• Published on Oct 8, 2019
  • When the folks at Sizzling Pubs told me I had no chance of finishing their entire sizzling burger menu one on top of the other inside 20 minutes, I really had no choice but to try prove them wrong!
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  • BeardMeatsFood
    BeardMeatsFood  7 days ago +117

    Happy Tuesday folks! I could get used to uploading a bonus video every Tuesday haha, but this is gonna be the last Tuesday upload for a while, so be sure to enjoy it!
    If you wanna try out any of the burgers I ate in this video, take a look at to find your local! I highly recommend the Flaming Chicken Stack!
    Don't forget to join me on Thursday at 7pm BST for the next episode of The Chronicles of Beard...Yeah, I've decided to get intentionally a bit fatter over winter....Britain is cold ;)

    • Ange Sas
      Ange Sas 3 days ago

      Are you Scottish?

    • Josh McGechaen
      Josh McGechaen 4 days ago

      Maybe not world champ, but a certified pro, that's for sure! Top quality content each and every time!

    • Robin Gill
      Robin Gill 6 days ago

      BeardMeatsFood ... I thought I was a big eater when I go to Mc d’s and order 2 quarter pounders a double cheeseburger, McFlurry and a milkshake .You could probably do that in under 2 mins !

    • Robin Gill
      Robin Gill 6 days ago

      BeardMeatsFood They didn’t think you could do it ?? Hahahaha

    • James Terhaar
      James Terhaar 6 days ago

      BeardMeatsFood how much food do you eat every day Bc I like how in the world do you fit all of that in your stomach

  • 0AK
    0AK 10 hours ago

    if ur gonna give your fanbase a name, surely you can do better than "beard army"

  • Cozzaabassist
    Cozzaabassist 19 hours ago

    Woodcock on Whitehall Road, Leeds?

  • Matty Ward
    Matty Ward 2 days ago

    My man

  • Matthew Masterson
    Matthew Masterson 2 days ago

    How does he do it?

  • S.
    S. 2 days ago

    Dude who delivered the scran has some mad moose knuckle.

  • Matt Fay
    Matt Fay 2 days ago

    Hi beard. I work for a similar company and think that I can better this challenge. I am the kitchen manager of the broadway pub in Bournemouth and think I will be able to put you through your paces ;) get in touch if your interested.

  • NOVA
    NOVA 2 days ago

    Excalibur wasn’t the sword in the stone

  • retro wolf 13
    retro wolf 13 3 days ago

    Happy Saturday

  • Justin Hines
    Justin Hines 3 days ago

    why has the guy at 0.57 got a mini camel toe? Ace podcast a usual though bro. Nailed it!

  • Richard Weston
    Richard Weston 3 days ago


  • game changer
    game changer 3 days ago

    Omg that plate was close to attempted murder, or suicide by eating. Looks like a gorgeous meal. McDonald's should look at the thumbnail and make their burgers like the picture.

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers 3 days ago

    You do a Great Job shoving that meat down your throat, ROFL
    Well done crushing another challenge that looks like a quick snack for you.

  • Star Dust
    Star Dust 3 days ago

    That will teach them!
    Sizzling team: 20mins, "no chance".
    Beard: 14mins..."pssh easy".

  • MrObiwan1
    MrObiwan1 3 days ago

    How do you stay in shape considering what you eat ?

  • Heather Perkins
    Heather Perkins 4 days ago

    I WAS UNSUBSCRIBED! The look of my youtube has changed and I was wondering why I didnt see a video from you. I never miss a video. I look and I am unsubscribed. I resubscribed and hit the bell! Everyone else should too if you arent already! He is the best youtuber!!

  • Gary Cooper
    Gary Cooper 4 days ago

    its 'dont mess with the best cuz the best dont mess with the rest" im sure i went to school with you.

  • peter neagle
    peter neagle 4 days ago

    Just as a suggestion, if it was me, i would save my hamburger buns and at the end fill them with chips and add tomato sauce or bbq sauce and finish the chips as a chip burger or as you English call it, a chip buttie. Might make them both ( the bun and the chips ) go down easier ?

  • Destiny Alpha
    Destiny Alpha 4 days ago

    That burger looks like heaven!!!

  • slammerz4life
    slammerz4life 4 days ago

    Exercise more then you ahahaha

  • basketlockerball
    basketlockerball 4 days ago

    I very much appreciate the bonus episode Beard. Love your content!

  • Kristina Skipwith
    Kristina Skipwith 4 days ago

    Burger looked so yummy!

  • Phillip White
    Phillip White 4 days ago

    😂 when u have no food but watchs this to make u feel better.

  • ShadowBreaker9001
    ShadowBreaker9001 4 days ago

    If you're ever visiting down south, we have a really cool new alternative pub called The Black Phoenix and they run a "burger club" on Thursdays where you can order as many burgers as you like within 2 hours... The current record stands at 5 burgers, I'm sure you could smash it!

  • Matthew Ferguson
    Matthew Ferguson 4 days ago

    is the "woodcock" the guy standing on the left at the start of the video...looks a little cocky..

  • Jeezeus Kreist
    Jeezeus Kreist 4 days ago

    hey Adam I like yer commentary betta than yer eatin dude... keep it may even think about voice dubbing or commentary on popular shows mate...

  • Luckysingh Luckysingh


  • Luckysingh Luckysingh


  • Fabio d
    Fabio d 5 days ago

    Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you. Shoving all that food into your body, this shit wil kill you. Get a real fucking job. What you do is ficking disgusting, great make a fucking pig of yourself you youtube likes, get a fucking job, you are whats wrong with society. Takes real skill to scarf down a plate of food. Not sure who is more stupid you or your followers. I dont know why youtube recommended this garbage to me. Fucking youtube

  • thomas mcdonald
    thomas mcdonald 5 days ago

    You know how to get the food challenge done like a pro you destroyed that food challenge always a treat to watch your FLASH-PLAYER videos

  • J.T. O'Gara
    J.T. O'Gara 5 days ago

    that awful crotch shot at 1min

  • RC Fun Everyday
    RC Fun Everyday 5 days ago

    When will your merch store be back up and running dude?

  • Jake Dodge
    Jake Dodge 5 days ago

    And don’t fool with the cool cuz the cool don’t fool

  • Dani Williams
    Dani Williams 5 days ago

    I like these short and sweet videos a lot!!

  • Kishor C
    Kishor C 5 days ago

    My one week food quantity 😁

  • Myrandomvideo' s
    Myrandomvideo' s 5 days ago

    You didn’t finish, food flew off at 2:04 lol

  • Haze 100
    Haze 100 5 days ago

    Just the thought of beards and food combining fucking disgusts me. You disgust me 🤮

  • Remy Cox
    Remy Cox 5 days ago

    Randy Eats this in an episode of Trailer Park Boys: Large Onion Rings, Cheeseburger with two extra Pattys and six slices of cheese, Two Hotdogs with Cheese and bacon, Large popcorn with 4 layers of butter, 2 Beers and 2 ice cream sandwiches, How fast could you eat all this? :)

  • Römzig
    Römzig 5 days ago

    Duuude..second to last best part for me? I thought that was gravy too..first best, was the peanut gallery taunt.
    (That Canucker Guy)

  • Indu dasari
    Indu dasari 5 days ago

    how come you didn't order desert this time?

  • 20WarChild20
    20WarChild20 5 days ago

    Solid captain when you gonna have another crack at the big Mac challenge

  • persie akoto bamfo
    persie akoto bamfo 5 days ago

    Challenge accepted by meee.

  • Vegan4life not just4fashion

    I know a girl in Canada who could do this quicker. Foodie beauty.

  • PurpleMonkey444
    PurpleMonkey444 6 days ago

    I love how that guy didn't get offended and scream about it like a snowflake which id probably come across

  • XxShadowXx234
    XxShadowXx234 6 days ago

    Nice going beard. They pressed x to doubt and got rejected lol.

  • Numba Juan
    Numba Juan 6 days ago

    Messin with BeardSquatch.

  • Jay
    Jay 6 days ago

    “This has Jalapeños”
    -all the jalapeños fall off-

  • chris 1
    chris 1 6 days ago

    Puke !

  • Yousef Manea
    Yousef Manea 6 days ago

    Can you go to a buffet and eat 10 plates

  • Mental Beast94
    Mental Beast94 6 days ago +1

    Man uk so beautiful screw USA I'm moving to where you live beard. UK! UK! UK! lol

  • Michael Uilenberg
    Michael Uilenberg 6 days ago

    You did not ask for a dessert menu this time !!?

  • R.
    R. 6 days ago

    Does anyone know what he says when he comes in with the voiceover? Always annoys me.

  • melissa ramrattan
    melissa ramrattan 6 days ago

    I admire you Mr. Beard you're super ultra cool

  • melissa ramrattan
    melissa ramrattan 6 days ago

    I love these challenges you do 👍👍👍

  • Jaqq ツ
    Jaqq ツ 6 days ago

    thanks for the video mate! needed this after a long day

  • Gary Barton
    Gary Barton 6 days ago

    How could they have ever doubted you? Very well done yet again!

  • Ultra Unity
    Ultra Unity 6 days ago

    You literally live on an island, so how these people don't believe you're going to get the job done? there's no excuse! How do they not know who you are at this point?

  • Geordie Ian
    Geordie Ian 6 days ago

    There is a few man vs food places in Newcastle

  • RobTortureWright
    RobTortureWright 6 days ago +2

    Video idea: just watched ‘Blue Van Man’ attempt to eat a Morrisons Flaming Fiery Phaal and fail to eat one, how about 3 or 5 ?

  • ArmouredKat
    ArmouredKat 6 days ago

    So jealous of your beard :)

  • Slappy TheSeal
    Slappy TheSeal 6 days ago

    Clearly didn't do their homework on you did they lmao, Light Work.

  • oldschooldogy316
    oldschooldogy316 6 days ago

    You killed that like a boss.

  • Trump_loves_mexican S

    start of video... me staring what the waiter is packing.....awks

  • gully wumper
    gully wumper 6 days ago

    other food fighters wait for the food to cool but adam here has the power of the beard :) cheers mate

  • Joseph Zarzour
    Joseph Zarzour 6 days ago

    Never doubt the beard 😏🔥

  • U.K.A.W
    U.K.A.W 6 days ago

    No match for the beard

  • Darren Ittoo
    Darren Ittoo 6 days ago

    Yeah!! smashed it Beard they dont know the legend that you are!!! Amateurs!!! 🤣🤣🤣 looked good got to say... can tell u loved it...haha

  • NJ Animeluvr
    NJ Animeluvr 6 days ago

    Wheres the dessert beard? You're slacking man

  • Tomm 244
    Tomm 244 6 days ago

    What no desert! 😝

  • Teodor Laurentiu
    Teodor Laurentiu 6 days ago

    This guy stores food in his beard

  • pearljam619
    pearljam619 6 days ago

    I bet you had a pudding after! 😜

  • strongsick286
    strongsick286 6 days ago

    for some reason I feel Jalapenos have been getting more spicy lately I know I am crazy but am I crazy

    • BeardMeatsFood
      BeardMeatsFood  6 days ago

      i think i might agree with you...jalapenos trying to take over the world

  • Michaela Schořová
    Michaela Schořová 6 days ago

    yummy yummy! and fast eaten too! :) I very like todays tshirt also :3 :D

  • Moon Dusk83
    Moon Dusk83 6 days ago +1

    Your going to have to make a BeardMeat Food T-Shirt with the say" I dont think you are going to do this?" with the anwser coming out of Beard " How much you wanna bet?" Then on the back it saying of the T Shirt"- What have you got for dessert?" Nice on Beard, your videos make my day.

    • BeardMeatsFood
      BeardMeatsFood  6 days ago

      haha thanks mate...i'm definitely gonna do one that says 'can i see the dessert menu please'

  • maverick
    maverick 6 days ago

    You are hilarious. Always look forward to your videos. Great job dude. God bless you

    • maverick
      maverick 6 days ago

      @BeardMeatsFood 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • BeardMeatsFood
      BeardMeatsFood  6 days ago

      thanks maverick...can't wait for your new movie ;)

  • Neil Chatterjee
    Neil Chatterjee 6 days ago +5

    "I think its cause i exercise more than you" OH THE BURNNNNNN

  • Becky M Lane
    Becky M Lane 6 days ago +1

    Love how surprised he was when you finished 😂😂

    • Becky M Lane
      Becky M Lane 5 days ago

      @BeardMeatsFood 😂😂 did you end up getting desert afterwards?

    • BeardMeatsFood
      BeardMeatsFood  6 days ago +1

      haha the lad had no idea

  • ThatOne Guy
    ThatOne Guy 6 days ago +2

    I can’t help but to think you were “challenged” so they could get some advertising. Either way always great to watch 👍

    • Aaron Yates
      Aaron Yates 3 days ago

      @BeardMeatsFood lmao

    • BeardMeatsFood
      BeardMeatsFood  6 days ago +3

      what gave it away....the 'this video contains a paid placement' disclaimer? lol

  • diligaf1000
    diligaf1000 6 days ago +1

    This food looked great I must say

  • theSproad
    theSproad 6 days ago +1

    At school the obligatory response to "Don't mess with the best, cos the best don't mess" was "Don't fool with the cool, cos the cool don't fool"

  • Natasha Klindworth
    Natasha Klindworth 6 days ago

    Did he have to get his moose knuckle / camel 🐫 toe in your shot?! Hahaha

  • Josh Branham
    Josh Branham 6 days ago

    Well done mate

  • stephen carroll
    stephen carroll 6 days ago

    The guys wearing his wee brothers outfit I think

    WHITEYBHOY2 6 days ago

    Kate Ovens is a fraud.

  • Bam S
    Bam S 6 days ago

    Whats your point stacking burgers on top of one another? What r u getting at? Life changing maybe?

  • Wigzz0316
    Wigzz0316 6 days ago +1

    Commented and liked for the cause!

  • Kevin Mitchell
    Kevin Mitchell 6 days ago

    Paused the video to read some comments and I happened to notice that whilst the chap was explaining what's what in the challenge..... Not only was the camera 📷 zoomed in on the burger it was also zoomed in on him,see for yourself what I mean. Especially when he proceeds to point to the meal.Mmmm ya may need to be a little bit more carefull whilst filming. haha funny though

  • ismaeel adams
    ismaeel adams 6 days ago +1

    no desert this time? I'm shook

  • angel 56
    angel 56 6 days ago

    That was not really a challenge for you, you have eaten way more than that before. Nice how you offered to buy the geezer some chips. Well done Adam, was clean too he he he

  • Anna Drum12
    Anna Drum12 6 days ago +1

    your beard is as long as the height of the hamburger😆🤣

  • Victor Lui
    Victor Lui 6 days ago

    Cool video Beard!

  • Michael Hills
    Michael Hills 6 days ago +1

    No dessert? You're getting soft lad.

  • Logan Armstrong
    Logan Armstrong 6 days ago +2

    Chris Evans in beard , yesssss!!!!

    • BeardMeatsFood
      BeardMeatsFood  6 days ago +1

      i'll take the compliment bucky....i mean logan...

  • Tashi Tobgay
    Tashi Tobgay 6 days ago +1

    Living in an area where we dont get any hamburgers..this is torture.

  • merlinsdog
    merlinsdog 6 days ago

    You sound like you're from the Boro?

  • Fretz07
    Fretz07 6 days ago +1

    Hahaha as if they called you they not watch your video's.
    Smashed it as per beard. Well done mate. Letsssssssgettttttttttittttttttttt

    • BeardMeatsFood
      BeardMeatsFood  6 days ago +1

      think they thought it was all an optical illusion lol

  • Kenny Dalgic
    Kenny Dalgic 6 days ago

    Killed it👊

  • Alex Ochmann
    Alex Ochmann 6 days ago +1

    Only the 13th in the world my bad 🤗 didn’t know that’s a thing someone could say only to😂😂 you are truly a beast and a very nice person😋💪🏼 keep up the good work

  • A H Gaming
    A H Gaming 6 days ago

    Watch the video at 2x😂😂😂😂😂

  • MarioSratss
    MarioSratss 6 days ago

    Great Work Beard. Looks delicious.