Lil Kim, Junior M.A.F.I.A. & More Shut Down The Stage With Classic Hits! | Hip Hop Awards ‘19

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
  • Lil Kim brings out O.T. Gensis, Musiq Soulchild and Junior M.A.F.I.A to perform her classic hits! She reminds everyone why she IS hip hop! #HipHopAwards #HipHopAwards2019
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Comments • 6 545

  • BETNetworks
    BETNetworks  4 months ago +309

    Watch the 'Making Of' this performance now! Check out: Lil Kim's Rehearsal 360 now!

    • Marc Green
      Marc Green Month ago +1

      The queen B is definitely BOSS

    • Apache Girl
      Apache Girl 3 months ago +2

      Kim performance was horrible 😢 , she was out of breath, breathing hard , couldn't keep up ,she's now in her ,40s, n alot heavier!

  • Ralph Williams
    Ralph Williams 9 hours ago +1

    I watched this performance alot of times lil kim is epic

  • sca sca
    sca sca Day ago

    Peinliches Plastik!! Biggie würde sich im Grab drehen wenn er sie so sehen und hören könnte

  • Kim Broadie
    Kim Broadie Day ago

    Hay My daughter dance teacher Valencia that her with Rick Ross and she help choreograph yes bull city hillside Hornets where y'all at. NC Durham rep

  • NC Old-Soul
    NC Old-Soul Day ago

    Kim wears things to hide her waist but it makes her look like thighs are connected to her breast. Like no waist. Like Mike she had hits when she darker Lil Kim. I never knew her to really dance. What's the robot move.
    Can't take the hits from her. Getting my groove on.

  • Mommie& Onii
    Mommie& Onii Day ago

    I wanna go to the BET awards one of these years😭 somebody let's plan it

  • koi leuj
    koi leuj 2 days ago


  • schilds34
    schilds34 3 days ago +1

    The general

  • Радик Радугаев

    Cant see anything beautiful in this performance

  • Kago Molokwane
    Kago Molokwane 4 days ago


  • Niokia Johnson
    Niokia Johnson 5 days ago +1

    Lil Kim was so beautiful But she still The QUEEN BEE 👑🐝

  • Khairul Jay
    Khairul Jay 6 days ago

    The real queen b for me is only lil Kim. Beyonce is only Jay's queen b.

  • Chris Witherspoon
    Chris Witherspoon 6 days ago

    Lil Kim you are so damn beautiful and sexy I wish you were my wife

  • Starr Williams
    Starr Williams 7 days ago +1

    WHERE WAS DIDDY BLACK *@@????? 🤔😡

  • Contrakulture Escapamentos

    Name music one ?

  • laterrica reliford
    laterrica reliford 11 days ago

    Why Diddy didn’t perform !?

  • Krizzy III
    Krizzy III 11 days ago +1

    I just came here to see lil Kim spit that quiet storm 🔥

  • E N S O N T I
    E N S O N T I 12 days ago +1

    Musiq ❤️

  • Dawn Thompson
    Dawn Thompson 12 days ago +1

    Why didn't she just lip sinc? lol

  • Racquel Le'Andra
    Racquel Le'Andra 12 days ago

    Who y'all think getting HEAD 1st... Megan Thee Stallion or OT Genesis if they together? Lmao

  • Melvin Jacobs
    Melvin Jacobs 13 days ago

    Lil Kim just looks fat

  • Sayon Coley
    Sayon Coley 15 days ago

    Hip Hop Moguls must Go broke before Hip Hop sees it's prominence again.

  • Vivian M
    Vivian M 16 days ago +5

    Lil Kim the true Queen💛🔥

  • Mira Bella
    Mira Bella 16 days ago +4

    Momma did her thang and that outfit is 🔥

  • Ms oddballz
    Ms oddballz 17 days ago +3

    Lil kim did the damn thing. She deserves to get her roses now. I don't care that she got out of breath. She still killed it.

  • Driarmonie Davidiglus123
    Driarmonie Davidiglus123 17 days ago +2

    Legendary 💎🔥

  • Nepor Ngobeh
    Nepor Ngobeh 18 days ago +1

    What song is it when she does the plane move?

    • Ty Yovng
      Ty Yovng 13 days ago

      Nepor Ngobeh quiet storm

  • Justina Razo
    Justina Razo 19 days ago +1

    Yea she's getting a little old .. I'm 34 now .. but she is truly one of the best female performers that no one in this new generation will ever compare to. Even as much as they try .. There's only 1 Queen Bee

  • LeChat SansidéeFixe
    LeChat SansidéeFixe 19 days ago


  • Natron  Sneed
    Natron Sneed 20 days ago +2

    I miss the old Kim but she still killed it even though she kept running out of breath lol

  • Slay by Symphonic
    Slay by Symphonic 20 days ago +1

    i’m teyana.

  • Player Guido
    Player Guido 21 day ago +1

    Baby the queen bee on a level by herself every other Bow Down

  • Cr-staaalll A
    Cr-staaalll A 22 days ago

    Came through dripping 👑 🐝

  • Guard Shack
    Guard Shack 22 days ago

    I grew up off of Lil Kim but she looks a hot mess but anyway go awf boooooooo

  • Charles Parker
    Charles Parker 23 days ago +2

    This made me wish I was born in BK!! Guess I gotta settle being from St Louis...

  • Jaime F
    Jaime F 24 days ago

    What the hell was she on?

  • Bigge Smalls
    Bigge Smalls 24 days ago +3

    Bigge smiling in heaven sipping on moet rip king

  • Rashun Evans
    Rashun Evans 24 days ago

    all that plastic she cant even move she so stiff i hate she did that

  • Jimmy Parson
    Jimmy Parson 24 days ago +3

    It was so great Junior Mafia and Lil Kim on stage together again!!

  • Xena Gomez
    Xena Gomez 24 days ago

    Still love u Kim,but what did u do to your body,yikes!!!!!!

  • Diana Jones-Ramos
    Diana Jones-Ramos 25 days ago

    Lol Cease ❤

  • David
    David 25 days ago

    She wants to be Nicki Minaj so bad

  • Kantrell Walker
    Kantrell Walker 25 days ago

    I love love LOVE this!! QUEEN BEE....I can watch this over and over

  • Johnabelle Saunders
    Johnabelle Saunders 25 days ago +2

    Lil kim get it honey !!! I'll buy concert tickets 2020 no problem

  • Kyle crush kammins The smash wrestler machines

    i love you lil Kim you are the best

  • Veronica Bain Show
    Veronica Bain Show 27 days ago +2

    My girl lil' Kim show them want na beings. how it gaddamn done.. Nuff respect!

  • C.C. Benjie
    C.C. Benjie 27 days ago

    I get sad that women feel there is an expiration on sexiness. Healthy & Happy are timeless traits.

  • SoWhat Bitcch
    SoWhat Bitcch 28 days ago

    She can barely move

  • Sapphire Steamy
    Sapphire Steamy 28 days ago


  • hello achi
    hello achi 28 days ago +1

    Daammmmnnnn! Lil Kim is hawwwwwtttt!!!

  • Blackberry 2.0
    Blackberry 2.0 28 days ago

    I wonder if she hadn't got all that surgery done to her body she wouldn't look like she stiff

  • hiddenuareand willremain

    Kin looka a lil outta bref she the original baby,

  • Phuc You
    Phuc You 28 days ago +4

    Not a single White person in the audience.

  • Evelyn Marthins
    Evelyn Marthins 28 days ago


  • k t
    k t 29 days ago

    The original black Barbie dressed in bulgari.. kim didn't have to write her songs she can freestyle...

  • Estradajustdoit
    Estradajustdoit 29 days ago

    Kim not the same person😒😒😒 I like her original look better

  • Suanna Waldron
    Suanna Waldron 29 days ago

    She is so fake

  • Isabella Belleza
    Isabella Belleza 29 days ago

    What were the songs that she was rapping?

  • Camillá Lashay
    Camillá Lashay 29 days ago

    Now that’s how you KNOW you’re a legend! Different DECADES of people rapping every word of your songs. Look how hyped everybody was

  • Vir Dim
    Vir Dim 29 days ago +1

    ебатиь как круто ..