Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Sour Patch Kids | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
  • Join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make a gourmet version of Sour Patch Kids!
    The Sour Patch Kids met in high school in Wichita, Kansas in 1964 and within two years were touring the world. At the time, they couldn’t have known they would become the biggest pop act of the decade, but with the perfect blend of talent, timing and dedication their ascension seems almost preordained in retrospect. Jimmy Redd’s swooning vocals, Janet Cherry’s lead guitar, Bill Lemon’s bouncy bass and Martha Green’s driving drums were met by screaming fans from Kansas to Kyoto. The songs “My Sugar Kid” (1965) and “Your Sour Smile” (1967) are now considered important contributions to the American music canon.
    These were the good years. The band’s legend grew and the money poured in. Their label, Sweet Sounds Music Group, pushed them to reach their audiences in new ways, building out their merchandising arm into clothing, lunch boxes and even a sour sugar-coated gummy candy. However, the label was also arguably responsible for the band’s downfall. In response to slightly drooping numbers, the label, citing a clause in the band’s contract that the four excited teenagers did not notice before signing back in 1964, added a new member to the group: Barry Blue. The new member of The Sour Patch Kids was not well received, within the band or by the fans. Critics considered his music style to be a step backwards to the band’s earliest sound, which many considered them to have grown out of. And in May of 1969, the creative differences came to a head and the band broke up. The label had the original four members blacklisted and they stopped making music all together. The only remnant of their success is the music they made and the Sour Patch Kids candy which remains popular to this day.
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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Sour Patch Kids | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit
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  • Erdrick68
    Erdrick68 14 minutes ago

    Delany has never been more right (about the watermelon).

  • Rachel Miller
    Rachel Miller 34 minutes ago

    Claire you should try making a Daim or TimTam bar!

  • The Bomb Digity
    The Bomb Digity Hour ago

    Claire I have to say normally I really enjoy these but this episode was a huge let down. It very much felt like you didn't care for the project. Looks as if your coping out on this one. Still love u tho 😘 10/10 best chef ever

  • Victoria
    Victoria 2 hours ago +1

    Ese pañuelo verde en el 5:00 es de Gabi de casualidad??? Aborto legal, seguro y gratuito

  • Fernanda Pomares
    Fernanda Pomares 2 hours ago +1

    My mouth was watering the whole time! Here in Mexico we have a candy called Selz soda which is a hollow hard candy with citric acid powder on the inside, it fizzes in the mouth. Also, what if you tried making Milk duds or Takis fuego (I'm specially curious about how would you achieve the flavour of those).

  • Saqib Ahmad
    Saqib Ahmad 2 hours ago

    I feel like Claire MUST do a gourmet candy corn next. I hate candy corn but. Spooky season 🎃💀🦴

  • Seeran Enayet
    Seeran Enayet 2 hours ago

    I love you Claire but....did no one mention Turkish delight? A similar dessert in terms of consistency that doesn’t have any gelatin...

  • O'Donnell Andrew
    O'Donnell Andrew 3 hours ago

    Me: "Oh this episode should be pretty eas-"
    Episode length: *50 hours*
    Me: "O-oh"

  • Shani Sp
    Shani Sp 3 hours ago

    Make popcorners

  • Fallen Rose
    Fallen Rose 3 hours ago

    Do slim Jim's!!

  • E B
    E B 3 hours ago

    “That’s the description. What are they gonna do, give tasting notes of the grain alcohol??” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jake Fletcher
    Jake Fletcher 3 hours ago

    Claire make Nilla Wafers!!

  • Br. Joseph Paul Albin
    Br. Joseph Paul Albin 3 hours ago

    I would like to hang out with everyone in the BA kitchen. That is all.

  • Lacey Bennett
    Lacey Bennett 4 hours ago

    Gourmet Dino nuggets 😂😂

  • A I
    A I 4 hours ago

    Did anyone read the detailed description?! 😝😂

  • literallysydd
    literallysydd 4 hours ago

    every time i see this i just think about how high their food cost must be

  • DasVERMiT
    DasVERMiT 4 hours ago +1

    If Claire loves sour so much, she should do *WARHEADS!*

  • Sadie Nailed it
    Sadie Nailed it 4 hours ago

    when she pulls them out of the dehydrator and says "look at what happened" too funny

  • Daba Willian
    Daba Willian 4 hours ago

    31:38 2 shots of vodka!

  • Lucy Legassie
    Lucy Legassie 5 hours ago

    She should make fruit by the fruut next! Like this to get it to the top

  • Samanta Choi
    Samanta Choi 5 hours ago

    Gourmet chef makes goldfish crackers snacks!!

  • I Did This For The Comments.

    why even use the rind? Serious question.

  • Melissa Robyn
    Melissa Robyn 5 hours ago

    Do a Passion Flaky.

  • alana davis
    alana davis 5 hours ago

    2 shots of vodka 31:38

  • Anais Bilodeau
    Anais Bilodeau 5 hours ago

    Please make Coffee Crisp chocolate bars!

  • Charlotte The Unicorn
    Charlotte The Unicorn 6 hours ago +1

    20:54 that eye roll tho

  • Tondria Sanders
    Tondria Sanders 6 hours ago

    I love Cosmo! Carla you’ve got a cute baby 💜

  • SJBLivesOn
    SJBLivesOn 6 hours ago

    You should try moon pies!!

  • ellis rell
    ellis rell 6 hours ago

    gourmet terry’s chocolate orange? (claire ily and apologize in advance)

  • Anh Hong Nguyen
    Anh Hong Nguyen 6 hours ago

    Claire, can you make butterfinger next?

  • Sena_T
    Sena_T 6 hours ago +1


  • Brayden Register
    Brayden Register 6 hours ago

    Did she read the ingredients?

  • Amanda Ingraham
    Amanda Ingraham 6 hours ago

    Claire: '...but I still don't want to do it.' Claire is my spirit animal.

  • Majilikin
    Majilikin 7 hours ago

    Has she done gourmet easy cheese? I think that could be interesting, if not impossible

  • Kaylei Mason
    Kaylei Mason 7 hours ago

    she didn’t make a blue 😤

  • Ashley
    Ashley 7 hours ago +1

    Please make different types of gum! I think Claire would enjoy wrapping them

  • taotefling
    taotefling 7 hours ago

    Poor Claire. I think she could use a couple shots of that Everclear.

  • DontBurnTheDOPE
    DontBurnTheDOPE 7 hours ago

    can you make sour patch ice cream?

  • Ara Karbaski
    Ara Karbaski 7 hours ago +1

    My mouth is watering watching this.

  • eli
    eli 7 hours ago

    is this not just basically tasty's make it fancy??

  • Antoinette Albert
    Antoinette Albert 8 hours ago


  • Reagan K
    Reagan K 8 hours ago

    I want some

  • Silvia
    Silvia 8 hours ago

    Bit mad about the 6 ads 😒

  • Valeria Esquivel
    Valeria Esquivel 8 hours ago


  • The cheesy gamer
    The cheesy gamer 9 hours ago

    You should make gourmet takis!

  • Maria Bou
    Maria Bou 9 hours ago

    Alex is so supportive and sweet,, I wanna husband him up.

  • Maria Bou
    Maria Bou 9 hours ago

    Gourmet Makes is the only thing that keeps me going. Thank you Claire.

  • Vincent Paglia
    Vincent Paglia 9 hours ago

    Wouldn't they absorb the Everclear? I did that with gummy bears and vodka once

  • Vicky Guzman
    Vicky Guzman 9 hours ago

    please make gourmet takis🥺

  • Bianca Robertson
    Bianca Robertson 9 hours ago

    You guys don't like sour patch kids? What is wrong with you....

    *y-you monster*

  • Youve yeed Your last haw

    Am i really about to watch someone make sour patch kids for 40 minutes?
    Yes... yes i am

  • AndreaJane
    AndreaJane 9 hours ago +1

    Cosmo: “nothing is too sour.”
    Me: Yo tambien, Cosmo, ... yo. tambien.

  • Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson 9 hours ago

    I think you need an easy one, how about gourmet Pixie Stix?

  • Mary Salinas
    Mary Salinas 10 hours ago

    Make gourmet nerds rope :)

  • Sh00k
    Sh00k 10 hours ago

    Make gourmet “Animal Crackers”

  • Nikki Marie
    Nikki Marie 10 hours ago

    You should do blow pops !!

  • Ale Groe
    Ale Groe 11 hours ago

    Please make gourmet takis!!!!

  • Qu33n0fK1ng5
    Qu33n0fK1ng5 11 hours ago

    I love Sohla's Clementine hat!!

  • Zachary Hutchinson
    Zachary Hutchinson 11 hours ago

    make gourmet candy necklaces! or candy cigarettes!

  • Milagros Rodriguez Nobile

    claire: rhoda, help me!
    rhoda: whats wrong?
    claire: im afraid

  • Savanah Allen
    Savanah Allen 12 hours ago

    Make candy corn

  • Joe Login
    Joe Login 12 hours ago

    Plz plz plz make MOAM’s

  • Reagan Doehring
    Reagan Doehring 12 hours ago

    This video made me salivate

  • Rachel Kelley
    Rachel Kelley 12 hours ago

    Cosmo is literally adorable.

  • voidyss
    voidyss 13 hours ago

    Gabby and Rhoda should get their own series as well!! They're such heartwarming genuine women, I enjoy their cameos sooo freaking much!! PLS give Rhoda and Gabby some recognition!

  • John Mendenhall
    John Mendenhall 13 hours ago

    Am I the only one who finds Alex Delany SUPER adorable?

  • Kristin McMasters
    Kristin McMasters 14 hours ago +1

    Why do I see no comments about the description of this video? It is perfectly articulated. Thank you video description story teller. You are my favorite! 🖤

  • Nora Larkin
    Nora Larkin 14 hours ago

    Ok but I really wanna see Claire try Jelly Bellies ...

  • Kala Ngaue
    Kala Ngaue 14 hours ago

    Chocolate orange????

  • margie reyes
    margie reyes 14 hours ago

    Why is nobody talking about Carla’s amazing tan???

  • that1yoshi •_•
    that1yoshi •_• 16 hours ago

    I have an idea for what to make gourmet next.
    Gourmet Butterfinger

  • Julia Seel
    Julia Seel 16 hours ago

    Claire, why are you averse to invert sugar? [Waves hands in distressed candy-maker]

    • Julia Seel
      Julia Seel 16 hours ago

      Adding the hard sugar Made Invert Sugar in your mixture! Hence the goo!!

  • M2i0c0h6e2l0l1e4 S
    M2i0c0h6e2l0l1e4 S 17 hours ago

    What happens with all the food that isn’t the end result ?

  • blankroyai
    blankroyai 17 hours ago

    Cosmo got that Delaney vibe lol 😂

  • Shima Isra
    Shima Isra 17 hours ago

    Do you think this is worse or better than the pop rocks.

  • Brian McNay
    Brian McNay 17 hours ago

    His name. Is. Cosmo.

  • noot noot
    noot noot 18 hours ago

    Gourmet jelly babies?

  • AkIsUkIro
    AkIsUkIro 18 hours ago

    She should try to make Toxic Waste

  • BTS Obsessed
    BTS Obsessed 18 hours ago

    I'd love to see her make: Cadbury Caramilk
    HUGE controversy over it New Zealand and Australia.
    First time they bought it back it was Limited Edition and SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE.
    THEN it was recalled due to plastic pieces ending up in the chocolate.
    No one cared because it was SO HARD TO GET, we ate it anyway.
    Now it's back on our shelves permanently but because it's no longer LIMITED EDISH, they've diluted the recipe and it's no where near as good.

  • Carlos Carden
    Carlos Carden 20 hours ago

    Fruit loops?!?!?!?

  • Shaylin Ng
    Shaylin Ng 22 hours ago

    gourmet fruit loops

  • Alan Lee
    Alan Lee 23 hours ago

    Claire should make Andy Capps Cheddar Fries

  • Alex Vikhlyantsev

    Rhoda is a fairy mother for Claire, just as in Cinderella😂

  • Nicole Ibrahim
    Nicole Ibrahim Day ago

    i would die for claire fromthebonapetittestkitchen

  • t0n A
    t0n A Day ago

    I was waiting for cosmos’s reaction
    Thanks to his mom to film him for us

  • Lauren Kelly
    Lauren Kelly Day ago

    claire should recreate those halloween pillsbury cookies they are so good but could be way better

  • Mikayla Allen
    Mikayla Allen Day ago

    Did anybody else realize when she asked cosmos to Mom😘 if she had a Sour patch kid they both said not that long ago 2:42 8:38

  • M C
    M C Day ago

    Ummm can I put in a request for the Haribo gummy peaches? The best candy!

  • Ethan L
    Ethan L Day ago

    "it's summer and camps are over" wait whaaattt i didn't realize this was filmed so much in advance lol

  • Itz ProudNaos
    Itz ProudNaos Day ago +1

    Plz do ritz

  • Itz ProudNaos
    Itz ProudNaos Day ago +1

    The description tho

  • Anna Castro
    Anna Castro Day ago

    I sympathize with Claire's struggle, but replacing the blue sour patch kid with a GRAPE one is a transgression I simply cannot forgive!

  • Megan Daniels
    Megan Daniels Day ago

    do nerds plz

  • Maiah Alice
    Maiah Alice Day ago +1

    @31:35 “two shots of vodka”

  • LJFM
    LJFM Day ago

    23:58 you won't be sorry

  • Ezzah Rauf
    Ezzah Rauf Day ago

    Now she's got to
    Make 👏
    It 👏
    Fancy 👏

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    Oscar Coxson Day ago

    We all must protect Cosmo😭❤️

  • Caitlyn Rawlings

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  • Caitlyn Rawlings

    i would die for clairefromtheBAtestkitchen
    -mikes mic

  • E Phelps
    E Phelps Day ago +1

    I would love to see Claire make gourmet Dots, Blowpops, Tootsie Roll pops, and Valomilk.