I Stayed at the UK’s WORST Rated HOTELS (TripAdvisor Reviews)

  • I Visited the top 2 worst rated Hotels in the UK at 2 major cities, Birmingham and Manchester... How bad do you think these places are and would you stay there?
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Comments • 228

  • Noah Abbott
    Noah Abbott 2 hours ago

    video idea: Hi Ben, you could give glenn or any of your friends a budget for a hotel,house,boat etc. for you and them to go away anywhere in the world for a couple of nights or so. they have to book all the activities and find food for you both to eat

  • Henry Fladung
    Henry Fladung 8 hours ago

    This guy really changed for the better since a few years back, the quality has gone way up, respect

  • Jackyduger6
    Jackyduger6 Day ago

    We’re still waiting for you to drive to Africa

  • John Russell
    John Russell Day ago

    Yo that guarda 😍😍

  • JLR 1996
    JLR 1996 3 days ago

    Up the brummies 😂🇬🇧

  • Happiness NOW
    Happiness NOW 3 days ago +1

    Hi Ben, recently discovered your channel, awesome content buddy…How about a stay at (The Forrest Hermitage) in Warwickshire? Can you accept the challenge 🤔😃

  • the travelling surrogate

    Sleeping fully clothed 100% does not stop bed bugs...

  • G N
    G N 4 days ago

    I don't think Glen showered at all during the whole video. Such a lad. You guys are cute together.

  • Al Beshure
    Al Beshure 8 days ago

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    *(Look up at the sky and ask God)*

  • DPIN
    DPIN 9 days ago +1

    Unsubscribed you because you don't post videos regularly 👍🏻

  • aspect claw
    aspect claw 9 days ago

    Look at the videos 2 years back he has no beard

  • Phoebe Proctor
    Phoebe Proctor 10 days ago

    You should do a buying Amazon return pallet video

  • Stephen H
    Stephen H 10 days ago

    Catch Covid? If you're lucky!

  • Gazwilliams
    Gazwilliams 10 days ago

    The worst hotel in Manchester used to be ‘Hotel International’ it had bars on the window and cigarette burns everywhere. Made a cracking breakfast though but it’s now been demolished. Probably for the best.

  • dacostadoes
    dacostadoes 10 days ago

    Why did you move back from Dubai ?

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou 10 days ago

    has so many ares for you to explore.

  • Mary Catherine
    Mary Catherine 10 days ago

    No shade but Are you not worryed travelling around with the threat of the virus??

  • Birdie boo
    Birdie boo 10 days ago

    Worst hotel is Manchester is called Sashas I’m city centre near Piccadilly go that one

  • Harrison Abbott
    Harrison Abbott 10 days ago

    Video idea, Come to the Isle of Wight for a weekend ⛱️

  • Jamie Jackson
    Jamie Jackson 11 days ago

    Try the best western lothersdale hotel in Morecambe

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou 10 days ago +1

      Good video and Huel is actually quality.

  • Jamieleigh Carradice
    Jamieleigh Carradice 11 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣 it has that pontins smell love it !!

  • Scotty UTP
    Scotty UTP 11 days ago

    Salford is pronounced SALL ford

  • Marina Abroad
    Marina Abroad 11 days ago +1

    I would have left the second hotel quickly!!

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty 11 days ago

    Are we going to ignore the fact that Ben sleeps with socks on?

  • Charlie Goan
    Charlie Goan 11 days ago

    My Great Aunt always maintained that the Hagley Road was full of hotels used by 'Women of the Night'.

  • Khushan.
    Khushan. 12 days ago


  • Paul Berry
    Paul Berry 12 days ago

    I don't think anyone should be surprised that the non-essential parts of a hotel are closed during a pandemic.

  • UnknownV
    UnknownV 12 days ago

    "the receptionist didn't believe in covid" lmfao how stupid

  • oy
    oy 12 days ago

    This guy is an anti-vax don't watch his vids

  • le_cornishon
    le_cornishon 12 days ago

    Atleast you had your Fleshlight

  • Kodi Android
    Kodi Android 12 days ago

    I wouldn't even stay in them hotels....

  • A Glug of Oil - Jan Bennett

    Minging or what?!!!! 😂

  • anonymous
    anonymous 12 days ago

    im surprised the hotels weren’t in blackpool, some of them there are horrendous 😭

  • livethedream07
    livethedream07 12 days ago

    Good video and Huel is actually quality.

  • Daniel Richards
    Daniel Richards 12 days ago

    First place seemed great value for money but last place was gross I was actually gagging and I have a strong stomach. 🤮 🤢 And that takeaway you had as nice as they may have been should be shutdown!

  • Adam Dymock
    Adam Dymock 12 days ago

    5:22 He must be from a parallel universe to say that

  • Pranay Aditya Singh
    Pranay Aditya Singh 13 days ago

    It’s more like “Waste” Hotel lmao

  • Zara Hills
    Zara Hills 13 days ago

    Can you do the worst rated hotels/air b n b in Brighton 💜

  • ShinViews
    ShinViews 13 days ago

    The drink comes free with a meal lol

  • Y
    Y 13 days ago

    I would love to own a hotel would be crazy

  • Y
    Y 13 days ago

    Mate you should come bradford which is known for food,and try out different places,you could also review a few other things of your choice while your around

  • 옹스타 OngStar
    옹스타 OngStar 13 days ago

    Wow Awesome!!😂

  • Future Gamer_
    Future Gamer_ 13 days ago

    ben: dont worry glenn no ones watching
    the 80k people who watched it: well, thats a lie

  • Harikrishna Mekala
    Harikrishna Mekala 13 days ago

    A wild Gleen has been found!!!! Yay!!

    FOREVER POP 13 days ago +2

    “Too nice” he said as he tried to get into Marco Pierre whites lmao🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Txbyfn
    Txbyfn 13 days ago

    Sleeping with socks? Disgrace

  • Chris Gullick
    Chris Gullick 13 days ago

    I recommend Almond milk with the Huel, lush

  • tomasoestrondo
    tomasoestrondo 13 days ago

    your editing is always so clean!

  • Andre Barrett
    Andre Barrett 13 days ago

    The second hotel made me want to throw up

  • BoozySZN
    BoozySZN 13 days ago +2

    "Manager doesn't believe in COVID" should've taken him to go see my sister who had it and couldn't even breath properly without sounding like she's got popcorn popping in her lungs. people are so out of reality it's insane.

    • Si Hopebgood
      Si Hopebgood 13 days ago

      Best you don't read all the covid deniers comms on Ian Brown's Little Seed, Big Tree then. They have their selfish heads firmly up their arses.

  • Noodles XD
    Noodles XD 13 days ago +8

    That is not 2 things you wanna hear one after the other
    "Lift out of service.....lift going up" haha

  • Ane Flex Film
    Ane Flex Film 13 days ago

    I wanna do this for a living :P

  • Dan Mccauley
    Dan Mccauley 13 days ago +7

    I stayed in a Travelodge in Birmingham last week £23 was decent

  • Rifal Dipta
    Rifal Dipta 13 days ago

    Wheres the „Ben is the most underrated youtuber“ guy in this comment section?

  • Maria Khan
    Maria Khan 13 days ago +8


  • Alexander Groome
    Alexander Groome 14 days ago

    That Indian food in Manchester hotel looks vile

  • Ellis Turrell
    Ellis Turrell 14 days ago

    Hi you are my favourite channel on FLash-player

  • Alexander Groome
    Alexander Groome 14 days ago

    Birmingham?? I live close there in Bromsgrove

  • Matt Gallagher
    Matt Gallagher 14 days ago

    Stay in a backpackers hostel in London. Ended up with bed bugs last time I went there.

  • Laura Try
    Laura Try 14 days ago

    I love it when you guys make a video together 🙌🏼

  • Mijo _ Mijo
    Mijo _ Mijo 14 days ago +1

    #27 on trending, YESS BENN!!

  • Hannah Carter
    Hannah Carter 14 days ago

    Should have gone to a Blackpool B&B

  • Lori Thompson
    Lori Thompson 14 days ago

    That Huel stuff sounds vile

  • adamjuchniewicz
    adamjuchniewicz 14 days ago

    You start off by telling us the hotels are in Manc and Brum . . . wtf? Of course the hotels are going to be shitty!! They are two of the worst northern cities in the UK lmao

  • Icon xx
    Icon xx 14 days ago

    Respect for actually saying the names of the restaurants and hotels 😂

  • DXMedia
    DXMedia 14 days ago

    Should of stayed at Britannia airport hotel Manchester

  • Morgan Davies
    Morgan Davies 14 days ago

    This guy. Under rated af!!

  • Richard Richard
    Richard Richard 14 days ago

    Love the videos with Glen in, he reminds me of David Walliams

  • Rushit Shukla
    Rushit Shukla 14 days ago

    9:30 - 9:40 i forgot it was a youtube video

  • chandler bing bong
    chandler bing bong 14 days ago +8

    ''I'm slightly disappointed, I thought the hotel was going to be a lot worse'' 🤣🤣🤣