Dixie and I Reveal the Morphe 2 Makeup Line | Charli D'Amelio

  • Published on Jul 30, 2020
  • hi everybody! well it's finally here! dixie and I have been keeping this a secret for so long. we've partnered with Morphe to launch the new Morphe 2 collection and we couldn't be more excited!! we love so many things about this collection and in this video, we are seeing the finished products for the first time, we tell you all about the products and share which ones are our favorites. we really hope you like the collection as much as we do! you can shop the Morphe 2 collection here: www.morphe.com/collections/morphe-2
    don’t forget to use my code CHARLI for 10% off Morphe 2 and all other Morphe products!
    about MORPHE 2 - HINT. TINT. GLOW
    meet a new line of light, multipurpose makeup that keeps it simple yet stunning launching TODAY 7.30.2020 at Morphe. flash-player.org/video/8Ky1DdZtFJA-video.html
    ☁️ Hint Hint Skin Tint (available in 20 shades) $17 ⁣⁣
    ☁️ Wondertint Cheek & Lip Mousse (available in 4 shades) $12 ⁣⁣
    ☁️ Jelly Eye Shimmer (available in 6 shades) $10 ⁣⁣
    ☁️ Gloss Pop Face & Eye Gloss $12⁣⁣
    ☁️ Glassified Lip Oil (available in 6 shades) $9 ⁣⁣
    ☁️ The Sweep Life Brush Collection + Bag $24 ⁣($54 value)⁣
    if any product on morphe.com becomes sold out, don't worry! check out Morphe stores or other participating retailers. anything that sells out will be restocked soon!

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    Shop The Morphe 2 Collection: www.morphe.com/collections/morphe-2
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    Lil' tw33ty 54 minutes ago

    Dixie: 😁hi guys today we are revealing makeup.

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    hey charli pls keep doing some videos for us ur fans as much as possible but if dont want to its ok i understand i dont want to force you if dont want so its ok thxx

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    you are both pretty and awsome i love you and you are a good tik tok prson

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    Why Charli so shy my volume for Dixie And valoume for charli ⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️

  • Presleigh’s Life

    Hi! Today I went to ulta and found your makeup line and got a lip oil and I love it, it is so beautiful please notice me I love you and Dixie so much❤️❤️

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    I love

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    Don't ruin this app

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    It's sold out 😢😢😢

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    hi charli and dixie i subscribed too your youtube videos

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    I love your tiktok and dixie's new song be happy and I am a huge huge fan of you both I followed you both on tiktok

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    Who keeps on getting lezhin yaoi manhwas as ads before almost every video?

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    I'm throwing up your ulgy

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    If u can do a video off u and Dixie playing hide and seek

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    This shet is a damn meme

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    Charli you are a mature queen and amazing you inspire me so much ly😌

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    You can speak french

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    tik tok is band

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    When she seems so wild on tiktok and then she’s so shy

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    I love you 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Trying to get 200 Subscribers sub now xD

    I hate griffin for cheating on Dixie 🥺❤️ I’m so so sorry for you Dixie

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    I might get there makeup 🤪🤪🤩🤩🤩

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    Im glad tiktok is banned so normal white girls dont get fame for doing nothing.

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    Ridiculous! You do not look professional. You don't know your makeup line, you are not a makeup guru or creator. Just your names. Sad. Oh and is this made in China?? thus making more money on bad products.

    RIONA KASHFI 5 hours ago

    I love you

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    like who doesn't have a palette nowadays?

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    Yo m'y queen

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    si il y a des francais n'esitez pas a likez

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    Charli my sister Ruby loves your tik toks and so do I, I watched renagade by you to learn how to do it

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    Eh we soy el unico que habla español aqui jaja

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    Who is wondering why Charlie D’Amelio still doesn’t have 60 Million Subs? :l

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    q:is this tik tockers trying to become relevant on youtube

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    Wow so much effort in this video

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    jake paul: 5 mill in 6 months never done before
    Charlie: 95 total mill views in 8 months & only 10 vids
    never done before

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    Charlie sound so quiet and innocent 😂 😂 😂

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    You and Dixie are so inspiring and cool🤩

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    hey can u do us all a flava and delete tik tok its gettin banned anyway and ur cringy


    Если здесь есть русские то лайк

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    Why does Dixie sound like a dude?

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    Charli's voice is so cute and satisfying! lol

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