Redneck YouTuber Attempts His FIRST 1,500 Horsepower Dyno Run! *BALD EAGLE ALERT*

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
  • Leroy is back on the Hub Dyno at For the Performance and he's RIPPIN!
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  • Jester Avrgjoe
    Jester Avrgjoe 6 days ago +3336

    I wanna see “The Giraffe” with a “Arkansas Waterfall” AKA “THE Mullet” hair do.

    • Jonathan Wilson
      Jonathan Wilson 13 hours ago +2

      If you get 200,000 likes you should do it for two years bahahaha

    • Crazy Coop
      Crazy Coop 4 days ago +1

      R-Cans-Ass Waterfall 😂

    • Yar Nunya
      Yar Nunya 4 days ago +2

      @Allen Townsend I'm 30, born and reared in AR, left for 10 years for school, never seen a mullet in AR.

    • JWise
      JWise 4 days ago +1

      161K likes!!?? Holy hell🤣

    • Junior 249
      Junior 249 4 days ago +1

      Hell Yea Brother...grow that mullet!!!!

  • Full Chamber Casewick
    Full Chamber Casewick 19 hours ago

    Wow.... You can really see the front end of Leroy lift up when you did those pulls. That’s awesome, that boy is ready to eat...

  • JP'sSpeedGarage
    JP'sSpeedGarage Day ago +1

    GET BACK TO THE 7'S! Hell yea!!

  • Srujan
    Srujan Day ago

    Why did this video pop up in my notifications?

  • Damon Mullins
    Damon Mullins Day ago

    Lol you got more then just Bald eagle's here you got American nuclear rocket missile here lol

  • Damon Mullins
    Damon Mullins Day ago

    Shit it may do better then 7s..... It's almost at 1600 HP now you lost a few pounds of torque though 1212 to 1209... But 1590hp 1209 ftlbs and what does it weigh?? Not much it's like a damn go-kart with a demon from hell engine in it .. you may be super surprised what it does now... Considering it was pulling in to the high 7s... Now hardly no slip making crazy power... It very well may hit a high 6 very very low 7 id put money on it

  • Sp00kyBubbleGum
    Sp00kyBubbleGum Day ago

    I get goosebumbs all the way down on my fucking dick from this.. jesus fucking christ! that noise and those numbers! would never been street legal where i live...

  • Gaetan Lafleur
    Gaetan Lafleur Day ago

  • Benjamin Pendleton
    Benjamin Pendleton Day ago +1

    Where is the track video? Let's see some mid 7's

  • STONEDay
    STONEDay 2 days ago

    You already hit 100K so you don't need my like.

  • Bruce Larrow
    Bruce Larrow 2 days ago

    Where you at the spectator drags at Rockford speedway?

  • Robert Elmo
    Robert Elmo 2 days ago

    When's this thing gonna run the red demon?

  • Aidan Walsh
    Aidan Walsh 2 days ago

    Is that a Chevelle in the back ??

  • Noureddine Sidimoussa

    الله الله يلا روعا است فغي كود

  • C Jam
    C Jam 2 days ago

    Better clutch maintenance will Now be strong with this one. Or install a drive shaft speed sensor. And/ or another disk.

  • austinix
    austinix 2 days ago

    Bitch-ass hot rod can’t hit 1700 hp

  • Colson Br
    Colson Br 2 days ago

    Lol looks like your growing a mullet

  • Steve Letson
    Steve Letson 2 days ago

    I just watched a stick car run 7.4 second quarter. It traps at around 215 mph. It's a 4 cylinder. That's going to be hard to beat.

  • Kevin Tucker
    Kevin Tucker 2 days ago

    Whew I’m glad I don’t have to get my wife’s approval on my hairstyle..

  • Cain Robert
    Cain Robert 2 days ago


  • BuiltNotBought
    BuiltNotBought 2 days ago

    Jeremy said "see if you gain 30hp with half a degree" and look at what it did. Guy's knowledge is on point!

  • Ken Howell
    Ken Howell 2 days ago

    You get the thumbs up, but fu@k the mullet. You will loose so much potential new business. Let me ask you a question. I contact you for a build... do i want to meet you,.. or Jo dirt!? LoL

  • the Papa Dude A Dudiest Priest

    Hahaha grow that hair Mr. Dirt

  • Jaanus Martin
    Jaanus Martin 2 days ago

    @10:39 is that Cleeters new choppa project

  • Ralph Pruitt
    Ralph Pruitt 2 days ago

    Might now find traction is a major issue!😱😱😱

  • TheChevyGuy
    TheChevyGuy 3 days ago +10

    put the dale truck on that thing

  • Jeremy Hill
    Jeremy Hill 3 days ago

    Time to grow the mullet

  • Mika Misaki
    Mika Misaki 3 days ago


  • Blake Feeney
    Blake Feeney 3 days ago

    The 392 people that hit that 👎 need to be forced to watch joe dirt on replay!!

  • Calvin Eaton
    Calvin Eaton 3 days ago

    Dont bitch out cleetus

  • 1786 Vlogs
    1786 Vlogs 3 days ago

    Bet the calibration is off...maybe

  • Jason Lanning
    Jason Lanning 3 days ago

    so now that coopa has some powwa lets see what times he can get and some vlogs for him..

  • Jared Farney
    Jared Farney 3 days ago

    Is Leroy going to do it for Ed or what. 7.50's, lets GO!!!

  • Paul Thomas
    Paul Thomas 3 days ago

    What’s up Ruby

  • Electronics For Fun
    Electronics For Fun 3 days ago

    if we get to 200k can we get a mullet and a dad bod?

  • MrWithnailJRjunior
    MrWithnailJRjunior 3 days ago

    funnycars run 10,000hp

  • nebraska redneck
    nebraska redneck 3 days ago

    Mullet time

  • Jamie Haggett
    Jamie Haggett 3 days ago +1

    Guess your growing a mullet 😂

  • Justin Woods
    Justin Woods 3 days ago

    I've never seen such a high view to like ratio... JEEEZ

  • Nikoxion
    Nikoxion 3 days ago

    Video on changing the clutch?

  • ThePeopleVerse
    ThePeopleVerse 3 days ago

    That is AMAZING!!

  • Cartman Brah!
    Cartman Brah! 3 days ago

    At what point are you going to put Wings on the side of that car and try to at least levitate all four wheels for maybe 10 ft

  • Josh Faunce
    Josh Faunce 3 days ago

    Come on good old cleetus forgetting to turn the intercooler on

  • Travis Hartley
    Travis Hartley 3 days ago


  • Thomas Mellon
    Thomas Mellon 3 days ago +1

    Can you do a mullet in back Mohawk on top

  • Dan W
    Dan W 3 days ago

    Now *THAT* was impressive!!😮 Almost 1600hp. out of a small block without lunching the head gaskets or scattering the bottom end is pretty damned good in my book.😁👍👍 New clutch was definitely the ticket. Like Jeremy said, it may need a couple of rounds to get it seated in and stay hooked up through the full pull.😉

  • Edward DeLany
    Edward DeLany 3 days ago

    Hell yeah brother! Mullets have powers. I have one. Best haircut ever.

  • MV60
    MV60 4 days ago

    Some aero and chase 6's.

  • Darrin Murley
    Darrin Murley 4 days ago

    Hell yer brother 👍👍👍👍👍

  • J.P. Man
    J.P. Man 4 days ago

    Lol, awesome numbers. Now dialing the car in so you can actually get all that HP/TQ to the ground without roasting the tires will be the trick! That thing is a full on beast though. Wow!

  • Scott Ross
    Scott Ross 4 days ago

    Dont forget the loss on tire friction/slip on the other dyno. Took one variable out. You should run on your dino now.

  • Gizmoriderful Ye
    Gizmoriderful Ye 4 days ago

    That guy couldnt give a fuck on the end when they walking about the result xD

  • The Gillz
    The Gillz 4 days ago

    Holly needs a mullet too 😂

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer 4 days ago

    Do a pull in reverse and see if it pulls the front end off the ground

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer 4 days ago

    Ok leroy ok. Straight boggin

  • Legacy Swaps
    Legacy Swaps 4 days ago

    200k you grow a mustache

  • eichler721
    eichler721 4 days ago

    SS717 says look at my LMR built 1200hp car. Cleetus goes next day is like well we where at 1200hp on a old clutch with alot of slip. Now we are at 1554hp. Your just killing the dragstrip game. You should race 1320's 7 second Viper. That would be an epic race

  • Need you now
    Need you now 4 days ago

    loved the new video?

  • TGIFGaming
    TGIFGaming 4 days ago

    11:40 I spy a nasty first gen Mazdaspeed 3👀👀🔥🔥

  • Paul Hewson
    Paul Hewson 4 days ago

    Sure miss Clearwater,,,,Grew up In Safety Harbor,,,,Congrats on the HP gain......

  • Robby Biddle
    Robby Biddle 4 days ago

    1:55 really? That exactly what my face looks like after going down on my girl.

  • rodrigo garnica
    rodrigo garnica 4 days ago

    & take kyle on another ride along 🤣

  • rodrigo garnica
    rodrigo garnica 4 days ago

    Make Jeremy get a mullet he'd look straight Trevor from GTA5 😂

  • Greg Turner
    Greg Turner 4 days ago

    Don't make Cooper look short, just saying love you guys

  • Josh C
    Josh C 4 days ago

    Looks like Your growing a mullet 😂

  • Jonathan Ferguson
    Jonathan Ferguson 4 days ago

    Mullet, engaged.

  • Asets Drift
    Asets Drift 4 days ago

    Hell yeah brother Leroy

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 4 days ago

    Your awesome?

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones 4 days ago

    Show me a guy with a mullet in a corvette and I'll show you the American dream.

  • Mikeyhunts
    Mikeyhunts 4 days ago

    Are they bringing Leroy to HOUSTON next week?
    What other cars?
    See you there! Gonna be a scorcher!!

  • reckless01420
    reckless01420 4 days ago

    Newwww e.t coming to a video near you😎😎😎

  • reckless01420
    reckless01420 4 days ago

    My boi cleet looking like he just did a crazy work out bfor this video hahaha james looking like he just been hanging out


    I wanna see how much hp the engine its self makes


    Damn dude hell yeah leroy is getting into big boy pants

  • Kevko85
    Kevko85 4 days ago

    looks like we get ourselfs a mullet to admire

  • Real Richmond
    Real Richmond 4 days ago

    Just had to come check out the likes .... I think we can hit 200k for james mullet on the newest video

  • Russell McBrayer
    Russell McBrayer 4 days ago

    Looks like you’ll be growing a mullet for America!

    • Russell McBrayer
      Russell McBrayer 4 days ago

      You need to do a porn stash with the mullet 🤣🤣

  • Hunter Grimes
    Hunter Grimes 4 days ago

    160,000 likes.. so you doing a real mullet or a theo von european hairstyle mullet??

  • AirGunning Colorado
    AirGunning Colorado 4 days ago

    Mullet time

  • Bando
    Bando 4 days ago

    Gunna be a helluva mullet, better than Spade’s. You got yerself at least 160000 likes already.

  • Nicholstop :
    Nicholstop : 4 days ago

    160k likes soooooooo

  • Blaat1982
    Blaat1982 4 days ago

    Holy moly 161k likes and only 385 dislikes

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss 4 days ago

    Mullet time bois

  • HolleyPerformance
    HolleyPerformance 4 days ago

    If it gets 200,000 likes he has to grow it until LS Fest East 2020

  • Hayden
    Hayden 4 days ago


  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy 4 days ago


  • james hill
    james hill 4 days ago

    mullet time!!!!

  • simon bergendahl
    simon bergendahl 4 days ago

    Can’t wait for next vlog and a 7 attempt, I’m exited, out tonight ?

  • Adam Breckenridge
    Adam Breckenridge 4 days ago

    Dude 161,000 like for a MULLET this is great!

  • Denny pad
    Denny pad 4 days ago +2

    Man you need to update us on the jet/LS car , It's been a while.
    P.S. It's mullet time!!!

  • LamBearToe ManAndSalsa

    It's MULLET time!

    NEIL McBEERSON 4 days ago

    Cleeeeeeter mcskeeeeeter

  • Gsfbffx Pdhhdf
    Gsfbffx Pdhhdf 4 days ago

    This is why the th400 is the best transmission. Built mine to hold 2000 hp

  • Scrumpyhunter
    Scrumpyhunter 4 days ago

    LMFAO Yee Haw bring on the mullet

  • Gsfbffx Pdhhdf
    Gsfbffx Pdhhdf 4 days ago

    That dyno sucks. Unhave to account for tire mass to rob hp

  • Michael Pavan
    Michael Pavan 4 days ago

    Awesome pull, funny thing is there is no intercooler and the tires arent outrageous. Great setup ! If leroy got an intercooler and some meaty tires on the back, id love to see that machine rip it down the strip !

  • GaryLordsWayMinistry

    I guess it is going top be mullet time~!~ Oh by the way, how you going to get all that horse power to the ground without the wheels going up in smoke? Should have went to 1600 and then call it.

  • James McGuff
    James McGuff 4 days ago

    Watching the video on my TV and commenting and liking on my phone! Hell yea brother! Let's go and like the video y'all I wanna see the Florida grown dew fed, freedom living mullet from good ol cleeter mcskeeter whippinn in the American air! Git er done!!

  • Jordan
    Jordan 4 days ago

    time for a glide for all the hp