Eminem Rips Donald Trump In BET Hip Hop Awards Freestyle Cypher

  • Published on Oct 11, 2017
  • Eminem is back! And he's in classic bar-for-bar form going kamikaze at Donald Trump from his Detroit home. The cyphers went crazy too. Peep.
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  • Entertainment

Comments • 238 818

  • Beliane Guillauto
    Beliane Guillauto 9 hours ago

    Hey, black person here. I still believe President Trump was the better choice from 2016.

  • Malophetus
    Malophetus 10 hours ago

    Marshall, your coffee is hot but WTF you brew decaf??

    CYBER GURUS 10 hours ago +1

    Dats an awfli hat cafee pot. -pronounciation

  • Zach Maclean
    Zach Maclean 10 hours ago

    This is sooooooooo me like were sync

  • Thicc_xan
    Thicc_xan 11 hours ago

    I only came here for one thing and one thing only 0:16

  • Little AverageYT
    Little AverageYT 14 hours ago

    Em is the biggest troll of the century "that's an awfully hot coffee pot"

  • Knallen
    Knallen 15 hours ago

    That's an awfully hot coffee pot,
    did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself? Probobly not

  • carsisbest
    carsisbest 15 hours ago

    This is still a modern day classic

  • 9gamma
    9gamma 16 hours ago

    I really don't care for rap but as long as Eminem is not a Trump supporter I like him

  • TomTheSoupCat
    TomTheSoupCat 16 hours ago

    That’s an awfully hot coffee pot,
    “This must be the work of an enemy stand user!” “Probably not”

  • Leah Marie
    Leah Marie 16 hours ago


  • Savage Playa
    Savage Playa 16 hours ago

    Eminem's album after this did the worst it's ever done. The line made its mark

  • Samantha Lykins
    Samantha Lykins 20 hours ago

    Trump 2020

  • George Washington
    George Washington 20 hours ago

    0:19 when you see a hot coffee pot and think about dropping it on Donald trump but then have second thoughts

  • Lime
    Lime 21 hour ago

    Coming back to this freestyle, I realize why its so bad. He only, ONLY talks politics. Hip-hop, especially the type Eminem was so masterful at was all about breaking down walls and going against what people say about you. He does the exact opposite here by going after the easiest target imaginable, the biggest loudmouth of the US. Not to mention he talks about issues like gun control. He's divisive in all the wrong ways here.

  • Jayden Kasheri
    Jayden Kasheri 22 hours ago +1

    Em for president 2020

  • thinLord
    thinLord 23 hours ago

    This is fake news

  • ry_er
    ry_er Day ago +1

    “That’s an awfully hot coffee pot, did Jeffery Epstein kill himself probably not.”
    -Eminem 2019

  • Brett Yarnall
    Brett Yarnall Day ago

    Bro what?

  • ItsKyng
    ItsKyng Day ago


  • Ha Ha
    Ha Ha Day ago

    0:19 that's a awfully hot coffee pot did Epstein kill himself probably not

  • Paul Mumford
    Paul Mumford Day ago

    Okay boomer

  • Brendan Berney
    Brendan Berney Day ago

    I love how the comments were nasty politically fueled debates 2 years ago and now it’s just everyone spamming “tHaT’s aN aWfUlLy hOt cOfFeE pOt”

  • Hambling Gaming
    Hambling Gaming Day ago

    That's an awfully hot coffee pot
    Did Epstein kill himself?
    Probably not. - Pewdiepie 2019

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy Day ago

    Thats an awfully hot cofffe pot
    Did Jeffery Epstein
    Kill himself
    Probably not

  • Kaylin Willi
    Kaylin Willi Day ago +1

    Eminem killed this freestyle! Donald Trump is probably scared of him!

  • JaxonCan’tSkate

    “That’s an awfully hot coffee pot ☕️♨️
    Did Jeffery Epstein kill himself? Probably not”

  • Sieta Peterzon
    Sieta Peterzon Day ago

    Thats is an awfully hot coffee pot indeed eminem

  • DrAltzheimer
    DrAltzheimer Day ago +1

    Ok Boomer

    LLGS ELEMENT Day ago

    Stick to rappin boi gtfo with the political dialogue

  • M.D.S.D
    M.D.S.D Day ago

    gets his rocks off😆

  • IsakThaBro
    IsakThaBro Day ago

    When he said ”Ma.. AGH” i felt that

  • Christian Revelator

    Eminem thinks he is black , but in reality he is a wife beater and a cheater.

  • Spazus
    Spazus Day ago

    This reminds me of doug’s poetry slam from 22 jump

  • Akash Sharma
    Akash Sharma Day ago

    Who's here after pewds tweet

  • ya boi
    ya boi Day ago

    Eminem: that’s an awefully hot coffee pot
    Guys I’m the back: :0000

  • Dead Man Off Acid

    Coffee pots aside, he dropped some fire once the ball got rolling.

  • Dimitris Ntasios

    Yall guys here after pewds new vid to see the awfully hot coffee pot?

  • MegaCoooy
    MegaCoooy Day ago

    posts that did not age well

  • Trael Cutter
    Trael Cutter Day ago

    When you touch an awfully hot coffee pot 0:18

  • TheNightOwl 47
    TheNightOwl 47 Day ago

    That's an awfully hot coffee pot,
    Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?
    Probably not.

  • raenman
    raenman Day ago

    How crazy would it be if after all this time Trump came with a disstrack bruh he’d break the internet

  • A Person
    A Person Day ago

    I could do better tbh

  • Invisible Hotdog

    Are we sure this isn't an Eminem impersonator?

  • Blue Landscape
    Blue Landscape Day ago

    I’m came here from pewdiepie

  • Sakuwa
    Sakuwa Day ago

    "That's an awfully hot coffee pot☕♨️
    Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?
    Probably not"

  • Jewelz Experimental

    I'm gonna take a razor to my nutsack!!
    What does the wolf say when he goes to the 3rd pig's house?
    When you get a sticky hand toy from the quarter machine at the laundromat.
    Building a Lego tower in elementary school for the first time with your teacher. Dad please come home.
    (Pls this last one is just a joke.)
    After every Military Commercial.

  • Erik Kozhevnikov

    Ok boomer

  • Angry BlondE
    Angry BlondE Day ago

    2 years later and 15 yo "classical liberal" white boys who watch Jordan Peterson and Stephen Crowder are still mad over this lmfao

  • Arthur
    Arthur Day ago +1

    Man, what happened to Eminem?
    Everybody laments when a cultural idol dies, but I'm just glad when a legend dies before THIS happens to them...

  • Zoltán Bartha
    Zoltán Bartha Day ago +1

    eminem dissed every single president you expect him not to go for trump lol

  • daniel smith
    daniel smith Day ago +1

    buddy kinda spazzed

  • Maui McNword
    Maui McNword Day ago

    I like this video because I have been saying Eminem is retarded for years and all my friends told me I was just hating on him but now they all agree with me

  • Iftekhar Tashik
    Iftekhar Tashik Day ago

    That's an awfully hot coffee pot
    Did Jeffrey Epstein killed himself? Probably not

  • Dinojansi
    Dinojansi Day ago

    That's an awfully hot coffee pot
    Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?
    Probably not

  • Eliott1L2T
    Eliott1L2T Day ago

    Pretty whack tbh. Still love you em.

  • ???
    ??? Day ago

    when u touch the coffee pot and its hot

  • Just Isaac
    Just Isaac Day ago

    Donald Trump: exists

    Eminem: HoT CoFfIe PoT wE FiNg HaTe TrUmP.

    he said fro trump supporters that listen to him to f off but homie, why ya gotta do me like that, ive listend to you for years and u just gonna throw us away cuz your mad at the orange guy in the white house, come on.

  • Just Isaac
    Just Isaac Day ago

    cmon em stay outta politics homie this vid sucks. your takin an L on this one bro.

  • Kj Lastname
    Kj Lastname Day ago

    Lmaooo imagine literally not doing anything wrong and this dudes jumping around rambling