• Kilmarnock 2 Rangers 1 fan recap.
    in tonights video we breakdown and discuss the recent rangers game which was a 2 1 loss at rugby park to kilmarnock as rangers threw away another lead as kilmarnock score twice in the last 10 minutes.
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  • Paul Minnis
    Paul Minnis Month ago +85

    Honest as ever, fair play for uploading the video mate 👍

  • HotChopz
    HotChopz Month ago

    Wisny a hand ball🤣 yer manager even said it during the interview at the end of the game it wasn’t a hand ball it was jst down to your teams pishy marking🤣🤣

  • Jamie Mclean Career Mode

    This is becoming a familiar sight. Kilmarnock 2-1 rangers

  • Iain Sutherland
    Iain Sutherland Month ago

    We’re so predictable that a well drilled, defensive minded junior team would hold their own against us ! It’s not all on one man obviously but I feel Kent was brought back to unlock teams like Killie by attacking but he’s so one dimensional, just force him out wide and he’s totally ineffective.

  • Iain Sutherland
    Iain Sutherland Month ago

    We even teach 12 year olds NOT to stop playing until the ref blows his whistle ! Yes, the goal shouldn’t have stood but FFS, defend then question things, don’t stand around with your hands up and fingers crossed !

  • daniel donnelly
    daniel donnelly Month ago

    Lost you when you started talking about Kilmarnock players deserving yellow cards for diving. You might have mentioned the fact that Morelos should’ve walked for the exact same thing...

  • Paul Nesbitt
    Paul Nesbitt Month ago

    You are so full of shit pal, you may not hide, however the "Peepul" I know shive the win in my face, start screaming about how they are cumin, and tick tock, its 55 coming, and win you lose it's like football doesn't exist. So come on stop being a hypocrite. (if you have trouble with the big words let me know, I will try to find others from a childs dictionary) PS: I could only watch .34 seconds as the rest I know will be pish, BTW, your club's deid

  • Luke McGraw
    Luke McGraw Month ago +1

    Been cheating the league for years, exactly what you get. Btw remember when John Beaton was in a Rangers bar last year

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago

    You now face a MASSIVE decision re - Gerrard! Do you give him one more chance or go brand new, and risk the new guy asking for time!

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago

    If your not careful with all this guff, you WILL be a Celebrity! You're hated because you think you can do what you like?

  • Jamzzy —
    Jamzzy — Month ago

    At least wae don't have VAR

  • Stephen Docherty
    Stephen Docherty Month ago


  • MS gaming 7
    MS gaming 7 Month ago

    Ur the best rangers fan I know

  • Craig Sutherland
    Craig Sutherland Month ago


  • Stephen Patrick
    Stephen Patrick Month ago

    Not over untill it's mathematically done . I'm a Tim to 🍀. Fair play for the upload.

  • Allan Blackshaw
    Allan Blackshaw Month ago

    Great video cj. As a rangers fan I used to hate Lennon as a player but as a manager hes been tremendous and he comes across well when doing tv work when he left Bolton . He done great at hibs. I know its hard to say but rangers need a similar snarling type manager who won't put up with pish performances like that .

  • Steven Watt
    Steven Watt Month ago +1

    Your spot on like hearing your say as your honest and fair... I’m a Celtic fan but watch most your videos ... call me obsessed lol... take care

  • Daniel Sharkey
    Daniel Sharkey Month ago

    Kilmarnock got some bad decisions against them aswell

  • Blair Lamberth
    Blair Lamberth Month ago

    welcome to the party Cj, glad you still uploaded the video x

  • 6 K
    6 K Month ago +1

    And Gerard thought he didn’t need signings in January

  • Chic Sharp
    Chic Sharp Month ago

    Paedophiles may have changed their 'style' but had Rangers been refereed fairly (despite being piss most games Jan/Feb) we'd be still in with shot. Had Septic been refereed this way they'd be some dead referees. Cowards every one of them.

    • Chic Sharp
      Chic Sharp Month ago

      ...ooh Paedophile Protectors those boys wouldn't have been raped if you cared.

    • Chic Sharp
      Chic Sharp Month ago

      @Eddie Mccann Sad Fenian.

  • al math
    al math Month ago

    Still think gerrard is the right manager but need to change 3 or 4 players to a higher level for next season, he also needs to learn to be more ruthless and change players and formation earlier in a game. But hey what do i know against a legend like gerrard and his backroom team they have probably forgot more than i know. PS i am not trying to be sarcastic, just think its such a big job to changing the level and mentality of the club and to appreciate gerrard is still learning. 7 points 🤞 with two games against them and who know lets keep the chin up 💪🤞

  • 77 Adair
    77 Adair Month ago

    Only saw the highlights , looked like rangers missed a few good chances . Gotta finish those ones if you wanna win the league .

  • Johnboy67 Gor
    Johnboy67 Gor Month ago +1

    Why do rangers supporters get a good result and believe the league is theirs? Take a breath wait till its closer to the end but truth is celtic are at this moment miles ahead its hard for you to accept this buts it's true.

  • Niall Gillies
    Niall Gillies Month ago

    Hats of too Killie. Not only did they outplay us but they are far more handsome. Deserved winners again with 1/10th of our budget!!!

  • Mike Dafc
    Mike Dafc Month ago

    Clear handball by Killie player for Killie's first goal and Killie defender made the most of any contact for Morelos's disallowed goal which should have stood. "Honest" mistakes?

  • Shona MacDonald
    Shona MacDonald Month ago

    43 on trending wow

  • fs03
    fs03 Month ago

    Great to see you greeting again 👍🏻

    • fs03
      fs03 Month ago

      Im at the windup obviously, you made a great point about how we changed up the formation when it got stale while Rangers just do the same routine over and over

  • Richy
    Richy Month ago +2

    Been saying it for almost ten years..
    Rangers, the gift that keeps giving from team performances, to the deluded 'people' and the hilarious club statements
    Please teddy bears... Never change 🥰

  • Tizer m8
    Tizer m8 Month ago +1

    Let’s be honest, you don’t have the squad to compete. Morelos is nothing next to edouard, Kent is a shitty version of Forrest, hagi is sitting in the shadow of his father whilst Ryan Christie is banging in goals and setting them up. The league is lost for you better luck next year.

  • Flaw3dGenius
    Flaw3dGenius Month ago

    No Kamara or Davis...Midfield got over ran in the 2nd half...why would we leave out our two best mids?

  • Glen Cansdale
    Glen Cansdale Month ago +2

    Gerrard is shite. An average Celtic will piss the league again. Morelas should go, the horrible little bas, and allow money for good players from English championship etc. Looking at 10 in a row!

  • Darren mullen
    Darren mullen Month ago

    Beaton has overtaken Gollum for shite refereeing for me he fucking hate Hearts and Rangers

  • Darren mullen
    Darren mullen Month ago +1

    Sorry mate a feel like we’ve cunted Rangers a bit this year 😶
    Hearts 1-1 Rangers
    Hearts 2-1 Rangers
    Celtic 5-0 Hearts

    • Aurora 57
      Aurora 57 Month ago

      Celtic are just too good

  • Jason McColl
    Jason McColl Month ago

    Mistake number 5 ref bottled sendin morelos off for 2nd dive

  • brian wilson
    brian wilson Month ago

    No plan b reminds me of mark the bread man no plan b

  • brian wilson
    brian wilson Month ago

    Something must be wrong behind closed doors the refs bn against us all season so nothing new really and we still won the games? Defo more to it!

  • Marilyn Catterall
    Marilyn Catterall Month ago

    Refs will make mistakes. You admitted you didnt see the handball on Killie's 1st goal until the replay. Defenders need to play to the whistle, not stop and appeal. Rangers should be good enough to be 4 or 5 up, so that the ref's mistakes don't matter.

  • j g
    j g Month ago

    Bad ref or not , can't keep covering the cracks , Stevie g inexperience is showing and he might lose the dressing room if he's not done so already.

  • Ryan Aitken
    Ryan Aitken Month ago

    Not a rangers fan but I have commented before praising CJs reviews. Always fair and honest and always prompt with videos. I really want him to do reviews on the rest of the leagues games. Think his channel could blow up if he did. Keep his same day rangers reviews but maybe next day or two do the full league. Best football YT channel by far

  • Billy Wilson
    Billy Wilson Month ago

    Any team who goes physically against us we crumble ,we score and inevitably stop playing , everyone can see Killie were coming back into game but no changes were made ,either personel or formation but no lose 2 goals

  • Mark Ward
    Mark Ward Month ago

    Don't worry. When u get Tav, Jack and El Bufalo back in the team u guys will be flying............ 🍀

  • Grim M
    Grim M Month ago

    we had Stewart and Jones, both ex Killie players , who know how to play on that surface ... and we didnt use them... game management was very poor.. After we scored , we shore up and manage the game until end whistle..make changes

    • Paul Gouck
      Paul Gouck Month ago +1

      Grim M I think Hagi went off for Stewart 🤔

  • KITSCH 2017
    KITSCH 2017 Month ago

    like ricky gervais? is that a dundee utd tap u got oan. hey cheer up m8 it could be worse? you coulda signed the real hagi instead of the kid oan wan

  • Kenneth Stewart
    Kenneth Stewart Month ago

    spot on nicely summed up!!!!👍

  • zunkwind
    zunkwind Month ago

    There's always next season lads...

  • Ding Ding
    Ding Ding Month ago

    Morelos has got to cut out the blatant cheating with diving in the box and get back to doing what he does best and banging in goals. His suspensions for stupid avoidable things is costing u

  • Robert Paisley
    Robert Paisley Month ago

    Say this again an again stop this morelos nonsense about his value he's not even worth 10 million!.. Cant shoot!.. Cant even control a ball. dribble all over the place.. Far too many sitters now missed..!.. even at 0-1 he miss from 8 yards by sheer clumsiness heading a ball over the bar. Game changer again!.. Gerrard needs to drop him!!!.. Dives are embarrassing!.. He cant even take pens says it all for me.. What on earth is going on.. here!

  • catbob twin
    catbob twin Month ago

    At what point are people going to speak up about what's going on in Scottish football???? . This isn't a South American league but certain teams are getting the backing of the papers the SFA and the referee'. Come on people isn't it about time somebody spoke out or are we all to scared of the backlash of the obsessive ones

  • Keith Whitty
    Keith Whitty Month ago

    Hahahajajjjja Rangers 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

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    李善德 Month ago

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  • John Beaton
    John Beaton Month ago +3

    Chris julien has scored more goals than Ryan "will destroy you" Kent this season and he's a centre back haha next year eh? 👎🏻

  • Steven Neil
    Steven Neil Month ago

    Listen a know am gawny get slated for this right steven Gerrard is 100% the right man for the job look at the difference in such a short spell nae excuse bit al tell u what there defo is an agenda against us from whoever's it may b because since we pumped them it's like the refs have bn told use canny let them burst our cash cow no saying we would have picked up anymore points or deserve point because u need to play for the right to win points but see in the hibs game Bobby madden was a dirty scumbag cheating b****** but for 1 I feel we r wellahead of where we should have bn steven is the man for the job a never seen us being as far as we are as quick as we are b4 christmas we where a force missed tav more than folk could realised past few games obv except the last 2 need to go again

    • Steven Neil
      Steven Neil Month ago

      I await the comments from the manky mob aw high n mighty still need to catch us

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B Month ago


  • Lewis Galloway
    Lewis Galloway Month ago

    Did you forget about morelos not being sent off for a second dive?

  • Kerr Anderson
    Kerr Anderson Month ago

    Good morning cj, not commented for a while. Hope its OK. as a celtic suporter if my manager gave a feeling sorry for him self its going to be difficult now interview like that. I would be so F angry. I'm sure you guys are too. Dare I say it in case it comes true. 10 points is f all. Game in hand 2 old firm games to go. We have all seen it fall apart before. But not him. Big name means nothing. I try to look at things with open mind.

  • Steve Murphy
    Steve Murphy Month ago +1

    Although i don't kick with the same foot as you, big respect for your honest, if slightly overly harsh, assessment of the game.

  • Joshua Hill
    Joshua Hill Month ago

    Cost me 1400 quid this ducking game

    • cjnovo992
      cjnovo992  Month ago

      Jesus Christ what did you bet?

  • Gubney K
    Gubney K Month ago +4

    I’m a Celt and that but a respect ye for leaving the comment section on and talking about the games that you lose and that ❤️

  • Steven King
    Steven King Month ago

    The professionalism of the players is shocking. They won at Parkhead and thought the league was done and dusted. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Unacceptable. The only issue I have had with Gerard is his lack of substitutions when required, as u say he is reactive instead of proactive. I still feel we need to stick with him, really go for the cup, continue our European run as long as we can & take the league to the last day & u never know, unlikely as that may seem. Regroup in the summer with a few in & out and learn again from this season & stop 6 in a row (it’s no 10 as we weren’t there for 4 so they totally don’t count😂). No surrender WATP 🇬🇧

  • C J
    C J Month ago


  • St82 Milbatraus
    St82 Milbatraus Month ago +1

    Well said Cj , this season is making me drink ! Wonder where we go from here?

  • Realist
    Realist Month ago

    Imagine supporting a club that celebrates a nation that raped and pillaged its people. YIKES.

  • Lubomir Moravcik
    Lubomir Moravcik Month ago +3

    Got to be honest as a Celtic fan - we are in a great position- but all this “ the league is over- still 36 points to b played for but Celtic fans saying “ the league is over “, is very arrogant and cocky with so many games to go just like a lot rangers fans after the 29th thinking cause they beat Celtic “ 55 was coming home “, are just looking rather daft just now with egg on your chin.

    • owensy54321
      owensy54321 Month ago +1

      Dead right mate, I feel the same. I wouldn’t be celebrating too early. Yes we’re in a great position but Rangers have our number in the Old Firm games. Long way from over. Best of luck 🍀

  • 100k subs no Vids
    100k subs no Vids Month ago

    Rangers are crap mon eh killie

  • Beth Parrillo
    Beth Parrillo Month ago +1

    The thing is, now the managers in the league know how to play to get points off us. Sit in in the first half and then hit on the counter in the second half. Formation or strategy needs to be changed.

  • Jamie Galloway
    Jamie Galloway Month ago

    Where’s the Halliday is last season

  • xXShane woodsXx
    xXShane woodsXx Month ago +2

    Come on Celtic 🇮🇪!

  • Raster Boy99
    Raster Boy99 Month ago

    I'm being completely honest here...anyone watching the game (and yes I saw it) would wonder what could've happened had Morelos not dived 4 times. Now I know some will be thinking as a celtic fan I'm making it up or out to get Morelos but I'm not one of those types. Honestly if you see the replays Morelos went down 4 times (I counted) the replays.. he had the ball and went down when no one touched him. He threw himself down another 3 times. He was booked once but on the last one he did feel a hand on his shoulder but again there was no force, in front of the ref, and it was minimal, but Morelos totally just made a BAD dying swan impression and went down like a skydiver hitting the floor. Had Morelos stayed on his feet and kept control of the ball during those dives he might have got a snap shot on goal and actually scored. Needless to say the rest of Rangers didn't play great either and some credit has to go to Kilmarnock as they did have you penned back for a bit. Rangers only started seeing more of the ball after Kilmarnock scored and sat back to protect the draw. Like I said I'm just basing things on what I saw. The season isn't done but it does mean you are relying on Rangers winning every game and Celtic loosing about 3 in the next 13. I don't see it happening. I don't think Gerrard can be blamed for players under performing. You've still got Europe and a cup to play for, but I personally recon the league is over. I also recon the 4th Treble is on it's way to Celtic in 2020. Its been interesting guys... see you next season.

  • Duck Lover
    Duck Lover Month ago +1

    Curb your 55 😂

  • KennyY
    KennyY Month ago +2

    You say what we all feel mate. Your honesty and passion for the club and saying it as it is is why we tune in so fair play for posting this straight after the match.

  • Ross’s F1 Discusssions And Burps Channel

    Cj pal just don’t waste your own time on them that’s what I’ve did I’m only helping you just take your mind away from all that and watch the greatest show which starts back on in April Formula 1 mate if I didn’t give you that advice then I wouldn’t have cared about you but I really do indeed that’s why I’ve came on to your channel and commented you to stay out of all that action 👍.

  • david royal
    david royal Month ago +3

    As a tim it was an awful performance I think the gers are still out in Dubai CJ I was at least expecting a close run thing this year but in all honesty I cant see youse coming back from this if you do fair play but I cant, only player last night worth talking about was Aribo and that's it fella, and what is going on with that fella Morelos I think his missus and the car incident etc has affected him to be fair

    • david royal
      david royal Month ago

      @cjnovo992 to many them about pal fs il say one thing your honest enough fella

    • cjnovo992
      cjnovo992  Month ago +1

      Fair comment David cheers for not being a dick haha

  • scott dyet
    scott dyet Month ago

    concerning Kilmarnock's first goal the ref was well positioned to see the hand ball incident

    • cjnovo992
      cjnovo992  Month ago

      Defending was as awful as the refs call

  • Nat Rfc
    Nat Rfc Month ago

    Leagues gone

  • GGD 98
    GGD 98 Month ago

    handball was minimal and the defence cant just switch off , play by the whistle

  • BayernBru1
    BayernBru1 Month ago +1

    Honest and helpful analysis. Love your passion. Feel you pain.

  • Charlie Barr
    Charlie Barr Month ago

    Referee wasn’t to blame, Morelos clearly impeded Findlay and stopped him from heading away

    • cjnovo992
      cjnovo992  Month ago +1

      Suggest you watch it back

  • Bit of the Beattie
    Bit of the Beattie Month ago

    All this is great... But where's PES??

    • cjnovo992
      cjnovo992  Month ago

      Will be back to normal soon man

  • Cant Be Assed
    Cant Be Assed Month ago

    Stevie's coming back stronger 💪🏻