Lamborghini Aventador SV v Huracan Performante - DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • Thanks to Kane Hennessy for the Huracan Performante: kanehennessy
    Thanks to Phil Dixon for the Aventador SV:
    It’s time for a supercar showdown! The Aventador SV is clearly the most powerful, packing a 6.5-litre V12 under the bonnet producing up to 750hp! But will the lighter Huracan Performante with its 5.2-litre V10 stand a chance? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
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Comments • 4 904

  • Aanas and Zaed
    Aanas and Zaed Day ago

    is v10 better than v12? I don't think so

  • ZEiD Animations
    ZEiD Animations 2 days ago

    1:41 when vtec kicks in

  • Bishal Fundamental
    Bishal Fundamental 2 days ago +1

    SO......why to spend more on aventador, my huracan is much better ha ha ha, I really made a better choice while buying my lambo, it is cheaper and better that aventador, am I right......?

  • Muhammet Esat Yavaş


  • Keaton Groom
    Keaton Groom 3 days ago

    IT BEAT IT!!!! Hahaha love my car

  • Harris Iqbal
    Harris Iqbal 3 days ago

    Spoiler alert: Lamborghini wins

  • Bobby Doughty
    Bobby Doughty 3 days ago

    Lol the SV sounds sick tho

  • KEIAN plays
    KEIAN plays 4 days ago

    Performante vs svj pls?

  • KEIAN plays
    KEIAN plays 4 days ago

    Oh huracan was fast😃

  • just do it
    just do it 4 days ago +1

    I m here beacuse deji vs ksi lambo and yeah

  • CyanideGaming!
    CyanideGaming! 4 days ago

    Awkward moment when the cheaper Lamborghini owns the more expensive one. xD

  • Izal Salleh
    Izal Salleh 4 days ago

    The huracan uses a dual clutch it has faster shifts than the sv

  • Johannes Lakarz
    Johannes Lakarz 5 days ago

    Why does the aventador even exist?

  • no name
    no name 5 days ago

    V12 you are loser
    Slower _-

  • Arman Taheri
    Arman Taheri 5 days ago

    The hurucane sounds like Audi R8.

  • Geagu Marius
    Geagu Marius 5 days ago

    That SV exhaust sound is pure ear porn

  • Wiktor Konczak
    Wiktor Konczak 5 days ago


  • No one And everyone
    No one And everyone 5 days ago

    I think there’s some river bias going on here

  • Ahsun Siddiqui
    Ahsun Siddiqui 6 days ago

    That’s all fake

  • Muhammad Ahmed Abbas

    The transmission in the venti is a single clutch whereas the one in the huracan is a dual clutch....

  • Will Ambrose
    Will Ambrose 7 days ago

    Before I watch, i think the huracan will win off the line but the aventador will win overall

  • KiwiM3P
    KiwiM3P 8 days ago

    Huracan better looking too

  • Azza Lenko
    Azza Lenko 8 days ago +1

    Race the Huracan and the 720s

  • Shawn
    Shawn 8 days ago

    there’s no way

  • masterxyr
    masterxyr 9 days ago

    Dude's got a plate with his name (fair enough) but with an FU too?

  • Adnin Zahin
    Adnin Zahin 12 days ago

    tuned huracan though

  • toss boi
    toss boi 12 days ago

    Umm.........aventador looks like a faster car

  • Daniel V
    Daniel V 12 days ago

    Please do huracan vs performante vs evo... who's with me?

  • Hussain khan
    Hussain khan 13 days ago

    I think this video is fake come man v10 vs v12 v12 fast compair v10

  • firman pukimak
    firman pukimak 13 days ago

    aventador s vs huracan performante vs centenario vs gallardo

  • Hybrid Gamerz
    Hybrid Gamerz 14 days ago +2

    i see the car, i saw wow
    i see the colour, i go away

  • Jamin Govender
    Jamin Govender 14 days ago

    that hurrican tuned🤤

  • gigamix mix
    gigamix mix 15 days ago +1

    This blew my mind. I always think of the V12’s as being quite a bit faster. I think the SV-J is one of the fastest cars on the track and I think still faster than the Performante. Correct me if I’m wrong

  • James Ellis
    James Ellis 16 days ago

    Race a Ferrari fxx k vs a Lamborghini Adventador cope against each other

  • Tumz mad
    Tumz mad 17 days ago

    For so much money you get those Arcade street fighter dials? well fuck that!!!

  • Steve Langdon
    Steve Langdon 17 days ago

    V10 sounds nicer too, way angrier less Hoover with a sock stuck up the end

  • Salih Güngör
    Salih Güngör 18 days ago

    This Is fake Lamborghini aventador Is better and faster

  • Hungerbert Empeldink
    Hungerbert Empeldink 18 days ago

    You drive better when you don't talk...clearly.

  • reus reus
    reus reus 19 days ago

    Both of car lost to mclaren 720s🤣🤣

  • Lamborghini
    Lamborghini 19 days ago +2

    The Aventador has a shit transmission end of story, imagine how stupid Aventador owners feel afther seeing this video

    • Fiat Multipla
      Fiat Multipla 15 days ago

      And I would take the OG Aventador instead the Huracan without thinking if I had the money.

    • Fiat Multipla
      Fiat Multipla 15 days ago

      I think most of then don't even care.
      Most of people who buy any supercar today probably just wants to appear in public.
      Supercars today are just a tool for exhibition.

  • World Events Judgement

    Car wow more of car shit!

  • Adarsh Acharya
    Adarsh Acharya 20 days ago

    SV owner doesn't know to drive, you'd know if you saw the actual SV launch

  • Damiano fortnite
    Damiano fortnite 22 days ago

    Lamborghini Huracan pervormanete 🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩

  • King Joshua
    King Joshua 23 days ago

    My dad has a cuz we won a 10,000,000 lottery and he RELLY COOL stuff

  • Agent Pig
    Agent Pig 23 days ago +1

    The huracan is lighter

  • Franken Pratik Kandulna

    It really is hard to believe...I mean so shocking results
    .....waao. & oh

    HYPER CARSISM 25 days ago

    Dual clutch is what’s the winner here

    RIDICULOUSWHIPS 26 days ago +1

    Lets just clear up some confusion everyone has here. In laymen terms- Huracan is a little lighter, less power faster gear changes (dual clutch). Aventador more power, lil heavier and longer gear changes (single clutch). 100bhp more power isnt enough to outweigh the huracan in drag race until a certain speed is achieved. Lambo gave aventador this for not only ‘driver experience’ for the big thump you get when changing gears in it, but when you get to 700 bhp, to increase the lifespan of the cars transmission/drivetrain it is recommended to keep this bullet proof single clutch for longevity of the car. Nothin will ever go wrong with it.
    These cars have a rolling race from 100mph, the aventador will win because it has more bhp and only weighs a little more. Huracan is lighter so to 100 or a lil over due to its momentum in this video from the start it is faster, keep goin past 1/4 mile the aventador pulls back.
    Even the stock huracan wins against Aventador and looses faster due to it being heavier than the performonte.
    Basically, If we gave the aventador dual clutch it would be neck and neck with these cars up until 60 mph i’d say for that race against balance of weight n power each car has, then after that aventador would pull away. But it doesnt, it has single clutch, and this is why the result is as shown. Theres many videos out there of aventadors outrunning huracans. Huracan owners dont like to admit it but its one of those. Aventador has a better top speed due to less drag coefficient + more power.
    Here is an old example of the gen 1 aventador with a bone stock 700bhp winning a longer distance
    Now lets kick it up a notch and upgrade our Aventador from normal, to SVJ, which comes lighter than original aventador and has 50bhp more, also due to the better drivetrain/frame over the years of development the aventador beats the performante as you will see on this link @2:25
    And its still single clutch.. theres that same reason I mentioned earlier.
    Boyd and girls, if you ever want to buy a lambo, you buy aventador. V12 is a sound you cannot beat, nor the interior upholstery & stitching. It is the big daddy, and the show stopper.
    If you want bang for your buck, the cheapest option is the audi r8v10plus which is a huracan, but with a different body.
    Shown here @0:24
    Its obvious. Just my nightly thoughts after reading this comment section 🥳

  • Alex Limitless
    Alex Limitless 26 days ago

    This Lambo is better looking...

  • Music' N 'Games' N 'Cars

    This whole video confused me😂

  • Music' N 'Games' N 'Cars

    Next time put the weight! And sv driver always changed gears at 7500-8000 rpm compared to the huracan he changed pass 8k most shifts

  • Juan Gutierrez
    Juan Gutierrez 27 days ago

    Aventador frened

  • TheTrotterTrainSpot
    TheTrotterTrainSpot 27 days ago

    You should Dodge Challenger SET Demon vs. Lamborghini Huracan

  • micdoses1
    micdoses1 27 days ago

    Slow Lamborghini's

  • Dani Nagy
    Dani Nagy 27 days ago

    The Huracan sound better than Aventador.

  • Hayden Davis-Lane
    Hayden Davis-Lane 28 days ago

    The Huracan Perf was always going to beat the Aventador - it’s dual clutch and lighter, the Aventador has an aggressive launch control but it spins the wheels too much. The Huracan Perf’s engineering is superior to the Aventador SV.

  • TheBossOfBread
    TheBossOfBread 28 days ago

    The Huracan may be faster but boiiiii the V12 sounds epic

  • Chandan
    Chandan 29 days ago +4

    Main drawback of Aventador is single clutch transmission...

  • Lincoln Smith
    Lincoln Smith Month ago

    The guy in the adventador is just a pussy

  • - NjjX
    - NjjX Month ago +1

    Aventador is heavier. Bigger engine. More cylinders dont mean more power. Better forced induction and less weight is faster.