17 days ago

    Trump for 2020

  • 1970harleybike
    1970harleybike 17 days ago +1

    LOL...Mommy Mommy hide me..hahahahahahahhahahha...

  • NiijayFNF Zzxzzxz
    NiijayFNF Zzxzzxz 18 days ago

    Are u sayin they got in to the. White House

  • Barney The purple dinosaur with Internet access


  • Barney The purple dinosaur with Internet access

    Holy shit this is so scary If this keeps happening and it keeps getting worse I think I’m going to move out of the country at all costs until it stops I feel like I am in danger after seeing this I do not feel safe in America anymore I’m afraid that this will happen everywhere around the country and I feel that the country is getting way too dangerous

  • Nico Reveco
    Nico Reveco 20 days ago

    To the christians followers who think Trump is doing the right thing. I suggest you read Matthew 21:12-13, I’m out

    CARLOS MENDOZA 21 day ago +1

    GOODLUCK to the democrats With Joe biden 😂🙄🤦

  • Nightmissions only
    Nightmissions only 22 days ago

    those bunkers were made for nuclear strikes, right?

  • justcurioustexas
    justcurioustexas 22 days ago

    China News Network (CNN) undisputed king of Fake News. Their bias and
    open hatred of Trump has been from the day he took office of POTUS.
    Democrats wants these protests because the "riots" advance Democratic
    agenda. It does not matter what happens to innocent people and their
    property. Rioting theft from stores is also sanctioned by Democrats
    backed by George Soros.

  • Alcagaur1
    Alcagaur1 23 days ago

    Who's for a rousing chorus of "What can you do with a bunker baby?"?

  • 球紅
    球紅 23 days ago

    .,..,.,.,.,,.CNN, MSNBC, CBS, PBS.... close them all down. So called news organizations should not be allowed to gang together to make war with another political organization without full disclosure which party they support prominently displayed on each frame of video or page of text.

    VASHNA NERADA 23 days ago


  • innyriver
    innyriver 23 days ago

  • trains are cool
    trains are cool 23 days ago

    why would the protesters be aloud to be so close to the White House. they should be kept at least 8 blocks away from the White House front gates.

  • Mathieu Clairoux
    Mathieu Clairoux 23 days ago

    2 ½, think i just figured out the half: He went to inspect, that's the half. The 2 other times he went down there for real, simple has that, its hard sometime to figure his lies when he deblaterate nonsense. I could tell how he acted, just like he said for Soleimani... But i won't, i will no go that low.

  • Anthony de Fex
    Anthony de Fex 24 days ago +1

    For Rump, everything is Impression Management

  • V Star
    V Star 24 days ago

    The Orange Orangutang took his bone spurs to the bunker.

  • Joe Soap
    Joe Soap 24 days ago

    It's a habit of Trump's to say "I was only inspecting the bunker" followed by, "No, no, no, my ball's there on the fairway."

  • Larry Sherrill
    Larry Sherrill 24 days ago

    Going to your bunker for a short time seems prudent unless you want to send in the Soldiers and since you don't want that you must support him being in the Bunker, if he did go there??? since I cannot believe your reporting???, and If you don't want him in a bunker how about your Hero living in his basement, bunker. Chinese Bunker Joe Biden...Hero of a thousand revolutions. Mabey the Chinese will send guards for his basement....

  • Jacqueline Morrison
    Jacqueline Morrison 24 days ago

    This. Kicking. Shit. Should. Be. Not. Awolled.

  • Khalid Mahmood
    Khalid Mahmood 25 days ago

    Trump the dog should be put down hes injured.

  • Candee Jordan
    Candee Jordan 25 days ago

    Why is it a bully is always the first to 🏃 🏃 lol. Bone spurs and bunkers

  • Bobby Phifer
    Bobby Phifer 25 days ago

    Under ground bunker, res evil 3 they were under ground plotting when shit was going down, dam what if the creater of the corona virus was down there with him just like the movie

  • Steven Poynter
    Steven Poynter 25 days ago

    He's a big smack talk and chicken like the Americas with common sense knew he was call talk all that smack then run and hide!!!!

  • Z Ham 2230
    Z Ham 2230 25 days ago

    Vote trump

  • Z Ham 2230
    Z Ham 2230 25 days ago

    Donald J Trump has been ordered by the Secret Service to stay in the bunker for his safety there is in no way shape or form that he could of done otherwise so I don’t know what the fuck you’re thinking he’s a good president

  • jones
    jones 25 days ago

    *_The truth behind Trump and the bunker:_*

  • Vedic Disciple
    Vedic Disciple 26 days ago

    It's dangerous how all these people are protesting amidst a pandemic. 😱

  • Vedic Disciple
    Vedic Disciple 26 days ago

    Make america bunker again.

  • cmscms123456
    cmscms123456 26 days ago

    Ask yourself this.... If you were the most powerful person in the World, the President of the United States... would you and your family live in a VERY PUBLICALLY KNOWN location, something on EVERYONE of our enemies GPS WEAPONS LOCATING SYSTEM... of course you wouldn't... Under the White House, and under most of those US Government buildings is a massive 'people mover' (subway) system... The President and his family is MILES away from DC EVERY NIGHT.... BELIEVE ME... there is no World War 2 bunker under the White House... STUPID...

  • Paul Mazurkiewicz
    Paul Mazurkiewicz 26 days ago

    Quid Pro Quo Joe has locked himself in own basement for 2 months ! Another bullshit story from the propaganda network !

    • Mathieu Clairoux
      Mathieu Clairoux 23 days ago

      And the fox news people do the same, they almost all do. what is your point? When you watch news and you see people working behind, its not live you fool. Think before saying stuff.

  • missmindersue
    missmindersue 26 days ago

    More lies from this propaganda crap show 🤮🤮🤮

  • Allison Leavitt
    Allison Leavitt 26 days ago


  • Patriots Dynasty
    Patriots Dynasty 26 days ago

    Obama, Biden, and any other president would have to go in that basement if there is extreme danger in the area. So yall need to shut up

    • JakeyStar 2020!
      JakeyStar 2020! 24 days ago

      They never had to because they didn't have riot like this one.
      Leaders lead NOT hide

  • Patriots Dynasty
    Patriots Dynasty 26 days ago

    If there was a mob about to attack you, how many of yall would face the mob? Non of yall, so stop acting all hard. And we all know they forced Trump and his family in that Basement cause his family was put in there too. We know trump ain't gonna bring his family with him on his own, he dont even share an umbrella with his wife. That's my thought it's like common sense something the so called american people dont have

  • Jmea 8244
    Jmea 8244 26 days ago

    Hey CNM . Just was comparing views w Fox News one week ago . Same time this was filmed . They have three times as many views . Looks like more ppl view conservative news . Just sayin. Oh and you suck .

  • Adam Love
    Adam Love 27 days ago

    After cowering in his "spider hole", he felt the need to waddle over to church across the street and hold up what his toadies informed him was something called a "book".

  • Sorin Stoleru
    Sorin Stoleru 27 days ago +1

    Trump president another 4 years

  • MAGA America first
    MAGA America first 27 days ago +1

    TRUMP2020 #MAGA cuz ain't nobody can do better job👍

  • G
    G 27 days ago

    runnnn donnie run

  • Circumflêx ÂÂÂ
    Circumflêx  27 days ago

    Der Trumpfall

  • Cheryl Cummings
    Cheryl Cummings 27 days ago

    While I’m proud of these people, and ‘defusing’ the water bottle being thrown as it was stated-they rushed in to ‘protect the police’! My question remains-what if they were all black?

  • Beth Bryant
    Beth Bryant 27 days ago

    Take that stupid mask off.
    You sheeple are stupid

  • xunit62
    xunit62 27 days ago

    Rumor has it the tough guy president 💩 crap his pampers twice on his way to the bunker😂😂😂😂

    • Patriots Dynasty
      Patriots Dynasty 26 days ago

      He ain't a tough guy, he ain't the one claiming to face a raging mob

  • dru jonsun
    dru jonsun 28 days ago

    The term bunkerbitch was born this day.

    • JakeyStar 2020!
      JakeyStar 2020! 24 days ago

      @Patriots Dynasty stand up and take action to calm the crowd down. The good presidents did so

    • Patriots Dynasty
      Patriots Dynasty 26 days ago

      What would u do if u were in danger by a mob, hide or fight

  • killboggins
    killboggins 28 days ago

    How is he not like Hitler again?

  • Erosdox7
    Erosdox7 28 days ago

    ROTFLMAO. Randy Rainbow just Dropped "The Bunker Boy" with over 100K views in two hours.

  • hizzle mobizzle
    hizzle mobizzle 28 days ago +1

    Politicians hide themselves away. They only started the war.

  • peanut_sin
    peanut_sin 28 days ago

    Protesters threaten the President. Bunch of hypocrites. Where were they when Obama didnt do anything for blacks?

  • Kenny Black
    Kenny Black 28 days ago

    Trump:MAGA ,Chargeeee!!!
    (Trump quickly scurries into warm secure underground bunker,and continues tweeting.)

  • Chanel 584
    Chanel 584 28 days ago

    Going from President Obama to trump is like swapping a diamond for a rock.
    You don't have to live in Kentucky to vote against Mitch McConnell. You don't have to live in South Carolina to vote against Lindsey Graham
    •● VOTE 2020 ●•
    Going from President Obama to trump is like swapping a diamond for a rock.
    You don't have to live in Kentucky to vote against Mitch McConnell. You don't have to live in South Carolina to vote against Lindsey Graham
    •● VOTE 2020 ●•

    • killboggins
      killboggins 28 days ago

      Diamond's are rocks. A better comparison would be a diamond for full blown aids.

  • Legal Immigrant
    Legal Immigrant 28 days ago

    What part of "TAKEN TO" do you no-life losers not understand? Secret Service doing its job.
    These comments. Your double-digit IQs. So easily manipulated by a corrupt media.

  • Tc Lalchhuani
    Tc Lalchhuani 28 days ago

    Ok this is a politic games ,,we all know that CNN is with Democrats party ,,,,,Trump is a real hero for America

    • cyclops 123
      cyclops 123 26 days ago

      Really someone is a talk in the entire world 🤣🤣

  • Max Hardcore
    Max Hardcore 28 days ago

    Sacred ground? Im sorry he died because of some dumb cops but Floyd was no peach. He was a criminal and scumbag his entire life. But I guess that doesn't matter

  • Max Hardcore
    Max Hardcore 28 days ago

    Is it that hard to believe that he was forced into a bunker because a violent mob is surrounding the white house? Man i wish the secret service had to take out these criminals.

  • Max Hardcore
    Max Hardcore 28 days ago

    What does the president have anything to do with this? CNN and people like Don Lemmon is literally responsible for many deaths due to their false reporting. I dont know how they sleep at night. They are inhuman.

  • hen ko
    hen ko 28 days ago

    Aggressive psychological testing on all police now.

  • Ardit Salihu
    Ardit Salihu 28 days ago

    i think trump is doing all these things on purpose so things escalate bigger and elections cant be held so hey can stay president for a longer time

  • just me Marcy
    just me Marcy 28 days ago

    How much money do you make for making fake, 4 CNN

    • JakeyStar 2020!
      JakeyStar 2020! 24 days ago

      You're fake

    • hen ko
      hen ko 28 days ago

      TANTRUMP needs a long time out in his bunker ‼️ The outrageous TRUMP only knows how to cause more outrage ‼️

  • MetalTiger88
    MetalTiger88 29 days ago

    It is unbelievable how poeple are still can listen to trump and work for him. Would be funny if everybody would just ignore this dumbass😂

  • AllySmiles201
    AllySmiles201 29 days ago


  • uchenna ibe
    uchenna ibe 29 days ago

    Trump is in the bunker to avoid the police using force on the rioters and looters that may affect the peaceful protesters. That is humility and value for human life.
    Up Trump 2020.

    • JakeyStar 2020!
      JakeyStar 2020! 24 days ago

      You're just as much of a coward than Trump is. Since you defending him

  • B Moore
    B Moore 29 days ago

    Shimon sounds so cute.😷😷😷Trump's a coward.

  • L M
    L M 29 days ago +2

    Hey troubled little boy....the bunker will not protect you from prison. The orange suit is waiting for you. You can only hope they have a ,,morbidly obese " size and oversized diapers 😬

  • kn tlt
    kn tlt 29 days ago

    "Lawlessness," what do you expect from Clown News Network.

  • Ron Rhodes
    Ron Rhodes 29 days ago

    Not sure if this is being called out in comments, but has anyone considered the similarities between what's happening in D.C. today and the 1932 "Bonus Army" incident. History seems to be repeating itself. Just a different protest.

  • Abdel achoo
    Abdel achoo 29 days ago

    THIS WAS YALLS CHANCE. I want to speak to whoever allowed trump to leave the bunker again. The instructions were unclear, he was meant to rest there indefinitely. Highly disappointed at the lack of leadership and morale in White House staff

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug 29 days ago

    I look forward to the day he is permanently underground

  • Mary
    Mary 29 days ago +1

    He doesn’t protec
    He attac
    But most importantly... he wants his bunker bac.

  • adjustdafacts
    adjustdafacts 29 days ago

    Bunker Boy

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug 29 days ago

      The fact he went and gassed a bunch of peaceful protestors just to prove how 'brave' he is shows just what a tiny dicked man Trump really is.

  • Sonny Roy
    Sonny Roy 29 days ago

    Coward in chief

  • Bagas k
    Bagas k 29 days ago +11

    Somebody says "make america great again"
    Even he's hiding when something happen 😂

  • GiantsJets718
    GiantsJets718 29 days ago

    Bunker boy!

  • pati smith
    pati smith 29 days ago

    As to the denial from Trump he did with Brian Kilmeade. Kilmeade asked him about SUNDAY Night not FRIDAY night. He may have well gone down to inspect it sunday, but Sunday is not Friday!

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith 29 days ago

    TANTRUMP needs a long time
    out in his bunker ‼️
    The outrageous TRUMP only
    knows how to cause more outrage ‼️

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh 29 days ago

    are the acts portrayed by authorities world wide.

  • Achilles
    Achilles 29 days ago

    C'mon people, he was inspecting it...🙄😏🙃

  • Yemi Babatunde
    Yemi Babatunde Month ago

    I Used to Think that Trump was a Hyper Masculine Alpha Male. That He Would Go All Tony Montana on His Protesters with a Machine Gunn. I Guess I was Wrong 😂.

  • Tebogo Dinakedi
    Tebogo Dinakedi Month ago

    bunker boy

  • Jackson Hotchkiss
    Jackson Hotchkiss Month ago

    CNN is fake news