“Chris can you move the fuseboard please” GREAT !!! Fire damaged.

  • Published on Apr 7, 2021
  • Join us on another episode of why would you be an electrician!!!
    Today Chris and James decide to move a consumer unit rather than bodge it in.
    Previously we had attended to a burnt out mains rcd!!!
    Massive thank you to Consumer unit world.
    10% off using code CJR10 at checkout all fusebox range and accessories.

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  • b21playa
    b21playa Day ago

    Love the way you’ve done the board and not just slapped it in 👍

  • Grzegorz Nowak
    Grzegorz Nowak 2 days ago

    22:30 hahahaha Also known as a Hager man

  • Kelly Bell
    Kelly Bell 12 days ago

    There is no fuse board in this video it is a circuit breaker panel. There are no fuses involved .

  • Neil Partridge
    Neil Partridge 15 days ago

    First 60 seconds... He's been on the sauce!

  • Timothy Walch
    Timothy Walch 18 days ago

    Dude dude explained to me you're fedish with socks

  • B. Wills
    B. Wills 23 days ago

    Chris is so much happier with James. Good to have a chum to work with. Keep chuckling Chris. 👍🏼

  • David Marsden
    David Marsden 25 days ago

    I like how you can think on your feet.. quickly coming up with solutions to problems
    Well done that man

    ANTHONY BRAGG 26 days ago

    I remember those meters for the electrical contractor to self connect, originally this was how the smart meters were going to be.

  • andy sims
    andy sims 27 days ago

    Im confused one minute a earth wire is called a earth wire the next minute it’s called a CPC

  • Zinky
    Zinky 27 days ago

    Long be the day, you stick your hand to a cable to see if its live 😂

  • Delta Lambda
    Delta Lambda 27 days ago +1

    BG are garbage, i got a FCU with RCD and it blew up.

  • Peter Tallowin
    Peter Tallowin 27 days ago

    When you cut that hole, did I see some thermal damage on a few of those cables? Love your no worries approach to every job dude. Although I probably wouldn't have filled the hole in the floor if it was noted on the test sheet for future access. :) Thanks for keeping at it Chris.

  • Tom Watkins
    Tom Watkins 28 days ago

    Hi James, Great video as always. Just wondered where you got your 'next inspection' labels made up with your logo, they look great! Thanks

  • Matthew O'Hare
    Matthew O'Hare 28 days ago

    Hi Chris, what make was the old fuse board? Great videos by the way, great to see your attitude towards the work you do and how you look after James 👍

  • Mike Buckland
    Mike Buckland 28 days ago

    What’s that size trunking you are using Chris? Good job 👍🏻

  • Wuddadid
    Wuddadid 28 days ago

    Hey Chris, your channel and videos are great but I'd leave out the face-palm expressions on the thumbnails for a bit. You've almost used them to death.

  • David Winch
    David Winch 29 days ago

    Hi Chris
    What's the tool with the mirror called for checking the busbar is in the mcb and where did you get it

    • NW
      NW 21 day ago

      Just put in your search bar something like 'extendable inspection mirror' and you'll find loads of them. Screwfix do some CK telescopic ones.

  • elStrages
    elStrages 29 days ago

    18:36 absolute beaut.

  • Dale Fox
    Dale Fox 29 days ago

    cheers don't work to hard

  • Philip Smith
    Philip Smith 29 days ago

    good work Chris and young James

  • alexg113
    alexg113 29 days ago

    All that extra work because you bought the wrong board. Lesson learnt I guess.

  • L Markey
    L Markey 29 days ago

    8:59 Flexicon all the way!

  • David Wright
    David Wright 29 days ago

    Anyone else find it funny the two holes and the trunk

  • David Fitzpatrick
    David Fitzpatrick 29 days ago

    If Fusebox made their boards ‘non-handed’, So you can mount the main switch on either side and label the neutral/CPC rail accordingly, they would capture the market and sell more boards.

  • Ashman Electrical Services

    I like that you ask James's opinion on things, it shows that he's not just doing as he's told but he's actually thinking about the job and the best way of doing something 👍

  • Ashman Electrical Services

    The Wago connectors are only maintenance-free when they've been installed in a maintenance-free junction box, essentially the connectors need to be secured in the box so that they do move and work their way free or loose. Very unlikely I know but this is how Wago test their connectors and what makes them maintenance-free.

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 29 days ago

    That was a sod of a task! Well navigated.

  • Sean Kay
    Sean Kay 29 days ago

    Hi Chris, would you recommend buying the Kewtech plus that you use?

  • Thomas Greenall
    Thomas Greenall 29 days ago +1

    Why are UK fuse box/consumer units generaly hidden away in a nasty cupboard or corner. All modern (say post 1970) european installs I've seen (From Uk but live in France, next to Italy and Switzerland) are within an arms lenght (ok maybe 2 m) of the main entrance door? and at face/chest height!

  • Brian Wood
    Brian Wood 29 days ago

    Nice job as always Chris & James. #StaySafe

  • AMARCY53
    AMARCY53 29 days ago

    Exsemiplery work as always , well done to the both of you . The fact you made good the holes afterwards was yet another mark of a true professional . 😃👍👍👍

  • MultiArrie
    MultiArrie 29 days ago

    Why not put the fuseboard above the meter, most times its a lost ugly space anyway. Its the dutchway.

  • Tommy Mack
    Tommy Mack 29 days ago +1

    Mate that looks horrendous

  • mikeselectricstuff
    mikeselectricstuff 29 days ago +5

    Why not put the transformer in the CU with all that space?

    • Roger Bean
      Roger Bean 17 days ago

      I thought it was only switch gear off the busbar.
      I put the transformer in the CU , after all it’s on a din-rail mount

    • James Spark
      James Spark 24 days ago

      I thought it wasn't an issue as its not using the busbar. Only say as I was told I could install an old Merlin Gerin inside the new board as it's not ising the busbar?

      CJR ELECTRICAL  29 days ago +9

      Mixing of manufacturers equipment is not permitted in the consumer unit.

  • Jussi Kuusela
    Jussi Kuusela 29 days ago

    Are there cases where A) a flat B) a detached house gets a three phase supply? Or is it the norm in the UK to have single phase supplies to living quarters?
    Appears to be quite a cramped place to put the fuse box... is there a rule of how much clearance there must be in front of a box, does that nook fulfill it?

    • Jussi Kuusela
      Jussi Kuusela 28 days ago

      @L Markey Quite interesting. In Finland it is also common that blocks of flats get 3P that is split into single phase for the flats... for detached houses it is mostly 3P straight off, with 25 or 35A main fuses, and now there are rowhouses as well as newer blocks where 3P is wired all the way to the apartments. Especially when some of the fancier flats have their own saunas and large kitchen stoves.
      Of course in the detached houses especially we have water heaters etc that are designed for 3x400V and therefore the 3P wiring allows running high power devices with lower current.

    • Mattias Åkerblom
      Mattias Åkerblom 29 days ago

      @L Markey three phase 16A in domestic is very common here in Sweden, both house and flats.

    • L Markey
      L Markey 29 days ago

      Flats often have 3P coming into the building with single phase run to the individual flats. Houses are single phase but it is possible to upgrade, just very expensive to do so with little benefit in a domestic setting.

  • Sirus
    Sirus 29 days ago

    Fuck me, what a twat of an architect. 2 weeks worth of trades where in that broom cupboard. Even got coving!

  • Wee Gordy
    Wee Gordy Month ago

    Nice job, great video
    Tidy board as always
    Sparky trades so underpaid.
    You work hard

  • David Ghaemi
    David Ghaemi Month ago +4

    What happened to proving not only L-N but L-E & N-E also 🙈

  • Dale Fox
    Dale Fox Month ago +3

    Hi Chris another good show! just one thing mate the earth on SWA from rod for garage! If there was a fault on the SWA ,damaged etc, on route to garage the RCD in garage would not operate as the SWA is up stream of RCD & earthing on SWA is down stream .I always isolate before the Garage board keeping the supply cable earth covered by the house board mcb &RCD, thanks for showing us the Fusebox range good kit.

      CJR ELECTRICAL  29 days ago +1

      As a general rule I do install my sub mains as you’ve described. But in this instance the swa feeding the garage is buried within the fabric of the building and doesn’t pop out until it appears at the plastic consumer in the garage. I made an assessment and came to the conclusion that fairly low risk anyone will ever damage the cable ( been installed like this for 25 years). I am however going to be returning to the property to sort out the car charger. In an ideal world I’d love to sort out every problem I come across on a job but as this was an urgent consumer unit replacement I had no choice to carry out the swap before a real site survey could be carried out.

    • James Clark
      James Clark 29 days ago +2

      @CJR ELECTRICAL The MCB in the house protecting the SWA pressumably won't trip, unless the loop on the TT is unusually low - so it would need RCD protection to meet disconnection time. The SWA should be on the earth from the house until its insulated at garage and changed to TT

      CJR ELECTRICAL  Month ago

      An earthed swa sub main doesn’t require rcd protection.

  • Gareth Hodson
    Gareth Hodson Month ago

    What a nightmare job 🤦‍♂️ what the customers never see!

  • Phil Johnson
    Phil Johnson Month ago +1

    I love how you’re always laughing Chris. Just listening to you makes me smile. Working with you must be such a laugh. James is a lucky apprentice. Great video as usual. Keep up the good work 👍

  • Garry
    Garry Month ago

    Hi Chris,
    Brilliant installation!
    Love your videos. I feel I’m on site with you. Keep them coming. You must ask Gary from EFFIX for the Batman socks! He must have some giveaways!
    Best wishes.

  • Pistol Pete
    Pistol Pete Month ago +3

    BG= broken garbage 🗑

  • Andy H
    Andy H Month ago +1

    so the accessible joint box is in effect extending both legs of a 32A ring CCT with push connectors. would any suitably rated push connectors be suitable that are rated correctly - i.e. spliceline or wago221?

  • Chris Holt
    Chris Holt Month ago

    Great job, very neat fuse box, a great team.
    Well done, regards, Chris.

  • jack fairhurst
    jack fairhurst Month ago

    Could you not of got left side main switch DB?

  • Artisan Electrics
    Artisan Electrics Month ago

    It’s JorDAN by the way 🤣

  • Artisan Electrics
    Artisan Electrics Month ago +4

    Thanks for the shoutout! Sorry about the BG recommendation it’s the only bit of BG kit I ever use! Only because there no other option for 24v din mountable transformers...

    • Ashman Electrical Services
      Ashman Electrical Services 29 days ago

      The Google Nest website has a list of chimes and bell transformers you can use to get 24V, BG isn't one of them. I've stopped using BG ones now, too unreliable.

    • Lewis Miller
      Lewis Miller 29 days ago

      @Ben HA cheap brand that on there own aren't that bad really but every time I've seen one installed it's been a shower of shite.

    • Ashley Rothery
      Ashley Rothery Month ago

      @Ben H Nothing really... just one of those brands that are cheap so you get what you pay for.

    • Ben H
      Ben H Month ago +1

      I am no electrician but what is wrong with BG?
      Edit: Ah ok.

  • Ian Goodchild
    Ian Goodchild Month ago +4

    how much did the job cost the customer/victim?

  • Andrew Powell
    Andrew Powell Month ago

    What an awkward spot

  • David Pierce
    David Pierce Month ago

    what did you cut the trunking with to get the neat slots ?

      CJR ELECTRICAL  Month ago +1

      Hole saw either end and an angle grinder with a fine cut wheel.

  • Aaron Knipe
    Aaron Knipe Month ago

    Hello Chris I fix my door bell transformers into a double pole box looks much better
    Keep up the good videos

  • Roy Dowling
    Roy Dowling Month ago

    Top job as usual Chris.

  • Reece Horner
    Reece Horner Month ago +2

    Ohh man, Why not fit a MK consumer unit, the main switch is on the left

    • Reece Horner
      Reece Horner 18 days ago

      @lansdorf Thanks for your reply. All constructive input is a good thing, 👍

    • lansdorf
      lansdorf 19 days ago

      @Reece Horner I appreciate your comment and that your only trying to help, I didn't mean to appear bombastic I just found that tightening the breakers to the bus bar rail they all lean over despite my attempts to keep them vertical.

    • Reece Horner
      Reece Horner 20 days ago

      Thinking more about this, I'm not into consumer unit snobbery, just what at an affordable price to the client

    • Reece Horner
      Reece Horner 20 days ago +1

      @lansdorf personally I have never found twisting to be an issue with MK consumer units. I only ever use them if the main switch needs to be on the left, Saves a lot of grief and hassle in my experience of being a qualified electrician for over 35years, Only trying to help

    • lansdorf
      lansdorf 20 days ago +1

      Mk fuse boards are garbage, poor main switch and breakers twist on din rail

  • Ian Farquharson
    Ian Farquharson Month ago +2

    That ring joint, could’ve been made into a double socket. Somewhere to plug in the dyson charger or similar?

      CJR ELECTRICAL  Month ago +1

      Absolutely but with the shelves back in and full of Tins not much room for old Henry.

  • Chris Ardern
    Chris Ardern Month ago +16

    Well that's done Pablo out of his wage for the day.

  • Tw w
    Tw w Month ago +1

    Great job well worked out,the days have gone when you tested a board to see if it's live with a test lamp 😂👍

  • KH86
    KH86 Month ago +1

    Did you allow for 2 days, or did it just turn into more of a job than what you first thought?
    Is this why people give estimates and not quotes to cover you if more time is needed.
    I only ask as I’m just starting out on my own and had a couple jobs of late that I quoted a fixed price and turned out to be more work.

    • Tw w
      Tw w Month ago

      Yes you can never judge what you come across when you look at the job for a estimate, especially when you change a board that did not have a RCD,and you put one of the new boards in with rcd,bound to find faults when you do the testing after you fitted the board which will make it trip,good luck 👍

    • KH86
      KH86 Month ago

      Cheers 👍🏻

      CJR ELECTRICAL  Month ago

      Yeah estimate for the initial work then an agreed hourly rate for anything else.

  • 365 Aqua life
    365 Aqua life Month ago +2

    Nice clean job hi from Malta

  • Meg Punt
    Meg Punt Month ago

    Yikes - what a palaver… And all because you can’t find a replacement board the same size and shape as the old one. What a shame manufacturers keep changing their dimensions ... makes life so much harder.

    • A Wilson
      A Wilson Month ago

      That one really needed a larger board anyway since by the looks of it, the original burned board was full and had no room for future expansion...
      You really should ALWAYS leave space for more circuits to be added in a board since you have no idea what's going to be needed/wanted in the future...
      Good example is when that board was first installed, likely there was no such thing as an Electric Car Charger and yet there's a circuit for one installed in the board...

  • Andy K
    Andy K Month ago

    Bet you regret moving that!

  • Jens Schröder
    Jens Schröder Month ago

    Why are the fuses so high in such a narrow space?

    • lansdorf
      lansdorf 20 days ago

      Pensioners usually fall of chairs trying to reset a breaker.

    • icemanA84
      icemanA84 Month ago

      Simple answer, clients see consumer units as ugly things that need to be hidden out the way and not take up convenient storage space.

    • al milhouse
      al milhouse Month ago

      The electrician was probably from Cavan in Ireland.... They would hang out of the cable to cut them as short as possible to save as much as 1 or 2p a go so it all adds up the tight backstards

    • Ben Bosten
      Ben Bosten Month ago +1

      Was standard practice 10-20 years ago to put them up high but now we go by nhbc regs for c.c.u height which is 1350mm-1450mm to the breaker

    • A Wilson
      A Wilson Month ago +1

      Either the builder didn't want to spent the money for the extra wire needed to reach a lower placed panel, they didn't properly plan the cable runs and ended up with not enough cable to reach and/or shear unadulterated laziness...
      The other alternative is based on the battens on the wall, there are usually shelves in that cupboard and a lower panel would interfere with them...

  • Jack
    Jack Month ago +1

    22:56 wtf is that Chris I thought you were better than that mate

    • Jack
      Jack Month ago

      Good 👌🏼

      CJR ELECTRICAL  Month ago +2

      It’s dried now looks 👌🏻

    • Jack
      Jack Month ago

      its brown

    • Jack
      Jack Month ago


      CJR ELECTRICAL  Month ago

      A darker shade of sand and cement.

  • Doctor Electric
    Doctor Electric Month ago +1

    Good video Chris & James, I thought my latest video was tight enough(coming tomorrow), you done well there!
    @5:42 Doctor Electric socks would look better haha
    @19:29 wow, I have never seen those big connectors, look like Ideal? I could do with some of them.
    @19:40 glad to see that I'm not the only one that writes on floorboards if there's a JB in there.

  • Geegee
    Geegee Month ago +1

    Defiantly would have cut the coving then the ceiling above it to relocate the tails, lot of effort that

  • Richard Arblaster
    Richard Arblaster Month ago +1

    18:39 nice neat job 😎

  • Robin Rawson-Tetley
    Robin Rawson-Tetley Month ago +3

    How did you repair the hole you cut in the chipboard floor? Piece of batten screwed either side or something else? Very nice job on that board - I used your code to buy and fit one the other day so thanks for that :D

    • Dan Tovey
      Dan Tovey 29 days ago +1

      Yes, you could see the screws to the side of the hole supporting a batten for the cut piece

    • al milhouse
      al milhouse Month ago +1

      Most likely, cut piece back down and some wood filler ....

  • David Beckett
    David Beckett Month ago +14

    Loving yours and cory artisans (sorry jordan) videos as of late mate. Giving me a good smile. Nick keeps messing about in his wearhouse with a welder 🤣🤣🤣

    • David Beckett
      David Beckett 27 days ago

      @chris eldred never been able to spell it right 🤣🤣

    • chris eldred
      chris eldred 28 days ago +1

      @metrotechguru "warehouse" unless you were referring to his wardrobe

    • metrotechguru
      metrotechguru 29 days ago +1

      Nick is a right nutter he is. 🤣

  • pzul
    pzul Month ago +8

    Chris I'd recommend getting the floor access kit. I've used it few times now and its a life saver, I think its a cavity master. you get steel plates with it and you can get mesh for plasterboard.

  • Michael West
    Michael West Month ago +7

    Why oh why can't they put the isolation switches like that on the replacement meters now? Oh, I know, its so they can make more money by charing you to come and put in an isolator that used to be there beforehand..