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  • jmsolano0516
    jmsolano0516 16 minutes ago

    I dont think the issue is being up front with these women with what you want. The issue is that they were teens and that you’d just open with sex without finding out their ages or anything about them at all

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones 32 minutes ago

    All the dents...

  • Privacy IsKey
    Privacy IsKey 39 minutes ago

    Im new here... i dont watch this I just liked Chris from Whitney and You. When I heard you were “canceled” I wasnt sure what happened. But what I gleaned from this is you are reflecting and you are sorry. And thats what I need to root for you again. Good on you mate.

  • Cali
    Cali 42 minutes ago +1

    Just keep being yourself chris , kunts are trying to cancel you . Your being made an example here , push through this cancel culture bullshit and ignore the haters .

  • Falafel
    Falafel 4 hours ago

    No more fuckin n suckin in the tall grass :(

  • erick 33
    erick 33 4 hours ago

    So now he's really screwed

    • erick 33
      erick 33 4 hours ago +1

      Like that 17 year old he invited to his hotel room

  • G Clair
    G Clair 4 hours ago

    This should have been goofier tho

  • Robert Stratton
    Robert Stratton 5 hours ago +1

    This is the funniest content
    You have ever put out

  • Kingsley Perry
    Kingsley Perry 5 hours ago

    Can't wait to see you popping up in my feed again Chris! Missed you bro!

  • Josh Lockie
    Josh Lockie 6 hours ago

    Full of dents

  • Michael Mastro
    Michael Mastro 6 hours ago

    Sooooo if it was reversed....and a woman was replying to her inbox saying "come over for sex" it would be ok and if anyone shamed her it's horrible for sex shaming her. But with Chris he is a pig? Naw bro. He was single and having casual consensual sex

  • GaRdZ
    GaRdZ 7 hours ago

    Please come back

  • 71trae.stoner
    71trae.stoner 9 hours ago

    Come back brother, we need you! The antithesis to cancel culture is to not let it control the outcome of your future. Continue doing what you do best!

  • Zachary Bear Dale
    Zachary Bear Dale 9 hours ago

    I fucking love this man, faults and everything. Maybe it's a Jersey thing, but I understand where he's coming from.
    I respect the process and the growing. Hope you get back out here and start doing shows again!

  • ShartedInMySleep
    ShartedInMySleep 10 hours ago

    Get used to hearing "chimo" soon bud. Ya done goofed.

  • Jessie Singh
    Jessie Singh 10 hours ago

    A minute in and Im gone lol this is so staged

  • Alex Mazz
    Alex Mazz 10 hours ago

    Love you man, things will turn around for you

  • Daniel Epps
    Daniel Epps 11 hours ago

    I don’t understand why successful, objectively attractive men need to go after young women. I just don’t get it.

  • Debora
    Debora 12 hours ago +2

    "Sex got easier in my 30's"
    "I figured out how to manipulate young girls in my 30's"
    Fucking garbage person.

  • Matt Stephens
    Matt Stephens 12 hours ago

    Shoulda had some chick come out from under the table right after, "and I cheated on my"
    Jk dude just come back, you still have a mad following bra. Be funny again. People need it now more than ever. They won't admit it, but they'll be watching you

  • Rocky Balboa Garalhão Italiano

    I wonder if Chris will ever find his way back to his old creepy, unfunny act 🙏

  • RX I
    RX I 13 hours ago

    Oh really dude hahahaha

  • Merdo
    Merdo 13 hours ago

    You did nothing wrong. Those women should be in jail.

  • George Floyd
    George Floyd 14 hours ago

    Defendant DÉlia,

  • Michael Paul
    Michael Paul 14 hours ago

    Welcome back you beautiful parrot 🦜

  • 421less1
    421less1 14 hours ago

    Preciate you

  • sean
    sean 14 hours ago +1


  • Bill C-16
    Bill C-16 14 hours ago

    This might be THE most genuine celebrity apology I’ve ever heard.

  • Alpha Salazar
    Alpha Salazar 15 hours ago

    Hey look! A tall skinny Harvey Weinstein 👉

  • Brown ブラウンGrant グラント

    “They go from 6 to 25”
    This situation doesn’t look good for you Chris. Looks like the plot thickens.
    Interesting to see that you were allegedly trying to solicit underaged girls for Bryan Callen too!

  • smitty jergensons
    smitty jergensons 16 hours ago +1

    Even when hes serious hes funny 😂

  • Craig Jackson
    Craig Jackson 16 hours ago

    Liberal men are so pathetic..

  • man bat
    man bat 17 hours ago

    Welcome back Chris

  • Michael Strong
    Michael Strong 18 hours ago

    Come back already dude! These hos ain’t loyal. Everything they said did not seem illegal at all actually. Seemed like poor judgment on a few things. Still, we miss your comedy.

  • Jesus Isn'tReal
    Jesus Isn'tReal 19 hours ago

    I believe you Chris. You're a creeper but not a criminal. Regardless that nonsense has no impact on how funny you are.

  • Barns bustillos
    Barns bustillos 20 hours ago

    You’re good bro , Things are whack now indays people are tryna Run from the Bible,People are tryna persuade people that gender shouldn’t even exist anymore This is really nothing big compared to a topic such as that gender confusion topic that’s literally Away from the Bible, Keep working on yourself my friend
    There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.
    1 John 4:18 you’ll find a women to settle with Chris

  • Brandon Withers
    Brandon Withers 22 hours ago

    Shut up and play the hits

  • Nibs Sean
    Nibs Sean 22 hours ago +1

    Realization gooze taiiimeeeeep

  • Rustin Cole_W
    Rustin Cole_W 23 hours ago +7

    Bro ... He lyinggg.

  • Malamute
    Malamute 23 hours ago +5

    This dude does not have any discernible talent, so his cancelling is not any loss to the world.

  • Jerry Clarkson
    Jerry Clarkson Day ago +2

    0:37 is that what he said before sending NO0DZ toa 17YO?????(CURVE YOUR MEME MUSIC STARTS PLAYING)

  • Grant Havron
    Grant Havron Day ago

    Man this hurts too see. I love Chris and still do he’s one of the best comedians to ever walk the planet. Please get through this and make a comeback

  • Podcasts
    Podcasts Day ago +1

    Chris 'kiddie diddlie' D'elia

  • Biz .680
    Biz .680 Day ago +3

    Its easy to “be with my family” when I’ve done the worst possible thing to them. 🤮

  • Adoulie
    Adoulie Day ago

    Why you apologizing bro? I thought you lived a "HEDONISTIC LIFESTYLE". You already got the money... dont............ letttemmmm........ make a ............................................. dennnnnnnnnnnNNNNNNNNNTTTTTTTTTT brrrrrrrOOOOOOOOOOOO. You can play in........... EURRRooooopPPE. and then................. floss your bugatti when you get hommme BROOOOOCHAAACHOOOOOO

  • Ssj Miggs
    Ssj Miggs Day ago +2

    “That’s still my boy!”

  • Zane Kalnāja
    Zane Kalnāja Day ago

    I am shocked, but we are all humans and I still think Chris is the best comedian ever!

  • Chosen One
    Chosen One Day ago +3


  • Trip Fisk
    Trip Fisk Day ago +9

    Ugh this is so phony and contrived. And cringe worthy

    • Dave Sproles
      Dave Sproles 8 hours ago +1 fact, quite honestly I don't know how it could any more open and genuine....can you not see his face?

  • Siri Duffa
    Siri Duffa Day ago +3

    The truth is that you (like many others) know that when these sorts of allegations come to light, it's best for PR purposes to lay low and give it some time for the dust to settle before asking for some form of forgiveness or understanding . With people's attention spans these days it's a smart move. But genuine? I'm not so sure.

  • Shelley McKenzie

    You coming back to at least the podcast man?

  • daddalonglegz0
    daddalonglegz0 Day ago

    Trying to back up that Brinks truck again I see.

  • Hargreaves
    Hargreaves Day ago +4

    So did he or did he not talk to underage girls cause it seems like he’s ignoring that lmao

  • J M
    J M Day ago

    You did nothing wrong, the sane people will always support you!

  • Terri Dactyl
    Terri Dactyl Day ago +1


  • Brown ブラウンGrant グラント

    “Ohhhhh realllllllllyyyyyy dudddeeee haw haw haw”
    Nice attempt to divert attention and try and rewrite the past. This was never about you being a “sex addict” this was about the allegations of creeping on underaged girls....super creep

  • Free Earth Citizen

    Good video Chris. First step towards turning it all around.

  • Austin Casey
    Austin Casey Day ago

    Anyone who comes here to say "Fuck him, he's done it, too late," Well, Fuck you. Life is about growth. That was about as good of a self reflecting, sincere apology as I have seen. And I'm not really even a fan of this guy. Best of luck man, the fact that you are thinking about your son and your role in his life is proof you will be a good dad.

    • Austin Casey
      Austin Casey 11 hours ago

      @Goldie Robinson Sorry, maybe I'm not up to date on everything, but were these things proven, or just alleged? I mean, Underage porn is really something that needs to be based on intent and knowledge with the access kids have to phones and the open nature of social media. I have seen nothing about him possessing underage porn, and though a 40 year old and an 18 year old is gross, it's not illegal.

    • Goldie Robinson
      Goldie Robinson Day ago +1

      But he only mentioned the stuff no one had a problem with other than thinking he was a bit of a creep. He never mentioned being accused of having underage porn.

    • JrSVT
      JrSVT Day ago


  • Scott Mathews
    Scott Mathews Day ago

    An ode to thy penis

  • Boz and Beyond
    Boz and Beyond Day ago

    I'm wearing this shirt on my only youtube video

  • LJ 1818
    LJ 1818 Day ago

    The things people will say and do if wealth is on the line. This guy doesn’t owe anyone anything yet here he is telling the world he’s a sex addict and he’s sorry. Hilarious

  • fruittitz
    fruittitz Day ago +1

    Everything’s gonna be alright man, we just gotta keep going brother. Don’t let the media & people get you down man, they’re empty people with no empathy. Humans make mistakes. This entire world has looked at the opposite sex in a lustful way once in their life, it’s just nature man. We’re all guilty of something man, but you chose to stop,quit & to love & not to lust anymore, & that’s what fucken matters because people till this day chose to continue to feed their lust. People aren’t aware that your struggling with feelings, remorse & possibly despair, due to feeling like you weren’t in control. It’s alright brother, I hope your partner & your REAL friends could forgive you man because I do. keep living man!!

  • Lee
    Lee Day ago

    The only thing you did wrong was hurt your family. Casual sex and hooking up with people is fine. I wouldn't even apologise for it because it just create sigma for other people who like to engage in casual sex.

  • Real Robot
    Real Robot Day ago

    This gave me utter extaculations of amazement

  • Matthew Robert
    Matthew Robert Day ago +1

    SHE WAS 17.

  • Gabe Garcia
    Gabe Garcia Day ago


  • Ocarina of Society

    I think you spoke very well here, and were extremely open on the subject. I think I'll make a video on this, but I just want to say you did very well with this video/response.

  • Merkaba
    Merkaba Day ago

    Isn't it time to come back now? If you're waiting for everyone to love you, I know you know that's never going to happen. Your fans are still here

  • vonplurring
    vonplurring Day ago


  • Brandenn MF
    Brandenn MF Day ago

    well d you just schooled me cuz I thought it wasn't wrong